Wesley Clark Jr. Says Veterans for Standing Rock Infiltrated by Military Contractors (Updated)

By Derrick Broze

(Editor’s Note: This piece has been updated to include comments from Wes Clark Jr. and Michael Woods Jr.)

One of the organizers of the Veterans for Standing Rock rally is now claiming the planning staff was comprised of private military contractors. 

Seven months after thousands of veterans came to support the Standing Rock Sioux in their fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline, one of the organizers is claiming the Veterans for Standing Rock rally was infiltrated by private military contractors. The action was organized by Wes Clark Jr. and Michael A. Wood Jr., a Marine Corps veteran who recently retired from the Baltimore police force to focus on reforming law enforcement.  Clark Jr. is a long time correspondent for The Young Turks. He is also the son of General Wesley Clark who infamously warned that the U.S. government was planning the invasions of seven nations following the 9/11 attacks.

On Sunday morning, Wes Clark Jr. revealed the details via a Facebook status.

I need you all to share this with every person who went or contributed to Veterans Stand for Standing Rock last…

تم نشره بواسطة ‏‎Wes Clark Jr.‎‏ في 9 يوليو، 2017

“I need you all to share this with every person who went or contributed to Veterans Stand for Standing Rock last December.” Clark Jr. wrote on Facebook. “I did not realize at the time but some of our planning staff were paid military contractors working for the other side.” 

Presumably, the “other side” is referring to the police and/or Energy Transfer Partners, the company behind the Dakota Access Pipeline. Clark Jr. goes on to warn participants of the veterans action that these military contractors have their personal details on file and at some point may “round them up.”

They have the names, emails, addresses, phone numbers and personal information for each and every one of us that went out there or contributed money to the cause of protecting both our environment and our Constitution. Please be cognizant of the fact that all of us are on a list and that if there is civil disorder in this country, we will be the first people rounded up.

When questioned further on his comments, Clark Jr. said early on he figured out who a couple of the contractors were after watching them cause “chaos and dissension within the camp.” Clark Jr. describes watching the online activity of a few individuals for six months. When asked if he would provide names of suspected military contractors, Clark Jr. named Loreal Black Shawl, Mark Sanderson and Ed Higgins.

“The others I don’t have as solid proof about but I’ve heard there were almost 150 different contractors who infiltrated the group,” Clark Jr. told Activist Post. “The use of private military contractors in the service of oil companies on American soil against American citizens is a threat to our democracy.”

Michael Woods Jr. told Activist Post, “Of course they tried, I am not sure of a solid link, but I would not be surprised. It seemed every step was unnecessarily difficult.”

All three of the people accused of being military contractors reached out to Activist Post to share their stories.

I’m not a PMC nor have I ever been, I’ve always been true to the cause as proved by my founding of VeteransRespond and return missions to SR. Wes’ allegations are flat out false. – Mark Sanderson

I was there long before Wes Clark showed up and long after his three night stay at south camp prairie knights. I came of my own free will, documented my journey there, my journey being there and my journey when I left was heavily documented. There is no way I am military contractor. – Ed Higgins

In regards to legit and honorable news sources publishing any statements from Wes Clark Jr. And Michael Woods Jr. (or anyone who worked for the Veterans Stand with Standing Rock organization in December) has to say about me being anything other than an honorable Native American veteran who went to assist her people in protecting the water, I would strongly encourage news organizations to request proof and evidence of these accusations. Fact checking and evidence of proof is the responsibility and duty of authentic journalism. – Loreal Black Shawl

The Veterans for Standing Rock event took place between December 4 through the 7. Amidst the freezing temperatures of the North Dakota winter, tens and thousands of veterans and supporters swelled the population of the Oceti Sakowin and Sacred Stone Camps. Following months of violence between native water protectors and their allies, Clark Jr. and Wood Jr. issued the call for veterans to come stand in defense of the Standing Rock Sioux in their fight against the DAPL.

“This country is repressing our people,” Wood Jr. told Task & Purpose. “If we’re going to be heroes, if we’re really going to be those veterans that this country praises, well, then we need to do the things that we actually said we’re going to do when we took the oath to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic.”

It is important to remember that the same weekend the veterans and supporters flooded the camps the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that they would delay the permitting of the pipeline. Following the announcement the atmosphere of the camps was fairly cautious. There were celebrations, but there was also hesitation as water protectors wondered if the delay was anything more than a diversion or a temporary respite. Some pipeline opponents theorized that the flooding of veteran support and the announcement would actually serve as a release valve for the building opposition to the pipeline. Once the mainstream media left and the supporters left, the pipeline was pushed through by ETP and the Trump administration as expected.

