Tehran Was Always America’s And Thus The Islamic State’s Final Destination

By Tony Cartalucci

Several were left dead and many more injured after coordinated terror attacks on Iran’s capital of Tehran. Shootings and bombings targeted Iran’s parliament and the tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini.

According to Reuters, the so-called “Islamic State” claimed responsibility for the attack, which unfolded just days after another terror attack unfolded in London. The Islamic State also reportedly took responsibility for the violence in London, despite evidence emerging that the three suspects involved were long known to British security and intelligence agencies and were simply allowed to plot and carry out their attacks.

It is much less likely that Tehran’s government coddled terrorists – as it has been engaged for years in fighting terrorism both on its borders and in Syria amid a vicious six-year war fueled by US, European, and Persian Gulf weapons, cash, and fighters.

Armed Violence Targeting Tehran Was the Stated Goal of US Policymakers

The recent terrorist attacks in Tehran are the literal manifestation of US foreign policy. The creation of a proxy force with which to fight Iran and establishing a safe haven for it beyond Iran’s borders have been long-stated US policy. The current chaos consuming Syria and Iraq – and to a lesser extent in southeast Turkey – is a direct result of the US attempting to secure a base of operations to launch a proxy war directly against Iran.

In the 2009 Brookings Institution document titled, “Which Path to Persia? Options for a New American Strategy toward Iran,” the use of then US State Department-listed foreign terrorist organization Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK) as a proxy for instigating a full-fledged armed insurgency not unlike that which is currently unfolding in Syria was discussed in detail.

The report explicitly stated:

The United states could also attempt to promote external Iranian opposition groups, providing them with the support to turn themselves into full-fledged insurgencies and even helping them militarily defeat the forces of the clerical regime. The United states could work with groups like the Iraq-based National council of resistance of Iran (NCRI) and its military wing, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MeK), helping the thousands of its members who, under Saddam Husayn’s regime, were armed and had conducted guerrilla and terrorist operations against the clerical regime. although the NCRI is supposedly disarmed today, that could quickly be changed.

Brookings policymakers admitted throughout the report that MEK was responsible for killing both American and Iranian military personnel, politicians, and civilians in what was clear-cut terrorism. Despite this, and admissions that MEK remained indisputably a terrorist organization, recommendations were made to de-list it from the US State Department’s Foreign Terrorist Organization registry so that more overt support could be provided to the group for armed regime change.

Based on such recommendations and intensive lobbying, the US State Department would eventually de-list MEK in 2012 and the group would receive significant backing from the US openly. This included support from many members of current US President Donald Trump’s campaign team – including Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gingrich, and John Bolton.

However, despite these efforts, MEK was not capable then or now of accomplishing the lofty goal of instigating full-fledged insurrection against Tehran, necessitating the use of other armed groups. The 2009 Brookings paper made mention of other candidates under a section titled, “Potential Ethnic Proxies,” identifying Arab and Kurdish groups as well as possible candidates for a US proxy war against Tehran.

Under a section titled, “Finding a Conduit and Safe Haven,” Brookings notes:

Of equal importance (and potential difficulty) will be finding a neighboring country willing to serve as the conduit for U.S. aid to the insurgent group, as well as to provide a safe haven where the group can train, plan, organize, heal, and resupply.

For the US proxy war on Syria, Turkey and Jordan fulfill this role. For Iran, it is clear that US efforts would have to focus on establishing conduits and safe havens from Pakistan’s southwest Balochistan province and from Kurdish-dominated regions in northern Iraq, eastern Syria, and southeastern Turkey – precisely where current upheaval is being fueled by US intervention both overtly and covertly.

Brookings noted in 2009 that:

It would be difficult to find or build an insurgency with a high likelihood of success. The existing candidates are weak and divided, and the Iranian regime is very strong relative to the potential internal and external challengers.

A group not mentioned by Brookings in 2009, but that exists in the very region the US seeks to create a conduit and safe haven for a proxy war with Iran, is the Islamic State. Despite claims that it is an independent terrorist organization propelled by black market oil sales, ransoms, and local taxes, its fighting capacity, logistical networks, and operational reach demonstrates vast state sponsorship.

