An American Paradox: Pillorying Fake News while Promoting False Flags

Op-Ed by Mathew Maavak

The United States is a schizophrenic asylum of extreme paradoxes: While its internal politics reverberates with fake news-mediated recriminations, Americans yet find merit in the same disinformation machinery that facilitates false flags abroad.

The US is now threatening Syria over an imminent “chemical weapons attack” without offering a shred of proof to the international community. Then again, the last time the US resorted to due UNSC process had instead resulted in wars and mayhem that continue till today. The vial brandished by Colin Powell was found to contain nothing more than a concoction of fraudulent intelligence and mass-mediated hysteria over Saddam Hussein’s alleged possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Nevertheless, fake news had come of age and forged an indispensable bond between elected US officials and the sheeple who voted them in.

Fake News: A Collective American Psychosis

No one epitomizes the fake news paradox better than the president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, himself.

Trump’s tantrums against the fake news machinery, particularly CNN, reached a new nadir when the president thumped the imaginary daylights out of a wrestler who supposedly represented CNN. It was a textbook demonstration of the Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) – a mental condition characterized by impulsive outbursts of anger, violence and rage that are usually disproportionate to the situation at hand.

IED is listed as a behavioural disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) but it can share co-morbidity with various forms of psychoses. This may explain how Trump could magically see CNN in a rehearsed wrestling segment he had acted in years earlier. When fake wrestling is blurred with reality TV show and politics, the result is Donald Trump!

Just how this juvenile video montage is going to roll back years of collective citizen addiction to fake news is open to question but the incident does confirm what the world has been suspecting for a long time: The US is run by lunatics for lunatics. The recent US presidential elections, after all, was a deep state-engineered Hobson ’s choice between two psychopaths whose fanatical support base was evenly-split between 100 million adult Americans.

Trump’s electoral nemesis, Hillary Clinton, remains the catalyst for the fake news hydra but the president somehow lacks the courage to take her on. He is instead lashing out like a helpless child against institutions and personalities that are mere cogs in America’s disinformation complex.

In the meantime, the US public has meekly accepted a status quo where the IEDs of its elected officials regularly result in US troops being blown up by the IEDs of the combat variety. Call it a poetic validation of the laws of “reaping what you sow.”

In any case, one in five Americans already suffer from mental illness and this crisis is expected to aggravate under the Trump presidency. Expect suicides, spree shootings and homelessness to skyrocket in the coming months. Perhaps, some genius in the White House had figured out that mentally-impaired citizens may be more receptive to fake news.

Fake News as an Instrument of War

Joseph de Maistre once noted: “Every nation gets the government it deserves.” This is particularly true in the case of the United States where Americans do not really vote for a president every four years but rather a messiah who can deliver them from the apocalyptic bogeys of the other deep state candidate. Forget the thinning bread; it is the ever-bloodying circus that counts!

After a while, fake news, lurid allegations and gutter politics are autonomously perpetuated through a zombified sheeple. Thereafter, the deep state only has to provide directions to the slaughter house.

This pathos was apparent when the latest WMD allegations were arrayed against Syria. The US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, did not disappoint with her inimitable performance. Her repertoire was as forceful and convincing as the incongruous melange of a Bollywood tear-jerker, rampant American militarism and open defecation along the Attari-Wagah border. Deconstructing Haley’s argument for anything of factual merit is like studying the erupting contents of a burst sewer pipe for intellectual stimulation. But then, Haley is the populist product of the very society that earlier elected her as the governor of South Carolina. Haley’s supporters like this sort of stuff, fake or not, and they continue to rally behind her in the social media.

The US fake news hydra also relayed Haley’s WMD allegations without questioning the need for an urgent deliberation by the UN Security Council, as is the case with anything concerning WMDs. Perhaps they forgot a famous precedence set by the United States during the height of the 1962 Cuban missile crisis when US envoy Adlai Stevenson prevailed against the USSR’s Valerian Zorin. The John F. Kennedy administration even won the admiration of the Soviets after that episode, and both superpowers thereafter entered a period of détente that brought a tangible degree of stability to the world.

