The U.S. and Russia Plan To “Build” A Moon Base Together

By Aaron Kesel

The two nations that have been seen as bitter rivals since the Cold War and especially after the American 2016 election which Russia was accused without evidence of hacking are now moving to build a moon base together according to NASA.

NASA and the Russian space agency Roscosmos have announced a new partnership for human exploration of the moon and deep space. Both agencies signed a joint statement on the collaborative effort. It all stems from NASA’s “deep-space gateway” concept, a mission architecture designed to send astronauts into lunar orbit by 2020 (the statement sets a mid-2020s goal for beginning the project.)

“This plan challenges our current capabilities in human spaceflight and will benefit from engagement by multiple countries and U.S. industry,” NASA officials said in a statement.

“While the deep space gateway is still in concept formulation, NASA is pleased to see growing international interest in moving into cislunar space as the next step for advancing human space exploration,” Robert Lightfoot, NASA’s acting administrator, said in a statement.

“Statements such as this one signed with Roscosmos show the gateway concept as an enabler to the kind of exploration architecture that is affordable and sustainable,” Lightfoot added.

In a separate statement, Roscosmos officials said the new partnership would “develop international technical standards for the establishment of the station in the near-moon orbit.”

The idea was first reported in January by The Atlantic before President Donald Trump’s inauguration. The publication wrote that Trump was “eyeing building a moon base.” It’s a long-standing goal by Newt Gingrich, one of Trump’s advisers.

This comes as the recently resurrected U.S. National Space Council (NSC) plans its first meeting for October 5th.

The meeting, titled “Leading the Next Frontier: An Event with the National Space Council,” will be held at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia.

“At President Trump’s direction, the kick-off meeting of the National Space Council will bring together all aspects and sectors of the national space enterprise for the first time in a quarter-century,” Pence said in a statement. “This meeting will provide an opportunity for the Administration to lay out its vision for space exploration. As President Trump said, ‘We’re a nation of pioneers, and the next great American frontier is space.'”

Trump resurrected the National Space Council by signing an executive order on June 30th in order to steer the future of American space policy. The council was last active in the early 1990s during President George H.W. Bush’s administration. Pence chairs the reinstated council, with aerospace veteran Scott Pace serving as executive secretary to the committee.

In June, Congress voted under the defense authorization 2018 bill on forming a “new” sixth branch of the military called “Space Corps” which would take over Air Force Space Command Operations and likely Naval Space Operations.

While the plans are allegedly “new,” in the 1950s the Army drafted up plans for what was known as Project Horizon.

Project Horizon was the need to establish a stationary Army control base on the moon by 1966. That operation was allegedly shut down and canceled, and the idea never materialized. It’s also not the only advanced space technology project that was canceled, as this article will document. A concept picture of the base is below.

Ironically, one year prior in 1965, the Russian Probe ZOND-3 captured suggestive pics of the moon showing what looks like a dome and a large tower.

Unlike Project Horizon, the newly proposed plan is an orbital station that will orbit the moon as opposed to a stationary base on the moon’s surface.

Instead, the current plan resembles another previous proposal called the MOL (Manned Orbiting Laboratory) which was suggested during the Cold War.

The MOL ran from December 1963, until its alleged cancellation in June 1969. Its mission was to use an elite corps of secret U.S. astronauts to gather intelligence on the Soviets during the Cold War. This historical fact proves that secret astronauts were proposed and may exist today in black ops known as Special Access Programs or SAPS.

A quote from President Ronald Reagan on June, 11th 1985 seems to allude to that fact. Reagan wrote in his diary that he had been told about a “space shuttle that carries 300 men” when having lunch with five of the top scientists at the time.

