Russians to Investigate If Moon Landings Were Faked

By Melissa Dykes

Man’s supposed greatest achievement is becoming a comically bad cover-up. In this video, Melissa Dykes from Truthstream Media reports on a Russian investigation into the alleged Apollo Moon Landings.  With more and more evidence mounting that the Moon landings were faked for Cold War posturing, this investigation could blow the lid off the hoax.

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Watch their mini-documentary Obsolete here and their new series The Cold Noir here.

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37 Comments on "Russians to Investigate If Moon Landings Were Faked"

  1. Does she? Her videos are never intelligible. It is remarkable to glean multiple useful points from her selfless contributions.

    • What’s your point? This is about the alleged Moon landings. Something long debated.

    • In my experience, Truthstream is one of the more intelligible, interesting, and well-researched channels that cover these topics on YouTube.

      You must find the vast majority of YT videos completely baffling.

  2. What got me started on this:

    Fake News??? Moon Landing WAS a Hoax

  3. They wouldn’t let me post the link, but watch the documentary on youtube called

    A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon.

  4. What if the Russians will say their investigation proved the Apollo program was real and Americans were really on the moon ?

    Russia is an active player in that Globalisation operation…….. !


  5. And when you are finished with the fake Moon landings — could you look into the 9-11 cover-up – also ? Spacibo Bolshoy

  6. The brain wants to make sense of things, so when you view the images and sounds of a commercial of a guy telling you about his problem and the new drug he takes to make his life better, you subconsciously begin to believe this is genuine when in fact it is all fabricated. If you went behind the scenes to see all of the work of scripting, approving, editing, and acting that goes into this scene you would see the truth that it is all fake.

    99% of everything you see on TV is all fake with the intent of SELLING you something.
    You are tricked into believing so you will buy into the thought you need whatever they are selling.
    A product, idea, or even what you should think or feel. It is a very powerful tool of manipulation that is at work on the American public and it is not limited to commercials. Movies, news, and much more is used to sell something to the American people. Governments and all their affiliates have seen the power of this tool and are actively using it to manipulate you in some form. Right now, fear works the best. Look at the reality of how the TV is trying to convince us we should be afraid of everything.

    See through the lies and shed your fear.
    As Mellissa says, “Question everything” Make up your own mind. Don’t take someone else’s idea of something when your common sense tells you something is wrong. It doesn’t add up, and fit correctly. Lies always have loose ends. Do your own thinking.

  7. So this “Russian Official” called for an international investigation – not an investigation by Russia, and it was in June 2015 – So NOTHING HAPPENED! No investigation happened. No investigation will happen as long as USA controls the world’s money and has the largest and most willing to bomb military in the world.

  8. I think perhaps a little hanky-panky is going on behind the scenes. The Russians know and have known forever we’ve never set foot on the moon. We’ve been in bed together for too long not to share this little bit of pillow talk.

  9. Yes , the comity will be group of 5 YO children meeting for 2 minutes,and they all conclude it was fake and they will have a long laugh at the fools that were glued to there tell-avision screens.

  10. Fortunately, the reflectors which Neil Armstrong left at the landing site, have been corroborated and can be tested today as actually being there.

    • How do you know Neil Armstrong planted that evidence? Because you saw it on TV? Why hasn’t he given a single interview about his moon landing, ever? Did you know that the USA has a secret space program that operates bases on the back side of the moon and Mars? They could have planted your evidence, but it wasn’t the Apollo missions. They never got there and “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” proves it.

      • How did the radar reflectors get on the moon, bloody martians? With a big enough telescope you can actually SEE them. With a strong enough laser (which many colleges have) you too can bounce a radar beam off of those (supposedly nonexistant) reflectors

        • If you watched the film i recommended, it contains leaked NASA footage (you can recognize the astronauts so you know it’s genuine) taken inside the Apollo craft that shows the astronauts setting up the fake camera shot of the earth through a porthole to give the impression that they are 130,000 miles away from it, when they are actually still in earth orbit. oops.

        • Show me one picture of the reflectors from a telescope from earth.
          And those lasers reflecting, have you ever seen how that goes.
          And why wouldn’t the moon reflect laser light without reflectors, it seems pretty reflective on it’s self.

  11. “Jewmerica” invented NASA as yet another way to bleed the silly Goy for their hard earned sheckles just as they did medicare, FED RES, etc. Too many anomalies. That added to “WMD’s”, Gulf of Tonkin, USS Liberty – Hell if D.C. told me the sun was up and it was a cloudless day, I’d have to walk over to the window and look for myself. Never been to D.C. and the only way I’d buy a ticket to visit would be for public executions…

  12. They sure got rid of Stanley Kubrick. Perhaps he knew a little too much.

  13. This video released by NASA about the upcoming Orion space exploration craft, shows a NASA Engineer admitting that they still haven’t worked out how to properly shield the spacecraft from the radiation emitted from the Van Allen belts. Gee, how’d they do it in 69?

  14. Watch Jay Weidner’s documentary, “Kubrick’s Odyssey” and see how it was done. Or Bart Sibrel’s “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon,” which contains unedited NASA video taken on board the Apollo capsule revealing that the whole thing was a hoax. You can’t send humans through the Van Allen radiation belt that completely surrounds the earth because the radiation would kill them.

  15. What of Apollo 8? Did they fake that shot of earth from space? Helluva photoshop that, oh yeah, photoshop hadn’t been invented yet. I can’t prove they actually LANDED, but I can prove they at least achieved lunar orbit. That’s because in those analog days, there was no encryption, anyone could listen in if they had the right equipment, and hundreds of ham radio operators did just that. Ever adjusted a satellite TV dish? If you’re not pointed right at it no signal, right? Can’t fake that (unless you don’t believe in satellites or the space sta.) The hams tracked Apollo 11 all the way to the moon and back again. The dishes needed for getting the LEM transmissions were beyond the ability of the ordinary ham. But they could, and did, get the command module.

  16. I thought the Chinese and / or Japanese already did this…

  17. I thought the Russians had figured that out in 1969 that the landings were real.They are slower than I thought.

  18. The Russians won’t reveal anything. They knew back then the whole thing was a fraud. They just agreed to keep their mouths shut because they needed grain. The U.S. government worked out a contract to sell it to the Russians at half the price. The Russian part of the deal was to not say a word about the phony missions. Therefore, you won’t hear a peep from the Ruskies.

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