However, officials of Stevenson’s calibre who can resort to facts, evidence and logic are virtually extinct in the United Sates. Instead, we have the insensate antics of Sean Spicer and Heather Nauert who themselves embody walking-talking WMDs against basic human intelligence – reflecting the sure prospect of oblivion that awaits the United States!

Mathew Maavak is a writer and geopolitical observer residing in Malaysia.

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13 Comments on "An American Paradox: Pillorying Fake News while Promoting False Flags"

  1. I agree with the general gist of this article but citing the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as an authoritative text for reality is at least as schizophrenic as the average citizen noting that the MSM spew fake news, whilst fervently believing in the US-orchestrated false flags around the globe.

  2. Xe

  3. “Anything of factual merit is like studying the erupting contents of a burst sewer pipe for intellectual stimulation” Can I borrow this?

  4. If Tramp would ignore the MSM, all of them, and do the job he was elected to do, no problem. Fake news: the MSM, all of them, have been handing the people BS for dozens of years. The article hits where I have said for a long time. Remember sheeple the MSM is told what to say.

  5. Common Sense | July 5, 2017 at 9:10 am | Reply

    Look where and how the majority spend their time and money. TV, sports (that they just watch and argue over), iphones, social media, consuming/shopping and games. They’ve created their own fake world to retreat to as to escape responsibility to act in the real world.
    We have fake news, about fake politicians and officials for a fake people.
    Poetic justice.

    All of this is happening because we are allowing it.
    All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing.
    If your looking for the guilty, you need only look in the mirror.

  6. nooraza othman | July 5, 2017 at 9:11 am | Reply

    That’s the Luciferian ZNWO Beast Empire for you – ALTERNATIVE media is now being labelled falsely as ‘fake news’; in order to stop freedom of speech and the real truths coming out; to expose these ever warmongering carnivorous predator ZioNazi invaders, who are cunningly apt in legitimizing their mass murder/rape/robbery through their FAKE but most evil MO, such as false accusation of FAKE WMD (towards Iraq; and now Syria); and setting up FAKE/FALSE flags Black-Op (and using such terrorist MO to demonize Islam/Musl*ms, especially in the West); brainwashing the masses through their FAKE MSM news, etc!

    • nooraza othman | July 5, 2017 at 9:31 am | Reply

      Oh, not forgetting too; the sewer Cannibal/Necrophiliac CIA/MOSSAD-IS-ra*l’s endless Genocide,
      including by creating FAKE but viciously cannibal/necrophiliac terrorist groups such as – IS/ISIL/ISIS and organ/drug trafficker gangs in Mexico – to mass murder millions more poor Indigenous Muslims/Catholics in the Middle East; Mexico-Central/South America and Ukraine! See

      1. at –
      French Report: ISIL Leader Mossad Agent: Simon Elliot, aka Al-Baghdadi, son of
      Je*ish parents, Mossad agent,

      VT, By GPD on August 4, 2014 (Thanks to the brave heroes, Snowden and Private Manning – for
      exposing sewer IS-ra*l/Wezztern ZioNazi regimes’ War Crimes); and

      2. at – Zeta gang connected to U.S. Special Forces/Mossad

      By Wayne Madsen, March 10, 2011!

    • nooraza othman | July 5, 2017 at 10:11 am | Reply

      Look at ZioNa*i-controlled Germa*y; which has just passed a law to fine $50 MILLION Euro supposedly for online ‘fake’ news on social medias: But it has no problem promoting FAKE news – as usual against ‘Third’/Muslim world leaders; even to the point of promoting mass murder of Pres. Erdogan; Pres Putin and Saudi Arabia King Salman! Also bashing the protestors outside G-20 meeting and falsely labelling all of them as if violent!

      And as usual, NO Wezztern/Is-ra*l leaders are ever cosidered as Dictators; despite that they’ve been going on endless rampage of Genocide, including under ZioNazi-controlled NA*O and their own FAKE terrorist groups, such as CIA/MOSSAD-created IS/ISIS/ISIL – mass murdering/raping/robbing the Muslim world and its Indigenous population! See –

      Turkey condemns Berlin ‘kill dictatorship’ artwork featuring Erdogan


      5 July 2017

      ……..The installation was set up outside the offices of Chancellor Angela Merkel in
      Berlin on Monday…….

