Children Held Hostage During Disturbing 9/11 Drill by School Official Threatening to Kill Them

By Matt Agorist

Honolulu, HI — In America’s modern-day police state, it seems the state knows no bounds as to how far it will go to keep children and adults in a perpetual state of fear. A recent lawsuit out of Hawaii illustrates the extent of the American fear culture and how its insanity is tormenting and traumatizing America’s youth.

For more than 10 minutes, middle school children were held hostage by a raging lunatic in a mask, swinging a hammer while threatening to kill them all. Naturally, officials claim this drill, involving a school official wearing a mask and holding a hammer while threatening to kill children, was done for the “safety of those children.” Well, Michelle and Eddie Chavez aren’t buying that excuse.

According to a report from Courthouse News, the couple has since filed a federal lawsuit over this incident.

An abusive lockdown drill in which a masked man threatened a middle-school classroom with a hammer left the entire class in tears and at least one girl with post-traumatic stress disorder, her parents say in court.

Michelle and Eddie Chavis sued Hawaii and the state Department of Education on Sept. 7 in First Circuit state Court.

According to the bizarre complaint, their daughter and her class at Kaimuki Middle were watching a video about the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks on Sept. 11, 2015. Suddenly, “a man wearing a mask rushed into the classroom swinging a large hammer while threatening the students with serious bodily injury and/or death,” the complaint states.

The complaint continues: “Minor and her classmates were immediately placed in fear for their lives. The masked man then walked out of the classroom with the classroom teacher running out behind the masked man, apparently in pursuit of the masked man. Upon the classroom teacher’s return, the teacher locked the classroom doors and called the school office to notify the school administration of the masked man.

“Minor and other students in the classroom were crying and feared for their lives, as they believed they were going to be killed. The classroom teacher was pacing around the classroom and appeared scared, as well.”

Only then, the parents say, did the school administration announce that it was a lockdown drill, planned ahead of time, “to be as realistic as possible.”

The Chavis’s daughter already had been under the case of a psychologist for two years, and the school knew it, they say. She continues to suffer from the stress of the drill, and post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Her parents seek damages and special damages for negligence, breach of duty of care, personal injuries, medical expenses and loss of enjoyment of life.

They are represented by Harrison Kiehm.

After the drill first became public in 2015, school officials were quick to defend the decision. In response to an inquiry from KHON 2 news, the Department of Education released a statement at the time noting, “Safety drills provide real-life situations where schools can analyze areas of strengths and weaknesses. In order to accomplish this, students are not notified when a drill will take place.”

According to KHON, the principal at Kaimuki Middle School told KHON2 sometimes they do notify students about these lockdown drills and sometimes they don’t, and they don’t plan on changing that because they want to make sure they know how students will react during these very different situations.

According to psychologist Dr. Suzanne Gelb, however, these experiences “can be very devastating. It can result in nightmares. It can be a result in a resurgence of problem behaviors that maybe were taken care of already, like rebelliousness, acting out.” Many of the parents whose children witnessed this drill agree.

Parents, who did not want to be identified, told KHON2 their kids were in tears and terrorized by the scene.

“(My child has had) sleepless nights since it’s happened, very anxious, concerned about going to school,” one parent said.

The student said at least six kids in her class were crying during the drill.

Another parent said her daughter “was afraid, and she was crying, and another friend was crying as well, and they thought they were going to die.”

What, exactly, the school was attempting to ‘teach’ the kids with this drill remains to be seen. No lessons were learned and the end result was simply a long list of traumatized children.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook. This article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

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32 Comments on "Children Held Hostage During Disturbing 9/11 Drill by School Official Threatening to Kill Them"

  1. It’s just plain child abuse!!!!

    • Keep in mind Tuaca that children now belong to the State. Parent mean early nothing. Do you remember “It takes a village to raise a child”. That was the beginning. This is just more control of the kids. Scare the hell out of them and tell them that their parents cant help them and only the government can protect them. That’s what terrorism is all about.

  2. Hawaii needs to hurry up and sink!

  3. the criminals with the badges strike again

  4. I will buy the idea to have preparedness/emergency school drills but to terrorize the children, no. This is the world we live in today. Yes, I believe that when young children are exposed to this it can have lifelong negative consequences. I hope more parents will sue the school officials and district for every penny they have so they can remain out of work then jail for those responsible and involved in it. I don’t buy the notion when someone says, Ï was just doing my job”. No, if you don’t have the ability to discern good and bad then I am sorry you deserve what is coming to you.

