Psychopathic Ruling Class Creates Boogeymen To Justify Its Rule

By Vin Armani

These days, James Corbett doesn’t mind calling himself an anarchist. “Only because it annoys so many people” he tells Vin Armani in this 51-minute interview about how he came to the ideas of liberty. And they also cover psychopaths in government, foreign policy, anarchism, and what you can do to change the world.

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Vin Armani is the host of The Vin Armani Show on Activist Post, author of Self Ownership, agorist entrepreneur, and contributor to Counter Markets. Follow Vin on Twitter and subscribe on YouTube. Get Vin’s weekly podcast on iTunes or Stitcher. He is available for interviews at email – Vin (at)

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26 Comments on "Psychopathic Ruling Class Creates Boogeymen To Justify Its Rule"

  1. How come there isn’t more of an exodus to New Hampshire for the Free State Project? How come there isn’t a Free State Project out west? Why are all the 18-35 year olds so devoid of any adventurous spirit? Compared to this age group during the late 60s to the early 90s, this generation is so zombie-like. Why? It really seemed like the Ron Paul Revolution was really getting you men cranked up…. What happened?

    • TV, video games, crap on the internet, formal education, vaccines and food additives.

      • Vaccines, poisoned food [GMO/pesticides] and water [Chlorine/fluoride/Rx run off et al] are very high on the Globalists agenda, along with Big Pharma and the medical death industry. Young medical students are also profoundly indoctrinated to slash and burn “medicine” while being subtly inculcated with a negative response to any form of natural or nutritional healing. Rockefellers set up patent medicine then the AMA to more completely control medical licensing and medical school curriculum. They are moving to phase doctor’s opinions out entirely. Mandated [and poisonous] vaccines will morph into the mandated medical protocols of the state/banks. These protocols will be followed or the “doctors” will lose their licenses. The technology to spy continuously upon doctors is already in place; they are “flagged” regularly by the government. Everyone lives in fear of Bank/gov power. In this way they perpetuate the medical death industry monopoly. That’s why it’s always repeal and “replace” the ACA…. they won’t let it go to a free market or allow people to make their own decisions regarding their own health… unless, of course, the people become sufficiently aware and defend themselves.

        • The people are indeed becoming aware and beginning to defend themselves. As far as I’m concerned the NWO is DOA. They dug their own grave when they created the internet. I’m certainly not promoting complacency. I print and distribute a variety of anti-NWO flyers wherever I go. If they have to go to the extent they do with chemtrails etc. they must be scared shitless of us. I find their desperation to be gratifying.

          • I agree with you; the NWO is DOA [I like the way you said that] Globalists definitely fear the power of a united people determined to take back the planet, although I believe they are too arrogant and pathological to believe it could happen. They are doubling down on multiple propaganda narratives trying to keep everyone in a state of high stress, confusion, confrontation and fear. You are aware of false flag events? The “riots” in Ferguson and Baltimore did involve some real people being incited and led by “crisis actors” paid by George Soros. There might have been protests, but the “riots” would not have happened without that funding and it was all well timed for the 6 o’clock “news”. The globalists have been trying to incite black Americans to riot in very large numbers in an attempt to kick off a civil war and DISTRACT ALL Americans from what the Globalist Banks are doing. So far the majority of black, white and Hispanic people have not risen to the bait… and I do not believe they will except in isolated pockets. Propaganda IS distraction. 9/11 was a false flag to kick off the Project for the New American Century written up and signed by the globalist neocons intent upon endless wars on multiple fronts leading to total global domination by the Banks. The only difference between Genghis Khan and the neocons is the weaponry. Since the globalists control the military they also control the chemical weapons labs. The globalists will never cede power voluntarily. Many lives will depend upon who will “follow orders” and who will not.

          • Now the psychopaths have computers and so do we.

          • Common Sense | August 11, 2017 at 5:33 pm |

            I wish I could share your sentiment on the nwo being doa, but I see no signs of the common man countering their corruption and control with tangible actions.

            When the body is in the grave and I see dirt thrown over I will then breathe easy.

          • Great optimism, Alice. On the other hand we should never underestimate TPTB. The election may have been what ‘they’ wanted, a Republican POTUS who would create enough disorder to generally demoralize Americans in their political system and specifically paint “conservatives” in a bad light to shift public policy to the left. That’s a perfect example Hegelian sorcery – the dialectic in action.

            Also, at least one critical aspect of the NWO endgame is being championed by Trump and that is privatization of public assets through his proposed infrastructure project. It’s a double whammy of new infrastructure being public private partnerships and existing infrastructure sold off to pay for the project. This is going on globally to create more interdependence, leapfrogging past the stalled trade treaties to accomplish virtually the same end result.

            “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

            ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

        • guilty again,not much faith in people doing much to defend anything at all

          • If you do some research on various catastrophes; like the aftermath of hurricanes, you will see that people will come out of the woodwork to help each other. This causes real “official” consternation and those who are prepared to help are generally turned away by said officials. Why? Because they don’t want the people to realize they don’t NEED the nanny state “officials” and we can take care of our own. But we know…. the pendulum will swing back… can’t say when but keep the faith. We need to be realistic but constant gloom and doom will just make you sick…. or leave you unprepared.