  7. False flags abroad??? Ever hear of SandyHoax? How about the Pulse, or San Bernadino, or the Boston Trowser bomb?

  8. We Know that the DNC was having their Emails Leaked, as the February 2016 Emails published by WikiLeaks confirms, and this comment asks why would an Alleged DNC whistle blower wait for a former British Ambassador to come to America under uncertain circumstances to Leak information to him, rather than to Leak it Directly to WikiLeaks, and I have Not heard others give their opinions regarding this aspect of Alleged meddling of a foreign Country in America’s Election.

    Senior Democrats Knew that they were Leaks and Not hacks, and that is Why they used the word a Leaker.

    The DNC did Not ask the FBI or their Private Cyber Security Company to examine their Servers in February of 2016, because they Knew that they were Leaks and Not hacks, and we can see that this News Article was written in May of 2016 at .

    WikiLeaks would have Known these things sometime after the date on that Email of February of 2016, and that News Article was written in May of 2016.

    This is because WikiLeaks took some time to Verify the Authenticity of the Emails before they published them.

    The DNC and the Clinton Campaign Knew that more Hillary Clinton and DNC Emails would be Published.

    This is because Julian Assange had mentioned that on 12 June 2016, that he would release more Hillary Clinton and DNC Emails at .

    It would have been interesting if Julian Assange had Not mentioned that he would release those DNC Emails after Authenticating them, or that he had Already Authenticated, and which took him weeks or months to Process and Authenticate before he could Publish them.

    This is because the DNC may Not have Invented the Lie they spoke regarding that.

    The DNC may have Invented another Lie, or some variant of the Lie that they Invented, and the Lie they Invented was that the DNC Servers were hacked by Russia, and that Lie was spoken a few days after Julian Assange said he had More DNC Emails, and this Lie was Published on June 14 of 2016 to manage the WikiLeaks Publishing of Hillary Clinton and DNC Emails at .

    These Lies allowed the Clintonites and their Bribed and Corrupt Puppet Mainstream Media to speak Only their Lie that Alleges hacking from a foreign Country to help Candidate Donald Trump become President, rather than speaking of those Emails, and how one or more Democrats had Leaked those Emails to WikiLeaks, and where Hillary Clinton said that she has both a Private and Public position on Policies, while Lying to the American Voters that she is trustworthy and honest, but American Voters Know that she is Untrustworthy and a Liar, and that is Why Many Democrats did Not Vote for her at the Election.

    The Democrats Knew that Candidate Donald Trump would become the Republican nominee before the first Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Act or FISA warrant request was Filed by the Obama Administration to monitor communications involving Candidate Donald Trump and several of his Advisers, and that would have been with Improperly using Allegations (Lies) as an ‘excuse’ for the Improper Surveillance on an Opposition Political Party with the Undemocratic and Criminal Intentions of giving the Clinton Campaign an Improper Electoral Advantage, and that first FISA warrant request was made in June of 2016, but I could Not find the specific date, and if it was before Julian Assange said he would Publish more Emails, then it may imply one thing, and if it was after that, then it would mean, that the FISA warrant may have been requested to Also give Deceptive ‘substance’ to the Lie that Russia had hacked the DNC Servers.

    We Know that Seth Rich died on July 10 of 2016, and that WikiLeaks began Publishing 20,000 Emails in July 22 of 2016, and we Know the Statements that Julian Assange and Kim Dotcom have made regarding Seth Rich, along with the Statements of Obstructing the Investigation of the Seth Rich case that were made by a Private Detective, and by Other People.

    There is a further time that Leaks were made, and there are things that appear to be odd regarding that.

    I am Not suggesting that the former British Ambassador who was working for WikiLeaks at the time is Lying, but he may have been Unwittingly Used by a Clintonite who may be a Fake whistle blower who wants any Genuine whistle blower to confide in him and to confide in one of his Alleged or Real Group of possible Clintonite Fake whistle blowers, so that they could prevent further Leaks to WikiLeaks, and may Depend on what type of material was given to the former British Ambassador, and if it was average or below average, then its Intention may have been to make the Voters think on that less damaging material, rather than on the more damaging material, and that is Why that Person may be an Alleged whistle blower, and may be a Clintonite Fake whistle blower, and we Know that Julian Assange takes the Utmost Care to Always be Honest on these matters, because he Knows that Lies eventually get discovered, and we Know that the Shadow Regime can compromise some People, even former Ambassador, but that should Not be be seen as suggesting something, other than that matters Need to be considered Carefully and Methodically, before coming to an opinion.

