John DeCamp, Defender of Franklin Scandal Child Sex Abuse Victims, Is Dead at 76

By JW Williams

John DeCamp, a former Nebraska state senator, veteran, and attorney, has died. He served in the US military in Vietnam, and in 1975, he initiated Operation Baby Lift, which evacuated more than 2,800 orphaned Vietnamese children to safety.

DeCamp wrote a book, The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska, based on the infamous teen prostitution ring originating out of Boys Town in Lincoln, Nebraska, that was linked to the White House, in the late 1980s. He represented the young victims in the case and spurred a grand jury investigation into the disturbing and brutal pedophilia scandal that ruined many lives.


Here is a video documentary, Conspiracy of Silence, that chronicles DeCamp’s investigation of the Franklin case that was scheduled to air on the Discovery channel in 1994, but was cancelled. Copies of the video were supposed to be destroyed, but this one surfaced on YouTube:

DeCamp claimed that he was the first person to bring a child sexual abuse case against the Catholic church in the US, which he said he won, but the judge revoked the award because it was too unbelievable.

DeCamp also represented Mark Taylor, the first student victim who was shot in the Columbine school massacre, and sued the Solvay Pharmaceutical company, the manufacturer of an anti-depressant that Eric Harris had been prescribed. The case reportedly ended with Solvay paying $10,000 to a third-party charity, without the drug company admitting guilt.

DeCamp suffered from Parkinson’s disease and other illnesses; he was 76 at the time of death. He was a colorful character who helped many people.


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3 Comments on "John DeCamp, Defender of Franklin Scandal Child Sex Abuse Victims, Is Dead at 76"

  1. It is our moral and civic duty to DOWNLOAD this video and share with as many people as you know.

  2. John Decamp. Another unsung hero. RIP

  3. I lived in Omaha when this was all playing out….and remember it all too well. This is all true. No conspiracy theories, no exaggeration of the truth…..sadly, all true. RIP Senator DeCamp.

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