World On The Precipice As Russia Threatens To Shoot Down U.S. Jets, U.S. Refuses To Back Down

By Brandon Turbeville

The world is now perhaps closer to World War Three than it has been in five decades as the situation in Syria is heating up yet again. In less than 24 hours, the United States has attacked the Syrian military, Iran has launched missiles into Syria, Russia is threatening to shoot down American planes, and the United States is digging in its heels and threatening to continue to provoke both the Russians and the Syrians.

While that about sums up the current micro-version of the situation, it’s important to get a rundown of just what led up to the precipice we are all standing on.

As heavy fighting took place in West Raqqa between the Syrian military, ISIS, and the SDF (Syria Democratic Forces), a U.S.-backed fighting group that contains elements of jihadists, Kurdish militants, and Kurdish jihadists, the Syrian military conducted a bombing raid near the SDF forces. It is important to note that the SAA claims it was primarily fighting ISIS.

In response, the United States engaged the Syrian fighter jet, shooting it down in what is the first U.S. shoot-down of a Syrian jet in history and the first shoot-down by the United States in almost twenty years. Whether or not the pilot survived and his location if he did is not yet known for certain although the Syrian military is currently engaged in an operation to rescue him. The United States claimed that it attempted to call of the Syrian jet by contacted Russia via its communication channel but received no answer on the Russian end. Russia claims that no contact was attempted by the U.S.

The BBC reports,

A US-led coalition fighter jet has shot down a Syrian military plane in Raqqa province, the US has confirmed.

The SU-22 fighter bomber was engaged by an F/A-18E Super Hornet after it had dropped bombs near the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, the Pentagon said.

It is the first time in the Syrian conflict that the US-led coalition has shot down a Syrian jet.

Syria condemned what it called a “flagrant attack” that would have “dangerous repercussions”.

. . . . .

The downing of a Syrian warplane by a US jet threatens to draw Washington further into the Syrian fighting.

The US has already attacked pro-government forces on the ground after they entered an exclusion zone designed to protect US personnel training and advising anti-government rebels near Syria’s border with Iraq.

Now, Washington is extending this protection to forces that it backs who are engaged in the offensive against Raqqa. These local, tactical steps inevitably could have strategic implications creating a further source of friction between Washington and Tehran.

. . . . .

The Pentagon said that pro-government militiamen had attacked SDF units, driving them from the town of Ja’Din.

The pro-government forces are not fighting the battle for Raqqa but they have been making ground against IS in the surrounding area, south-west of the city.

The US-led coalition conducted what the Pentagon said was a “show of force” – a reported buzzing of the pro-government troops by jets – to stop the attack and then called the Syrian government’s ally, Russia, to try to “de-escalate the situation and stop the firing”.
. . . . .

However, the SU-22 dropped bombs on SDF positions a few hours later, the Pentagon said, and “in accordance with rules of engagement and in collective self-defence of Coalition-partnered forces [the plane] was immediately shot down”.

Attempts to warn the plane away using an emergency radio frequency failed, the US Central Command said.

The Pentagon statement added: “The demonstrated hostile intent and actions of pro-regime forces toward Coalition and partner forces in Syria conducting legitimate counter-Isis [IS] operations will not be tolerated.”

The coalition, it added, did “not seek to fight the Syrian regime, Russian or pro-regime forces partnered with them, but will not hesitate to defend coalition or partner forces from any threat”.

Nevertheless, after the downing of the Syrian jet, Iran launched a series of missiles from Iran into Syria against ISIS targets, both a show of force and resolve by the Iranians and as a response to the ISIS (read Western) terrorist attack on the Iranian parliament.

Shortly after the missiles fell, Russian officials condemned the American attack and announced that Russia is suspending the “communications channel” established with the United States designed to avoid such types of incidents between the United States and Russia. Even more important, however, is the fact that Russia has officially announced that it will consider any air activity west of the Euphrates as potential targets for shoot-down. This includes U.S. jets and, presumably, Israeli jets.

