Mystery Behind QuestionAnswr: Internet Riddle To Be Answered July 4th?

By Aaron Kesel

I have a secret, can you keep it? A cryptic riddle has been put out by Anonymous hacktivists indicating that a big revelation may be happening on Independence Day (July 4th).

“We have questions for you, and we want answers from you?” that’s the slogan for a new YouTube channel counting down to 0-day dubbed “Questionanswr.” But what is Questionanswr? Few days remain until “all cards will be opened” or July 4th, 2017 U.S. Independence Day.

Well to answr your question it’s suspected to be an Anonymous operation using riddles for the public to decipher according to @TheAnonJournal. The same account also tweeted out “password Jon Snow.” Jon Snow was a Twitter account that was tweeting out the Questionanswr videos up until I recently discovered it.

The mystery all started on June 7th when an ominous video was uploaded to YouTube titled “Soon you will understand everything.”

That video was subsequently followed by another video uploaded the next day titled – “we will declare ourselves” thus the riddle that is Questionanswr started. The video uploads are complete with eerie music that sends a shiver down your spine and a riddle all eleven seconds long.

Since the first upload, there has been a series of video uploads all with cryptic meanings in the title or the video itself.

During the 11th video, @AnonScan jumped in on the mystery tweeting it out with “Soon.. ?” asking its Twitter audience. Scan has continued posting the cryptic videos, which has many questioning if the campaign has to do with WikiLeaks and a coming Vault 7 release. Evidence to this may lie with Julian’s cat @EmbassyCat RTing @AnonScan showing that the two are connected in someway.

“Additionally, the seventh video entitled “phtbl” may allude to Vault 7 and PH level 7 which is water or neutral.

4. The fourth video displayed “4.44.4444 4444.4.44.” and a file in description of the video which was decoded to be an image of musical notes.
3. ???
2. ???
1. ???

The eighth video showed the number eight in a form of a question, and the title was determined to be a hexadecimal code which was decoded to be PXXPU/aL_[B,K[/. Which some speculate is a password to a coming encrypted document dump.

Seven, many speculated, is pH Table 7 or the element of water. Number five seems to display the shape of an “A” for answer. Finally, the latest video release entitled “4” showed a decimal of “4.44.4444 4444.4.44.” The release also included a download link to an encrypted file with the password “2017.4.07.”

In that file was an image of a question mark which was determined to be musical notes from FL Studio. The musical notes were inputted into a program by synth merchant @linkolawave who runs Storm Cloak Music, the song he composed is below.

What remains for the three days and what will come of all this? Is this leading up to a new leak by Anonymous or another release by WikiLeaks? Only time will tell.

Aaron Kesel writes for Activist Post. Follow us at Twitter and Steemit. This article is Creative Commons and can be republished in full with attribution.

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11 Comments on "Mystery Behind QuestionAnswr: Internet Riddle To Be Answered July 4th?"

  1. Grace by Faith | July 1, 2017 at 4:42 pm | Reply

    This smells like a publicity stunt-by-numbers. Jay Z, whose album, “4:44” will drop to the public on the 4th – it dropped on his Tidal 2 days ago. Yesterday he came out with his twins’ names – Rumi and Sir. “RumiSir” in Pythagorean numerology = 44, the number representing the 44 avatars of Shiva, whose consort is Kali (CERN has a statue of this Hindi goddess in front of their building). Kali is the goddess of destruction, and these masonic freakbags believe they must destroy society in “Order” to raise it up like a phoenix (the American eagle isn’t an eagle, it’s a phoenix) from the ashes into a society of their own creation and design. Their NWO, run by the Vatican who has entertained these entertainment “gods” personally.

    In this new album, it is buzzing that Jay Z will destroy reputations, particularly Kanye West’s = 33, in a song where he says he shouldn’t have loaned him $20 million. You can find more about what he is expected to reveal in this album, unless, like me, this stuff isn’t interesting at all. He also revealed yesterday that his mother was a lesbian. Who cares, they’re all sick, twisted effs (do pardon). Blue Ivy, Jay Z’s first daughter’s name = 33. Beyonce = 33, both also in Pythagorean numerology.

