Rand Paul Blocks NDAA Over Indefinite Detention

By Jason Ditz

Sen. Rand Paul (R – KY) has blocked a motion by majority leader Mitch McConnell (R – KY) to advance the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the massive military spending bill, saying that the bill should instead face debate and possible amendments. This sets the bill back for 6 weeks, at least.

In particular, Sen. Paul is seeking two amendments, one which ends NDAA authorization for indefinite detention of suspects, and another related to the Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF), something that was added to the House version but later quietly removed by the Speaker.

Paul’s protest is expected to delay the NDAA vote through at least the August recess, meaning a vote is unlikely until September. While this gives plenty of time for amendments to be debated, it’s not clear the Senate leadership will allow that no matter how much time they’re given.

Indeed, Senate Armed Services Committee chairman Sen. John McCain (R – AZ) was critical of any delay on any grounds, insisting the bill and its huge spending increase are a “solemn obligation” for the Senate to pass without delay. Other Senators have repeatedly been angry with Sen. Paul for not getting their way on bills, but the military spending bill is such a large one it’s likely to be particularly unpopular to debate, as quietly slipping it through is the way these things usually go.

By Jason Ditz / Republished with permission / ANTIWAR.COM / Report a typo

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15 Comments on "Rand Paul Blocks NDAA Over Indefinite Detention"

  1. Rand Paul lives in the mansion of Henri Kissinger’s rectum. He messes around with priests and Brad Pitts DineCorp kids from Cheney. Rand Paul is a GLADIO pedophile. He is MK SweetUltra Lite.

    • Rev. Walking Turtle | July 31, 2017 at 11:12 am |

      Errmmm… Wow, that sure is a busy busy Social Milieu for anyone to follow AND keep a JOB, ain’t it, Kemo Sabe?

      Um, cites, please? On ANY of the six Big Ugly Assertions that we are all now treated-to?

      ANY ONE of them, even…? Kindly cite the source of the information in your reply – or amend your post to include informing the Rest of Us that the foul assertions contained therein are simply your own unfounded-though-somewhat-heartfelt OPINION.

      So again, Beloved: Kindly DO either cite appropriately – OR kindly DO simply edit that post to assert the opinionation of the content.

      Or suffer the Troll Plonk, right quick. Good day! And that is all. 0{:-)o[

  2. Rand Paul lives in the mansion of Henri Kissinger’s rctum. He messes
    around with priests and Brad Pitts DineCorp kids from Cheney. Rand Paul
    is a GLADIO pedophile. He is MK SweetUltra Lite.

  3. Applause for Rand Paul. Indefinite detention is a stain on our national integrity. Ditto for endless wars of aggression.

    • This racketeering political machine is a stain on our national integrity. Just how much continuous warfare will it take for people to wake up? How long will it take for the rank-n-file to recognize what it means to have an *undocumented* worker in the White House?

      We’ve had a coup people. This political machine running our country into the ground (and foreign nations too) is not our government. It has not been our government for quite some time.

      • Agreed. Like Carlin said, “Its a big club, and we ain’t in it”.
        The only way you can definitely tell who’s who, are those for the people, who are moving toward incarceration of those in the financial/government /military/big bus. criminal enterprise, and those that are card carrying club members and pretend to be on your side. Controlled Opposition. Just more kabuki theatre to fool and distract.


        The pentagon couldn’t account for 2.2 trillion dollars in 2001. No one was even charged.
        They couldn’t account for ( stole) 6.5 TRILLION again just recently. No charges.

        If you stole just 20 dollars you would definitely be held accountable and end up in court or jail.
        If you still think you have a legitimate government, you’re getting what you deserve.

        A citizenry of sheep always brings about a government of wolves.
        America has become a decaying carcass and the stench has drawn every scavenger the world over

  4. Throw them all out except RP.

  5. I wanted him for president….maybe next time

  6. Fight the good fight Rand!

  7. Thank you Rand Paul!!!
    I’ve been trying to get President Trump to enact a EO, PDD etc or a Presidential Declaration to the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the NDAA, the Patriot Act, and to de-militarize the Police!
    Let’s hope that this is a start., because the cops are out of control!

  8. Rand, you need to go further and block the NDAA in it’s entirety, along with the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and ask President Trump to abolish all three, and de-militarize Law Enforcement, just as I have repeatedly asked him to do!

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