Why The West Hates Putin – It’s More Than What You’re Told

Op-Ed by Chris Kanthan

Russophobia in America today is as intense as it was at the height of Cold War when terrified school kids had “Duck and Cover” drills and the public was obsessed with bomb shelters. However, all the drama about Russian hacking and collusion are a smokescreen. The real conflict is about geopolitical power struggle for world domination, which involves hundreds of trillions of dollars, massive egos of Machiavellian elites, and nations driven by memory of the past and visions of the future.

Here’s the big picture: it’s a geopolitical battle of USA+EU versus Russia+China. The US and EU are governed by the same banking and military-industrial overlords, while Russia and China – two independent countries – have made an alliance out of necessity. Why? If Russia falls, China will be the next. Get the bear, you get the dragon, and thus you get the world.

But here is the kicker: the globalists did trap the bear in 1991 when the USSR failed. However, rather than befriending the bear, they caged it and then starved, tortured and humiliated it for the next eight years. That’s when the bear tore down the cage and fought back.

Betrayal in the 1990s

The biggest theft of the century happened in Russia in the 1990s, and the perpetrators were Wall Street shysters who promised miracles of capitalism, but instead dismantled the entire country. In the name of privatization, Russia was put up for fire sale 1. Everything you can imagine – oil/gas fields, gold/diamond mines, airlines, media, factories, you-name-it – were sold at 1/1000th of their fair price. A handful of Russians, carefully selected by the US, ended up with assets worth hundreds of billions of dollars. In exchange, each Russian got a “share” worth $7. The US taxpayers even subsidized this disgusting racket.

Under this shock therapy administered by American vulture capitalists, Russia’s GDP fell 40%. The country was loaded up with crushing debt from the IMF and the World Bank, and poverty and suicide soared.

The Russian military was in shambles and was badly losing wars to Islamic terrorists in Chechnya and Dagestan. Oh, these terrorists were the same Mujahideen from Afghanistan and were still funded by Saudi Arabia and armed by the US 2. To add insult to the injury, in 1999, the West bombed Serbia – Russia’s staunch ally – and also gave NATO membership to three countries close to Russia.

Most Russian politicians, including President Yeltsin, were bought off and controlled by Washington, as Bill Clinton bragged to Tony Blair. 3

Putin’s Empire

Under these dreadful circumstances, Putin became the Acting President of Russia on Dec 31, 1999. Over the next few years, he took on the powerful oligarchs, corrupt politicians and the elites who formed the fifth column. With authoritarian KGB-style, he assassinated some pro-Western journalists, jailed opponents and consolidated his power. Putin was helped by raising oil prices, but he used the new wealth wisely. He grew the Russian economy, built up gold and foreign reserves, and significantly reduced the national debt.

  1. Between 1999 and 2014, Russia’s GDP grew 10-fold 4 and its world rank surged from 22nd to 8th
  2. Russia’s debt-to-GDP ratio fell from 100% in 1999 to 17% in 2016 5
  3. Foreign reserves grew from virtually nothing to the 6th largest in the world 6
  4. Gold reserves grew to become the 6th largest in the world as well 7

Putin started RT – Russia’s own global news channel, banned GMO, kicked out George Soros, and fought Cultural Marxism. He built more than 15,000 churches, encouraged families to have more children, and banned transgender/gay propaganda to children.

Finally, Putin rebuilt Russia’s military, crushed Islamic terrorists and, in a geopolitical stunner that transpired in Syria, prevailed against a mighty coalition of the US, Israel, UK, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and 40,000 jihadists. 8

Putin’s diplomacy has also been remarkable. After the 2014 US sanctions and the precipitous fall in oil prices, every pundit and politician predicted the isolation of Putin and the demise of Russia’s economy. Fast forward to 2017, 144 US corporations and 62 countries attended Russia’s Economic Conference in St. Petersburg. In France, the new President, Macron, chose Putin for the first visit of a foreign leader.

In other words, Putin made Russia great again. This is why his approval rating is still over 80%.

Russia under attack

However, the globalists have had their own victories as well. In 2003-2004, pro-Russia governments in Georgia and Ukraine were overthrown by George Soros’ color revolutions. In 2014, the US staged a violent coup in Ukraine, overthrew a democratically elected leader, and replaced him with an unelected billionaire.

Ukraine has been a CIA target for decades. As Brzezinski wrote in his book, The Grand Chessboard, Russia will be paralyzed without access to Crimea and the Black Sea – the only Russian gateway to the Mediterranean Sea. Sensing danger after the 2013 coup, Putin quickly held a referendum in Crimea and annexed it. (More than 75% of Crimeans speak Russian as their native language, and Ukraine is vastly poorer than Russia, so the election result was predictable). 9

Another area where Russia was backstabbed: NATO expansion. Contrary to the promises made during the dissolution of the USSR, NATO has added 13 new European countries, which are all potential hosts for US/NATO military bases 10. Many of these countries are now part of the missile defense system. On the other side of Russia, the US has deployed THAAD in South Korea. What this means is that the US could first launch a nuclear attack against Russia, and then shoot down the missiles that Russia fires in response. The entire situation is extremely volatile and dangerous – Russia has more than 7,000 nuclear weapons.

All this bullying is just a symptom of the wounded egos of globalists who have failed in their attempts to conquer Russia. Not once, but six times in the last 200 years—1812, 1856, 1905, World War I, World War II, and the Wall Street takeover of Russia in the 1990s.

Rothschilds, Bolshevism and Hitler

In 1812, funded by the Rothschilds, Napoleon invaded Russia. In 1856, Britain and France attacked and took over Crimea—for the same reason that the US staged a coup in Ukraine in 2013.

In 1905, banksters on Wall Street – Jacob Schiff and others – funded Japan to attack Russia 11. In the midst of the war, the banksters tried to foment a revolution and overthrow the Czar. The guy who led the revolution was Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) 12. He would fail in 1905 and flee Russia, but would come back in 1917 using the same playbook, but using Germany instead of Japan.

Before World War I, Trotsky and Lenin raised millions of dollars from international banksters. Trotsky visited New York and got an American passport so he could sneak back into Russia 13. Flush with cash from capitalists, the communists (Bolsheviks) killed the Czar during World War I and quickly signed a peace treaty with Germany. Danke Schoen!

Thus, you see, the evil empire of the Soviet Union was a creation of America and Europe—a fact that is erased from the history books. The Soviet Union was a result of a civil war fomented by outside forces – a civil war in which the bad guys won. Bolshevism was a foreign virus that invaded Russia, killed tens of millions of Russians and tried to destroy Christianity – Russia’s religion for over 1000 years. However, when Americans think of “Russians,” they are only taught to think of the Soviet Union.

Fast forward to World War II, it was again Europe (Germany) that attacked Russia. 20 million Russians died fighting the Nazis, two million just in the city of Leningrad 14. Russia fought the Nazis for four years and destroyed 70% of Hitler’s army. However, the US came at the end of the game (in 1944) and got all the accolade for “defeating the Nazis.”

Moving Forward

Knowing all this, an objective person would not cast Russia as the enemy of the West. Russia will be an enemy only if we demand its subservience. Russia and China are determined to preserve their sovereignty. To that end, they are working on their own financial system (credit card, banking etc.) and international alliances 15. They are also trying to break free from the petrodollar system, which lets the US borrow trillions without repercussions. Of course, the globalists detest this challenge to the New World Order.