The Ultimate Proxy, the Perfect Conduit and Safe Haven

The Islamic State reaching into Iran, southern Russia, and even as far as western China was not only possible, it was inevitable and the logical progression of US policy as stated by Brookings in 2009 and verifiably executed since then.

The Islamic State represents the perfect “proxy,” occupying the ideal conduit and safe haven for executing America’s proxy war against Iran and beyond. Surrounding the Islamic State’s holdings are US military bases, including those illegally constructed in eastern Syria. Were the US to wage war against Iran in the near future, it is likely these assets would all “coincidentally” coordinate against Tehran just as they are now being “coincidentally” coordinated against Damascus.

The use of terrorism, extremists, and proxies in executing US foreign policy, and the use of extremists observing the Islamic State and Al Qaeda’s brand of indoctrination was demonstrated definitively during the 1980s when the US with the assistance of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan – used Al Qaeda to expel Soviet forces from Afghanistan. This example is in fact mentioned explicitly by Brookings policymakers as a template for creating a new proxy war – this time against Iran.

For the US, there is no better stand-in for Al Qaeda than its successor the Islamic State. US policymakers have demonstrated a desire to use known terrorist organizations to wage proxy war against targeted nation-states, has previously done so in Afghanistan, and has clearly organized the geopolitical game board on all sides of Iran to facilitate its agenda laid out in 2009. With terrorists now killing people in Tehran, it is simply verification that this agenda is advancing onward.

Iran’s involvement in the Syrian conflict illustrates that Tehran is well aware of this conspiracy and is actively defending against it both within and beyond its borders. Russia is likewise an ultimate target of the proxy war in Syria and is likewise involved in resolving it in favor of stopping it there before it goes further.

China’s small but expanding role in the conflict is linked directly to the inevitability of this instability spreading to its western Xianjiang province.

While terrorism in Europe, including the recent London attack, is held up as proof that the West is “also” being targeted by the Islamic State, evidence suggests otherwise. The attacks are more likely an exercise in producing plausible deniability.

In reality, the Islamic State – like Al Qaeda before it – depends on vast, multinational state sponsorship – state sponsorship the US, Europe, and its regional allies in the Persian Gulf are providing. It is also sponsorship they can – at anytime of their choosing – expose and end. They simply choose not to in pursuit of regional and global hegemony.

The 2009 Brookings paper is a signed and dated confession of the West’s proclivity toward using terrorism as a geopolitical tool. While Western headlines insist that nations like Iran, Russia, and China jeopardize global stability, it is clear that they themselves do so in pursuit of global hegemony.

Tony Cartalucci, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazine New Eastern Outlook”, where this article first appeared.

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18 Comments on "Tehran Was Always America’s And Thus The Islamic State’s Final Destination"

  1. Herbert Dorsey | June 10, 2017 at 10:46 am | Reply

    It is interesting that the people in these think tanks, like the Brookings Institute, are so incapable of thinking. If they were actually capable of good long range thinking, they would understand that their plan to destabilize nations via terrorists organizations was quite criminal and that eventually, they themselves could be charged with aiding and abetting criminal organizations. If the U.S. had a real justice system, these non thinkers would be quickly charged for their crimes. Much the same could be said about the Central Intelligence Agency’s covert operations office, which helped to create Al Qaeda and ISIS, as documented in my book,. “CIA: Crime Incorporated of America”. If Trump really wants to defeat these terror groups, he needs to start at home.

    • Trump needs terrorism to justify his fear mongering and scapegoating, as he builds up the t/Industrial Complex and escalates war in 7 nations while risking conflict with Russia by attacking its military allies. The US sponsored terrorists have now made it clear that the enemy is not the West or the fascist ME states like Saudi Arabia and Israel but moderate Islamic states, the same secular states (Iraq,Afghaistan, Libya, etc) that the US has attacked.

      Those who lack popular support to lead require lies, threats , and violence; they require fear to justify force, and they require a terrorist threat to justify the fear. From Hitler to Trump, unelected leaders who gain power leverage fear to rule….and it always leads to disaster.