    It Could be that the Media may be Lying on some things, or they could be misrepresenting what was said by the former British Ambassador, and so a Video of his Testimony, where he says what happened would give his side of the Story at , and where we can see the material that WikiLeaks Published because of that Alleged or Real Person to Person Leak.

    It seems Interesting that the News Article says that an Intermediary or is it more correct to suggest an (Alleged) Intermediary for Democratic Party whistle blowers met with the former British Ambassador, rather than Leaking Directly to WikiLeaks.

    This is because the Alleged intermediary may be Lying regarding there being a Group of Democratic Party whistle blowers, and may want to try to convey that All Democratic Party whistle blowers are safe and accounted for, while he may be a Fake whistle blower and a Clintonite, and Perhaps the Alleged Democratic Party whistle blower wants to Deceive People that they should Not be thinking that Seth Rich was a Leaker, or the Original Leaker of Hillary Clinton and DNC Emails.

    It is odd that one or more whistle blowers would wait for the former British Ambassador to come to Washington DC, rather than to Leak it Directly to WikiLeaks given that he was Denied to come to America, and given that it was only 6 weeks before the Election that the Alleged Person to Person Leak is said to have occurred, and the former British Ambassador may have put himself at Legal risk of possessing illegal material, and he would be Experience enough to Understand that it could have been a set up to Arrest him, and that Julian Assange would Need several weeks, possibly more than 6 weeks to Process and Authenticate that material, if it is to have any influence on the Election and be of usefulness, and the former British Ambassador managed by means of the Clinton Obama Administration State Department who may have thought that they could Unwittingly Use him to spread Deception of some type, and so allowed him to be at his Conference on September 26 of 2016 at , and at , and at .

    There are Americans who think that these matters Should be Investigated by an Impartial Investigator in order to assure the American Voters as to the Integrity of the Electoral Process in America.

    • There are People who would like to hear what the former British Ambassador says regarding this News Article at .

      This is because there are several Mainstream Media News Articles that contain varying amounts of Lies, and there are Fake News Articles that are comprised Significantly or Entirely of Lies with regards to the Relevant matters of those News Articles.

      Iraq is an Example of that, where Iraq was Slandered, and where the Fake News used the Fact that Iraq is a Country, but they said Many Lies regarding Iraq, and they have said Many Lies regarding Syria.

      That News Article does mention some Known and Verifiable Facts, such as that the former British Ambassador came to America in September of 2016, and we Know that the News Article was written in December of 2016, and so it was Not designed to influence the Election, because it was Published after the Election, and this could be because the former British Ambassador may have only told the Media this in December of 2016, if he spoke to the Media and said that.

      There are only 3 ways in my opinion that a foreign Country could collude with an American Presidential Candidate, and they are to Rig the Vote with the agreement or assistance of an American Presidential Candidate, or to Give Money for their Political Campaign, or to be a Political campaign strategist and speechwriter.

      We Know the Vote was Not rigged by a foreign Country, but it Could Only be Rigged by the Republicans and the Democrats, and in 2008, Candidate Barack Obama Knew This, and he did Nothing to Ensure Democracy in America, and the Video is Titled: Obama Admits To Rigged Elections Back In 2008 at , and Obama is an Example of a Presidential Candidate who Discredited the Elections and the Election process before Voting had taken place, and so it was Not unprecedented for Candidate Donald Trump to mention the matter of Election Rigging in 2016, and Obama did Nothing to Reform the Electoral System, and Many Americans want Electoral Reform, and if No Sufficient Electoral Reform is proposed and enacted by (S)Elected Representatives, then we Know that the Corrupt System likes its Corruption.

      There was No money given to the Trump Campaign by a foreign Country, even though Hillary Clinton Accepted Dirty Foreign Money by means of the Clinton Foundation, and the Republicans have Many of their own Political campaign strategists and speechwriters, who Understand American Politics Much Better than what a foreigner does.