Since World War II, America’s knee-jerk response to any diplomatic challenge has been to bully or bomb. Eisenhower warned us and we ignored it: America’s military-industrial-banking-media complex has vast and undue influence. JFK advocated détente with Russia and withdrawal of troops from Vietnam, and he was reviled by the Deep State. Trump is facing a lot of animosity from the Establishment for the same reason. Globalists endlessly preach about the wonders of diversity, but hate countries who think different.

Global conflicts and wars are very addictive for the military-security complex, which craves 800 military bases around the world, $600 billion a year budget, and $35 billion/year of weapons export. Wars also mean massive debts for nations, which is exactly what the international banksters want. Global corporations are drawn to a unipolar world, since that guarantees them monopoly, cheap labor and raw materials, and access to customers. Social engineers and Cultural Marxists rely on monolithic corporate media to spread the same propaganda all over the world. Will the confluence of these forces refuse to accept a multipolar world? Will they push us into disastrous wars, potentially even a nuclear war? Let’s remember JFK’s “Peace Speech” from 1963:

You can read more from Chris Kanthan at his site World Affairs. Although a computer geek by profession, he is a writer and an author from San Francisco, trying to raise awareness about politics, world affairs, food and health through non-partisan blog posts, often with a twist of satire. He loves traveling and has been to 35 countries around the world.

He is also the author of Deconstructing Monsanto.

He is currently working on another book, detailing the enormous challenges and imminent dangers facing America and how to address them.

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132 Comments on "Why The West Hates Putin – It’s More Than What You’re Told"

  1. Great summary. Hope people read this and see that America is in the Soros crosshairs as well. For example, the agendas they are now pushing on Netflix shows are over the top considering they were non-existent prior to Soros becoming a major share holder. He wants the white males feminized and females masculinized and that is just for starters.

  2. I don’t know any person who is “afraid of the Russians”, it’s farcical with much hay made of this nonsense by lame stream media lapdogs. Alt has its own spin too regarding Putin who, behind the geopolitical stage, is most certainly in the mold of all the other globalist plutocrat NWO servant heads of state.

    If the western establishment players from the top of the pyramid cap were out to get Putin, then they wouldn’t have been doing all they could to derail the publication of an incredibly well researched book by a pro-Russian scholar and academic, Karen Dawisha. The book was finally published when academics began raising their eyebrows at the absurdity of the black balling of a respected researcher.

    Dawisha’s book, Putin’s Kleptocracy Who Own’s Russia?, was published in 2015 and, while supportive of the Russian people, deconstructed Russia’s leaders and their “vertical of power structure” exposing it to be a corrupt inflexible system. IF the goal of the western PTB was to portray Russia in a bad light Dawisha’s book would have been welcomed and she would have been asked to give many high profile interviews. To Dawisha’s credit, she pointed to the western oligarchy as being the promoters and enablers of the current political system in Russia today.

    • Karen Dawisha’s book was published by Simon Shuster and her book had glowing reviews in all US mainstream media, including NY Times, WaPo, NPR, HuffPo etc. Go to YouTube and you’ll find plenty of interviews and speeches. The only place she had trouble was in UK because of a recently passed libel law. Don’t forget that UK has/had many Russian oligarchs living there, including Abramovich (owner of Chelsea football team)

      • Hey, thank you for the info, much appreciated. I found some of the book reviews. As for the interviews, there were many but they were mostly low profile speeches to academics – the general public doesn’t seem to know the complete background in context. If the goal was maximum spotlight on a “nemesis”, I’d expect Dawisha to be on 60 Minutes with detailed articles in ordinary newspapers rather than mainly managerial class publications. I’ll keep probing.

        I bought and read the book shortly after it was released. At the time, searching online for info I found a description of Dawisha interacting with several reluctant publishers, this was beyond the UK from what I gathered. I wonder how a carefully sourced academic book could be open to libel – – it was actually hard to read, imo, mostly dry, packed with a lot of facts and figures.

      • P.S. One more big puzzle piece is pinning down why the US media didn’t run a blizzard of exposés on Aleksandr Dugin, Putin’s geopolitical adviser. That would be extremely damaging given Dugin is literally a philosophical Luciferian and advocate of a clash of far right white nationalists (“fascists” as he terms it) and Bolsheviks in a Hegelian blood bath to create a totalitarian Eurasian regional government that spans Europe.

        Dugin happens to be tied to white supremacist movements in the US and Europe and promotes the end of gender identity in his writings – all sorts of contradictory stuff, a true Janus figure. He is a professor at Moscow university and is highly connected to Russian elites, one oligarch in particular, Konstantin Malofeev, who is financially backing him also happens to be funding an internet censorship in program in Russia – the two combined reflect a mix between George Soros, Pierre Omidyar, and Bill Gates. Very weird stuff. If you’re interested below are two YT video links, the one from Freedom Alternative provides several article links in case you prefer to read papers Dugin posts on his own website.



        • Thanks. Fascinating stuff. Eurasia is definitely where the struggle is

          • You’re welcome and you might want to keep yourself open to observing the resurrection of hard core communist type rule in both China and Russia. Well over a decade now, the governments of China and Russia have been social engineering a strong resurgent reverence for Maoism and Stalinism. (FYI: Financial Times and NY Times article references describing this, though it goes much deeper).

            Global totalitarian Technocracy, sweeping in rapidly primarily under the banner of UN Agenda 2030 (Russia calls it Strategy 2030, GCC middle east terms it Vision 2030) looks very much like techno communism on the bottom with a fascist corporatist pyramid cap on the top privatizing everything in sight to control ALL resources on the planet to be rationed out to digital serfs. To this end, Dugin appears to represent the Eurasian side of a Hegelian whipsaw, amazingly encapsulated in one person who advocates polar opposite positions depending on his targets. A totalitarian Eurasia and vs [totalitarian] North America is the undercurrent looking a lot like the faux rival superstates in Orwell’s 1984 – all to drive humanity into regional cages planned out over a century ago.

            Final note: watch for China style social credit scores creeping into the rest of the world. That’s what the new US Visa application rule is about, examining the history of what a person says on social media. Pierre Omidyar and other Silicon Valley plutocrats are funding Lenddo in Singapore to accomplish this and more.

            Note on links: Financial Times article is behind a paywall, back door access is through a Google search for the title then use the Google provided link. Possibly same issue with NY Times.

            FT: The Return of Mao: a New Threat to China’s Politics 9/29/16

            NY Times: Stalin, Russia’s New Hero 3/11/16

          • Last one for you and apologies for the big download of information here – I know a few people are tracking me and I try to leave all the important info I can while the net is still open to us.

            This is Spiro Skouras’ excellent 12 minute report on how an Agenda 2030 international treaty effectively handed rule over the world’s seas and oceans to the UN and multinational corporations (stated explicitly).


          • I just took you over the 10,000 upvote total my friend.

          • Thank you, kindred pal!

            Do I win a vacation to New Zealand or something cool like that? 😉

          • LOL! Great sense of humor. I’ll take the little burro. Is that “Baba Looey” in the second pic? Cute!

            Thank you, Joe.

          • Interesting. This post from you is the only upvote or comment to arrive in over 12 hours now.

          • Here’s something else interesting;
            I’m not seeing your Israeli quotes post from the BB article.
            Also, none of your responses to the two dissenters showed up on my end. I only saw them just now when I went to your profile looking for the quotes.

          • Thanks friend. My presence here has been messed with for a while now. Unable to block certain people, vote tallies losing a hundred or more at a time. Constant auto-flagging. You know what they say. If you are getting flak you must be over the target.