      This is another great article by Tony who is always on target except when he promotes fossil fuel propaganda about global warming. He just can’t quite seem to connect those dots…………………

      • Herbert Dorsey | June 10, 2017 at 9:16 pm | Reply

        As documented in my book, “CIA: Crime Incorporated of America”, the CIA has been sponsoring terrorist organizations since 1952, when the CIA worked with the Muslim Brotherhood to overthrow the king of Egypt. Long before the CIA was created, British Intelligence actually created extremist Muslim sects like Wahhabi, and Salafi sects to carry out their geopolitical agendas in the Mideast, as documented in David Livingstone’s “Terrorism and the Illuminati”. So, this has been going for a long time.
        During his campaign, Trump denounced “regime change” as a policy and said that he would join forces with Russia to fight ISIS. But after becoming President, he launched an illegal missile attack against Syria, using a fake chemical attack staged by the “White Helmets” as justification, and the U.S. Air Force has launched a number of attacks against the Syrian army which is actually fighting ISIS. So, Trump has been co-opted by the deep state and is now doing the same criminal activities that the Obama Administration has been doing before him. It seems he has basically betrayed the people who voted for him.

        • I agree with you except for one point: Trump was co-oped by the Deep State only if you believed his campaign promises to begin with. I did not. I thought they were designed to win support, to make Clinton look bad, but had no deeper intent. He has been a neo-con all his life, and to say he was co-opted is to assume he changed his position. I do not think he did. Rather, his true colors emerged after he had won and told his supporters: “I don’t need you any more.”

          He was not co-opted,did not sell out, but rather after his propaganda lies had worked, he declared his true nature as a neo-con, as can be said by his promises to raise defense spending, expand nuclear capacity (after Clinton had negotiated a nuclear arms reduction), and to Make America Great, which is the very motto of the Deep State and its goal of serving Wall St. and the corporatocracy through the revolving door and of US hegemony.

          Trump lied and now his true colors are showing. “I love he CIA.” “I am a big fan of NATO.” Etc.

          I also slightly disagree that he betrayed the people who voted for him, since it is a myth that he won the working class. In fact (see my article at opednews), he Clinton got more of the working class than Obama and less of the rich. Trump got most of the “white” vote but so have all Republicans for the past 50 years.

          The average Clinton voter made $60K, the average Trump voter made $96K…so I think that Trump, who is pushing tax breaks for the wealthier Americans is not betrayinng them but fulfilling his plan to short the poor to inrich the rich.

          He has betrayed those among the working class who believed his lies, but most of the working class voted for Clinton.

          I do think he has betrayed all of us, since those who win with lies and govern without consent of the majority are obliged, lacking the tailwind of popular support, to rule, as Hitler, Mussolini, and Bush II did (all losing elections but gaining power), must rule with lies, threats, and violence. Trump, per the principles of the Declaration of Indpendence, is not a legitimate ruler and thus rules unjustly. It’s time to change the system that makes bribery legal and the losers of elections the winners.

          Democracy is not just a set of noble principles; it is a strategy for avoiding those compelled to rule with deception, intimidation, and wars. It is a prescription for peaceful rule by having the ruler supported by the majority.

          But, in large, I totally agree with your case.

          • Herbert Dorsey | June 11, 2017 at 12:05 am |

            You could well be correct. Trump could have been telling the people what they wanted to hear just to get elected, with out meaning any of it.

          • dale ruff | June 11, 2017 at 5:49 am |

            We seem to have much in common. I just read this about you ” His exposure to metaphysics at Krotona Library in Ojai instilled in him a total belief that God would protect him in his journey through life. He became a Vegetarian and a Pacifist at the age of 17. About the same time, he fell in love with sail boats and the sea. After 3 years of travel and adventure on land and sea, he married and settled down to family life. After five years of marriage he became divorced and once again was a free man. He attended UC Berkeley in 1967 and 1968. He was involved in antiwar activities and joined SDS during the Vietnam War. A bet with a College roommate sent him off on yet another adventure to Cuba. In later life, He had more adventures in Sedona, Arizona…”
            I lived in Ojai, listened to Krishnamurti many times, became vegetarian (now vegan) attended UC Berkeley (grad 1962), moved back involved in anti-war, knew SDS leaders, now fixing up log house outside Sedona………..aloha!

