Terror in Europe – Why Terrorists Are Allowed to Strike

By Ulson Gunnar

The London Bridge terror attack saw a repeat of a now familiar narrative in which every suspect involved had been long-known to both British security and intelligence agencies.

The London Telegraph in an article titled, “Khuram Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba named: Everything we know about the London Bridge terrorists,” would reveal:

The ringleader of the London Bridge massacre never bothered to hide his violent, extremist views. Khuram Butt was so brazen that he openly posed with the black flag of the so-called Islamic State in Regent’s Park in the centre of London for a Channel 4 documentary, entitled The Jihadis Next Door.

Butt and other extremists linked to the banned terror group al-Muhajiroun were even detained by police for an hour over the stunt in 2015 but were released without being arrested.

The al-Muhajiroun terror group is headed by British-based extremist, Anjem Choudary, who for years helped fill the ranks of militant groups fighting governments the US and UK sought to overthrow in Libya, Syria and beyond. Choudary inexplicably escaped the consequences of his open advocacy and material support for known terrorist organizations for years, with the London Guardian in an article titled, “Anjem Choudary: a hate preacher who spread terror in UK and Europe,” going as far as speculating he did so because he was actually an informant or operative working for the British government.

The article would also admit that Butt was under investigation by British intelligence up to the day of the attack:

MI5 and counter-terrorism officers began an investigation into Butt, which remained ongoing even as the 27-year-old launched his terror attack on London Bridge. Butt, who was wearing an Arsenal shirt and a fake bomb strapped to his chest, was shot dead by police on Saturday night.

A second suspect, Rachid Redouane, was repeatedly brought to the attention of police who ignored warnings he was an extremist and a member of the so-called “Islamic State.”

The Telegraph reports that a third suspect, Youssef Zaghba, was also known to police:

He was reportedly arrested at Bologna airport in March 2016 trying to get to Syria and was also understood to be on an Italian anti-terror watch list.

The fact that these three suspects evaded capture and were able to carry out their attack despite being known and even monitored actively by British security and intelligence agencies lends even further credibility to the notion that they and others like them work for the British government, not against it.

Unable to Reach Syria, West’s Dogs of War Bite Local Population

Networks like al-Muhajiroun and the extremists they cultivate help fill the ranks of “moderate rebel” groups the US, UK, other European nations including France, as well as regional allies like Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Qatar are arming, funding and providing direct military support for in Libya, Syria, Yemen and beyond.

This fact goes far in explaining why extremists are allowed – for years – to openly advocate violence and recruit members into what is essentially a terrorist organization operating under the nose of British security and intelligence agencies – if not with their collective and eager complicity.

While these terrorists are labeled “moderate rebels” when fighting abroad, they are only labeled as such by the Western media out of necessity in an attempt to differentiate them from the extremists that are in fact fighting the West’s proxy war for it in places like Syria.

Suspects like Youssef Zaghba even attempted to travel to Syria to fight among the ranks of Western-backed militant groups – and failing to do so – participated in armed violence in the UK instead. Had he traveled onward to Syria, it would have been innocent Syrians instead of innocent British civilians terrorized, attacked, maimed and killed.

A Strategy of Terror and Tension

And despite the reality of the US and UK along with other European and Persian Gulf allies openly fueling terrorism at home and abroad, in the wake of tragic events like in London, Manchester, Paris, or Brussels, the very government organizations clearly responsible for presiding over these terrorists and their networks, sometimes for months and even years before an attack, are granted even more power to address a problem of their own intentional creation.

These organizations are able to do so in plain sight of the public specifically because of another conflict they openly orchestrate, pitting the general public against one another along lines of “anti-Islamic” fervor versus social justice advocates.

What both sides of this manufactured and intentionally perpetuated divide fail to realize is that Muslims are dying by the tens of thousands in places like Syria actively fighting against extremism springing not from Islam or the Qu’ran, but from the Pentagon, Westminster, Paris, Brussels, Riyadh, Ankara and Doha. It is not a clash of civilizations, but a manufactured conflict designed to perpetually fill the ranks of mercenaries abroad while exploiting their violence at home to procure more power and wealth through fear, anger and hysteria.

With wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and beyond adding up to trillions for defense contractors and including weapon systems designed to fight them, with the F-35 joint strike fighter alone topping one trillion US dollars and as the West continues to openly act with impunity when and where it pleases despite violating the very international law it claims it is upholding globally, it is clear that, for now, this strategy is working.

If and when the general public understands the truth of why their lives are put in danger and their nation’s resources are being squandered abroad instead of at home for building their own futures, this strategy will be less successful. Until then, it appears that simplistic propaganda still works in convincing the public that governments like in London are simply incapable of arresting terrorists who appear regularly on TV, in the media and who openly operate in public with apparent and otherwise inexplicable impunity.

