Who Benefits From The Vegas Shooting?

By Truthstream Media

Melissa and Aaron Dykes go on a deep dive and discover some very interesting forum discussions leading up to the Las Vegas shooting that specifically reference Las Vegas, as well as a larger agenda that is labeled “high incident project.” This agenda aims to train the American public to believe that even places with ultra high security are vulnerable, ultimately leading to even more intrusive security measures and surveillance.  Who will benefit from those security devices? Does mainstream media messaging give any other clues?

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7 Comments on "Who Benefits From The Vegas Shooting?"

  1. The way I see it currently, this event has the following purposes: selling the security equipment; establishing more intensive surveillance on that basis; creating opacity & confusion around the event so we can argue and 2nd guess ourselves; laying the perceptual groundwork for future mass casualty events (see previous); targeting and provoking white conservatives; diverting attention from other problems; gun control rhetoric obviously; & perhaps we should mention making a sacrifice for the religious holiday that was in observance at the time of the event. I don’t buy the Fast & Furious story line, especially the item that ISIS perps were still “on the loose” as if any such actors weren’t under continuous watch. Maybe being a burrito-eating pud was Paddock’s cover for gun running, but I think he’s just a plain patsy. A local character who would be easy to handle.

  2. Outdoor venue for large audience’s that are visually exposed to tall building windows have always been a design security issue. Impossible to cover all the windows of the hotels. Probably will be more call for additional electronic surveillance but this is not needed. This site was a target for this sort of situation occurring. Poor design and I hope they have massive law suits for the design with unobstructed line of sight access to the site from elevated positions.

  3. osi-systems and chertoff…the unholy ones combined in a satanic ritual. A portion of the crowd bought and paid for a lone wolf…not likely. The gun grabbers hard at work. NGO’s!

  4. You’d think they would first analyze the security “weaknesses” at Mandalay Bay. How did Paddock transport this number of weapons and related gear into one of their rooms without causing some concern? There has to be a lot of security camera footage from the time he checked in. There is no way for the public to know if this was an isolated failure in security protocol or something that requires billions of dollars to prevent. One other point. No matter what kind of scanners or protocols are implemented, there are ways around them. All it takes is one compromised employee….

  5. Jas, that is a good question, where is the footage? Because now all the reports of shooters at other hotels are coming out. So the can of worms gets deeper and the official story falls apart even more. These reports might substantiate the Fast & Furious story line. Or they could just be part of the deliberate confusion and fear-mongering. One thing’s for sure, if there were ISIS actors involved, US and Israeli intel has them on a short leash and knows what they’re eating for breakfast right now.

  6. The concert venue was directly in front of the Luxor, a pyramid (symbolizes giving new life to the dead?) with a Sphinx observing the whole scene (sphinx in mythology kills itself once it’s riddle is solved by another) and a fallic obelisk. Mass blood ritual? Spooky IMO

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