        • Vlad TheSkewerer | June 11, 2017 at 4:43 am | Reply

          Welllllll, have your book on my amazon wish list, along with Valentine’s and Madsen’s CIA related works. Getting ready to plow through Anthony Sutton’s two titles, you guys are up after that 🙂

      • He did all that in such a short time…wow. I think your thinking is flawed. This doesn’t happen in such short order, and your being unfair to put the blame on TRUMP who has just been elected. NOW be honest, its was OBOZO and the bush family and Clinton cartel that put this machine into play, Trump is only playing the hand he has to deal, and he can back out of this deal if they prove to be terrorists like we all know they are…..and they didn’t think Trump would be elected…that’s a fact. Your media agrees, even Hillary couldn’t believe it and was pissed she lost…after all those illegal votes, fake votes, and ballots preloaded all over the country…..yeah. I am sure he is playing the hand hes played until he can clean the cesspool.

        • Trump has on his own challenged Putin to a nuclear arms race
          escalated 5 wars
          executed a war crime in attacking Syria, a military ally of Russia, China, and Iraq
          threatening Iran (another Russian military ally
          threatened to nuke North Korea
          and just yesterday, said we had “evidence” of Syria preparing another chemical attack and prepared to “make it pay”
          He chose neo-con advisors and his entire foreign policy team is made of anti-Russian neocons.

          He did this in 5 months, of his own volition. Whe hyou are both reckless and incompetent, it doesn’t take long to stir up the war spirits.

          The greatest terrorist on earth at this moment is Donald Trump. He has not cleaned up the cesspool but made it filthier by appointing billionaires, hedge fund managers (he called them”murderers” during the campaign, 6 Goldman-Sachs alumni, a whole team of neocons, and a racist as Attorney General, and an alt-right fascist as his chief strategist.

          Wake up! His campaign was pure Nazi-style Big Lies and pandering. The reality is that he is a dangerous, unqualified disaster now seeking a wag the dog war to bolster his rapidly declining approval rating, now about 36%. EAch President has the power to reshuffle the deck, but Trump has just doubled down on the neocon war scenario and now is escalating in 6 nations, whille threatening to attack two others.

          How long would you have waiting for HItler to show his true colors? How long before you realized his campaign promises (he too lost the popular vote) were lies meant to gain support?

          You appear to still be wallowing in the cesspool of lies he told and continues to tell.

    • As that demon-in-the-flesh Kissinger said, the illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a bit longer.
      Those snakes think 20 or 30 years ahead of us, they realize CLEARLY what they’re doing is evil. I don’t believe intelligence is their problem, I believe it’s more a complete lack of morals and total fealty to the synagogue’s “G_d”, Lucifer.

      • Herbert Dorsey | June 10, 2017 at 8:55 pm | Reply

        And of course, Kissinger always worked for David Rockefeller, who has now passed away. Perhaps Kissinger will also soon go to his reward in the next world. Real thinkers do not do evil because they know that what energy you put out you also eventually get back. In your own basic self interest, you would avoid evil. Only shallow thinkers think that they can harm others without consequences for themselves. This cosmic principal is known as karma.

  2. Terrorism in western cities is to prepare citizens for tyranny

  3. Ahh, yes. Just what could the synagogue accomplish with out their “Shabbos Goi” in D.C.?


    Answer? – NOTHING!!!

  4. Vlad TheSkewerer | June 11, 2017 at 4:26 am | Reply

    The Shah’s former banker was once a resident of mine, was so terrified of the long arm of Savak he lived in a modest apartment and changed banks every 2 or 3 months, he was layin reeeeeeal low. MF’ers are gonna start droppin in hotel rooms and alleys all over the world over this.

  5. Hello Tony. Is it appropriate to add the “List of 7” to your article? Here is the General Wesley Clark interview with Amy Goodman:
    Evidently Trump’s travel ban used this list exclusively.
    Iran is the “final jewel” in the crown. This information just adds more “creep” into the creepy. No one talks about this stuff.

  6. trump did say we have to bomb iran

  7. So now with this information under your belt, just which country is the World’s biggest terrorist nation? I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t Iran!

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