          • Out of the closet. Reached 8000 comments as Joe Blow and now I will be
            EJ Doyle. Same Avatar. Same humble, brilliant assessment on life and stuff :-))


      • Yes, the elite media, often controlled by the CIA, applaud any propaganda which justifies demonizing Russia and Putin. UK has tough libel laws, in fact. In the US, you can get away with lying big time and end up in the White House (temporarily). I am not surprised that the same media that demonizes Putin approves a book that paints him as a criminal, are you?

        • Perhaps you should look up the article on Putins wife…she says hes not putin…that they killed her husband and her daughter and her have to hide in Europe to stay away from his control…not sure If its a real story but I read something about it a few years ago…..any comments/info on this?

    • Dawisha’s book is controversial and her publisher refused to publish it for fear of libel charges.Especially disputed is the concept that Russia, which is freer, more democratic, and more prosperous than ever in its history, is a kleptocracy; it certainly was under Yeltsin, but Putin threw some of the oligarchs in jail and others fled and form the backbone of the anemic oppostion to Putin, who has public approval in the 80% range due to having tripled GDP, doubled wages, and reigned i the oligarchs.

      Even Dawisha admits this:” Dawisha writes that Putin transformed “an oligarchy independent of, and more powerful than, the state into a corporatist structure in which oligarchs served at the pleasure of state officials, who themselves gained and exercised economic control.”
      This means that rather than being run by a score of billionaires, Russia is now run by a government with the most popular leader in the world and strong public consent. Democracy means government by consent of the governed, and no one can deny that the Russian government has a vast majority behind it.

      As for Dawisha claiming Russia is a kleptocracy because 35 billionairies control 35% of the wealth, that is better than the US and many nations. In the US, as reported by the Nation: “he 400 richest Americans now have more wealth than the bottom 61 percent of the population, a report released on Wednesday by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) reveals. According to “Billionaire Bonanza: The Forbes 400 and the Rest of Us,” just the twenty individuals at the top of the pile—a group that could fit into a Gulfstream G650 luxury jet, according to the study’s authors—now control more wealth than the bottom half of the population.”

      The World Bank GINI score, which measures inequality, shows that Russia has less inequality than the US, with a score of 41, whereas the US has 46.

      If a government with support and consent of the people is in control, that is democracy, not kleptocracy, which Putin’s rule has destroyed. Most of the opposition and negative press on Putin comes from the oligarchs he jailed, pushed out, or has reigned in.

      The demonization of Russia continues because the MIC needs an enemy to justify spending more and more on weapons, and you can’t fight “terrorists” with nukes and weaponry made for state to state war, so Russia has been chosen as the demon state, despite its cutting its defense spending and bringing Russia into the community of high income nations for the first time ever.

      Russia has many problems, but Dashiwa’s book focuses only on the bad and ignores the good.
      If Russia is a kleptocracy, many other nations, including the US, are even more so. All modern nations are ruled by the wealthy…….but only Putin has reigned them in, taken back public assets sold at pennies on the dollar, and let the oligarchs know that the government, not a handful of billionaires, is in charge.

      For a real kleptocracy, look at the US, where 20 people have more wealth than half the people, one family, the Waltons have as much as 100 million, and the Koch brothers, whose fortune started from his father’s work for Stalin and Hitler, have 100 billion And look at Trump’s staff, which has 6 Goldman-Sachs alumni running the country not for the ordinary people, whose services are being cut back, but for the billionaires cronies of Trump, who will be getting millions in tax cuts paid for by cuts in food benefits for children, the disabled, poor seniors, and those working but not making enough (as at Walmart) to afford food. Likewise, to afford tax cuts for folks like himself, Trump’s healthcare program will cut services to 23 million, so that billionaires can have a little more to buy more private jets, buy more stocks, and invest in China and India and other slave labor states with higher growth rates.

      • The Kremlin’s engineered return to Stalinism in Russia is worrying to Russian academics / intelligenstia as it the use of “anti extremism” laws to prosecute peaceful government critics. These laws were put into place after the FSB / KGB series of horrific false flag attacks in 1999 directed by Putin as he transitioned from FSB chief to Prime Minister. The parallels to 9/11 and the Patriot Act are clear.

        As for Dawisha’s book, anyone who reads it will understand the historical thread of the KGB’s role in the current vertical of power structure.

        Other A.P. readers may not know you’ve posted here many times harshly criticizing us as right wing conspiracy nuts for questioning the official narratives of climate change, chemtrails, vaccinations, the New World Order, Sandy Hook and other false flags. There’s a larger context to the Rothschilds NWO deep capture of Russia that ties to Quigley and Sutton which you don’t agree with.

        • You have totally ignored all the evidence I provided. Stalin ruled with force; Putin with public support: total opposites. Chemtrails, climate science denial,etc is fossil fuel oligarch NWO propaganda, designed to keep you addicted, and paying for the harm it does. I don’t agree with you and I have provided ample documentation.

          • You forgot vaccinations, Dale, we’re nuts about that subject too, right? LOL There’s no global conspiracy for a NWO, that’s all “fossil fuel oligarch” propaganda. And Drs. Carroll Quigley, Antony Sutton, and global totalitarian technocracy, all crazy conspiracy theory.

          • Chris Kay | June 10, 2017 at 7:03 pm |

            It’s a mix. Definitely there is a NWO/Anglo-Zionist conspiracy, but which ones are true, how much is true, how far they will succeed etc. are very subjective

          • The control grid is the KEY, imho. This grid is the old Scientific Society theme which later became Technocracy Inc (a major political movement in the 1930s) and in the 70s it was Brzezinski’s “Technotronic Era”. Today is it being formally promoted by uber elite ideologue Parag Khanna. It’s being adopted in every nation, even leap frogging over lack of infrastructure in Africa – moving lightening fast! All of these historical threads have solid foundations, the plans have been deconstructed and are known and they dovetail.

            Note for instance the 1930’s Technocracy Inc movement had at the top of its “to do” list the abolition of the Electoral College. Parag Khanna proposes the same. I wouldn’t be surprised if this last election cycle was deliberately tweaked to manufacture consent for this and more.

          • ….how many times do we have to point out that your sources are based on smoke & mirror pap?

          • Your response, as usual, is a thoughtless knee-jerk fragment presented as a trolling effort without evidence. Useless! I study and present evidence; you shoot from the hip, always missing.

          • You study then evoke shallow-end / psy-op propaganda directly from the parasite NGO’s edicts at the top of the 0.0001% pyramid cap Ruff…you’re an expert in promulgating prevaricated specious sophistry.

          • Nailed it! Shallow end of the pool specious framing cobbled together into an admission of JFK and 9/11 (tentative) yet saying those running the show who gave us those acts, and the atrocities in their wake (Vietnam, Middle East), can be trusted on other issues.

          • Why DALE loves PUTIN more than TRUMP….that’s a real story….

        • Many of those critics are paid by the US and/or the oligarchs that ripped off Russia under Yeltsin.

          Russia has never been more prosperous, more free, or more democratic. I challenge you to cite a time when they were. As Russia has become richer and more free, the US median wage has fallen 40% since 1989 and we are much less free with mass spying, the highest incarceration rate in the world, and in the last 2 of 3 Presidents, the loser of the public vote has gained power.

          Here is how oppressed the opposition in Russia is, from April 29: “Several hundred Russians lined up in central Moscow on Saturday under the gaze of riot police to hand over handwritten appeals for President Vladimir Putin to quit, as similar protests took place in other cities.

          Putin, who has dominated Russian politics for 17 years, has not said whether he will run in presidential elections in March 2018. But the 64-year-old politician, who enjoys high popularity ratings, is widely expected to do so.

