US Signs $12 Billion Arms Deal With Qatar Days After Saying It Funds Terrorism

By Jason Ditz

Defense Secretary James Mattis and his Qatari counterpart, Defense Minister Khalid al-Attiyah have signed a $12 billion arms deal today in Washington, a move made particularly high profile because of the ongoing blockade imposed on Qatar by its Gulf Arab neighbors.

The agreement is for the purchase of a number of F-15 fighter jets, a sale which the Pentagon says will ensure that Qatar has “state-of-the-art” defensive capabilities. Qatar is the richest nation on the planet in per-capital GDP, but a very small nation to be spending $12 billion on warplanes.

Over the past couple of decades, oil-rich Gulf Arab states have used some of their massive oil revenue to buy US warplanes as sort of prestige pieces to trot out during parades and the like. That tensions are rising between Qatar and the other nations, who have their own large fleets of US warplanes, but this purchase in a totally different context.

The Pentagon has retained close ties with Qatar throughout the regional dispute, reflecting the fact that Qatar hosts the largest US base in the region. In addition to the arms deal, the US Navy has sent two boats into Qatari waters today to join the nation’s fleet for military exercises.

All of this comes just a day after the Ambassador from the United Arab Emirates suggested the US should move their base out of Qatar to “pressure” them. That, it seems, is not under serious consideration from the Pentagon.

Editor’s note: The Qatari arms deal also comes just days after President Trump stated in a press conference that Qatar was historically a “funder of terrorism” and funding for its “radical ideologies” must cease immediately. 

Watch Trump’s full remarks on Qatar below:

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13 Comments on "US Signs $12 Billion Arms Deal With Qatar Days After Saying It Funds Terrorism"

  1. wilfried schuler | June 15, 2017 at 10:40 am | Reply

    In 1977 Jimmy Carter flooded Iran with arms of all kind. Just to return the petro dollars back to the US.
    And Carter said, the person he would like to stay with during christmas was Reza Pahlevi, a muslim.

    For all people tired with all the stories, just sit down and listen to the 45 year old song by Tom. T. Hall.
    “The monkey that became president.” Easy to track in youtube.

    • “Jimmy Carter flooded Iran with arms of all kind. Just to return the petro dollars back to the US.”

      Carter was a Trilateral Commission member along with his entire cabinet marking the formal direct takeover of the executive office by a supranational body intent on creating an authoritarian (totalitarian) world government – and Iran was already in a state of deep global elite capture. Khomeini a friendly US asset since at least 1963 and the embassy hostage crisis a contrived JOINT US-Iran operation.

      Iran’s role as a fake boogeyman continued through out the Bush and Obama administrations with both Israel and the US quietly sending Iran advanced military parts and weapons.

      The globalists have the markets rigged and can print money at will, weapons sales to fake enemies just goes to show geopolitics is never ending Kabuki theater – with real suffering and death.

      • “Carter was a Trilateral Commission member”

        The first Tri Lat President.

        Spent some time with Holly Sklar, author of one of the first books on them the summer of 1980 at a gathering of 15K plus folks from around the world sharing what they knew. Blew my transistors to finally get a hold of stuff we had wondered about for years involving world control, etc. from her, Mishu Kaku, Bill Tabb, Native Americans and others.

        • 1980! Wow and yes to think about Sutton and Wood exposing the Trilateralists with TC’s capture of the office of the president and their plans to take over the world in a more formal construct – all of this known back in the day and the public didn’t run out with pitch forks and torches because the word couldn’t get out in a big way. What a tragedy for Americans and the rest of the world all of this nonsense, to include innocent lives ruined and snuffed out, could have been prevented if enough people could have been fully awakened. As I’ve said before, you and Eddy remind me of Forrest Gump – uncannily in the right place as the right times to make that 6 six degrees of separation connection many times. I’ve had some very lucky breaks in the shadows of the infowar – similar parallel, at least enough to appreciate your remarkable stories. 🙂

          • “…because the word couldn’t get out in a big way.”

            We tried. It was still the analog age and passing cassette tapes around, listening to folks at coffee houses and little meetings was very limited.

            “… could have been prevented if enough people could have been fully awakened.”

            As it is now. Too much focus by the public on the shiny objects just like a fishing lure in a cold mountain stream, BAM, gotcha.

            “…you and Eddy remind me of Forrest Gump”

            And you are our “Jenny” always there for support. Ironically Eddy and I had to have run into each other in that time huh?

            Another one, Tom Hanks (Forrest) grew up ten miles from me. A good friend of mine when I was in the biz in Hollywood was Dan Brown. Dan and Tom of course have put out those DaVinci flicks. How many degrees of separation out there? :-))

            Coming to BLN and discovering the gang out here as been a very special thing for me at this time in our lives. The thought that many folks have, that aloneness in philosophy and life path can be devastating. The work of the controllers as you know is to keep us as separated in phony us/them paradigms, as old as the hills the process of divide and conquer.

          • Exactly true.

  2. How many people will realize this information demonstrates Qatar, the US, and Saudi Arabia are not antagonistic behind the curtain – they’re all working on the same global government prison planet?

    Qatar purchased 20% of Rosneft last month, Saudi Arabia purchased the largest US refinery last year (irrespective of the redacted pages psy op “throwing KSA under the bus”), and the Clintons are assisting Russian uranium companies get a stronghold in the US as they also help Russia catch up with Silicon Valley technology aiding the development of Skolkovo.

    Endless distraction from the control grid that aims capture your consciousness.

  3. Deadly Berry | June 16, 2017 at 9:00 am | Reply

    Disgusting, that’s the least offensive word I can come up with. As for Trump, it’s quite obvious now how two-faced he really is. He’s only there to approve everything he’s handed over, regardless of people’s lives.

    The Pentagon and the CIA appear to be separate corporations, acting on their own with the sole intent of creating more enemies of America. The people have to cut all support to the troops; it’s not the soldier’s fault, but that would make it clear to those traitors that we don’t want war and we will not shed more blood for their amusement.

    • It is difficult to know just what is going on with Mr. Trump. His sincerity and devotion to the country was well documented over the years…getting out of his limo to break up an unfair fight in NY, his personal contributions to fallen “heroes” and others, etc.

      Would you call him “two-faced” if perhaps you knew he was taken in the basement of the WH and shown the real JFK murder films?? See, it is easy out here to have opinions on anything but if we are to be good citizen journalists then we need to deal with the facts, the evidence.

      You seem correct about the Pentagon and the CIA’s sovereignty from the government. And yes, the soldiers may be more awake then many realize. The Internet has had unintended consequences from the military’s first invention and use of it.

      People, if they are seeking truth are clever enough to wade through the mire to understand in basic ways about false flags, fractional loan lending by the Zionist banks and their control of the Fed Reserve, secret societies, etc.

      • Deadly Berry | June 19, 2017 at 4:58 am | Reply

        I guess he’s on a lot of pressure now. Then I guess our fate relies entirely on the people. It’s so easy to take them down, but the population are so damn stubborn. It’s so frustrating.

        • So true. Tried to watch a History Channel special yesterday on “The Drug Wars” and it was much like any limited hangout and sensationalized with music and MTV type of one second flash cuts, etc.

          Just like Alex Jones and his 70% truth 30% manipulation way of presenting.

  4. Just sell them the F-35 aeroplane. This will help fund that boondoggle.

  5. Mikael Vitally Vyachesl | June 30, 2017 at 2:06 am | Reply

    …..Isis , Taliben and Alqueda are U.S. made …U.S. payed mercenaries .

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