Corporate Media Continues Blackout of DNC Lawsuit Even as 2 More Witnesses Die

By Jack Burns

The fiancée of Chris Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya who was murdered in the 2012 Benghazi attack, is speaking out about his death—and the cover-up that followed.

Lydie Denier appeared on Rick Amato’s “Amato Talk” with Will Craddick, founder of, to discuss the controversial lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee, in which “one witness has died and another potential witness was murdered.”

As The Free Thought Project has extensively reported, influential donors to the DNC are suing their political party for fraud in the 2016 presidential election where they say their candidate, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, was discriminated against. High-ranking members of the DNC, by way of WikiLeaks’ DNC email publications, were caught favoring Hillary Clinton over Sanders and actively working to subvert his chances at winning the party’s nomination.

Several individuals close to the lawsuit have turned up dead, and many more plaintiffs have filed grievances with the court, asking for special protection under the law. They point to threats, intimidation and breaking and entering of their homes as proof the defendants will go out of their way to make sure that the lawsuit does not proceed.

Now, as those of us in the alternative media are pointing out, there has been a corporate media blackout of this information.

“The DNC did actually violate their own by-laws, which state that they are supposed to choose the candidate in an impartial manner, even though they’ve actually turned around and argued in court that they’re actually not required to do that,” Craddick stated with incredulity.

Craddick referred to the current issues within the DNC as a “Pandora’s box” that has resulted from officials working to keep information from being leaked to the public. “There’s going to be a whole bunch of other issues that are uncovered as well—foreign influence in American politics, espionage, things of that nature,” he said.

Amato intimated all of the aforementioned issues had something to do with the Benghazi Attack, which resulted in Stevens’s death. His fiancée agreed.

I got lots of emails from people saying, ‘There were 47 deaths that the Clintons are involved with. Be careful not to become number 48,’” Denier said. “Definitely, when you start telling the truth and you start to uncover … you have to be so careful.”

In the same way that the attempts to suppress the truth have been used on the DNC lawsuit, Denier said that method was used in the aftermath of the Benghazi Attack. From rumors that the attack stemmed from anti-Islamic propaganda on YouTube to rumors that Stevens was sent to die, Denier said they were all false.

“They said it was Chris’s fault that he died because he didn’t want security, when in reality, within six weeks, he asked over 600 times for more security,” Denier said. “And then he died, and it’s like nothing happened.”

“Don’t believe them, no, don’t believe them!” Denier said, in reference to the mainstream media’s narrative. The would-be-widow wrote a book entitled, A Voice for Ambassador Christopher J. Stevens, where she goes into much more detail about her late fiancée’s death

Questions remain as to whether full transparency in the deaths of Stevens, Seth Rich and others who have died in relation to the Clintons will ever come to light. Were they killed in an attempt to cover-up an entire political party’s misdeeds?

Were they, as Denier alleges, more Clinton bodies? These questions and more have yet to be answered, highlighting the importance of a lawsuit against the DNC that has the hope of bringing answers to the questions grieving loved ones are asking.

As for Stevens’s fiancée, she appears convinced the Clintons had something to do with his death, and she is not staying silent.

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine. This article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

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40 Comments on "Corporate Media Continues Blackout of DNC Lawsuit Even as 2 More Witnesses Die"

  1. This ever blood-thirsty warmongering carnivorous LIB democr. hilla*yBIT*H is pure evil; and definitely, NOT a femi*ist as she claims to be; because non-Wezztern Musl*m and Cathol*c women and children lives being mass murdered/raped/robbed by her Luciferian ZNWO Beast Empire – mean nothing, to the likes of her!

    • The Democ. elite posers, especially this warmongering hillaryBIT*H are LIBS – have nothing to
      do with the real Left – this sadistic and supremacist female Lib warmonger even cheered gleefully when an anti-ZNWO Muslim leader like the great late Pres. Gaddhafi got murdered so savagely by the ZioNazi NA*O/Mossa*d rapist/mass murderers/robbers!

      No such scenario will ever be tolerated if a Wezztern leader got murdered so savagely like that, in their OWN nation – especially by non-Wezztern agents!

