‘The Purpose of Cryptocurrency is to Separate Money From The State’

By Vin Armani

In this video, Erik Voorhees explains how he got into Bitcoin and why cryptocurrency will separate money from the State. Voorhees believes the current monetary system has serious systemic problems with counter-party risk, that the Federal Reserve System is “fraudulent” and advocates “the separation of money and state.” He keeps his assets and finances in Bitcoin, and is an outspoken opponent of taxation.

“The separation of money and state will be the great achievement of cryptocurrecy…Not by getting enough people to vote on it because that will never happen. But just by providing an alternative in the marketplace and for that alternative to win over time.”

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Watch the full broadcast here

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10 Comments on "‘The Purpose of Cryptocurrency is to Separate Money From The State’"

  1. Ok Vin, I have watched and listen to your 40 minute video. Question, did you do any background search on Erik Voorhees or his enterprises? If you had you may have learned that his one company shapeshift was compromised by one of his own employees. The compromise included the looting of money/ecurrency from his company and also the employee/traitor sold secret company info to a Russian hacker to steal yet more. A simple search on the net reveals this.
    Vin, you support this type of currency exchange? One main issue that Voorhees claims is that with his companies and the methods of crypto currencies is better than what currently exits because this method separates money from the state and gives people the feeling of empowerment. Question, can the best hackers on our earth break into and compromise any electronic/internet website, even hack right through firewalls and any protection you may have to protect what you have? I say, “Yes”. You can simply not trust MAN.
    It seems many of us will do anything to get our hands on more money even lie, cheat, steal our own family. Sorry, I dont buy into this new technology, yet. It is still not safe from wovles lurking to steal your money. I hope there will be a better solution.

  2. JimmyGotHisKornCracked | July 24, 2017 at 3:11 am | Reply

    Except it will continue to be more “belief” than reality.

    The notion that simply changing the board game will eliminate the bully in the room, is as ridiculous as it is comical.

    And you just know, someone is going to get hurt.

  3. Anyone who falls for this Con – crypto currencies – is a fool.

    First, separate from the State? Are you kidding me? When they can regulate it – which they are starting to do – it is not really separate. Google “More Bitcoin regulations coming” and read a recent story.

    Second, it is safer? One computer program, hack, can wiped it out faster than any govt official.

    Third, just like fiat currency, gold, silver – it has an exchange and is traded and manipulated by the same global elites.

    Personally, I believe they put this out to start the conditioning of the populous to accept a world of no cash (physical, in your hand dollars or gold) as they move us towards their cashless society where everything is tracked and controlled.

  4. Clumpner_Archives | July 24, 2017 at 4:21 pm | Reply

    OTOH, this could prove out to be the ultimate ‘Tulip Mania Ponzi Scam’: ‘The State’ (Deep State) may be behind all this and fleece the buyers by removing a substantial amount for fiat currency from the global market in a New York Second !!! lol.

  5. “If you can´t hold it, you don´t own it!” That goes for Bitcoin too.

  6. Bill Deblassio | July 26, 2017 at 6:40 pm | Reply

    Their power is their money.. It doesn’t matter if they have 500 trillion dollars if nobody uses their money it is worthless.. Use bitcoin, ether, litecoin, Dash, monero etc.. Take a few hours and figure out how to buy it sell it and use it.. Honestly it’s not that hard.. Quit giving the psycopaths all the power..

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