ABC News reports the following:

The Russian Defense Ministry blasted the U.S.’s shooting down of a Syrian fighter jet as a “massive violation of international law” and said it will begin treating U.S.-led coalition jets flying west of the Euphrates River in Syria as targets.

. . . .

“Repeated combat actions by U.S. aviation under the cover of counterterrorism against lawful armed forces of a country that is a member of the U.N. are a massive violation of international law and de facto a military aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The ministry warned that any U.S.-led coalition aircraft flying west of the Euphrates “will be tracked by the Russian ground and air anti-aircraft defense systems as air targets in the areas where Russian aviation is on combat missions in the Syrian sky.”

But, despite the gravity of the situation, the United States is digging in its heels and reiterating its belief that it has the right to strike and occupy any country in the world and to do so with impunity.

FOX News reported on the American response:

“We do not seek conflict with any party in Syria other than ISIS, but we will not hesitate to defend ourselves or our partners if threatened,” Capt. Jeff Davis told Fox News.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford doubled down on that rhetoric during a Monday speech at the National Press Club.

“I’m confident that we are still communicating between our operations center and the Russia federation operations center — and I’m also confident that our forces have the capability to take care of themselves,” Dunford said.

Department of Defense spokesperson Maj. Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway said coalition aircraft would continue conducting “operations throughout Syria, targeting ISIS forces and providing air support for Coalition partner forces on the ground.”

“As a result of recent encounters involving pro-Syrian Regime and Russian forces, we have taken prudent measures to re-position aircraft over Syria so as to continue targeting ISIS forces while ensuring the safety of our aircrew given known threats in the battlespace,” Rankine-Galloway said in a statement.

To make matters more intense, the Syrian military is now clearly engaged in combat with SDF fighters in West Raqqa as the SAA is attempting to rescue their pilot. Al-Masdar News writes,

Intense clashes have broken out between the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the western countryside of Al-Raqqa, tonight, a military source informed Al-Masdar.

According to the source, units from the Syrian Arab Army attempted to cross SDF front-lines in order to rescue their fallen pilot; however, they were turned away by the latter.

This resulted in a fierce confrontation that is currently ongoing between the two entities near the key town of Resafa in western Al-Raqqa.

Thus, this provides a prime situation in which the U.S. may decide to conduct a strike against Syrian military forces or otherwise invade the airspace designated by Russia as off-limits, calling Russia’s bluff in regards to its threats. In the past, this has been a terrible move since there is a tradition in Russia’s foreign policy and diplomatic culture to only make threats when it is prepared to back them up and only make agreements it intends to honor.

At this point, the only sensible solution for the United States is complete and unequivocal withdrawal from Syria. This is no longer a moral question. It is quite possibly a question of survival.

Brandon Turbeville – article archive here – is the author of seven books, Codex Alimentarius — The End of Health Freedom, 7 Real Conspiracies, Five Sense Solutions and Dispatches From a Dissident, volume 1 and volume 2, The Road to Damascus: The Anglo-American Assault on Syria, The Difference it Makes: 36 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Never Be President, and Resisting The Empire: The Plan To Destroy Syria And How The Future Of The World Depends On The Outcome. Turbeville has published over 1000 articles on a wide variety of subjects including health, economics, government corruption, and civil liberties. Brandon Turbeville’s radio show Truth on The Tracks can be found every Monday night 9 pm EST at UCYTV. His website is He is available for radio and TV interviews. Please contact activistpost (at)

This article may be freely shared in part or in full with author attribution and source link.

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125 Comments on "World On The Precipice As Russia Threatens To Shoot Down U.S. Jets, U.S. Refuses To Back Down"

  1. Well, the globalists shall well know by now that despite the brainwashing media, population does not support any wars, no more “fake wars on the engineered terror”. They’ve got themselves into this mess then they shall get themselves out. People will not support or approve any more BS stories about “fighting against terrorists” when is obvious who creates and funds terrorism on the planet. I hope the Russians will stand by their word this time and take down any threats against to state of Syria.There is no other way and the Russians know it.

    • If you were right, then we’d not have all those morons who happily go off to war on foreign soil all around the world but especially in the US.