Readers should also note that it was previously revealed that private military contractors TigerSwan (and likely others) were involved in aerial surveillance, infiltration of camps, and, according to one former employee, lighting their own vehicles on fire. Activist Post released exclusive video of vehicles being lit on fire by masked provocateurs.

If the words of Clark Jr. can be confirmed it would prove that private military contractors were involved in both the law enforcement battle against the water protectors, as well as the fight against the pipeline itself. This means the entire NoDAPL movement was infiltrated to one degree or another.

Derrick Broze is an investigative journalist and liberty activist. He is the Lead Investigative Reporter for ActivistPost.com and the founder of the TheConsciousResistance.com. Follow him on Twitter. Derrick is the author of three books: The Conscious Resistance: Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 1 and Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion, Vol. 2

Derrick is available for interviews. Please contact [email protected]

This article may be freely reposted in part or in full with author attribution and source link.

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14 Comments on "Wesley Clark Jr. Says Veterans for Standing Rock Infiltrated by Military Contractors (Updated)"

  1. Grace by Faith | July 10, 2017 at 5:27 pm | Reply

    Oh, that’s rich, Wesley Clark’s son says the group he helped organize, Veterans for Standing Rock, was infiltrated by military contractors? LOL Yeah, HIM. He’s on the inside with the globalists, folks, and his affiliation with the controlled opposition group, “The Young Turks” pretty much proves it. But if that’s not enough, his father, aside from being an Army General, was a Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, holds several Knighthoods (Roman Temple Order), and was a Rhodes Scholar, which is a Fabian, Socialist, Globalist, Christianity Destroyers’ Organization out of Oxford. Yes, Oxford, the same Oxford that created the Tavistock Institute of Crisis Creation and Mass Manipulation (via fear- and trauma-based mind control).

    Look up the despicable history of Rhodes Scholarships: The Rhodes fortune, through the Rhodes Scholarship Fund, has been used to promote the concept of globalism and one-world government. Cecil Rhodes began developing his philosophy after hearing a speech by John Ruskin (1819-1900) at Christ Church at Oxford University, which espoused an opinion, which by extension, furthered the teaching found in Plato’s Republic. Plato called for “…a ruling class with a powerful army to keep it in power and a society completely subordinate to the monolithic authority of the rulers.”

    Rhodes talked about starting an organization to preserve and extend the British Empire. He said in 1877, “It is our duty to seize every opportunity of acquiring more territory … more territory simply means more of the Anglo-Saxon race, more of the best, the most human, most honorable race the world possesses … the absorption of the greater portion of the world under our rule simply means the end of all wars.”

    It was this mentality that fueled his desire to unite the world under one form of government. Using the Jesuits and the Masons as organizational models, Rhodes joined together with Rothschild agent Lord Alfred Milner (1854-1925) to form a secret group on February 5, 1891.

    Frank Aydelotte, a founding member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the American Secretary to the Rhodes Trustees, wrote in his book, American Rhodes Scholarships:

    “In his first will Rhodes states his aim still more specifically: ‘The extension of British rule throughout the world … the foundation of so great a power as to hereafter render wars impossible and promote the interests of humanity’.”

    When Rhodes died, his third will, drafted in 1888, called for the establishment of a trust, run by his son-in-law Lord Rosebury, a Rothschild agent, to administer his fortune. His seventh and last will, named Nathan Rothschild administrator of his estate, and established an educational grant known as the Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University (which was controlled by the Fabians). The Scholarships provided a two-year program for young men, and later, women, from the United States, United Kingdom and Germany, and blah, blah, blah…. Bring me a bucket!

    From what I have learned about these psychotic globalists, just by doing a rudimentary search on their backgrounds and histories, their fruit-of-their-loin apples don’t fall far from their trees. So I wouldn’t believe Wesley Clark’s dissembler of a son if he told me the sky was blue. What I don’t get is why Activist Post is falling for this stuff, and posting obvious controlled opposition (like when they post stuff from Ron Paul). Very disappointing, to say the very least.

    • “What I don’t get is why Activist Post is falling for this stuff, and
      posting obvious controlled opposition (like when they post stuff from
      Ron Paul). Very disappointing, to say the very least.”

      I think this is very telling.

      “They have the names, emails, addresses, phone numbers and personal
      information for each and every one of us that went out there or
      contributed money to the cause of protecting both our environment and
      our Constitution. Please be cognizant of the fact that all of us are on a list and that if there is civil disorder in this country, we will be the first people rounded up.”

      This could be used as a bit of a false flag in hopes of sparking off violence.

      “Look they rounded up the Veterans for Standing Rock, former soldiers who tried peaceful redress of grievances and assembly.”

      Then, you’ll get all a _ hornet’s nest stirred up _ effect as with say your militia-men coming to _ rescue _ or otherwise _ represent _ for their _ heroes & martyrs _. At such point it is a simple matter to yell “Insurgent” in a burning theater, problem, reaction, solution. Look up Whiskey Rebellion, a bit different circumstances yet the same basic outline.