          Saturday’s protest in the capital — called “We’re sick of him” — was organized by the Open Russia movement founded by Kremlin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Once Russia’s richest man, he was freed by Putin in 2013 after spending a decade in jail for fraud, a charge Khodorkovsky said was politically-motivated.”

          The US Congress funds opposition groups in Russia, which since 2015, has required such groups to register as foreign agents. “he Russian government on Wednesday formally branded the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy as an “undesirable” operation, a designation that will force the civil society advocates to shut down their offices and cease issuing grants to Russian rights groups.

          In a statement carried by the official Tass news agency, the Russian Foreign Ministry accused the democracy-promoting nongovernmental organization of activities “aimed at destabilizing the internal situation in countries that pursue an independent policy.”

          The Congress-funded group is the first U.S. operation to be targeted since passage of legislation this summer …” LATimes

          Can you imagine if Russia funded groups protesting Obama or Trump!

          • Chris Kay | June 10, 2017 at 7:01 pm |

            Don’t quote NY Times, for God’s sake. Utter rubbish and virulently Russophobic and anti-Putin. No MSM will be objective towards Russia or Putin these days

          • We’re in a bad situation in alt media because there are virtually no alt reporters with boots on the ground covering stories and getting access to major movers and shakers for background or interviews. Alt news is derivative of the MSM, which has a strong spin of course, though most of it is fact based. It’s a matter of sorting wheat from chaff and looking for patterns. My independent research focuses on “following the money”, treaties, large capital cross flows, and military weapons sales and those things show a different picture than most of what we see in “alt” (often limited hangouts). Mockingbird is ~70 years old now, there has to be a lot of infiltration in alt or at the very least parroting other alt sites.

          • P.S. If Breitbart (‘conservative’ controlled opposition) reports some negative factoids on Hillary and NY Times reports damning stories on Trump’s shady business dealings, it’s likely those stories have kernels of truth and they’re job is to distract and polarize. .
            …We’re hard up for honest news because TPTB have access to unlimited fiat with their hands on the spigots. It’s tragic, frustrating.

          • …& you’re spot on

          • Never more democratic? Then why was has the Kremlin been been prosecuting peaceful government critics, sentencing some to labor camps or Siberia for mild criticism or sharing articles on social media critical of Kremlin policies? Jehovah Witnesses have been put on trial for practicing “an unauthorized religion” which is incongruous with the narrative that Muslim Chechens have been behind the terrorist attacks (~ false flags), yet Islam is an authorized religion.

            Even as an athiest you should be able to see how that doesn’t make sense and targeting JWs is ludicrous – but it does resonate in light of the fact that they tend to be adamant about not taking the “mark of the beast” – which is on the totalitarian menu in Russia as well as China, western nations, Africa, South America – everywhere.

          • dale ruff | June 10, 2017 at 6:37 pm |

            When was it more democratic? Peaceful protests are allowed, just as in the US.
            In the US we have anti-Muslim bans, protests, etc as well as demonization of peaceful protests by Black Lives Matter.

            “Press Release:-NEW YORK—On May 31, 2017, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the Order of “Parental Glory” to Valeriy and Tatiana Novik, Jehovah’s Witnesses from Karelia, who raised eight children, during a ceremony in Moscow at the Kremlin.”

            I dont buy the Russia is evil bullshit. It’s propaganda. Russia has problems as do all nations, but I challenge you, for the second time, to tell me when it was ever more prosperous, more democratic or more free. As an atheist, I reject all bullshit and assertions made without evidence including comparing Russia today with Stalin’s USSR or totalitarian governments.

            You are repeating propaganda which you have not fully recognized; don’t bore us to death with worn out cliches. Please find someone else to bore.

          • I never said “Russia” was evil and don’t believe it for a second! I do believe Russia is under a state of deep capture by the NWO international bankers and indeed Russia’s central bank’s umbilicus is firmly tied to the Rothschilds’ Bank of International Settlements – BIS. Exactly what Carroll Quigley warned us about.

            We can trade links and headlines all day (below is the info on the Jehovah Witnesses and a kid who played Pokemon in church who were prosecuted). The fact that someone such as yourself who disses the average reader here as an ignorant conspiracy theorist would pop out of the shadows to argue against someone providing evidence Russia is sliding into a totalitarian NWO Technocracy, along with the rest of the world, is very telling that the spooks do not want this information to be understood in its context.

            Sixteen Jehovah’s Witnesses on trial in Russia… Alexey, a retiree, is facing six years in prison for his beliefs as a Jehovah’s Witness…

            “Broad Russian laws targeting religious ‘extremists’ used against pacifist sect” https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/sixteen-jehovahs-witnesses-may-be-russias-most-pacifist-extremists/2015/11/20/6e046610-8898-11e5-bd91-d385b244482f_story.html?utm_term=.6a4efd5edd1f

            Russian found guilty of inciting religious hatred — for playing ‘Pokémon Go’ in church

            Russia seeks to declare Jehovah’s Witnesses an extremist group
            …Russia’s justice ministry has filed a lawsuit with its supreme court to declare the national headquarters of the country’s Jehovah’s Witnesses an extremist organization.

          • sarcasm?…again …you use this ploy whenever you get backed into a corner after espousing your own special brand of inane platitudinal sophistry…you’re a very predictable ‘wash & repeat’ cycle…. ad infinitum (lol)

          • Chris Kay | June 10, 2017 at 6:59 pm |

            There are things we don’t know. For example, Jehovah’s Witness might have been used by the CIA. Or, perhaps, Russia wants to use them as a precedent to ban Sharia Law. (So Muslims can’t shout “Islamophobia”)

          • The worry is the pattern of loss of civil liberties. The anti extremist laws were put into place following the horrific series of large scale apartment complex bombings in Moscow in 1999 that were false flags, FSB agents caught in the act(!) this was when Putin was head of the FSB transitioning to the role of Prime Minister. The false flag bombings were used as a pretext to bomb the Chechens. It looks a lot like 9/11 and the Patriot Act, plus the NDAA’s evisceration of habeas corpus.

            Putin has been good friends with Kissinger since his early days in St. Petersburg. Russia is rapidly adopting the advanced version of Agenda 21, which is 2030 with the help of the Trilateral Commission, Bill Gates, the Clintons, et al, and members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Russia’s central bank is a BIS bank – Quigley told us the main tool to usher in the NWO was BIS, and Russia’s economic and banking system is also molded by the G20 Financial Stability Board. Russia is also adopting a cashless society and global smart grid. Lots more.

          • dale ruff | June 10, 2017 at 9:00 pm |

            Putin was never head of the FSB. More fake news.

          • So what’s his title here on Wikipedia’s listing for Directors of the FSB?


            “The Director of the Russia’s Federal Security Service (Директор Федеральной Службы Безопасности) serves as the head of the Federal Security Service, which is part of the Russian Intelligence Community. “

          • Thank you for the correction.

          • eddysachs | June 12, 2017 at 4:29 pm |

            ….espousing your (connived & contrived) ignorance[sic] once again!

          • dale ruff | June 10, 2017 at 9:24 pm |

            60 nations are members of BIS, including all major nations: what’s your point?

            Kissinger, a longtime Putin confidant, sidles up to Trump – POLITICO
            Dec 24, 2016..
            In supporting retaliation against Russia, Kissinger offers perspective …

            What’s your point?

            Agenda 21 is a voluntary set of proposals to protect the environment, empower women, and promote a more equal distribution of wealth: what’s your point?

