Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming

By Truthstream Media

Will you get lost in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Most people I asked don’t even know what that is, but it’s happening all around us right now. This system is about technological evolution… evolving us.

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9 Comments on "Most People Don’t Even Realize What’s Coming"

  1. Every one of these stories cracks me up. All these sites talk about how bad techno crap is but they all want you to “follow them or like them on facebook” or twitter or whatever else is out there – it’s sickening. STOP making those things sound as if they’re something wonderful. It won’t be long before a lot of people realize what a huge mistake it was to sign up for a SOCIAL network that literally tells you what you can and can’t say. Even Disqus does it . . . a computer is one thing, but a phone or an ipad or a tablet that has the ability to “track” you and your activities??? Please rethink that idea, folks. Being tracked on one gadget is bad enough without opening yourself up to stupid things like facebook.

  2. I already saw the terminator movie back in the 80’s. We can’t stop it, today the poor suffer and die before living a long healthy life pursuing happiness. Tomorrow they will be as well when the robots are controlled by the rich cyborgs.

    • The only way for folks to stand up to government sponsored organized crime is to be open about what they are fighting and band together to resist icy spy murders and other dirty tricks.

      • and to reject all devices which do the work, 5G technology, IPhones, ‘smart’ meters of all sort, GMO foods, etc. There still will be one more thing left: geoengineered skies, which people do not even notice, because of being nailed to their IPhones…

        • The most basic form of attack is icy muder/replacement of dissidents/political opponents/independent/and anyone in a position of power. That is happening in America today. People working for the Deep State don’t care because they feel they are on the inside & it won’t happen to them. That’s not true. They get murdered at a rapid clip too, and Deep State people who witness crimes & discussion of them are all targets…best for secrecy.

    • If the poor new how to eat right on the free food money they would live a long and happy life, Potato chip and drive up windows do not make a long and healthy happy life.

      • If only the poor could control their addictions to food like you, may god bless you for you will enjoy everlasting happiness in heaven.

      • Have you seen the price of fresh vegetables lately?

        They only give you enough free money to eat 2 weeks out of the month,or the equivalent of 1 hr. pay for a Whitefish lineman in Puerto Rico.

        Kobe beef in the Congressional Cafeteria and free barbers for Congressman that are paid $87,000 per year being a barber for a Congress that’s in session for only 101 days per year.

  3. Even the complexity of the universe, which looks majestic, is no reason to feel small and inferior. That which has awareness of the reality of itself is always superior to that which does not.
    AIs and robots will be made to act and look just like people for example, or other life forms, but no matter how much more information they process and no matter how great they seem, even an animal like a cat is superior to them because it has self awareness while they have only the illusion of it projected to you.

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