Interestingly enough, this was just four years before the New York Times reported that the Air Force’s space program had been canceled by the Pentagon. In 1989, the New York Times reported that the Air Force had shut down another planned manned space program which sought a staff of 32 astronauts and a space shuttle launching facility in Colorado. It’s important to note that modern space shuttles only carry eight passengers maximum, so 32 would be an accomplishment indeed. The space facility and project cost an estimated minimum of $5 billion dollars, so why would they shut it down?

It was also reported in April of this year that plans are in the works by China and Europe to “build” a joint lunar command for their own future space endeavors. This project more closely resembles Project Horizon, a stationary joint command structure.

While these ideas have been around for fifty plus years and have likely been completed, they will tell the public these ideas are new. Are we finally witnessing disclosure? For further documentation on the existence of an SSP or Secret Space Program see my previous article “The Origins and 50 Years Of Evidence Of A Secret Space Program,” on Steemit!

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18 Comments on "The U.S. and Russia Plan To “Build” A Moon Base Together"

  1. “….designed to send astronauts into lunar orbit….”

    NASA engineer admits they can’t get past the Van Allen Belts


  2. Yet another way they can spend your tax money to kill us.

  3. NASA = Never a Straight Answer…smoke and mirrors.
    A 50 million $ a day waste land.

  4. FAKE !!! Just a scam to embezzle billions of dollars.

  5. We already have an operating moon base that we share with Russia, China and 20 or so extraterrestrial races. And most people in NASA don’t know anything about it. Look up Secret Space Program (SSP) whistleblowers Corey Goode and William Tompkins.

    • Do they have slave camps there as well? C’mon dude, ain’t nobody getting through the Van Allen Belt.

      • They don’t travel into space with conventional rocket technology, Bibi. The MILAB program has been taking people to the moon and Mars for a long time now, using portals and stargates. There are several witnesses who talk about their experiences in the SSP and their accounts corroborate their stories.

  6. Just recently, an article came out that the Russians were going to investigate the “moon landings”
    now all of a sudden they are partnering up? The Russians are being paid off to keep silent.
    Wake up lemmings..the Moon landing is the biggest hoax of all time

  7. Yup. Just gotta get WWIII outta the way first.

  8. They need to figure out a way around the Van Allen Belt before they can even begin on anything like that.

  9. Dear Russia,
    Watch your back. You might find a knife stuck in it.
    The US has been trying to make Russia implode since the fall of the Berlin Wall.
    Just ask Gorby.
    This might be its latest trick toward that end.

  10. They never landed on the Moon in the first place

  11. Well if they want some help, I am still available. I created the International Space station & after 34 years Russia & USA are still partners on that creation ALONG WITH 13 OTHER NATIONS. I sent a letter to Pres. Reagan outlining the idea in 1983, I had to write the letter to “Steal” since governments are rather greedy, but hate peace. However my designs from the 1970s for a self sustaining Moon City, Asteroid mining system, Space station of a very large size, engines of economical use in space are all still in my head for use… 4 months after I sent the letter, Pres. Reagan read that letter to the world (sans my name of course), 34 years later not a bomb dropped or deployed to the ISS, no Mexican knife fights, no terrorists with machine guns on that PEACE MISSION OF MINE!

  12. Russia wil now tell you F off! The only way you yanks can get to the ISS is by RUSSIAN tech, you don’t even have a reliable engine, you buy them from your ‘enemies”, how embarrassing, and now if this happens, the world will have final proof of nasa’s BS.

  13. Injecting some Bible wisdom here. The Bible mentions the firmament and with that being said there is no way Jose that any traveling to the stars/moon has ever been accomplished by man. It is all a lie. Pure bull stuffing. If not convince just do some searching on your favorite search engine before the truth about nasa and the moon landings are all erased. This is part of the a lie the elites wants us to believe so that an alien invasion will seem more realistic.Don’t believe it and tell others.

  14. Why not a base at one of the Lagrange points, with a mine/mineral processing facility on the moon to supply materials.
    A rail gun powered by solar power could launch stuff to the station.

  15. But what will they do if the aliens object?

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