            Quigley? “As a teenager, I heard John Kennedy’s summons to citizenship. And then, as a student at Georgetown, I heard that call clarified by a professor named Carroll Quigley, who said to us that America was the greatest Nation in history because our people had always believed in two things–that tomorrow can be better than today and that every one of us has a personal moral responsibility to make it so.” Bill Clinton

          • You studied pol sci at Harvard (“world class education” as you have told before) and never bothered to read Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope?

            Blinders doesn’t go far enough as a metaphor for your lack of depth in scrutinizing how the system works, looking through pinholes & peepholes would be closer to the mark. Same with your lack of interest in Sutton.

          • * Absolutely!

          • dale ruff | June 10, 2017 at 9:00 pm |

            Russia is very conservative and they have as a mainstream something like our religious right; conservative Christians often are intolerant of other sects or religions.

            Since the US Congress has funded the opposition movement in Russia (and in Ukraine and elsewhere), it may well be that are using the small sect of Jehova’s Witnessess.

          • And the Russian kid who was playing Pokemon in church, he was a tool of the CIA? Come on, Dale.

          • Don’t put words in my mouth; it’s the worst form of lying. The CIA has used students, journalists, you name it. I know nothing of a Russian kid playing Pokemon. Did I say he was a tool of he CIA? If not, what is your point? That the conservative Russian state is intolerant of some religions, just as our current conservative state is? That goes without saying. The point remains, that the CIA uses all sorts of masks to do its covert work, and you have ignored the part about the US Congress funding opposition protests in Russia, haven’t you. I think I will ignore you…will I never learn?

          • I gave you the link about the Pokemon story in my reply along with two other examples of insane persecution and prosecution of peaceful Russians for their religious beliefs. These items countered your P.R. award ceremony story. My examples are only the tip of the iceberg. // One Russian shared or liked an image on social media of a tube of toothpaste with the words “Squeeze Russia out of yourself” on it and was sentenced to two years in a labor camp. Another person was sent to Siberia after sharing an article on Crimea. These are precedents for THOUGHT CRIMES. Just as France started using “re-education camps” (primarily for Muslim youths) three years ago, and Hillary Clinton’s proposed “fun camps” along with General Wesley Clark’s internment camps for disloyal Americans. The Brits are looking to do the same with Teresa May threatening a China style level of control over the internet. China is destroying Christian churches and brutalizing worshippers dragging them onto the streets. On and on it goes the global Totalitarian trot is on a sprint and you pretend you have no idea what’s going on.

            Christian church DESTROYED as Chinese police drag worshippers into street and beat them

          • You put one foot in your mouth then replace it with the other without skipping a beat… & totally oblivious to the tangential lunacy you’re spouting… like a good little Snake Oil Salesman for the totalitarian stasi status quo

          • More ad hominem trolling…LOL. The status quo wants to block regulation of pollution/emissions. I strongly oppose the status quo and seek to make the polluters pay for the damage they do instead of transferring costs to to useful idiots such as those who believe polluter propaganda.

            Your trolls are amusing. FLOL

          • Polluter propaganda? You used to say it was Koch propaganda. You stopped railing about Kochs on Activist Post when I presented information they are closely connected at the top of the pyramid cap to “neoliberal” elites, serving on the board a radical “left wing” environmental organization, Aspen Institute, and donate to Democrats pols who support environmental controls on industry, etc. etc. AND their father was a good friend of Stalin.

            Kabuki theater to create digital slaves.

          • dale ruff | June 12, 2017 at 1:26 pm |

            The Kochs are major polluters, funding anti-global warming propaganda and fighting solar. Kochs are neoliberals funding anti-science propaganda. They are hardly left wing but rather more on the John Birch side of the far right. When they give money to left of center,they goal is to influence whoever has power, just as corporations fund both parties, leaning to the one they expect to win. This is called pay to play, or corporate fascism.

            Their father worked for Stalin, then Hitler. The transnational fossil fuel industries bet subsidies of 5 trillion a year, which means we pay them to harm us. Only a useful idiot would support people and programs which harm them and then makes them pay in higher taxes and medical premiums, and lost pay due to pollution.

            Politico reported: “Conservative groups are scrambling to distance themselves from a Koch money controversy, but that doesn’t mean they’ll stop cashing checks from the billionaire brothers who fund many right-leaning operations in Washington….Jim Spiegelman, spokesman of the nonpartisan research group Aspen Institute, said there are “prominent differences” between Cato and his organization. He pointed to the fact that the Koch brother involved with the Cato Institute is Charles, whereas David is a trustee of the Aspen Institute, and he said his group is “definitively nonpartisan, so the idea that Mr. Koch would seek to influence our work is a really nonissue.””

            The Aspen Institute sponsors discussions, and David Koch seeks to influence those discussions in a way favorable to his pocket book. He remains an oligarch whose fortune is dependent on shifting the costs of fossil fuel damage to the public.

      • BTW, as a Harvard political science alum you should consider diving into the works of Putin’s adviser Aleksandr Dugin, early adopter of Luciferian-Occult philosophy and political science professor at Moscow University who advocates a bloody Eurasian conflict between fascists and neo-Bolsheviks / Marxists to create a totalitarian Eurasia that would be the counter to the “Altanticists” in the North America – sounding a lot like a Orwell’s 1984.

        • I am not a alumni; I left Harvard because it was too conservative with Kissinger and Brzenzki, and Huntington… or is Dugin Putin’s advisor: “in the words of journalist Alexander Nevzorov, “if we had had Sergey Kurginyan and Dugin instead of Putin, there would have been hell for all of us to pay, they would have unleashed a European and World War without a shadow of a doubt, without considering consequences at all.”[16] But “Dugin and Kurginyan do not have the slightest impact on what is going on in the Kremlin and do not even get coaching there” Wiki

          You are, as they say at Harvard, full of shit.

          • dale ruff | June 10, 2017 at 6:14 pm |

            Huh? How does that relate to my post. There are many global conspiracies by the same people that spread fake conspiracy theories like chemtrails, climate denial, etc, to poison the well and dupe useful idiots.

            The costumes worn in the pictures are hardly of a Grand Lodge or Freemasons (my dad, a janitor and mechanic,was a Freemason) but of wearing traditional Vietnamese costumes. “The American and Russian presidents were wearing traditional silk Vietnamese robes to mark the end of the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Hanoi, along with the leaders of 19 other countries.
            It has become the custom to try on the host country’s traditional costume.”

            Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-417395/Bush-Putins-thoroughly-wizard-outfits.html#ixzz4jeF9MJGW

            I remember you, clueless blue! Thanks for the laughs! Next you will be quoting the Russophobic NYTimes abouit Putin!

          • You don’t have a sense of humor either. LOL

            Useful idiots talking about chemtrails?

          • You make me laugh! FLOL!

          • There you go by starting to getting all flabbergasted …again! …after painting yourself into the usual corner…(lol)

          • I am open and calm, my friend.

          • You’re not my friend TROLL

          • I realize that but you are my friend, for I live by the Golden Rule and treat others as I want to be treated. We are all brothers and sisters, whether you want to live by that creed or not, friend. To me, you are a friend who is mistaken. It has nothing to do with whether you agree or not but the fact that I treat others as I wish to be treated.

          • eddysachs | June 12, 2017 at 4:25 pm |

            You treat people like they’re morons ,…spreading malicious propaganda & denying the existence of toxic chem trails…you’re nobody’s friend …you’re an ossified malevolent Janus /two-faced charlatan, hypocrite, disinfo ‘agent provocateur’

          • dale ruff | June 12, 2017 at 8:57 pm |

            You are projecting. Here is the kind of arrogant contempt you dish out: “you’re a bona fide idiot Ruff…or… a government disinfo agent…your denial of chem trails existence is proof of your complicity &/or senility..”