  2. Pardon my Ignorance, but who were you referring to,insofar as “one witness has died and another potential witness was murdered.”…You mention no names regarding this finite point,yet it is part of the headline.Now that you have piqued my curiousity,are you going to clarify this matter ??…If you don’t respond to this finite point,I have to come to the conclusion that I was ‘baited to click’ on this article.

    • My understanding, to your question…
      “Questions remain as to whether full transparency in the deaths of Stevens, Seth Rich and others who have died in relation to the Clintons will ever come to light. Were they killed in an attempt to cover-up an entire political party’s misdeeds?”

      • Add to that list Eric Baverman, the former CEO of the Clinton Foundation, (2013-2015). Mr. Braverman noticed the missing $1 billion in donations ear marked for the rehab of 100 villages in India which never happened.

        Mr. Braverman disappeared in October 2016 and no one has seen him in public since. The Clinton’s say that he went to work for a close friend’s foundation and there was one Facebook post but he has not shown up to family, friends or the public.

      • I think that’s part of the problem with the ‘Clinton Body Count’, like the “Boys on the Tracks”, obviously the Clinton’s didn’t directly order it to happen, the boys walked up on something they can’t see and got killed for seeing it. I personally still think they should be on the list though, because it’s an overall criminal conspiracy to commit crime, and abuse the power of government to cover it up, and the Clinton’s and the Bush’s are eyeball deep in it.

    • Search “Clinton Kill List “.

  3. foreign influence in American politics, espionage

    One guess as to which nation has undue influence over our ‘foreign policy,’ making it a bloody extension of their savage land thefts. Plus controls their lap-dog Congress, always getting free money and weapons while people being poisoned in Flint get told, “We’re too broke to help!”
    And one guess as to which nation spies heavily on the USA, stealing our military, industrial and business secrets thru their quasi-control of the NSA. Secrets which are then turned into business models with an Israeli name.

    • Saudi Arabia? They fit that description….no wait, they pay for their weapons.

    • As an analyst, include the United Nations. It is the intended global governance system the Elite desires. Agenda 21, Paris 2030, the ongoing wars to destroy counties with their own currencies, deflection by media etc. We have been Trojan Horsed for over 150 years, little by little from the inside.

  4. There is no Rule of Law.

  5. ““I got lots of emails from people saying, ‘There were 47 deaths that the Clintons are involved with. Be careful not to become number 48,’” Denier said.”

    If someone says something, it must be true.

    The much greater scandal, which both parties are afraid to admit, is that Stephens was involved in smuggling weapons thru Turkey to terrorists in Syria. This is part of the US support for al Nustra (see the CIA documentation) in a criminal war against the Syrian government which has caused 400,000 deaths.

    That’s the truth behind the fake scandals about Clinton and her bodycount. If Steven’s fiance wanted to get the truth out, she would be telling the story of how Steven’s was part of the conspiracy to arm the terrorists.

    • Yep….totally swept under the rug….gullible Americans still think Assad is gassing his own people instead of realizing that gas was shipped to the rebels from Benghazi

      Congress must be in on it or they would investigate.

      • As an anlayst, some probably, McCain especially. Podesta, Schumer, etc. The left is regressive liberal / Socialist / Communist and are desperately deflecting from the DNC server investigation which would open all this. All that being said, WE are the Government, WE must speak up– that means more than posting here.
        Attached is the new communication systm set up by Trump to gain information from essentially you, and I. Use it and extol your friends to as well. WE must force their hand. The reason I know? for years until Trump, the Government has said ” we are here to help” – —
        Here is the site link: h**ps://w*w.whiteh*use.g*v/c*ntact
        My Phrase: “Use it or lose it” We will probably never gain another chance if we do not rise to the occasion and support Trump.

        Replace * with letter before using link. This site screens.
        The white house comm. site should be First Amendment accepted, so snap the “blank” up with your approval.

    • While I agree about the illegal gun running, to deny there are probably hundreds of people that have been offed in direct connection to the Clinton’s and their ties to the CIA drug running is a little naive.

      • I denied nothing. I said believing something true because someone emailed it is naive.
        Please then provide your source of evidence that the Clinton’s have offed hundreds…I don’t mean assertions, I mean evidence. If you cannot provide it, you are naive to accept as true claims made without evidence.

