CERN To Deploy Advanced A.I. To Protect Secret Network

By Joe Joseph

Machine learning just entered the realm of cyber warfare with secret A.I. sentinels that monitor networks to ensure active/real-time cyber combat against its foes.

“As CERN goes, so does the rest of the world”? so they say…

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Source: An Advanced AI Has Been Deployed to Fight Against Hackers

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9 Comments on "CERN To Deploy Advanced A.I. To Protect Secret Network"

  1. Yeah, that is just what we need. AI “guarding” the crazies who want to punch threw to the “other side” of reality without any concern for the result. Sometimes intellectual curiosity is simply stupidity. Haven’t they seen the Terminator movies or any thing else that gives very clear ‘possibilities’ of what that nonsense can bring.

    Orwell certainly wasn’t wrong in his futuristic novel.

  2. weewilliewacko | July 8, 2017 at 5:29 pm | Reply

    The Warp Particle has been found,.. 🙂
    Wikipedia Alcubierre Drive
    Hadron Collider Warp Interferon (7 references)
    Dr. Harold G. White Eagle Works Project, Johnson Space Center
    You can contact NASA’s STI desk for more info!
    This is why the INX Enterprise has round Warp Rings surrounding the ship ,for generating the Warp Bubble, just as the Hadron is circular.
    & then this means that the Warp Particle can now be harnessed into the Ion Drive, while generating a Warp Field in the form of a wave length, or bubble as it is in appearance.
    The bending of the time & space continuum via this newly-found Quantum Particle changes everything!
    The bending of time and space can be seen via electron microscope image via the Eagle Works web page. Lasers and an interferometer were used along with light wave accelleration.
    Mars in a few weeks as opposed to months.

  3. Bring forth the Borg.

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