  5. Many Satanists go into education.

  6. And all of these Terrorism Drills are based on lies.

    Remember 9/11 ? That was a false flag operation. Go look at WTC 7:
    Remember Sandy Hook Hoax Line and Sinker ?
    Remember Boston Marathon Bombing false flag ?
    When are we idiots going to wake up to thefact that there is NO terror except those
    created by the CIA/Mossad/MI6 ?

    But people like to hate others, it makes them feel superior and thus the lie of Terrorism continues on.

  7. The quickest way to end these school drills is for one of the parents who may happening to visit shoot the sob dead. Later when the “terrorist” turns out to be a school official or the school cop, they can only say no one knew it was a drill. How tragic, for them, for once.

  8. This is the goal – to get kids messed up and controlled at a young age so they can be controlled as adults.
    This is trauma based mind control done under the guise of a drill. Nothing about this has anything whatsoever to do with the safety of children – it is the opposite.

  9. It is used as a technique in trauma based mind control, start the trama and fear at a young age imprints the submissiveness early

  10. I think that after all the terrorist activity (of one form or another) in schools, parents would be happy that their school system is trying to educate their children on what could happen and how to stay alive. Life isn’t lived in a clam shell.

    • it kinda is a clam shell, considering the terrorists and the people protecting us from the terrorists are the same people…this also proves this is nothing but trauma based mind control…they know there is no real threat, other than what they decide to do to us

    • What are you smoking, Sharon? You obviously don’t have children, or you are so deranged that you should be sterile and never have children. Or you are a Troll!

      • You’re right: I never had kids. But it seems logical, from the jihadi threats, to somehow prepare kids for survival. Am I really so wrong?

        • Sharon, their little minds/psyches are not conditioned to respond with anything other than abject terrifying fear!
          A human example for an adult woman would be to be attacked by a rapist armed with a very sharp knife. He breaks into your house in the middle of the night and clamps his hand over your mouth before you can scream and then tells you what he’s going to do to you.
          He holds you like this while he ravishes you with his lecherous eyes and slides the knife blade very close to your face, telling you he will slice you open if you don’t comply.
          Then, all of a sudden, he backs up, says, “it was just a home break-in drill, Sharon. Hope you weren’t to traumatized by all this. We’re doing this as part of our neihborhood watch program.”

          How do you think that would make you feel, Sharon? Magnify that by 1000 for the fear those children experienced from a “so-called trusted child care official.” In Texas, that idiot would be Toast.

          Children probably should be more afraid of the John Podestas of this world than jihadis. Women have more to fear from jihadis because of their sharia law ritual circumcision practises on their submissive or not females. Which they, of course carry out without the use of either antiseptics, anesthesia or antibiotics.

    • WHAT? Haven’t you been paying attention? The “terrorists” are the Governments!!!!!!
      Like I say everyday>>>>Stupid is everywhere and WE’RE IN A LOT OF TROUBLE.

  11. If this m-fer tried this when I was in what is now called middle school, 6-8th grade, the gang we had woulda laughed at him, then kicked his a$$, not started crying. This was in `63-`66.

  12. if the teacher wasn’t informed too bad the teacher wasnt packing and shot that prick in the head

  13. This is the modern day, as you are all in NAU North American Utopia which is changing all of Society. So get used to it, as 5G comes of age; and this is just the beginning after all George Orwell wrote about this labelled 1984.

  14. What is extremely relevant about this is PTSD is multitudes worse when it involves someone in authority. Trust is just one factor that gets whacked.

  15. All this taught the children is, there is nothing we can do about terrorists except be afraid.

    Having to have drills like this in the first place, is a complete admission of failure by those responsible for safety.

    Quite ironic that the more people and systems we employ to keep us safe, the less secure we become.

  16. Too bad someone didn’t shoot him on the spot.
    In a sane world that’s what would have happened.
    But Actually, in a sane world this clown wouldn’t have been allowed anywhere near a school.

  17. If their parents did the same thing, it would be off to CPS! Never to be seen again. Next thing they know, Hillary and Podesta will be bent over them with a knife, screaming and threatening to kill them. This is all too realistic to be funny, isn’t it?

  18. I can see some parents holding a drill threatening to beat the crap out of scumbag school administrators.

  19. Everyone that was IN on this should be put in PRISON, not jail!

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