EPIC Asks Senate to Probe Customs and Border Protection Nominee on Facial Recognition, Drones

By Activist Post

As we’ve been covering with increasing frequency as of late, DHS with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has made it known that their mandate to bring in facial recognition as part of a biometric identification system for travelers is to begin full roll-out.

There are still many questions surrounding the scope of the program, as well as full transparency surrounding what is to be collected and how long that data will be retained.

The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) is now calling upon the Senate to do its job and ask the proper questions for the nominated head of CBP, Kevin McAleenan. You can read their suggested questions in their press release below. We’ll see if new answers emerge, or are compelled to be given, where only secrecy and speculation have been appeared thus far.

EPIC has sent a letter to the Senate Finance Committee with questions for the next Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The Committee will consider the nomination of Kevin McAleenan to head the CBP at a hearing this week. EPIC raised questions regarding (1) whether Kevin McAleenan would use DACA data for purposes unrelated to DACA eligibility; (2) CBP’s use of facial recognition technology; (3) CBP’s collection of social media information; (4) CBP’s proposed exemption of Privacy Act safeguards for a new agency database; and (5) CBP’s use of drones to conduct aerial surveillance on American citizens. EPIC asked “How will CBP ensure that the collection and use of biometric data will not expand beyond the original purpose?” and “Will CBP link images collected by drones with facial biometrics in CBP or DHS databases?” EPIC has submitted comments to DHS and CBP concerning their collection of social media information. EPIC has also filed a FOIA lawsuit seeking documents on CBP’s biometric tracking programs and EPIC’s Jeramie Scott has written an op-ed for The Hill about CBP’s use of facial recognition technology.


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  1. “has made it known that their mandate” – is this alleged mandate constitutional?
    if not, you know where they can stick it
    who gave them this mandate?
    if not granted as per the constitution or by the sovereign citizens (aka voters), you know where they can stick it

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