            I respect science and try to educate those who have been brainwashed by the polluters. If respecting knowledge is senility, I plead guilty. Did you look up what atmospheric scientists say? No. Did you do the simple backyard research I told you how to do? No. Stupid is as stupid does.

            Ignorance is the beginning of wisdom if we are prepared to learn; willful ignorance, science is presented is stupidity. You can walk away from it if you are willing to learn but if you do not, you confirm that you are as you called me “a bona fide idiot.”

            That’s your words, friend. I offer you friendship and sharing of what I have learned; you respond with hatred and anger.

          • eddysachs | June 12, 2017 at 9:21 pm |

            Cry me a river you phony phuk

          • eddysachs | June 12, 2017 at 9:22 pm |

            Cry me a river with crocodile tears…you’re either so dense that you just don’t “Get It” …or you’re simply a con artist …I’m simply very perspicacious & definitely waaaaay faster on the uptake …& waaaay past your calcified synapses Dale.

          • dale ruff | June 12, 2017 at 9:28 pm |

            Arrogance and stupidity is lethal, eddysachs. I wish you well.

          • dale ruff | June 13, 2017 at 7:55 am |

            Classic troll…..

          • I know people who work with the Noaa in Alaska, they told me personally that Chem trails are real and they are putting more than just the one chemical in there, they also put lithium in our atmosphere…not sure why….they also told me that in order to get their funding the government makes it easyer to get paid if you agree with the climate change diatribe, and you lose grants to say anything else, which is death to your career in the NOAA. So keep working, keep lying and saying its a man made event when the earth has been warming for thousands of years, and isn’t accelerating any more than it normally would….I would be more concerned by the carbon build up under Yosemite park……very concerning if it pops….as it may increase our atmospheric carbon by 50% in less than a few hours….hope its just staying put…but it might pop.

          • dale ruff | June 27, 2017 at 5:56 am |

            “The authors of this study, including Carnegie’s Ken Caldeira, conducted a survey of the world’s leading atmospheric scientists, who categorically rejected the existence of a secret spraying program. The team’s findings, published by Environmental Research Letters, are based on a survey of two groups of experts: atmospheric chemists who specialize in condensation trails and geochemists working on atmospheric deposition of dust and pollution.

            The survey results show that 76 of the 77 participating scientists said they had not encountered evidence of a secret spraying program, and agree that the alleged evidence cited by the individuals who believe that atmospheric spraying is occurring could be explained through other factors, such as typical airplane contrail formation and poor data sampling
            “We wanted to establish a scientific record on the topic of secret atmospheric spraying programs for the benefit of those in the public who haven’t made up their minds,” said Steven Davis of UC Irvine. “The experts we surveyed resoundingly rejected contrail photographs and test results as evidence of a large-scale atmospheric conspiracy.”

            The research team says they do not hope to sway those already convinced that there is a secret spraying program — as these individuals usually only reject counter-evidence as further proof of their theories — but rather to establish a source of objective science that can inform public discourse.

            “Despite the persistence of erroneous theories about atmospheric chemical spraying programs, until now there were no peer-reviewed academic studies showing that what some people think are ‘chemtrails’ are just ordinary contrails, which are becoming more abundant as air travel expands. Also, it is possible that climate change is causing contrails to persist for longer periods than they used to.” Caldeira said. “I felt it was important to definitively show what real experts in contrails and aerosols think. We might not convince die-hard believers that their beloved secret spraying program is just a paranoid fantasy, but hopefully their friends will accept the facts.”
            Someone telling you what they believe is not evidence or science but opinion. Of those who actually study the atmosphere and do research, 99% reject the theory of chemtrails.

            You can do your own research: google a flight map of your region and observe whether the vapor trails you observe follow the commercial flight paths. Then observe if any are at an altitude suitable for targetting (sch as the level of rain clouds) or whether ALL of what you observe is in the 30-35K stratosphere where planes cruise and where strongs both flow the emissions thousands of miles over months all the while diluting until they fall to earth, or rather 2/3 fall into the ocean.

            You will find–but check it yourself, that what you see are ordinary commercial flights in the cruising stratosphere.

          • dale ruff | June 13, 2017 at 7:53 am |

            You started the idiot talk, friend: “”you’re a bona fide idiot Ruff…or… a government disinfo agent….”

          • Where are you getting that from, a very old thread? I rarely use the word idiot. On occasion I to refer to the (mis?)attribution to Lenin’s alleged term – which fits Bolshevism strategy, in any case. I do think you’re some kind of operative and not being honest, supporting spin and limited hangouts. With your education you have to know more than you are letting on and my guess is like the rest of the controllers you believe the end justifies the means.

            Why don’t you deconstruct Parag Khanna’s vision for us? It’s effectively the end of “democracy” which you espouse, though you also don’t point out the US is a Republic, you insist it’s a democracy – which is also odd given your education.

          • These are contrails at 30-33K ft altitude, on commercial flight patterns. You can verify by this by googling flight patterns for your region and confirm that these contrails are at level of cirrus clouds, the cruising level of commercial flights. Do your own research and liberated yourself from myths! There are over 100,000 flights a day and when the vapors from the polluted jet fuel emissions hit sub-zero temperatures, they form ice crystals, which your photo shows. At this altitude, the emissions spread horizontally (useless for targeting) and move thousands of miles as they dilute, with 2/3 falling into the oceans weeks and months later.

            I urge you to read what atmospheric scientists are saying about persistent contrails and do the backyard research I have recommended, rather than repeating the myths you have read at non-scientific websites.

            Report back after doing the research I have suggested.

          • you’re a bona fide idiot Ruff…or… a government disinfo agent…your denial of chem trails existence is proof of your complicity &/or senility.

          • troll2
            gerund or present participle: trolling
            make a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them. LOL

          • Sure we can trust the government and corporate scientists & experts who rubber stamped GMOs, vaccines, Vioxx, cigarette smoking, thalidomide, NIST conclusions on the near free fall collapse of WTC 7 into its own footprint from modest office fires, and Arlen Specter’s magic bullet explanation in the Warren Commission.

            “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”
            Upton Sinclair


          • All of these perversions of science were corrected by other scientists. For instance, the IARC panel of 18 experts from 11 nations found that glypohosate (used in most GMO food production) is carcinogenic. All the others were refuted by scientists.

            Science is self-correcting, and the perversions of Stalin, Hitler, and tobacco have all been refuted by scientists whose evidence in the end prevailed.

            I agree with socialist Sinclair that corporate influence and domination of government is a betrayal of democracy. Glad to see you on board.

          • eddysachs | June 12, 2017 at 4:55 pm |

            Excellent post …gottalafff at the Settled Science lunacy…it’s just so ‘in-yer-face’ devious & diabolically mendacious…kind of like egoically trying to capture David Rothschild’s ‘consciousness’ & then downloading it into a new avatar …connected to the ‘cloud’…one simply cannot buy a new ‘soul’ …..for any amount of filthy lucre.

          • Ain’t that the truth? Very well said, Eddy. 😉

          • Passenger flights reach 30k feet at over 100 miles after take-off. Around airports is the only time flights converge and that will always be at much lower altitude. “Contrails” will only form crisscrossing parallel patterns at stratospheric altitude by specific flight instruction. No other possibility. Flight instruction that has no practical value for passenger flights
            The quantity of water vapour ejected along the jet thrust is relatively low unless there is water injection into the combustion chamber which is not standard practice at all.
            Authentic contrails dissipate in less than half an hour. Not many hours, and then converging into a 200 mile wide opaque cover over a specific area.
            You should definitely widen your “research” and avoid government and establishment spin.