      If someone who is Less Establishment wanted a foreigner to be their Political campaign strategist and speechwriter, then they might ask the Experienced British Politician Nigel Farage for that, and they would give Britain a Fair Trade Deal, because Britain had Already Voted to leave the European Union with the British Referendum of June of 2016, and President Barack Obama who was speaking for his Shadow Regime Puppet Masters said months earlier that Britain would have to go to the back of the queue for a Trade Deal, if they Voted to leave the European Union at , and the Video is Titled: Nigel Farage at Trump Rally in Jackson Mississippi at .

      There are People who think that Britain had a Vested Interest in the American Elections.

      They think these things because of things that were said by President Barack Obama.

      We Know that President Barack Obama was on Orders from the Shadow Regime to Collude and to Meddle in the British Referendum on the European Union, and on how that would affect Britain’s Trade Deal with America.

      There are People who Know that Britain Knows how to hack Computers, and that Britain might have those Allegedly missing Hillary Clinton Emails.

      There Could be People who think that Britain proved to the American Shadow Regime that they have a copy of the deleted Clinton Emails, and that they have a copy of the Anthony Weiner laptop Information, by means of American Citizens of British Ancestry, and Perhaps Britain was able to make former FBI Director James Comey Write his October 28 of 2016 Letter to Congress on the continuing Criminal Investigation of Hillary Clinton’s Unauthorized, Clandestine, and Secret Email Server, so that Candidate Donald Trump Would become President, because it has been said that Many Countries have those Emails, and Perhaps Britain is the Only Country that has those Clinton Emails, and Perhaps Britain asked Not to be mentioned as having those Emails, even though Britain has Expertise in that regard, along with People of British Ancestry working at Intelligence Agencies on Taxpayer Funded Salaries, and there are People who think that Hillary Clinton is of British Ancestry, and Perhaps Hillary Clinton and the DNC were Blackmailed to make Hillary Clinton the Democratic Party nominee, because Senator Sanders may not have given Britain a Fair Trade Deal, and Perhaps Hillary Clinton was Blackmailed to lose the Election, and to Pretend that she wanted to be President, because Britain Knows that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s Disease, and would have had to have Retired if she became President, and Tim Kaine would Not have given Britain a Fair Trade Deal, because Tim Kaine wanted the Trans Pacific Partnership, and that would mean that America could Not have given Britain a Fair Trade Deal.

      It appears that the former British Ambassador is Scottish, and we Know that Julian Assange is an Australian, who was a Member of the Australian Journalists Union, and we Know that Kim Dotcom is a Citizen of New Zealand, and these are Regions of the British Empire.

      We Know that the Shadow Regime has Compromised some People, but that should Not be seen as insinuating something without evidence, and where the Presumption of Honesty is given, and what it Does Suggest is that such matters Need to be considered Carefully and Methodically, before coming to an opinion.

      There are People who want the former British Ambassador to give his account of that News Article, and how much, if any of the Relevant matters of that News Article he agrees with, and to say that in a Video or as the Author of an Article.

      These People want to Know if the former British Ambassador will say if he received or did not receive any material from a Person claiming to be a Democrat in September of 2016, and if he did, then on what date or approximate date did he receive that material, and WikiLeaks does Not reveal its sources, and People Understand and Respect that, and if the former British Ambassador did receive any material, then what are the more Significant Emails or other Material of that Leak, and have they been published by WikiLeaks, and on what date were they published, if it has been published by WikiLeaks, and there Could be some People who think that Britain could be Questioned by Robert Mueller as a possible suspect for meddling in America’s Election, but Britain should Not have to Pay Compensation for Slander, because Britain has Not accused anyone of meddling in America’s Election.