          • The response in Boston to egregious fourth amendment violations was disappointing to say the least. Never say never, though. 😉 We do what we can to sow seeds of truth and freedom.

            “Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

    • The college kids we’re looking at today have been totally brainwashed in the state indoctrination centers we call public schools. When dad’s working; if he’s there at all, and mom’s working, kids belong to the state. That was the plan when the oligarchs introduced “feminist ideology”; get mom out of the house and paying taxes; make sure taxes/living expenses are very high. The funding for these centers is sent by the state to the federal government that, ridiculously, returns the funding to the state “schools” with very specific “guidelines” for what will, and will not, be “taught”. If teacher’s want to keep their jobs, they follow the guidelines. I was aware of this happening as far back as 1962. This generation is just the first of the twelve coming up behind it… Ever hear of the complete idiocy known as “Common Core” which was inflicted upon the current generation? The banks/state did not stop with the schools however, they encircled and overwhelmed the young [and many confused adults as well] with endless social engineering through TV, movies, music [or what passes for music now] and advertising. The power of propaganda is awesome. These young people have zero grasp of history, economics or philosophy. They cannot reason, think logically or cope with fact based reality. I read a comment once attributed to the oligarchs that said something like… “…we’re going to rip their hearts out; we’re going to force them to kill their own children…” This may have been their intent.

      • Wow Alice, awesome, as my son would say. Do you mind if I used/reprint some of the information you have posted here? You state things very clearly and I would like to use to help explain/educate others. Thanks.

  2. Anarchy is the best form of government. Chaos is not. The two words are not synonymous. Most do not know the difference. LOOK them up. I am for anarchy but not not chaos. So I to am an anarchist. Most use these to words interchangeably and they are not thus the confusion.

    The riots are not ANARCHY they are CHAOS.

    • I don’t think anarchy is the answer for humanity at this point in our history and in such large numbers, however, Minarchy may be tolerable. I believe Anarchy creates a vacuum that would be filled by thugs. It was ever thus; we need some sort of minimal organization that is constructed of people who will not be allowed to enrich themselves and have very limited and transparent powers. The bottom line for individual freedom is Honest Money and zero banks operating for profit.

      • If the Soviet Union may serve as an example, we will see organized crime fill the void left by civil governments that are toppled by angry citizens. The difference between the US and Soviet situations IMO will be the abundance of guns that US citizens will bring to bear on the problem. No doubt the government will use the military or National Guard to confiscate weapons upon declaring martial law, but the citizens won’t give them up easily. Expect population density to be cut in half at least. Regional militias or quasi-legitimate forces will probably end up holding an uneasy peace attempting to protect citizens from wandering bands of armed thieves.The gun will rewrite the golden rule, “He who has the most guns (including shooters) makes the rules”.

  3. with all we spend on our military you think these situations couldn’t exist

    We always arm our enemies before we attack them. We just did it again with the “rebels” in Syria & the Saudis.

    It’s like playing Monopoly and giving your opponent money so they won’t have to be beaten….you never WIN… but you keep the GAME going.

    Kim Jong Un was created with our help.

  4. How could they possible fail? I dont see it for a second

    • Oh ye of little faith… blow back is coming. You can call it Nature’s law or a Universal Moral Law but it is inescapable. It is the nature of man that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The pendulum always swings back. Trump’s election blindsided the oligarchs. Everything was as rigged for HRC as it could be but about 50% of US ballots are still paper. The ONLY way Trump could win was with a blowout landslide. That means there are more decent thinking Americans than indoctrinated Snowflakes… many more… for Trump also won the popular vote; propaganda to the contrary is simply being used to fire up the state indoctrinated fascists who mistakenly believe themselves to be “liberals”. I don’t know what will trigger it, but it’s coming. The people may not understand the economic structure but they can smell a rat all right… and they know exactly where the rats are. Be prepared…

      • I do believe you have a very good grasp of the problem, central bankers with all the money to get what ever they want.

      • Couldn’t reply to your initial comment but in regards to that…
        The founding father of the Rothschild banking system was quoted saying,
        “Give me control of a nations money and I care not who makes the laws”

        By the way, their real name is Bauer.

  5. I was thinking about Corbett’s statement that “protectionist” American tariffs would harm US citizens. If this is the case, why don’t Chinese tariffs seem to harm Chinese citizens? Their trade barriers help protect Chinese jobs and have been quite effective over the past 40 years.

  6. @Alice.
    Having studied “authoritarianism” since 1968, I concur with all your observations.
    “There is no genuine love, affection or honor in this New World Order
    they seek; only fear, terror, thugs and barbarism. I believe they will
    ultimately fail in this endeavor to utterly destroy humanity.
    I hope I am correct.”
    Thanks. Millions of folk share your hopes.

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