5 Glaring Inconsistencies in the Vegas Shooting that Need to be Addressed

By Matt Agorist

Throughout history, there have been well-documented and factual occurrences of governments carrying staged events to manipulate the public into passing a law, accepting a war, or any other means of implementing control. These acts have been admitted to by the state, are 100 percent real. They happen so often that they have their own term—false flag.

There is a fine line to walk, however, between questioning everything and automatically assuming everything is a government conspiracy or false flag. Those who immediately claim every violent tragedy or event is a false flag often do more damage to the fight for truth than those who blindly accept everything their government tells them as the truth.

Every time an event happens it is important to keep an open mind, look for inconsistencies, try to find contradictions or impossibilities made to look possible, and always avoid jumping to conclusions.

Given the current information that has been released so far in the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, it appears that most everything we’ve been told so far is true and many of the inconsistencies appear to have come up from the mass hysteria and confusion surrounding such a violent and tragic event.

However, while most of what we are being told appears to be true, there are still some glaring inconsistencies that need to be addressed. The Free Thought Project has come up with a list of the top five inconsistencies surrounding this tragedy and we feel it is important to point them out to ultimately find the truth. Unlike other irresponsible outlets—rife with falsehoods—we will not attempt to claim we know the truth, nor speculate on a motive.

1. Stephen Paddock did not fit the bill for a mass murderer.

This is perhaps the most glaring of all the inconsistencies as most of the recent psychopath mass murderers in recent history made moves prior to killing that were consistent with being a psychopathic killer. Paddock did not.

Most odd was the fact that Paddock was rich. He was an accountant, lived in a half million dollar home in a retirement community and had no criminal record.

Paddock’s brother, Eric Paddock was equally stunned to hear about what his brother had done as he had just talked to him. “We’re still just completely befuddled. Dumbstruck,” he said.

He described his brother as having “no history of violence. No history of anything couldn’t give a s*** less about politics, religion, pointy hatted people etc, etc. He just wanted to get a freaking royal flush.”

Eric said he had last talked to his brother when he called down to Florida to see how his mother was making out after losing power from hurricane Irma. How many mass murderers call to check on their mother before going on to slaughter dozens of innocent people?

2. Paddock was still playing with his girlfriend’s casino card trying to rack up points the night of the shooting.

Eric Paddock said how his brother “loved to gamble. He loved — when I say loved — it was a job. It was fun because people were nice to him.”

Paddock was a regular in Vegas. He’d even been captured on surveillance footage in the Cosmopolitan Casino in 2011 in which he was seen falling. He later tried to sue the hotel for getting hurt and even then everyone remained cordial and nice to him.

Prior to the shooting, Paddock had been at the Mandalay Bay casino for four days and had not done anything out of the ordinary to garner the attention of hotel security.

He had simply been gambling. While it is possible that he was simply blending in to maintain his cover and wait for the moment to strike, the fact that he used his girlfriend’s slot machine card seems completely out of the ordinary.

For those who don’t know, slot cards or gambling cards are ways casinos track loyal customers. When you rack up enough points, they will comp a room or a meal for you. Paddock was playing with this card—essentially planning for future comps—on the very night he opened fire on a crowd of 22,000 people.

Blending in is one thing, but racking up points to plan for future benefits on the night you are going to commit mass murder seems glaringly inconsistent.

3. Surveillance footage of Paddock inside the hotel has yet to be released.

In most mass shootings, within 24 hours we usually see at least a still image of the perpetrator as captured by the building’s surveillance cameras. In Paddock’s case, as of the time this article was published, none of this footage has been released.

Why not release at least a single shot of Paddock walking into the hotel lobby?

4. Neither room service, house cleaning, surveillance footage, nor security saw him bring hundreds of pounds of guns and ammo into the room.

Original reports noted that Paddock had somewhere around ten firearms in his hotel room after it was breached by SWAT. However, reports as of Tuesday morning now say authorities recovered a whopping 23 weapons.

Police noted that only one of these weapons was a handgun, meaning that 22 of them were long-form rifles or shotguns.

Just to put the sheer logistics of bringing in these guns into perspective, here is an image of 23 rifles.

This image shows just the guns, not the hundreds of rounds of ammo to fill them.

He had brought “in excess of 10” suitcases to the suite over several days, Sheriff Joe Lombardo said. Yet no one thought this to be suspicious?

Housekeepers said they “saw no signs of anything” suspicious, Nevada Rep. Dina Titus told CNN.

Paddock had a “pretty well hidden” arsenal, she said.

Authorities believe Paddock brought the weapons into the hotel by himself but did not provide specifics.

5. If Paddock acted alone, who was this mystery woman who warned everyone they were going to die 45 minutes before the shooting?

Caught on video after the shooting was an eyewitness report given to a local NBC affiliate in which a woman was described to have warned of the attack. The eyewitness claims to have seen a woman push her way to the first row of the concert roughly 45 minutes before the shooting began and levy threats indicating that everyone would soon be dead.

“So there was a lady who pushed her way forward into the first row and she started messing with another lady. She told us we were all going to die tonight – it was about forty-five minutes before the shots were fired,” the witness states.

While all these questions and inconsistencies could soon be answered or laid to rest by authorities, no mainstream media outlets are asking them.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project, where this article first appearedFollow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.

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32 Comments on "5 Glaring Inconsistencies in the Vegas Shooting that Need to be Addressed"

  1. This video claims to show gunfire from a lower floor of the hotel, far from the room where the FBI claims they found SP’s dead body.

