Chemical Weapons Allegedly Used Against Political Target in Los Angeles

By Janet Phelan

On more than one occasion of late, the US has hurled accusations against Syrian President Assad for the use of chemical weapons against his own people. Analyses of these gas attacks have raised profound questions about the genesis of the attacks as well as questions as to why the US is so very eager to pin these on Assad—eager enough, apparently, to ignore substantial evidence pointing to other perpetrators.

Now, evidence has come to light that the US may be deploying targeted chemical weapons against her own citizens.

In the wake of the recent report that the US was filing false and misleading reports to the UN 1540 (WMD) Committee, this reporter obtained surveillance videos from a political target in Los Angeles, California.  The individual providing the videos is an attorney and was also interned in a US detention camp during WWII as a Japanese American. In the past several years, she incurred a number of legal difficulties during her mother’s adult guardianship proceedings. (Her mother was also a former US detainee.) She was falsely arrested (and let go without being charged), fired from her job as an attorney with the State of California and also experienced other legal challenges, such as inexplicable restraining orders. These restraining orders are used regularly against family members who try to protect their loved ones from the ravages of guardianship.

Generally speaking the US has chosen to use the “justice system” to disable individuals. As we have seen in some of these legal proceedings, the State has chosen to move very aggressively against some people. Barbara Stone, also an attorney, was the subject of reports here and here and was initially arrested for taking her mother out to lunch. Stone is still in an Arizona jail awaiting extradition to Florida.

Another individual who came to the attention of the legal system when he tried to protect a brain injured woman’s rights is Cary Andrew Crittenden, who was again jailed this month in Santa Clara County, California, on contested charges of violating his “OR” release by posting a picture on Facebook of a police officer, now being called a “victim” of Crittenden. You can read more on Crittenden here.

Using chemical weapons against a US target in country, however, is a somewhat advanced form of “extra-legal” abuse. It is not unknown, however. Inventor Stanley Meyer’s death by poisoning in 1998 may be one of the more well known such murders.  Dozens of other scientists have expired in ways that would raise questions as to whether they also succumbed to chemical assassination weapons.

The surveillance videos provided by the Los Angeles attorney show what appears at first glance to be rain falling on her house. A still from the surveillance videos is provided here:

However, a check of all 12 channels reveals that the “rain” does not appear to be falling next door, as revealed on channel 5. In addition, the weather report for Los Angeles for the day in question shows no precipitation recorded.

The attorney, whose name is being withheld from this report, was forced to seek emergency medical care after at least one of these alleged chemical attacks. She set up the surveillance cameras after repeated activity around her home. She has also caught strange light activity. Dr. Katherine Horton, a physicist and directed energy expert, has analyzed these photos and determined them to reveal lasers aimed at the chimney.

For years, those who reported such weaponry formed against them have been called “tin foil hats” in an attempt to minimize and ridicule their reports. These surveillance videos, coupled with the stature and integrity of the individual reporting, might raise alarm.

All told, over 120 video and still files were received from this source.

Former AG Eric Holder, in a letter to Congressman Rand Paul, admitted that there might be some scenarios under which drones could be deployed against US citizens in country.  Drones are known to be outfitted, in some cases, with chemical weapons. According to domestic chemical weapons law, military and law enforcement and a multitude of others are exempt from chemical weapons prohibitions, even though the US has signed the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and is tasked with destroying all her stockpiles of these weapons. The inherent conflict between the CWC and Title 18 Section 229 of the US Code, governing domestic chemical weapons activity, has not been attended to or resolved.

Under pressure, Holder later reversed himself.

The LA attorney has reported this attack and others to the FBI and the FAA. There has been no response. If indeed what the LA attorney has caught on her surveillance cameras is a chemical weapons attack, then we have moved another step towards utter and complete peril.

The chairman of the UN 1540 Committee, Bolivian Ambassador Sacha Sergio Llorentty Solíz, was contacted for comment on the mounting evidence that the US is violating the 1540 Resolution.  At the time of going to press, no response was received.

Janet Phelan is an investigative journalist and author of the groundbreaking exposé, EXILE. Her articles previously appeared in such mainstream venues as the Los Angeles Times, Orange Coast Magazine, Long Beach Press Telegram, etc. In 2004, Janet “jumped ship” and now exclusively writes for independent media. She is also the author of two collections of poetry—The Hitler Poems and Held Captive. She resides abroad.

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  1. Now THAT is Directed Energy Weapons use. Ya havent truly lived until youve been hit with that shit year after year. Painful stuff indeed from my personal 7 year experience…

    ANYONE can be deemed a dissident/enemy of the state & have these horrific “No touch Torture” tools deployed against them. We now live in a country where if you piss off the wrong person, -or should I say “group” of Gods chosen people you are selected for vicious slow-death termination with near total plausibile deniability…

  2. Do you think maybe Putin could come and help us?

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