    44 is also a freemasonic number; Jay Z and Kanye are both freemasons and freemasons love multiples of 11; their highest degree being 33rd – Ordo ab Chao – and they put 33’s everywhere in music, movies, tv, and false flags (license plates of police cars, ambulances, addresses, etc.), as their mark and to communicate with fellow freemasons, letting them know they are responsible.

    The 33rd parallel is a popular place for destruction – Dallas is on it, as are all capital punishment states as well as Baghdad. Even most of the death rows are on this parallel. Multiples of 11 in dates of destruction are popular with these fraternal psychopaths like 9/11 and 11/22 (Kennedy’s death). The number 66 indicates a double 33rd degree for the Scottish Rite Sovereign Grand Commander, the highest degree and rank, who wears a Baphomet (male god with a goat face, goat feet, wings, and breasts) symbol of Aleistar Crowley fame on his hat. Satanists worship Baphomet. Madonna even, as an Eastern Star, the female Order of freemasons (Lucifer is the eastern star), did a video (or was it a Superbowl halftime show?) dressed up as this half man, half woman, part goat abomination. Her newly adopted twins are named Esther (Eastern) and Stella (Star). These symbols, numbers and sigils are all over entertainment now, with their all seeing eyes and pyramids (all SEEing eye – the Unholy See), and unrelenting 666 hand signs (like Trump and it doesn’t mean “OK”), or Merkel’s diamond hand sign. Diamond = 33. Phoenix, AZ is on the 33rd parallel.

    All that said, these people are lunatics who consider themselves gods on earth due to their ability to receive secret “knowledge” the rest of us aren’t worthy to learn through numbers and codes. They’re like little boys playing with Ouija boards, and they have gained entirely too much power over governments and leaders alike and are the creators of chaos/destruction for their bosses, the Jesuits and the Jesuit General, who run the entire NWO Kabuki Theater (thanks blue!) production.

    I hate that I know this stuff. I feel like I need a shower to purge the filth of this post. LOL And I’m probably wrong about all this, but again, it reeks of a publicity stunt for Jay Z’s new album release.

  2. David Turco | July 1, 2017 at 4:52 pm | Reply

    Water is a compound not an element.

  3. Stop Bush and Clinton | July 2, 2017 at 2:56 am | Reply

    Smells a bit too much like a PR agency’s work to be leading up to anything good.
    It’ll likely just be a new overpriced product launch or something, no long-awaited revelations.

  4. Ingold Inglorion | July 2, 2017 at 8:59 am | Reply

    Sounds like 4chan trolling bullshit.

  5. Anyone can be whoever they want to be on the net and standing in as anonymous…a PR firm, the CIA or as alluded to here some individuals claiming to be anonymous activists. Highly interesting though.

  6. I agree with comments below – most likely a lame viral publicity stunt

  7. Dennis Robinson | July 2, 2017 at 9:21 pm | Reply

    That image is a “piano roll” in a MIDI editor, where you can click on a square and add notes. The editor here is set for 8th notes and each of the notes on this roll lasts for a quarter note. The groups of notes are arranged to look like question marks, but maybe the “password” is the chord progression, but that’s hard to figure, since the first note is D, then the next beat is a chord (D# major), then 2 notes which create an ambiguous portion of a chord (many could be implied by this) then a rest for the 4th quarter note before it repeats 3 more times.

  8. Ah ha, more clickbait. But don’t worry, I have the answers:

    Yes, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Orlando, and Gabby Gifford were all false flags.

    Yes, Obama is gay and lived with a tranny in the WH for 8 years.

    Yes, Hollywood is so deparate that it will start doing remakes of remakes and Men in Black, Rocky, and perhaps Citizen Kane.

    Yes, we are a nation of basically good people who have been carefully molded into uncaring, self absorbed, greedy, electronic toy obsessed fools by the controllers using psycological and experimental techniques.

    Yes, we can make things better but first we have to “know” things are bad, not just pay lip service. Perhaps a good depression or nationwide truck strike or even some act of nature that has no politcal party affiliation will do it.

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