The Goal is to Move Political Power as Close to the Individual as Possible

By Vin Armani

In this video, Vin Armani interviews Michael Boldin about effective political activism for more liberty. Michael Boldin is the founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center. They’ve been incredibly successful at state secession through one law at a time. States passing laws that nullify federal laws. Like legalizing weed and hemp. Or outlawing government surveillance drones.

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5 Comments on "The Goal is to Move Political Power as Close to the Individual as Possible"

  1. The support the organizers of the Tenth Amendment Center have offered on the philosophy of states rights and decentralization has been great. Once concern though is, as far as I’m aware, they have never acknowledged (at least very publicly) that there have been a long series of formal plans in the US since at least the 30s to dismantle the US states into sub-regional systems – which is exactly where California and Texas succession fits in as ordo ab chao.

    Adding another layer to globalist “creative destruction” of the nation state model is the Strong Cities Network and more recently mayors of big cities saying they will go along with the UN Climate Change Sustainable program on their own.

    • The 1935 plan to consolidate our States into 9 Federal Regions and abolish States’ Rights. This plan met stiff opposition at the time, so it slid into the cover of darkness. When, in 1943, Governor Carr of Colorado said he had uncovered a government plan to set up “regional dictatorships,” government officials were quick to deny any knowledge of such a plan.

      • I’ve heard tell that this is already in effect and it does seem likely to be. Contemporary _ rationale – trots out FEMA needing it for crisis/disaster management. I think it ultimately is a continuation of a mono-culture colonization. Each region is a colony under such scheme, one that produces a particular resource. The resources are culled by any means needed, pillage, buying, trading. An example of this is The East india Trading Company and their use of Free Trade to shovel heroin into China while pillaging their silver. That episode for me, presents a strong dislike of Free Trade because it can be seen it is anything Free, nor is it any kind of Trade.

        Now we have NAFTA which is helping to annihilate the Mexican marijuana cartels. Half or better of the states in the union are making CBD legal to use. As a result recently, Nevada ran out of pot to sell at dispensaries.Getting rid of people who act evil is a good thing. Letting people use CBD as medicine is too. One can only wonder though, “why does the magician want us misdirected from his left hand?” There is bound to be some cost for actually acting human, that’s how Statism works. The Federal government corporation is fully socialist, there’s a lot of various tidbits of history, religion to back that up.

        At any given we’ll see what we’ll see I suppose.

  2. You don’t need to move power close to “the individual.” You have to STOP moving power AWAY from us/them. This involves seeing the game as it’s been played by dominators for centuries, and refusing to play it.

  3. Louis Charles | July 13, 2017 at 12:35 pm | Reply

    The 10th Amendment is wonderful, but ask: Doesn’t it seem like the theme of this show would be better served by focusing on the 9th? As it stands now, if America broke up into 50 separate nations, we would still have nothing but smaller communist/fascist playpens. How about focusing on a county where the 9th Amendment could be held in high esteem, and the habs can figure out how to give strong backing to lesser magistrates who are willing to Interpose on the individual’s behalf? Even the Free State Project is stalling because their aim was too high. (and in a state of only 1.25million). We have to ascend to Liberty on a ladder, not a rocket ship. We live in a nation where libertarianism is for the most part (especially when presented as a total comprehensive package), considered a completely silly, quaint political ideology. Trump’s presidency, albeit far from the libertarian ideal, is at least affording us time where we aren’t considered “domestic terrorists” and can build our experimental prototype locations in peace. [email protected] if anyone wants to discuss this further.

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