Cell Phones Are About To Become More Powerful Than You Could Imagine

By Josie Wales

Many people don’t realize that some of the most significant technological breakthroughs in recent years, like voice and facial recognition software, autonomous driving systems, and image recognition software, have not actually been designed by humans, but by computers. All of these advanced software programs have been the result of neural networks, popularly referred to as “deep learning.”

Neural networks are modeled loosely after the human brain and learn like them in similar ways by processing large amounts of data, along with algorithms fed to the networks by programmers. A neural net is then able to teach itself to perform tasks by analyzing the training data. “You essentially have software writing software,” says Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of graphics processing leader Nvidia.

Research in the area of deep learning is advancing so quickly that neural networks are now able to dream and can even communicate with each other using inhuman cryptographic language indecipherable to humans and other computers. The only drawback to the technology is that the networks require a lot of memory and power to operate, but MIT associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science Vivienne Sze and her colleagues have been working on a solution that could enable the powerful software to operate on cell phones.

Sze and her team made a breakthrough last year in designing an energy-efficient computer chip that could allow mobile devices to run powerful artificial intelligence systems. The researchers have since taken an alternate approach to their research by designing an array of new techniques to make neural nets more energy efficient.

“First, they developed an analytic method that can determine how much power a neural network will consume when run on a particular type of hardware. Then they used the method to evaluate new techniques for paring down neural networks so that they’ll run more efficiently on handheld devices,” MIT News reports.

The team will be presenting a paper on their research next week at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference in Honolulu. There, they will describe their methods for reducing neural networks’ power consumption by as much as 43 percent over the best previous method and 73 percent over the standard implementation with the use of “energy-aware pruning.”

According to Hartwig Adam, the team lead for mobile vision at Google:

Recently, much activity in the deep-learning community has been directed toward development of efficient neural-network architectures for computationally constrained platforms. However, most of this research is focused on either reducing model size or computation, while for smartphones and many other devices energy consumption is of utmost importance because of battery usage and heat restrictions.

Adam added:

This work is taking an innovative approach to CNN [convolutional neural net] architecture optimization that is directly guided by minimization of power consumption using a sophisticated new energy estimation tool, and it demonstrates large performance gains over computation-focused methods. I hope other researchers in the field will follow suit and adopt this general methodology to neural-network-model architecture design.

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9 Comments on "Cell Phones Are About To Become More Powerful Than You Could Imagine"

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mzZOiLoz2E8

    I’m biding my time until the zio-natzy, alien, nwo people start chiming in about how the jeuws are behind this one too.

    Seriously though, you can look at this from a purely objective standpoint and say, “”cool”! or, you can see fear reflected in the words that describe this breakthrough. Breakthrough to what though, and for what reason?

    More powerful software that can communicate with itself in ways unknown to humanity, will be used against us in what possible way? THAT is the real question to ask, how will this infringe our rights through its societal impact?

    • “I’m biding my time until the zio-natzy, alien, nwo people start chiming in about how the jeuws are behind this one too.”

      Sure, the Surveillance State and Pavlovian Skinner Box control constructs such as China’s Social Credit Score system are all figments of our paranoid imaginations. No need to worry about potential abuse of rights in a Big Brother cashless society.


      • AS usual, another person who reads only what they care to look at and stops at the half way point, finish reading my point, and yours becomes suddenly the same as mine. I am not refuting reality, I am saying that the 24/7 Zio-Natzy cheerleaders are another wedge between people who are aware of how this shyt is being used against us all. I am stating what YOU are stating. Now, what in all of that is my refuting your point?

        Even when we agree, we are arguing. WE ARE IN AGREEMENT FFS!

        The most pertinent question now becomes, what are we going to do about it?

        The world is changing for the worse, and political action, just like extra-legal action is equally pointless. Technology is diving deeper into our lives by the day, so what do we choose to do about it, unplug? Go off the grid? How long until that door is closed by anti-terrorism legislation? We are nearly there, right now. What exactly can the people do about all of this? Wait for President Trump to reveal his master plan to dupe the deep swamp financial monsters? When is that going to happen? I’m glad he is 45th, and not HRC, but the man had better pull a rabbit out his butt in the next 3 years or he is gonna MAGA for 1 term.

        At every turn we are collectively PHUCKED, it is getting far too late by the second. By the time the people are ready to act, they will have numbers tattooed into their arms as they are being bussed or loaded into cattle cars.

        You tell me where I called ANYONE, paranoid, where I called the awareness of this stuff as a control mechanism for the powerful a “figment of the imagination”. You tell me where we disagree except in YOUR need to debate someone who agrees with you.

        • Concern or criticism from A. Post readers runs the gamut. The first sentence of your original reply came off as an overly harsh assumption. I hear you and agree that a hyperfocus on one particular issue is compartmentalizing and counterproductive. That’s the reason intelligence agencies create distracting psy ops – from flat earth theory, to Wikileaks, Pizzagate, Russia, and more.

          Bottom line is, we’re running out of time. Merely attaching labels without synthesis of the whole is not an effective strategy to push back — whether we’re labeling each other or one of the many Hydra heads. We must be the change, walk away from the control grid, find alternatives, plant seeds to sprout when opportunity arises.

          You’re saying it’s futile, by the time most people realize it’s all a bad idea it will be too late. Seems all the more reason to outline how ALL of the facets of the New World Order (by whatever name) present a danger to our very humanity as a totalitarian form of techno enslavement.

          • uncle bobedy | July 24, 2017 at 11:12 am |

            Very well stated, and to get an actual reply is beyond refreshing!

            I thank you for pointing out a missed opportunity of mine in my previous post. To clarify, I don’t think it is absolutely hopeless, I think that for those of us who are walking away from the control grid, it is more than hopeful. I think that it may very well be hopeless for those people who want nothing more than a new “smart” gadget in their lives so they can be notified when they need to brush their teeth, or buy more milk, or take a dump.
            Of those mentally entrenched masses, only the lucky, the quick, and the weak will be able to survive when something wicked this way comes. By not implicitly stating that I think it is hopeless for any who only look down, to the warm glow of a screen, I do make it sound totally hopeless, which wasn’t my intention.

            What I am saying is that the Zio-Alien -Natsy cabal see only what the larger controlling interests design for them to see, a position that I am aware of and am trying my best to wake others up to, and one that you also are working to wake up others from their slumber of technocracy and controlling illusions. I applaud you your effort and I thank you for the response.

          • Thank you, Uncle Bobedy, nice exchange. We’re proof of concept we can learn from each other and expand our nuanced takes when cooler heads prevail with a reasoned meeting of the minds! 😉

            I hope to see some more of your wisdom sprinkled around. You might want to consider popping in to BlackListedNews.com to join some of the impromptu mini think tank discussions. It’s a bit more of a wild west atmosphere on BLN, though several sharp minds and good hearts can be found there too.

            Kind Regards & Cheers, Blue579

  2. I’ve never seen a supposed smart device (like a smart phone) make so many people look so DUMB and oblivious to the world around them. I think they do effect one’s brain negatively and the proof is all around us every time you see someone looking like some zombie staring at their phone. Should we fear the Russians?? The smart phone takeover of every subscriber’s brain has beat them to it, if you ask me…

  3. And once all the robots are in place to serve the elite, that’s when the culling of the useless eaters will begin, as our slavery will be rendered obsolete.

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