        In fact, Bill Clinton is responsible for half a million deaths of children in Iraq due to sanctions, but that is a different issue.

        • Now you deny that Bill is forehead deep in the CIA drug running, you gonna protect the Bush’s too?

          • dale ruff | July 5, 2017 at 3:47 pm |

            Quote where I made that denial. You are full of shit. I said no such thing. I said believing something merely because someone said it in an email is naive.

            Bill Clinton is a war criminal; so is Bush; so is Obama, so is Trump.

  6. Notice how the Mika facelift & Trump wrestling tweet is sucking all the oxygen out of the room? They sure are ham handed distractions from the real story.

    • The “real story” is the left’s dogged attachment to bogus anti-Trump narratives – and how they move from each as it is disproven to the next, like a lush on a bender, reeling from bar to bar.

      The difference is the bars are real.

      • It’s the Republicans trying to isolate him to force him to quit so they don’t all go down tied to his deep unpopularity in 2018. They voted 54-1 against his removing Russian sanctions in the Senate. Dems hope he stays in so they can run against him.

        • You’ve just returned from the future, I see. Can you try and bring back a souvenir from Trump’s 2021 re-election on your next trip?

          • dale ruff | July 5, 2017 at 4:54 pm |

            You don’t need to visit the future to know that Republicans fear losing control of
            Congress in 2018. They voted 54-1 in the Senate against his removing Russian sanctions, as an example of their efforts to isolate him. His close friend Roger Stone says his Cabinet is plotting to oust him.

            The out party almost always gains in the off year elections, as a matter of history, and Trump has an approval rating of 39% and sliding down. Realclearpolitics average of polls shows Democrats beating Republicans in generic Congressional races in 2018 by 46.4% to 39.2%.

            “The president’s party always gets shellacked in midterms. It’s only twice, 1934 and 2002, that the president’s party actually gained in both the House and the Senate.”
            …….the president’s party generally loses ground in midterm elections. In midterms since 1862, the president’s party has averaged losses of about 32 seats in the House and more than two seats in the Senate.” politifact

            Add to that Trump’s unprecedented and rising disapproval ratings and the fact that the Republican controlled Congress has an approval rating of 17.4%. In 2016,the
            Democrats got 6 million more Senate votes than Republicans but due to gerrymandering,Republicans got most of the seats. Those who rule without consent, according to the Declaration of Independence, rule unjustly and without legitimacy.


            Democrats want to run against Trump in 2018 to take back control of Congress.

            Wake up, Burke. You don’t need to visit the future to keep up with trends.
            Trump is trending down. The RCP average of polls show he has fallen from 46% approval in his first week (the lowest of any President) to 39%, while his disapproval has risen from 44% to 55%. No one wants to run with that noose around their necks, but the Democratic leadership has tamped down on impeachment calls because they see that they can regain control if they run against Trump.

            Then, if they regain control, they can proceed with impeachment.

            Republicans see Trump as a liability, a usurper, who insulted all the party leaders. He has already fired his NSA chief and FBI chief and he is now feuding with his Attorney General. The only hope for the Repubicans is to replace him with Pence, or if both go down, Ryan. Wait: Ryan is even more unpopular than Trump!

            I suggest you keep up on the news before making a fool of yourself.


          • William Burke | July 5, 2017 at 7:21 pm |

            I was going to say, “don’t be retarded”, but I’d get tired of saying it to you.

            WATCH the Dems’ losses approach the catastrophic in 2018. You can set your watch by it!!!

          • dale ruff | July 5, 2017 at 7:25 pm |

            Send souvenir from future, Burke. I provided solid grounds,both historical and based on Republican actions towards Trump and his unpopularity for my predictions; you provided bullshit. Haha

          • William Burke | July 5, 2017 at 7:38 pm |

            Crank yours up and bring us a souvenir from Hillary’s January 2017 inauguration, Dale, and I’ll do that exactly.

          • dale ruff | July 5, 2017 at 8:22 pm |

            That’s a non sequitur, but let me remind you: I did not vote for Hillary. Also, realize that in a democracy, Sanders would be President…..not loser Trump. Did you vote for that chump, Burke. You won’t answer.

