US Election Meddling: Smoke and Mirrors

By Ulson Gunnar

For a magician, the greater the illusion attempted, the more showmanship that’s required to distract audiences from the fact that it is indeed just an illusion. For US politics, something very similar applies, particularly regarding the latest, ongoing narrative surrounding alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election.

Having concluded over half a year ago, had there been actual evidence of State-sponsored election interference by Russia, it would have surfaced and the necessity for a lengthy and dramatic public spectacle would not only be absent, it would obstruct real measures needed to protect America’s political process from future foreign influence.

However, actual evidence has not surfaced.

Instead, complex conspiracy theories buttressed by the most tenuous documentation have been spun and promoted in the midst of public hearings, political rearrangements in the White House and other theatrics designed to keep the public engaged and convinced of the notion that Russia’s government actually attempted to manipulate the results of America’s presidential election.

However, the entire spectacle and the narrative driving it, is based entirely on the assumption that Russia’s government believes the office of US President is of significant importance enough so as to risk meddling in it in the first place. It also means that Russia believed the office of US President was so important to influence, that the substantial political fallout and consequences if caught were worth the risk.

In reality, as US President Donald Trump has thoroughly demonstrated, the White House holds little to no sway regarding US foreign policy.

While President Trump promised during his campaign leading up to the 2016 election cooperation with Russia, a withdrawal from undermining and overthrowing the government in Damascus, Syria and a reversal of decades of US support for the government of Saudi Arabia, he now finds himself presiding over an administration continuing to build up military forces on Russia’s borders in Eastern Europe, is currently and repeatedly killing Syrian soldiers in Syria and has sealed a record arms deal with Saudi Arabia amounting to over 110 billion US dollars.

It is clear that the foreign policy executed by US President George Bush, continued by President Barack Obama and set to continue under US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, is instead being faithfully executed by President Trump.

Any and all efforts to skew the electoral process either through leaked e-mails or through hacking electronic voting machines would have carried a political risk that far outweighed what is clearly a negligible outcome.

Cui Bono?

For US foreign and domestic policy, however, the grand illusion of Russia meddling in America’s political process helps in at least three fundamental ways.

First, it provides a distraction for the American public. While President Trump continues the policies of previous administrations in the service of the unelected special interests that actually determine and benefit from US foreign policy, the “US election meddling” narrative provides a diversion that prevents President Trump’s backtracking and hypocrisy from taking precedence in public debates.

Second, creating hysteria over the possibility that a foreign nation might have interfered with America’s political process helps reinforce the illusion that America’s political process is legitimate and meaningful in the first place. It buttresses the notion that America’s destiny is determined by the electorate and the representatives it puts in office, not the multi-billion dollar multi-national corporations and financial institutions that lobby America’s legislative bodies and place their representatives within each presidential cabinet regardless of who the American public vote into office.

And third, accusing Russia of interfering in America’s political process helps perpetuate the adversarial nature of US-Russian relations, justifying the continued existence and expansion of NATO and all of the conflicts it both fuels and feeds off of. In addition to geopolitical objectives, this process reaps billions in defense contracts and opens up new potential markets for US corporations and financial institutions.

Ultimately, the co-opting or elimination of Russian competitors across a multitude of industries globally would give existing US monopolies and even tighter grip on the planet, its resources and its people.

For Russia who already faces an all but openly declared policy of encirclement, containment and undermining by the US, including crippling economic sanctions and an array of politically subversive (not to mention ironic) activities sponsored openly by the US through fronts like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), excuses like alleged Russian meddling in America’s presidential election only gives Washington continued apparent justification for its incremental efforts toward taking apart Russia as a reemerging world power.

Accusations of foreign meddling amid the domestic political affairs of a sovereign nation are serious. However, evidence is required not only to level accusations against a nation for doing so, but are essential before undertaking subsequent measures against the accused nation. While the United States openly manipulates the political processes of nations worldwide through organizations like NED which literally creates and directs opposition parties globally, it has failed to produce convincing evidence or even assign a rational motive regarding its accusations against Russia.

Were Russia determined to challenge American hegemony worldwide, it would not do it by interfering in an already rigged and irrelevant US election, but by creating alternatives to the industrial, military, financial and institutional monopolies the US uses globally to achieve, maintain and expand hegemony. Russia is already doing this, which is why the US seeks justification for confronting Moscow, revealing the true culprits and motive behind the “US election meddling” narrative.

Ulson Gunnar, a New York-based geopolitical analyst and writer especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”, where this article first appeared.

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4 Comments on "US Election Meddling: Smoke and Mirrors"

  1. The focus on who is meddling in US elections should be placed at the feet of DHS; as a previously published article on this site intimated. If true; as I have yet to see a follow-up, there should be public outcry over the hijacking of the US electoral process from within as opposed to blaming foreign powers.

