Tax Collectors In Florida Openly Carry Guns, While Public Is Banned From Doing So

By Mac Slavo

Tax collectors in Florida are now publicly announcing the values of being armed when demanding money from citizens. The only problem is that the state bans open carry for civilians that the tax collectors are stealing money from.

If you’re leery about government intervention in your life, and you know that taxation is theft, this article will probably strike a nerve. However, on the other hand, if you revile and worship the government which steals from you and creates edicts you must follow under threats of violence using your stolen money, you’ll love what they are doing down in the Sunshine State.

“A Central Florida tax collector says a new policy will allow his employees to openly carry firearms while they work,” The Associated Press reports. “Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg told the Orlando Sentinel that according to Florida law, he and his employees are considered ‘revenue officers’ and are exempt from the state’s ban on the open carrying of firearms while performing their duties.”

Ready for the glaring hypocrisy?

The rationale behind the move is to save taxpayers money by eliminating the need to hire private security.

Know what else would save taxpayers money? No government theft (taxes), or even perhaps lowering the tax rate to the point that people aren’t willing to shoot at tax collectors over what’s obviously amounting to putting a gun to the head of a person and demanding money. Last time we looked up the definition of theft, taxation fell firmly into that category. No amount of mental gymnastics could convince a free thinker that money they made is somehow the property of anyone else.

But, “tax collector Joel Greenberg says he is a ‘big believer in the Second Amendment,’” letter to the editor writer Gordon Crawford points out in the Orlando Sentinel. “If that is truly the case, he would know that this constitutional amendment was put in place to protect the public from government tyranny, not to arm the government” making stealing easier for government officials.

Not that the courts have any incentive to provide for that. As noted by the Sun Sentinel in March, “The Florida Supreme Court found the state’s ban on openly carrying handguns constitutional, raising the stakes for open carry laws under consideration in the Legislature this year.” But if you work for the government, and steal from others for a living, you can be armed. How odd, right? People want to protect their lives with guns when stealing. And the constitution already literally declares that all gun laws are unconstitutional. It’s the four little words no socialist wants to hear: Shall not be infringed.

It’s more than obvious that this kind of “action” is exactly what the founders of the nation did not intend when writing the Second Amendment. All the more proof that the government does not protect rights, it’s our job to do that. The government is stealing from us at gunpoint and a few even claim that as long as they throw in a bridge here and there, it’s worth it.

But is it worth it? What would the founders do? They are probably spinning in their graves with disgrace at the loss of freedom we’ve allowed. This seems to come right out of a dystopian dictatorship.

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9 Comments on "Tax Collectors In Florida Openly Carry Guns, While Public Is Banned From Doing So"

  1. It’s back to the classic “do as I say, not as I do”.
    (imho) we are extremely close to the “tipping point”. We know it…the thieves…oops, sorry, I mean the govt employee/politicians know it. They know they have to (try and) disarm “the people” somehow because we aren’t going to take much more…

    • When the SHTF the cops and all government workers will be doing what the rest do…run to their families to protect them and look for food and water.

      Anyone in uniforms or in gov vehicles will certainly be targets for the very pizzed off folks who will suddenly be awake.

  2. Why does the government even need our money when the reserve just keeps printing and printing.

  3. If anyone who sees one of these people open carrying calls the cops to report a “man with a gun”, maybe things will change.
    If nothing else, at least it might slow down their *collections*.

  4. Should get interesting when a tax collector get blown away from a ” Stand your Ground” – Homeowner. Especially when the tax collector is at the wrong – house.

  5. When I lived in Florida in the early 2000’s, I always carried a 9mm Makarov.
    It was compact, and sometimes kept in a holster under my seat in my Jeep.
    It was my Constitutional Right to do so.
    The right to do so shall NOT BE INFRINGED by the State of Florida nor any governmental agency declaring otherwise!!
    As a Targeted Individual who suffered much when I lived there, I believe that LE knew that I had such. My lawyer wrote to the State Attorney General stating that I was carrying, and this was not challenged.
    If you don’t carry, either open or concealed, you are a target for violence, and you are putting your life on the line!
    Besides, the government would rather you do that as opposed to dying, and them losing their tax revenues from you.
    In other words, they look the other way until you consent for a vehicle search,
    And NEVER, EVER consent to a vehicle search in Florida!!! The interior of your car is your imminent domain.
    Many Sheriffs, State Troopers, etc are actually lawyers themselves, opting for an LE job as opposed to a lawyer’s job in some hole in the wall law practice. They should know better than to coerce!

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