          • dale ruff | June 13, 2017 at 7:52 am |

            You clearly did not look up commercial flight paths which show crisscrossing patterns at many places, including those where hardly anyone lives.

            Check this: ‘

            Note crisscross patterns for just one airline, Southwest. This map refutes your claims. It is not from the govt but from Southwest.

            Contrails may dissipate to the visible eye within hours but the pollutants jet fuel emissions takes weeks and months to dissipate and fall to the earth/ocean. As they dissipate, they form cirrus clouds, which warm the atmosphere My information is from the airlines (route maps) and scientific researchers, not the government.

            “The condensation trail left behind jet aircrafts are called contrails. Contrails form when hot humid air from jet exhaust mixes with environmental air of low vapor pressure and low temperature. The mixing is a result of turbulence generated by the engine exhaust. Cloud formation by a mixing process is similar to the cloud you see when you exhale and “see your breath”…….If you are attentive to contrail formation and duration, you will notice that they can rapidly dissipate or spread horizontally into an extensive thin cirrus layer. How long a contrail remains intact, depends on the humidity structure and winds of the upper troposphere. If the atmosphere is near saturation, the contrail may exist for sometime. On the other hand, if the atmosphere is dry then as the contrail mixes with the environment it dissipates.” http://cimss.ssec.wisc.edu/wxwise/class/contrail.html

            Because contrails are formed at high altitudes where the winds are usually very strong, they will move away from the area where they originated. Often, when we look up into the sky, we will see old persistent contrails that formed far away but moved overhead because of the wind……Contrails were first noticed during high-altitude flights in the 1920’s. However, interest in contrails really blossomed during WWII when bombers could be sighted from miles away. In fact, numerous WWII veteran accounts tell of problems to aviation due to massive contrail formations. Planes could not find their targets, and sometimes collided with each other.”

            “Persistent contrails can last for hours to days, and spread over thousands of square kilometers, becoming indistinguishable from naturally occurring cirrus clouds. Scientists are concerned about contrails because predicted increases in air-traffic could result in a continued incre

            Contrails, when they form cirrus clouds, tend to warm the atmosphere. The EPA was requesting authority to regulate jet fuel emissions, which pollute, just as they do on the ground. Research has found that biofuels can both reduce pollutants and contrails, since they contain less soot.

            This is all valid research and none is spin. You can lead a horse to water….etc.

          • O.k, you make the standard plausible deniability case. In certain conditions the stratosphere is so saturated with moisture that the contrails will be very heavy and much longer lasting.
            There is also an incredibly well financed misinformation program permeating the abstract cosmos so it is quite possible that the public is fed with bogus images in an attempt to further confuse the mind.
            Images like below just does not make any logical sense in relation to passenger flights from – and to airports keeping in mind that the flights leave and enter the stratosphere layers at least 100 miles from the airport.


          • dale ruff | June 14, 2017 at 7:50 am |

            Occam’s razor instructs us that the most likely valid explanation is the one with the fewest unproved unassumptions: your position is full of assumptions, such as that the world’s 10,000 atmospheric scientists are all lying, that there is a misinformation program (evidence?), that the photos are faked, etc.

            You can observe contrails with your own eyes and determine by doing a google search for commercial flight paths that they 100% coincide with normal commercial flights and well as that 100% of the contrails occur at the 30-35K altitude where commercial planes cruise and where it is impossible to target an area because the horizontally spreading cirrus clouds formed travel hundreds and thousands of miles over weeks and months before, very diluted, fall to earth/ 2/3 into the ocean.

            I have no dog in this fight, just think that all the assumptions you make without evidence have no basis in fact. You can do the simple research I am recommending from your backyard with no assumptions other than that your eyes are not fooling you. If all the trails observed are on regular flight paths and at cruising altitude, the only assumption needed, which is confirmed by actual atmospheric scientists, is that these are normal contrails, indeed full of pollutants, from normal flights.

            Take it or leave it; do your own research or invent unproven assertions, call the work of atmospheric scientists “plausible deniability” (they aren’t denying so much as explaining….this term, used by the Deep State,refers to saying no comment to allegations.).

            Choose science or poison the well conspiracy theories, which only serve to discredit those that are well founded such as the assassinations of JFK,RFK, MLK and 9/11. Those who seek to discredit all conspiracy theories promote absurd theories to poison the well. You are helping them by refusing to deal with either the research of scientists or do do your own research, as I have suggested.The image you show is common if you look up flight paths.

            For example. I am in Sedona Arizona, a sparsely populated desert region.

            At times, the sky is crisscrossed with contrails. The explanation is simple: from Phoenix north crosses over this area and from LA east crosses over this area. You can see this on flight routes published online….

            Here is a link which shows US air routes….note the hundreds of criss crossing routes, which explains the patterns we see with our own eyes. You can confirm these are normal airline flight paths with your own eyes.

            Here is just one airline; now multiply that by all the airlines: http://images.airlineroutemaps.com/maps/United_Airlines.gif

          • eddysachs | June 13, 2017 at 2:57 pm |

            You are irrelevant…dry up & blow away…do everybody a Big favor

          • eddysachs | June 12, 2017 at 4:44 pm |

            I watched Real Con Trails when I was a kid in the 1950’s…these pics are absolute proof that we’re being sprayed like bugs….next… the pilots will be playing X’s & O’s with the cross patterning (lol)

          • eddysachs | June 13, 2017 at 2:56 pm |

            Yes!..How apropos!…with the pointy end in the down position…Fallen Angels of Lucifer?…or the neo- Republicans inverted star

          • As someone said once – the seventh month is phonetically arranged to sound exactly what is wrong with this world. I’m still trying to figure out what it means 🙂

          • Typical Ruff …resorts to ad hominem attacks when cornered on his BS

          • MY BS is atmospheric science; when people dismiss science, it is not ad hominem to observe that they are useful idiots of the pollution industry. Do the research I suggest and report back with findings, eddysachs. Prove you are not a useful idiot (a person who supports policies and views that work against his own interests) by learning what atmospheric science says about contrails and doing your own backyard research after googling the commercial flight paths in your region and the altitutde of observed trails.

            Report back after doing your own study.

          • eddysachs | June 13, 2017 at 3:07 pm |

            “My BS is atmospheric (pseudo)science”…Hahahahahaha!…couldn’t have said it better myself (LOL)

          • You cannot corner a person with assertions made without evidence. Nor is pointing out that repeating propaganda is a sign of being used.

      • The kleptocracy in the U.S. is only hidden by the fact that we can keep borrowing (so far). Imagine if the govt couldn’t borrow $20 trillion. Maybe if the limit was only 20% of GDP? There would have been a revolt 20 or 30 years ago

        • Dale Ruff has been on the tails of A. Post readers for a long time giving us a hard time for being conspiracy theorists. He used to focus on berating us on articles on geoengineering, climate change, and vaccinations.

          • dale ruff | June 10, 2017 at 8:51 pm |

            I am on your case for poisoning the well of legitimate conspiracy allegations such as JFK,RFK, and MLK assassintions, the Gulf of Tonkin hoax, Saddams’s WMDs, and 9/11 with fake conspiracy theories which then are lumped with the legitimate to disredit them. All the fake conspiracies you promote were created to distract,deceive, and dumb down. Fake conspiracy theories discredit those with merit, and that is why I have documented and exposed the fakery in the climate denial, chemtrails bullshit.