  2. Hmmm

    The very visible influence by Israel for decades in our elections is a taboo subject. As is the ever increasing number and power of dual citizen Israelis at the highest levels of our government. The real threat to National Security isn’t “Russia” or even “China” at this point, it is Israel and their agents roaming the halls of power all over America today. Consider that Jared Kushner is a dual citizen, radical, militant far right wing Orthodox Israeli with close personal ties to NutenYahoo and a well known and public fealty to Israel. Ties so close that NutenYahoo used to sleep in his bedroom when he came to visit Kushner’s father a convicted felon and another dual citizen Israeli with direct ties to active Jewish terrorist groups operating in Palestine today.

    Jared Kushner is a criminal. He has already publicly admitted to falsifying his application for a national security clearance which is a Federal Felony. He lied to both the FBI and the Secret Service, which are also felonies. Among the lies was his omission of secret meetings with NutenYahoo and other Israeli government officials without the knowledge of the US government after the November elections. This fact was ironically first reported by non other than the Jerusalem Post in late December 2016. He was also present and several of the meetings with the Russians, which got Flynn fired. 54 members of Congress wrote President Trump demanding his security clearance be suspended and a full investigation started. Neither of those things happened. Treason at the highest levels.

  3. I did some research on the following matter, and I have come to the opinion that Guccifer 2 is probably an American Citizen, and Computer Expert, who wanted to try to spread Disinformation on Seth Rich who worked at the headquarters of the DNC as the voter expansion data Director, and who had access to the DNC Computers, and it appears that Guccifer 2 also wants to try to discredit the possibility that Seth Rich may have been the Leaker who Leaked DNC Emails Directly to WikiLeaks at .

    I am Not making any allegations as to who was responsible for the death of Seth Rich, and I think that the writings of Guccifer 2 have Inconsistencies.

    There had been Leaks of Clinton and DNC Emails to WikiLeaks during 2016, and of which Hillary Clinton and the DNC and the Staff at the DNC, which included Seth Rich who was a Computer Expert and the Director of voter expansion data at that time were All Aware of at , and on 12 June 2017, Julian Assange said that there would be further Leaks of Clinton and DNC Emails that would be Published on WikiLeaks, and Hillary Clinton and DNC were Aware of that at , and Kim Dotcom had mentioned that this would occur in his Interview of May of 2015, and so there would have been Discussions of how to deal with this, and that Most Certainly would Include what Lies to speak, because any Leaker of Clinton and DNC Emails was also Aware that the DNC was trying to find the Leaker of Emails to WikiLeaks.

    I am Not an expert on Computers, and I will offer some opinions of what may have happened, and if there are Archived statements either correct or disinformation or opinions of others, then those things Need to be considered and adjustments to some of my opinions would have to be made where appropriate, to fit the Known Facts of this matter.

    I will assume that much or all of the material mentioned in those Web links that I provide in this comment is accurate.

    Hillary Clinton and the DNC had been Inventing their Lies with regards to this matter since July of 2015, because that was when Hillary Clinton’s Unauthorized Clandestine Secret Email Server with Classified State Department Emails was referred to the FBI for Criminal Investigation, and the Clintonites would Not want to say that the DNC Leaks were done by another Democrat, if that is what really happened, because they thought that there were more Votes for the Democratic Party if the Clintonites said that a foreign Country had hacked their Computers.

    The Shadow Regime had Already Selected Hillary Clinton long ago to be their Corrupt Puppet.

    The Clinton Campaign assumed during the Primaries that Hillary Clinton would receive more Votes that what Senator Sanders would, but Hillary Clinton could Only Usurp the Democratic Party nomination with Widespread and Systematic Vote Rigging, Election Fraud, and Many Dirty Tricks and Lies and Slander against Senator Sanders which is Unamerican, and Many Americans Want Electoral Reform.

    These are Facts that are Known to the Puppet Mainstream Media, along with the Establishment Democrats and the Establishment Republicans, and yet they do Not want Free and Fair Elections in America.

    This is because these People are the Puppets of the Dictatorial Shadow Regime.

    These Puppets of the Shadow Regime Know the Vote is Rigged for them to be Illegitimately in the Congress, the Senate, and even in the White House, and they do Not like that a Less Establishment Candidate like President Donald Trump was Elected, and they have been Scheming a Coup on President Donald Trump since Election Day.

    The Shadow Regime has Selected them to be their Puppets, and they Willingly go along with that, and this is Why they do Not want Electoral Reform, but Will Lie and they have Wrongly blamed a foreign Country, because they think that their Puppet Hillary Clinton should have been President.

    This is Why there are Corrupt Establishment Senators who talking of sanctions on Russia, because they want to continue with this Lie that Russia interfered or influenced the Election, because the American Shadow Regime Wants some Excuses Not to have Electoral Reform so that Americans can be able Elect Representatives who will look after the Legitimate Interests of the American People, rather than being the Puppets of the Shadow Regime.