      We Know that President Barack Obama Continued to Deny any Election rigging or meddling on October 18 of 2016, where he said that the Election would be Free and Fair, and that was 3 weeks before the Election, and the Video is Titled: Obama To Trump: Stop Whining About A Rigged Election at , and President Barack Obama said that it would be a Free and Fair Election, because he Knew that Russia did Not meddle in the Election, but did he suspect that Britain may have influenced that Election, because President Donald Trump said that it was possible that several Countries could have meddled in the Election, but he did Not mention Britain, and Obviously Obama Lied regarding the matter that there has never been Electoral Fraud committed by the Republicans and the Democrats with their Electronic Voting Machines, and Russia did Not meddle in the Election, and Further tailor made Lies had to be Manufactured to try to justify the Improper Spying on an Opposition Political Party by the Clinton Campaign, by means of their Partisan Puppet Obama Administration, and President Barack Obama said that Candidate Donald Trump and his Vice Presidential running mate along with Candidate Hillary Clinton and her Vice Presidential running mate Received Daily Top Secret Information during the Election Campaign, and we Know that Hillary Clinton Could Lie, if she was asked if President Barack Obama told her that Russia was trying to rig the Election for Candidate Donald Trump, and only 3 of the 17 Intelligence Agencies said that they were either moderately to highly confident that Russia meddled in the Election, and that Translates in plain English as they do Not know, because the FBI has Not examined the DNC Server, and those 3 Intelligence Agencies were Politicized and they Lie if they Need to or if they Want to, and Many Countries have had Umbrage Vault 7 for some time, and it Completely Disguises who hacked a Computer.

      I think that if President Barack Obama had Proven to Candidate Donald Trump that the Russians were rigging the Election for him, then I think that Candidate Donald Trump would have tried to lose that Election, by promising Verbally during the Election Campaign to Increase Taxes, and to commit Genocide in Syria, and some other Known Democratic Party and Shadow Regime Policies, while we Know that there are some Politicians who do Not keep their Election promises.

      This is because President Donald Trump said that he is a Patriot, and I do Not think that Hillary Clinton is a Patriot, and she would have Accepted help from anyone to become the President if she really wanted to be President, and regardless if it was in a Treasonous and Undemocratic way, and we saw that, with how she Usurped the Democratic Party nomination, along with the actions of the Democratic National Committee, and the Undemocratic Bias of the Puppet Mainstream Media, and was it because she did Not want Senator Sanders to become President, because Senator Sanders may have put Britain at the back of the queue for a Trade Deal.

      The American Shadow Regime and their Puppets are Undemocratic, and they did Not ask Saudi Arabia to have Elections, and they want to overthrow the Democratically Elected Legitimate President of Syria, and to commit Genocide in Syria and to Steal Territory that belongs to the Country of Syria, and to Promote Ethnic Divisions among the Traditional Ethnic Groups who are Syrian Citizens, and that is Also Genocide at , and America and the European Union have placed Economic Sanctions on Innocent Syria, because they want to commit Genocide on the Syrian People, and the situation in Syria is complicated because America is promoting Ethnic Divisions, and considerations for Turkey’s Interests has to be given for the wording of the Syrian Constitution, and where Turkey does Not want Autonomy for the Kurds, and the situation in Ukraine is that America is supporting the Ukrainians who have a long History of being Racist Nazis, and so the Ethnic Minorities want a New Constitution, and the Citizens of Ukraine can Negotiate Autonomy for Eastern Ukraine, which Protects them from the Nazi Characteristic of Many Ethnic Ukrainians, that America says it is Western Civilization, and People can follow how the Syrian People are Defending Themselves from Terrorists at the South Front Website at , and America does Not want the Syrian People to Defend themselves against Terrorism, which they have a Human Right to do under International Law, and America does this because America says that they are Exceptional, and this means that the American Shadow Regime views other People as Second Class People, if the American Shadow Regime considers them to be Human.

      There are Many Americans who want Voter Identification and Paper Ballots for Elections, given that the Republicans and the Democrats Rig Elections, and Americans have seen how several States are Opposed to President Donald Trump’s Commission on Election Integrity, because they want to Rig their Elections, and this is Why there are Many Americans, who want America to be a Constitutional Republic, and a Constitutional Democracy.

  9. David Dally | July 5, 2017 at 6:38 pm | Reply

    Over the last 8 years I have decided to Believe Nothing from any media.

  10. LeseMajeste | July 6, 2017 at 4:28 am | Reply

    The US is run by lunatics for lunatics. When cribbing, you really should acknowledge your inspiration for quotes, like John Lennon..:

    Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. … I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. That’s what’s insane about it.

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