Stay Strong London Firefighters, Al-Qaeda Supports You

By Brandon Turbeville

As the Grenfell tower fire began to die down, propaganda began ramping up in England. Channel 4, long known to support terrorist organizations and the war in Syria, aired a shockingly insulting video directed at London firefighters that scarcely anyone in the firefighting community or general public even noticed. The Channel 4 program aired what was supposed to be another round of tribute for London firefighters and their bravery at Grenfell, but what it actually showed was terrorist support group White Helmets “expressing solidarity” for the London firefighters and holding up banners expressing the same sentiment.

“Long distance prevent us from coming to help but we felt London’s pain through last night’s events. Our hearts are with you. #WhiteHelmets #Idlib,” the banners read, with pictures of terrorists holding these banners flashing throughout the video.

“We were saddened to hear about the loss of souls in the Grenfell tower fire, including al-Mohammad al-Haj Ali, a Syrian from our home of Daraa, who had fled to London seeking safety from death and destruction. We appreciate your efforts to search for bodies for days in a row and we feel your pain because this horror is our daily reality,” the video continued.

The video then cuts to the White Helmets’ propaganda narrative and competition in the tragedy Olympics (always a tasteful act in the wake of a tragedy) with a typical “my tragedy is bigger than yours” statement. The narration is as follows:

In Daraa, we’re under the heaviest attacks we’ve ever seen in this deadly war. Hundreds of airstrikes have destroyed entire neighborhoods and fires are everywhere. Just like you, our teams are rushing toward the blazes and we do all we can to rescue the injured. The past 16 days have seen 88 people killed and nearly 35,000 civilians displaced from their homes. A civil defense centre was targeted and destroyed, and five volunteers were injured in the bombing. As you know, it’s a terrible thing to see your teammates suffer. You have been so generous to us, donating equipment to our teams when you met with our teammates in London. We’ve received training from British experts in search and rescue and firefighting. Who knows, we might have been trained by the same people And who knows we may also be saving the lives of Mohammad al-Haj Ali here in Daraa. We feel we have so much in common. We all risk our own lives to save as many people as possible as fast as possible. Our hearts are with you and we wish we could help you in your search for victims. We send you strength for your mission and we hope to meet you one day.

The video should have ended with the requisite “Allahu Akbar!” but, apparently, the chant was edited out. What was also left out of the video were the number of executions the White Helmets have personally attended to, acting as the clean-up crew for the more directly guilty parties. There was no clip of the White Helmets staff, supposedly unarmed and impartial, carrying arms and verbally spitting on the corpses of Syrian soldiers and non-Sunni Muslims. There were no clips showing the multitude of videos actually staged by the White Helmets in order to promote pro-war propaganda in the United States. There were no clips of Omran Daqneesh and his father, who fought for the Syrian military and who revealed that the White Helmets used his son as a stage prop for their cynical video.

“With no regard for the ever-mounting evidence, exposing the White Helmets as Al Qaeda co-workers and enablers in Syria, Channel 4 once again promoted this group of NATO and Gulf state funded criminals, as heroes,” wrote Vanessa Beeley of 21st Century Wire. “The genuine firefighters in London should be insulted that their own valiant efforts are compared or conflated with a fraudulent group of terrorists and petty criminals who campaign for war to ensure further bloodshed in Syria.”

Indeed, even aside from the fact that the White Helmets are essentially a terrorist support group, the video itself is incredibly tasteless and might as well say, “We are the White Helmets. Our tragedy is bigger than yours. Now you know how we feel. Now listen to our propaganda narrative for a minute and a half.” But what is even more insulting is that British firefighters are now being associated with these terrorists as a result of Channel 4’s video. For that alone, Channel 4 owes the London Fire Brigade an apology.

Since Channel 4 neglected to portray the real nature of the White Helmets, particularly of the Daraa wing that was touted in the video, Vanessa Beeley revealed a sizeable portion in her article, “White Helmets: Severed Heads Of Syrian Arab Army Soldiers Paraded As Trophies – Endorsed By Channel 4.” She writes,

The White Helmet “team in Daraa”, being universally marketed by corporate media was filmed cheering and mopping up after an Islamic extremist execution in Daraa, on the 16th May 2017, so almost one month before the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

21st Century Wire’s article covering this execution: WHITE HELMETS: Blasphemous Whitewash of their Execution Black Record

. . . . .

More shockingly, last night, a video was released that showed a member of the White Helmet, Daraa “team” climbing over the slaughtered and dismembered bodies of Syrian Arab Army soldiers, piled into the back of a pick-up truck. As the White Helmet operative stands on the mutilated bodies, extremist fighters surrounding the truck, parade a severed head as a war trophy. There is no shock or dismay from the “heroic” White Helmet. On the contrary, he is then seen extracting the Syrian flag from among the SAA bodies, before throwing it to the ground.