          • William Burke | July 5, 2017 at 10:06 pm |

            I voted for Donald Trump. I would again today.

            We do not live in a democracy, Ruffo. Never were designed to. Either you flunked Civics or you were too busy thinking about Barbie dolls. Our form of government is Constitutional Republic.

            Sanders might indeed be president if the Dems had played fairly, but not for long – he’s going to prison for fraud.

          • dale ruff | July 5, 2017 at 10:14 pm |

            You are right, Burko, we do not live in a democracy but in an oligarchy which is corporate fascism. Our founding document, the Declaration of Independence affirms a democratic claim for government to be legitimate; it states that the foundation of legitimacy is equality and consent of the governed, a good definition of democracy.

            The slave owners who wrote the Constitution and ruled the US the first 50 years betrayed those democratic principles, so I have to agree with you: we are not a democracy and that is why the loser of the public vote is now President, like others who lost the vote and gained power, from Hiter and Mussolini to Bush, and now Trump. The result is always diaster. Trumps disapproveal rating has risen by 20% since he took office (realclearpolitics) and he is the laughingstock of the entire world.

            Where did you say you went to school, Burkie? You are ashamed to say, and it shows.

          • William Burke | July 5, 2017 at 10:32 pm |

            I went to school in Virginia, Ruff – “The Mother of Presidents”. Why would I be ashamed of it?

            Nobody else will play with you, Dale. And now I will take my ball and go home also, you imbecile.

          • dale ruff | July 5, 2017 at 10:17 pm |

            I graduated with honors in political science and was PBK at the world’s top public university and earned a fellowship to the world’s top private university in government.

            Where did you study civics? 8th grade?

            Our form of government is corporate fascism, masquerading as a democratic Republic. Where did you go to school? They seemed to have taught you only the fairy tale version of American history.

          • dale ruff | July 5, 2017 at 8:47 pm |

            William, from parents with 8th grade education, I graduated PBK from Berkeley and got a fellowship to Harvard. Where did you go to school again? You always are ashamed to say, after calling me retarded. Where?

  7. 47? I’m sure they are all just circumstantial or coincidental. After all don’t most people have large number of deaths related to them or their activities?

    • Hey – just punch in your name or someone else’s and see what comes up – isn’t that the latest website offering you anybodies past evils? But the Clintons have immunity, money, mafia connection from Israel to Rome !

    • Not related but claimed by thier enemies……………….allegations without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.

  8. The media’s disregard for the truth behind the tragedy of Benghazi is treasonous. It used to amuse us that Pravda followed the government line during the tenure of the Soviet Union since at that time we generally could trust the press to seek accurate information–there would never have been an uncovering of the Watergate crimes otherwise–Had the term “conspiracy theory” been popular enough then, the sheep here would have accepted Nixon’s explanation and the press would have backed him up.

    Watergate was a crime and Nixon paid the price in humiliation and for a while the fear of prison time–That was as it should have been. However, the actions from the pretender down through his minions, Rice and Clinton foremost, were far more egregious. It is the difference between a break-in and theft, and conscious dereliction of duty resulting in DEATHS–If a person can be charged with murder for being an accessory, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should stand trial for accessories to the murder of the US ambassador and three other brave patriots. They should further be charged with dereliction of duty AND impeding justice.

    The press should also plead guilty as accessories to the impeding of the investigation as well as abdicating their professional responsibility to the American people.

    It is just that people still stand in their way and now that the administration is NOT the same corrupt one which covered up and impeded the investigation, perhaps justice ultimately will be served. The Left calls for the assassination of the current president–it is only fair that the right and true American patriots call for the trial of the criminals behind Benghazi and prosecute them to the limits of the law, even if that were the death sentence. What’s good for the goose is certainly adequate for the gander–Four souls seek justice and closure which has been denied

    • Two of the brave patriots were CIA operatives, who had come to the scene of the attack but left and then were killed as they were firing machine guns from the roof of the CIA facility. All involved were involved in gun smuggling (and possibly CW) to terrorists in Syria. Both parties are afraid to admit the truth. Trump is going down and the Repubs hope it is before the 2018 elections or they go down first.

      Wake up!

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