    There are People who have their opinions on what is Needed, but Voter Identification Cards, and that Only Paper Ballots to be Used for Voting, because the Shadow Regime and their Puppets Do and Always Will Rig Electronic Voting, and that there be 100 % Public Funding for Elections, and there is a former CIA Analyst who Knows that the System is Corrupt and Rigged, and he has an opinion on Electoral Reform at .

    I think that Julian Assange Knows who Leaked those Emails to WikiLeaks, and we Know that Julian Assange said on 12 June 2016 that more Leaks would be Published, and so on 14 June 2016, the DNC released their Allegation that Alleges that their Servers were hacked, and perhaps the DNC may have assisted the Computer Expert who would have the Moniker of Guccifer 2 to ‘hack’ the DNC Computers.

    The DNC released a statement on 14 June 2016 and it made mention of the Trump Opposition Research that was part of that Alleged hack, because something insignificant that could be portrayed as significant had to be said to have been hacked in order to help the temporary Deception at least until Election Day as far as Hillary Clinton and the DNC were concerned, and this would Benefit the Clintonites with regards to Supporters of Senator Sanders, and on 15 June 2016, the Private for Profit company Crowd Strike Allegedly gave an Alleged update on an Alleged report of Alleged malware that they Allegedly found on the DNC’s Server during an Alleged investigation in May of 2016, and they further Allege that evidence or ‘evidence’ suggests or ‘suggests’ the malware was Allegedly done by Russians, but the Vault 7 Umbrage program that Most Countries have because someone probably sold it to other Countries, and this means that it can Never be proven who hacked a Computer, but one thing is Obvious, and that whoever it looks like hacked a Computer, then it is Not them, and I think that Guccifer 2, who I think is an American Citizen was Allowed to, and even Assisted to ‘hack’ the DNC Computers to Wrongly blame it on Russians, and the For Profit Company working for the DNC and for Hillary Clinton, thought that Hillary Clinton would be the future President to Make Them Rich if they helped Hillary Clinton become President.

    I am not making any accusations as to who was responsible for the death of Seth Rich, but People who Knew Seth Rich, Know that if he Leaked Clinton and DNC Emails to WikiLeaks, then he did Not do it for any foreign Country, but he would have done that for America, and Kim Dotcom Knew that Seth Rich would Not Leak to a Stranger like Guccifer 2, or ‘entrust’ that those Clinton and DNC Emails would be passed onto WikiLeaks by Guccifer 2, and Julian Assange Knew that Seth Rich was being Slandered with regards to being in league with a foreign hacker.

    There are People who might think that Kim Dotcom may have mentioned those things to Julian Assange, and this may be the reason that Julian Assange had that Interview on Dutch Television, where some People think that Julian Assange may have ‘admitted’ without actually admitting that if Seth Rich Leaked those Emails, then he Seth Rich was Not in league with a foreign hacker, but that he Would have Leaked those Emails to WikiLeaks for America.

    WikiLeaks does Not reveal its sources, and Julian Assange said those things on Dutch Television one month after the murder of Seth Rich, and that interviewer was familiar with what should have been the unknown Seth Rich case to him, and this was one month after the murder of Seth Rich in a far away Country as far as that interviewer was concerned, and that interviewer said it was a robbery, and so it appears that the Dutch Interviewer was Coached as to what to say regarding Seth Rich, and was any Coaching done by someone associated with those with a vested interest in covering up this matter at .

    It is Obvious that someone Educated and Knowledgeable like Seth Rich Knew that the Best way that any material would be certain of reaching WikiLeaks, was for him to Leak it Directly to WikiLeaks.

    This is because of the talk at the DNC of the Leaks and the efforts to find the Leaker, and to use either a recently arrived on the scene Stranger like Guccifer 2, and who Could have been an American Citizen, and this would Not guarantee that those Emails would reach WikiLeaks.

    It would be an Extra Unnecessary Risk for Seth Rich to tell a Stranger that he was the Leaker, or to ‘entrust’ those Clinton and DNC Emails with a Stranger.

    That is Why I will essentially Ignore any Tricks and Deceptions from what Guccifer 2 has to say on this matter.

    The Corruption at the DNC continued with the DNC being served with Papers to attend Court for Vote Rigging and Electoral Fraud, and Shawn Lucas the Attorney who served those Papers on the DNC was found dead under unusual circumstances at .

    The deaths of Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas made the next Leaker also Very Careful, and the DNC Computers were being made even more Secure, then that Leaker who is a Democrat gave material to a former British Ambassador who is Associated with WikiLeaks, who then gave that material to WikiLeaks at .

    That former British Ambassador was in Washington DC as the Master of Ceremonies for a Conference in September of 2016, and he says that he Received that material from a Democrat, and he then gave that material that a Democrat gave him to WikiLeaks.

    There are Many Americans who think that a Special Prosecutor Should also look into these matters, including the Need for Electoral Reform in America.

  4. The Hildebeest thought it was in the bag…guess they didn’t seem the tsunami.
    Check real vs. not real voting centers and the tallies just weren’t enough for the banshee.

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