Ulson Gunnar, a New York-based geopolitical analyst and writer especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook,” where this article first appeared.

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6 Comments on "Terror in Europe – Why Terrorists Are Allowed to Strike"

  1. Ulson Gunnar, have you ever asked yourself if you were barking at the wrong tree? Are you an activist for the benefit of reacting in dramatic stories, similar to shouting to the crow while standing on an orange crate?
    Please ponder the possibility of false flag events in the attacks supposedly happening, now and in the past, in the UK or elsewhere in the world.

    Can you ponder the possibility and evidence that the term “terrorism” is an invention stemming from the 9-11 Event with the Twin Towers in New York? The Cabal needs to proclaim an enemy, in order to have an excuse for wagings wars. Power-money-wars-econimic destruction-austerity-climate change fairy tales-fear for the sun-fear for bacteria-food and water poisoning-the creation of death valleys on planet Earth and deserts,
    one thing that these terms have in common is: fear mongering. Humanity is kept in enslavement, fooled with eyes wide shut.

    The ancient scenario of “bread and games” is played on a different arena. In the old days of Rome, people sat in amphitheaters looking down in the arena, with wrestlers and lions, eating each other. Nowadays, the whole planet is that arena and you’re either eaten alive, beaten, or you’re getting smart, catch the other end of the whip and reverse roles, so that you can leave this cruel game.

    Please do some proper research first, don’t copy news of other media and look what Ole Dammegard has to say about these attacks. Find your own truth about it, don’t believe what I say.

    • errr. that is EXACTLY what the article said! False flag to perpetuate engineered conflict! Maybe try reading articles next time before commenting after only guessing at what the titles might imply?

      • Jelmer, I’m referring to a different issue. it seems we’re talking about different false flag designs. I didn’t know there’s different types. We’re constantly befuddled with terms like false flag, fake news and manipulated news – flashes and – thunderbolts, in the mainstream media.

        That’s in itself a construct that creates doubt and confusion in people.
        And what about publishing the truth and pretend it’s a fairy tale? That’s another layer of the fake-cake. That’s an appropriate term, hope it sticks to virtual ears.

        Can you see that mankind isn’t supposed to see what’s really cooking?
        You could draw more attention to you, at this moment, with publishing what’s denied in the mainstream media. Or under censorship.

        But alas, that’s of course a contradictive statement, in that you’re probably not allowed to do that, in your position as journalist.

        In your article there’s talk of terrorism and names of men who seem to be related to the topic that is discussed. I’m following Ole Dammegard’s work for a while, he’s a researcher of these kind of events for many years now.

        A false flag that I know of, is when a government or organisation creates an event that LOOKS LIKE an attack with people wounded and killed, with actors who look like victims, with ketchup and all the rest of it. A week before a such an event, there’s usually advertisements in shop-windows, asking for drama-actors, for a planned drill.

        I’m almost sure you must know about those deceptive events, fully orchestrated and used to keep the fairy tale of terrorism alive. It’s why I mention 09-11 in my former comment. That was the date that a deliberate destruction of the Twin Towers caused many loss of lives, in order to create a welcome enemy, a black sheep.

        Since that date, many people are living (and held) in fear and are brainwashed to find evidence of terrorism. Go investigate Ole Dammegard’s work please, you may be surprised.

        Little was expected of the effect the fall of the Twin Towers has had on the world’s population. Since that day, humanity has stepped over the threshold and left the world of lies in large numbers.

        Still there are sleepy people, there’s all sorts of states between sleep and being fully awake. But anno mid 2017 humanity is almost reaching the 100th monkey effect. Google what that means, if you’re unfamiliar with that effect, Jelmer.

  2. No condemnation by this ZioNa*i agent of the ever warmongering genocidal predator mass murderer/rapist/robber/organ trafficker IS-ra*l/NA*O – but spewing the usual typical vile ZNWO’s anti-Musl*m nations propaganda & to confuse-MO!

    • Despite that we know who actually created ZioNazis’ cannibal/necrophiliac terrorist groups

      such as – IS/ISIL/ISIS and organ/drug trafficker gangs in Mexico – who are mass
      murdering/raping/robbing/ogan trafficking millions more poor Indigenous Muslims/Catholics in the Middle East; Mexico-Central/South America and Ukraine ! See

      1. at –

      French Report: ISIL Leader Mossad Agent: Simon Elliot, aka Al-Baghdadi, son of
      Je*ish parents, Mossad agent,

      VT, By GPD on August 4, 2014 (Thanks to the brave heroes, Snowden and Private Manning – for
      exposing sewer IS-ra*l/Wezztern ZioNazi regimes’ War Crimes); and

      2. at – Zeta gang connected to U.S. Special Forces/Mossad

      By Wayne Madsen, March 10, 2011!

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