          • You change your tune to sidle in and pretend you are in sync with the typical views in this forum. When I had you finally pinned down on Putin ordering the FSB false flag attacks in Moscow all you could say was “he’s no saint but…”

            That you were routinely hostile to geoengineering pieces in your early forays and then faded away after not getting any traction and the hostility backfiring by energizing the readers, tells me much about your world view.

          • I think he is ‘chipped’ though…to track him down when he wanders away from the nursing home (lol)

          • Does the SPLC have a “retirement home” for minions? 😉

          • eddysachs | June 12, 2017 at 4:34 pm |

            Yes ..it’s called Israhell

        • Most of the money was borrowed to fund tax cuts to the rich and build up the military and fight criminal wars against nations with no or low debt to make them dependent.

          Russian national debt is 18% of GDP…….they spend only about 5% on defense as the US. War is a racket by which public funds are transferred to private pockets. In WWII, Standard Oil (Exxon sold to both sides); in the Iran/Iraq war, the US furnished arms to both sides. The beneficiaries of war are banks, who fund them (often both sides),oil corporations, which find in war its biggest demand, and the weapons makers who profit from war or threats of war.

          Big Business has created Big Government (no one expanded debt or government more than “fiscal conservatives” Reagan, who tripled the debt,and Bush II, who more than doubled it: both cut taxes on the rich and blew up the defense/war budget.

          You are right! The US is a plutocracy, and all plutocracies are kleptocracies. As the French say, “Behind all great fortunes are great crimes.”

      • And they just legalized beating your wife….and you say they are more free and democratic..hahahaha you just lost me there buddy….now I know your nuts. All those intelligent paragraphs just went to shit….really.

  3. BlackJack77 | June 7, 2017 at 8:48 pm | Reply

    Why does the West hate Putin? First, it is only the deep state and their allies in the Mainstream Media and Military Industrial Complex that hate Russia. Second, the reason is because he has lead a counter-revolution that has partially freed Russia from the bamkster’s death grip. He has partially freed Russia from globalism/ world communism. No wonder they compare him so much to Trump. Trump is trying to do the same thing here.

    • There’s more to it – the history behind Bolshevism and who orchestrated it. The basics are in the article (which apparently you didn’t read)

  4. Sorry, I didn’t see this reply until now, it didn’t come through right away in my notifications, unless this was an edit or some moderation delay.
    I’ll look at those links. FWIW, I’ve been posting Dawisha’s book for three years in alt hoping for feedback and nobody seemed to be aware of it – so that’s what I’m wondering about how widely known this information has been as a big meme aggressively promoted by the Establishment. Anne Williamson’s book on the plunder of Russian in the 90s would be in the same category and she never got hers published. Williamson implicated US elite and the KGB. >>

    Best analogy I can think of here for Dawisha in terms of limited press exposure was Ron Paul being allowed a tiny platform in his bid for POTUS as a pretense for an open society when it was clear TPTB’s goal was to prevent him from getting traction and popular exposure. Same can be said of William Binney allowed on Democracy Now but not given the rock star treatment of Assange and Snowden who both appear to be CIA assets.

    Appreciate the links. Thank you.

  5. both russia and the us want a nwo but they both wanna run that shit

  6. well-written, researched article. I like it.

  7. This article presents a false choice: the collusion and hacking by Russia has everything to do with the real struggle for geopolitical power. It is a means to an end. To deny it is to throw up a smokescreen which blocks our view of HOW Russia (and other nations) use covert operations by their Deep States to promote what they see as their national interest.

    Putin, who comes out of the Soviet Deep State, is attacked because in order to promote the MIC, it is necessary to promote fear. On the other hand, Putin gave us Trump so he deserves to be locked up with Trump!

    I don’t really know anyone except the Trump appointees who fears Russia.Secy of Defense Mattis, Secy of State Tillerson, CIA chief Pompeo, and UN Ambassador Haley, all Republicans appointed by Trump, all say that Russia is our “principal national security threat.”

    Clinton talked tough but negotiated a nuclear arms reduction agreement (new Start Treaty)while Trump has talked soft but challenged Putin to a nuclear arms race, vowed to trash the agreement by expanding US nuiclear capacity and attacked a military ally of Russia.

    Judge politicans by what they do, not what they say.

    • You are judging Trump and his appointees by what “they have said so far.” Only time will tell.

  8. Charlesrocks | June 12, 2017 at 8:06 am | Reply

    That was an incredible article. Thank you. The way the PTB New World Order bunch like to repeat and echo themselves and their atrocities, I have frequently thought they are working hard to have the USA collapse the same way as they collapsed the USSR, and carve us up for their fire sale, and they already have their new bolsheviks all lined up with Homeland Security. All brought to us by the same tribe that formented the Sept 11 attacks and now rush to import the people they blamed for those attacks. I have little doubt the beatings will continue until they get their way, unless they are cold stopped. Putin leads the way in showing how to cold stop them. The controlled bought and paid for corporate media can only howl its master’s sick obsessions as it grinds us into chaos. Good luck to you.

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  11. Dugin is a man with many faces / masks which he presents to different groups pro-fascist to some, pro Bolshevist to others. We could probably dig up interviews of the Bushes and Clintons and even Brzezinki sounding like a rational reasonable people, being tossed soft ball questions – Charlie Rose style. However, in Dugin’s own words – his books and papers and publications on his website – it becomes apparent he supports bloody conflicts, order out of chaos, which fits with his early history as a Luciferian / Occultist.

    In the second video I posted above, regarding the Ukraine, Dugin literally says “Kill, kill, kill”…”genocide the cretins”, absolutely recorded on video!

    Dugin’s financial backer, Konstantin Malofeev, is an oligarch in the mold of Soros, funding revolutionaries and also funding an organization to strictly censor the internet in Russia.

  12. It was meant to be tongue in cheek, Dale and I have “waltzed” many times in the past. Although, I believe the general sentiment it true, what happens behind the geopolitical curtain is typically much different than what is presented on the front stage – which is sometimes admitted in the Carnegie’s Foreign Policy magazine, for instance. To a lesser extent in the CFR’s Foreign Affairs publication.

  13. The Beslan school siege and the 2002 Nord-Ost siege (Moscow theater hostage crisis) were two other high provide “terrorist” events that appear to be FSB operations using patsies.

    If a govt is psychologically capable of carrying out 9/11 or the Moscow apartment bombings and then uses those incidents to bomb and enrage people in a large region. It becomes a difficult task reading the tea leaves as to how much of the subsequent “war on terror” is manifesting as blow back, mediated by govt with pasties or cutouts, copy cats, or completely synthetic. The bottom line is governments are designed to control the people.

    Some apt quotes from Chomsky – I realize he’s a gatekeeper and not a 9/11 Truther, I just happen to think the words are spot on. At least he presented and popularized the concept of manufacturing consent.



  14. Doran Zeigler | June 13, 2017 at 11:05 am | Reply

    The article has good content, but the headline is misleading. The only people in the west who dislike Putin are the servants of the Zionists who realize Putin is the fly in the ointment and an impediment to their plans of steamrollering the world into a servile role of their New World Order. Anyone who is able to see past the smokescreen of the AmeriKKKan government tend to see Putin in a positive light.

    • Two Americas | June 13, 2017 at 11:50 am | Reply

      I don’t understand how anyone can see the people who are looting the public wealth in the former republics of the USSR in a positive light.

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