I was told that the original video was much longer and contained scenes of a much more humiliating nature that would distress the families of the SAA soldiers whose bodies were being so hideously desecrated. The shorter version of the video can be seen here at the Twitter account of @Ali_Kourani. It is certainly one of the worst videos I have ever had to watch so please be warned. The following are screen shots from the video that demonstrate the appalling nature of this atrocity being committed by the White Helmets & extremist factions, once again, working hand in hand in Syria.

. . . . .

According to Twitter feeds concerning this incident in Daraa, sources on the ground in Syria, and translation of the dialogue from the above video, the Syrian Arab Army were surrounded and attacked in an air-defence base in the region that had, previously, been taken by the NATO and Gulf state extremist factions, in 2013. The base was retaken by the SAA in 2016, fell again to the terrorists in the same year, two days ago the SAA had retaken it, just prior to yesterday’s brutal extremist attack.

Those following the “moderate” extremists, on Twitter, are claiming that the attack was carried out by the Southern Front Furqat Usud al-Sunna. The Southern Front groups are widely recognised to be armed and funded by the US and its allies and controlled from a US-led Military Operations Centre in Amman, Jordan.

“In 2014, the Southern Front secured funding from the United States, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Jordan to target the Assad Regime. [10] Though some reports indicate earlier attacks, the Southern Front launched its first documented attack on October 5, 2014 when it cooperated with former Al Qaeda affiliate Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra (Al-Nusra), to capture the town of Tel al-Haraa in the Daraa governorate.” ~ Mapping Militant Organisations

The air-defence base that was attacked yesterday, is strategically positioned, on the old Daraa to Damascus highway.

. . . . .

The extremist factions were described as “waiting for TOW missiles to arrive” before making their move against the SAA. We presume that these are the TOW missiles supplied under former US President Obama’s “Train and Equip” programme in Syria. So, on that basis, the extremist factions have control of an air-defence base in southern Syria and have very probably received supplies of US TOW missiles.

Beeley also briefly discusses the White Helmets’ history of being involved with assisting and even participating in executions. She writes,

The White Helmets have a record of participation-in, facilitation-of and mopping-up-after the various NATO and Gulf state-armed, terrrorist group executions.

May 2015: 

“The White Helmets were forced to release a statement explaining the events in this video. According to their own admission here, the sequence of events on the day, 5th May 2015 were as follows: Al Nusra called the White Helmets 25 minutes prior to the execution. White Helmets arrived on the scene at 11.35 am, 5 minutes BEFORE the execution was carried out at 11.40. These impartial humanitarian workers did NOTHING to prevent this execution, they appear a full 5 minutes prior to this murder at the behest of the executioners and they are ushered into shot immediately after the victim is shot twice at close range in the head, to collect the body.” ~ White Helmets – Moderate Executioners

. . . . .

May 2016 

“Various other White Helmet operatives have posted videos of the torture and execution of Syrian Arab Army prisoners to their social media pages with celebratory comments. One such operative, Muawiya Hassan Agha, is alleged to have been “sacked” for his participation in such executions. His Facebook account has also been closed although we have all original links. However, despite various demands, an official statement has never been issued by the White Helmets to this effect. Neither have they publicly condemned the torture and execution of prisoners of war, an act that contravenes the Geneva Convention.” ~ White Helmets Campaign for War not Peace. Warning graphic footage:

. . . . .

The White Helmets have a history of desecrating SAA soldiers bodies:

“The White Helmets have been filmed describing Syrian Arab Army bodies as “trash” and one particular video shows them standing on top of a pile of SAA soldier’s bodies, whose boots have been removed or stolen. The White Helmets talk about the bodies in pejorative terms and they flick a victory V sign as the truck drives off “~ White Helmets Campaign for War not Peace

. . . . .

In a previous video, a White Helmet operative describes the disposing of SAA soldiers (Shabiha) bodies into the “trash”

Testimonies from liberated civilians taken by Vanessa Beeley have produced many tales of White Helmets not just staging tragedies but also working alongside al-Qaeda as their propaganda wing. Likewise, Patrick Henningsen of 21st Century Wire has visited the same areas and confirmed what Beeley has reported. Eva Bartlett has long been attacked by the mainstream media, most notably by Channel 4, for criticizing the White Helmets and their role in the West’s attempt to destroy the Syrian government. I have also written numerous articles detailing the nature of the White Helmets, many of which are linked below.

Suggested articles:

Additional articles by writers at 21st Century Wire:

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Image Credit: YouTube screen capture/Vanessa Beeley

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