      Problem being, I see far too many _ waking up & smelling the Joe cooking _. They’re aware of what is being shaken down.

      What can they do if a war is declared but no-one shows up to fight it? Ah, this might offer the spark to bring on the cyborgs and full on robots. “Look humans no longer want to earn money to provide for their life, fine we’ll let the bots finish you off.”

      What I ponder is something I read from way back in 1992. It was from some counter culture, politics fighting mishmash group’s newsletter posted to the web. “It’s over, we lost, they won.” _THEY _ probably already have too, we’re only now starting to catch the hint, maybe?

    • Great post, thank you.

      • Grace by Faith | July 11, 2017 at 10:20 am | Reply

        Most welcome, thank you~ It’s my pleasure, but really all it takes is a few minutes of research, a few more to vet that research, and then another several to put it together to post. Whenever I read something that doesn’t pass the initial smell test, and we all know what BS smells like now since we have it shoved in our faces all day long, I jump at the chance, and thank God I have the time where others may not, to check it out and then expose it if it’s garbage. Eph 5:11 “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove (expose) them.”

        • By chance, I used that same Ephesian quote in a comment a day or two ago. Always resonates with me strongly.

          Maybe you’ve seen my deconstructions on General Wesley Clark. He’s a CFR member and close friend of the Clintons, was directly involved in the atrocities of Waco and Serb-Bosnia conflict, attended CIA-MK Ultra-esque Burning Man festivals, works for Blackstone, and is serving as chairman for a Canadian-based energy multinational corporation that’s capturing coal holdings in Kosovo. Clark also called for the placement of disloyal Americans who oppose the government’s war on terror tactics (thought criminals) in internment camps (link). ~ Quite a ‘rap’ sheet.


          • Grace by Faith | July 11, 2017 at 12:39 pm |

            Yikes! His rap sheet is WAY longer than my rudimentary research revealed, well freaking done! No, I haven’t seen your deconstructions but it comes as no surprise you’ve outed him too, considering how awesome you are and everything. 😉 He’s SO no bueno; these snakes keep everything in “the fam”, too, so his son absolutely can’t be trusted. It’s their favorite MO, to infiltrate the opposition so they can control it themselves, and they’re everywhere. They’re even here, which is becoming quite apparent to me lately.

          • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Grace by Faith, much appreciated.

            There are days where the movie allegory for me is Invasion of The Body Snatchers! LOL (As Eddy says we have to laugh or we’ll go nuts. ;-))

  2. nooraza othman | July 11, 2017 at 2:20 am | Reply

    What’s most important, is that the Indigenous Native Americans themselves, including the American Indian Movement, must take the LEAD roles in this movement! And not to feel intimidated by the gathering of information by the ZNWO; because they do anyway; in any activities (including online) that oppose these ZioNazis in any way. They hope that will deter people from opposing or protesting – thus, one cunning ZioNazi’s MO to silence freedom of speech.

    Anway, it’s great news about the spirit of revival and the unity of the Indigenous Native American-Canada’s First Nation Peoples’ movements against all these evil environmental disasters on their land and also, against the usual ZioNazi’s MO; to continue stealing the Indigenous peoples’ sacred land; by hiding behind these oil/tar sand pipeline projects.

  3. Garry Compton | July 11, 2017 at 5:12 am | Reply

    The poor Native Americans will never get away from those US Military Mfers — Ever.

  4. “This means the entire NoDAPL movement was infiltrated to one degree or another.”

    Including Clark Jr! Can’t make this stuff. Truly a Matrix we are living in.

  5. Dual citizen snake, Wesley Clark, (wanted war criminal), being a card-carrying toady for the synagogue – One should look at his spawn with suspicion. A perfect example of the rotted apple not falling far from the tree, i.e. McCain’s POS “daddy” the admiral and his “thing” little Johnny BOTH should be sitting in prison.
    Who, in their right mind would allow spawn-of-Clark into this organization?
    The Bolshevik Jew/Mass-murderer Lenin, quoted as saying the best way to control the opposition is to lead it SHOULD prompt the tribe to lay EVERYTHING “exposed” by junior under a HUGE microscope and study it closely…..

    • Israeli-US dual citizen? I’m aware his biological surname is Cohen (from his father).
      There’s probably a lot more “under the hood” beyond what I shared with Grace by Faith.

  6. No revolution goes unplanned.

  7. Any group that challenges corporations or the government will be infiltrated by government or corporate agents. This includes unions, anti war organizations, and any organization opposing the pipelines. At the same time it’s important not to engage in “agent baiting” without hard evidence. This spreads distrust, which can destroy any organization.

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