  2. You’ve all have probably seen the shaky/grainy footage of the “strobe light” taken from a parking lot.



    There is a second video taken by a Taxi driver from a different angle starting at the 4:47 mark. Pay attention:


  3. Vlad TheSkewerer | October 3, 2017 at 5:50 pm | Reply

    Yup, covers most my questions. I hear two shooters, somebody with a belt fed or chain gun and somebody with a semi auto.

    • One strange observation-these are full automatic guns (whether they were firing blanks or ?) but the RATE OF FIRE changes-I can’t account for this-a typical auto has the same rate of fire once you pull the trigger

      • They say it was 2 AR 15 with bump fire stocks. Currently legal almost everywhere. Soon to be illegal everywhere, along with suppressors. Timing was perfect for the gun grabbers.

  4. Something wrong with the official story. We have been here before. The agenda psychopaths are losing this war for sure. Vegas has more cameras per square inch than any other city. I hope the cops in Vegas don’t crumble in the face of a cover-up.

    • They had to be complicit for this to have been carried out-after all-they are organized crime-they handshake with those who control the machinery of the government all the time-Vegas is the perfect place for this, now that I think about it

  5. more glaring inconsistencies none of those weapons shown are fully automatic and one of them is a Winchester and the picture shown is not the same as the one depicted in most of the news posts he looks about 20 years younger in the other pics

  6. Humm.. We went through that before in Aus… Port Arthur ?? A guy with an IQ of a six year old, managed to shoot & kill 28 people in the head & neck, while running through the Cafe & shooting from the hip ??
    Better score than any highly trained SAS operative ?? Not talking about the bovine excrement supplied by the merdia & politician to us the sheeple ??

  7. There are many more inconsistencies. Here are a few more: 1) Why 20+ guns for only one shooter?; 2) Why no muzzle flashes from the room were the shots allegedly came from?; 3) These guns have been illegal for decades. Where did he get them?; 4) He had neither the training nor the physical stamina to use these guns the way he purportedly did. He was a 64 year old flabby retired accountant not a specially trained 24 year old Navy SEAL. Using those guns properly takes years of highly specialized training and being in excellent shape. Of course when those guns are used in combat they usually have 2 people manning the gun. They need the second person to swap out barrels, fix gun jams, etc.; 5) What about the videos that seem to show multiple gun sounds at the same time?; 6) Firing from such a high elevation takes specialized knowledge that is all but impossible to obtain unless you are trained as sniper; 7) He had numerous incompatible makes and models of guns and related equipment. Wouldn’t you want to just have ONE type of gun and related equipment so you could easily swap out the parts as they jammed, got overheated, etc.? and 8) How could you fire that long from a room without being overwhelmed by smoke? There is a reason that when these types of guns are used it is almost always outdoors.

  8. James Innewmex | October 4, 2017 at 12:48 am | Reply

    Concert attendee shots got louder and closer. Bullets went through people and hit other people, inconsistent with AR15 at claimed distance. Authorities and media will not tell the truth.

  9. The Russians did it! Didn’t they? Wonderful fodder for the whacko conspiracy fools.

  10. What about being an employee of Lockheed Martin?

  11. Yes and the conclusion to all this is, at the end of it all, no matter the evidence, we will be forced to accept the Government version and that’s the end of it. Any cameras at the hotel ? Of course they weren’t working that night he brought in the suitcases, right ? Same old, same old…

  12. Why would a mass murderer have a pellet gun with him? The pellet wont even reach the target?! Why more than one weapon of the same caliber? The rifles here are single shot hunting rifles. The gunshots i heard was of semi-auto weapon. None of this makes sense. Definitely false flag.

  13. And the video from the taxi driver’s cell phone that shows what appears to be muzzle flashes down low and to the center of the building, above the entrance at about the 10th ish floor, nowhere near the 32nd and on the end.

  14. Assume it is not a false flag? B u l l s h i t.

  15. He paid off the maintenance people and other staff. There were many people involved in this. How many illegal immigrants work there. Also who did’nt show up for work the next day and who left early that evening. Who helped him build those so called platforms the maintence men. Come on get these people rounded up and jail them. This was in my opinion a terrorist attack with multiple people involved!!! Cameras smacks of staff involvement!!

    • Remember-there are MANY SOCK PUPPETS on this and other conversations on the Vegas FALSE FLAG shooting-don’t just assume every user making a comment is honest or trustworthy-this is an INFORMATION WAR and the PTB involved in this have the keys to the building

  16. The female talking about an event with people killed 45 min prior to the alleged shooting sounds like a plant, a character engaged in this FALSE FLAG DECEPTION, to be developed more later;
    looking at this gun collection-these are single shot/bolt action/lever/pellet guns/shotguns-they are TOTALLY out of character for this event, talk about an obvious plant from a 65+ yr old accountant who had no military training, about as physically fit as a dead penguin

  17. With all the cell phone cameras – if that many people shot, wounded/killed, Where’s the blood & bodies? That’s a lot of damage & blood would be every where!

    • I thought the same thing. However, the police radio recorded a cop saying their was a shooter outside of gate 7 just blasting away/woman with multiple gun shots/lots of people shot/we need to stop this guy before we can send help in. That was the area to the right of the stage if you are facing it. It looked shoulder to shoulder with people. I would guess that’s where the most people would have died. I don’t think in that situation, filming would be a priority as in,”Let’s get the f*** outta here now!!!”

  18. The ar 15’s used only have an effective range of 400-500 yards. The concert venue was 500 yards away. Do the math.

  19. Let me try to explain it… this guy was programmed by powerful people who have an anti-gun agenda and stage events like this to sway public opinion. It was very effective. You know, just like they staged the WTC attacks to create a perpetual war against muslims. A mind-controlled Manchurian Candidate does exactly what his handlers tell him to do, then kills himself, leaving no evidence to follow. You got something more logical?

  20. Shark jumped.

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