  2. Go ahead, do it, get this crappy existence known as “civilization” over with. We have made a mess of everything. Killed off the Tribal cultures and their beliefs, killed off the Rain Forest, created mad house cities all over the world that are toxic dumps of people and products. Do it. Blow everything up and free the Earth.

    We have allowed ourselves to be trained like monkeys to be self absorbed with the “shiny” things in life and self centered to think we are “exceptional.”


    • OK, but right after I run out and buy some Nike’s, nothing as high quality as things made by child slaves, their tiny hands make such tiny stiches. The tv box told me to, so I have to.

    • So the innocent must die with the guilty, huh? Why don’t you guys shut down the war machine instead of wishing death on everyone?

      • You are off base Tabbytha. I am not one of “you guys” I am just god damn tired of all the crap this world of sociopaths are creating and want to see it over sooner than later.

        • Instead of watching and bitching, do something to help us all cure this mess. Educate people. Lord knows, there are a lot of dumb-asses out there that don’t know the real score. Don’t give up so easy. That is what the bitches and whores are counting on.

    • “We” didn’t make the mess. For myself, I’m in for the thrill of the fight and for my and mine survival. Want to get it over with? I don’t condone suicide. It is the only unforgivable sin.

      • Naw bro, justs barking at the moon. Gotta vent sometimes. I’ve got my guitar, my bike, and some other good things in my life. Just frustrated after 50 years of political and social activism, being shot at, phone tapped, followed, etc. and it is still getting worse.

        • cool. I’m on the same page. My message is to go down fighting. Kool? Vent all you want, just don’t give up. That is what “they” want. ….Myself, they will have to shoot me down. As a “biker dude” it is my great grand children’s future that is at stake here. Smoke a joint, take a shot, play some blues and your old lady. Chill Bro’ I, myself, refuse to them win. So far it’s working for me. Think family and Stevie Ray………..AND TALK TO PEOPLE . WAKE THEM UP. We are millions against the few. Please, don’t give up the fight for what is right.

    • Sad we can’t make more people care, EJ. On the other hand we’ve been collectively poisoned and traumatized since birth, then methodically dumbed down and subjected to powerful mind control tools by elites who’ve been creating hell on earth for thousands of years.

      • So articulate Jenny. I guess I get in some funk and lose my more optimistic side. But you know, it is really challenging to stay “up” these days. So much fear porn and so few in postions to be able to offer solutions and aren’t.

        I was at BB the other day I talked about upvotes. Here we have a great cadre of bright, articulate bloggers and very few break double digits. While I was there I was commenting to a person who had over three hundred upvotes and while I was typing 32 more comments came in. WTF??

    • America 1st. | June 20, 2017 at 4:37 am | Reply

      Tribal cultures are the reason for every war, the people who are destroying the rain forest are the very people who live there. Cities are created by liberals and while I agree they are becoming cesspools, all the issues you complain about are liberal creations.
      But I do agree, I would love to see a full blown war here in the states to see how many liberals would survive.

      • That’s pretty twisted and falls right into the trap being laid out for us.

        Dr. Bernie Suarez recently noted the rogue We Are Change 9/11 ‘leadership’ in Los Angeles that denied US govt involvement in 9/11 (said it was exclusively Israel) and denied the broader history of false flags and the New World Order, has been trying to form a militia at the same time the MSM is beginning to promote militias. Walks and quacks like a civil war psy op.

        • America 1st. | June 20, 2017 at 8:51 am | Reply

          Sorry don’t buy into conspiracies, what you are seeing is Geo Politics at work and panty waste liberals fretting over it.

          • How did you end up commenting on A Post? Nearly 16,000 comments in under a year and you don’t have time to research 9/11 or the JFK assassination (magic bullet is so obvious!)?

          • America 1st. | June 20, 2017 at 9:28 am |

            Sorry you are a whacko

          • Are you also admitting to not knowing about the “conspiracies” fully admitted to by governments such as the long running post WWII Gladio false flag series in Europe and the JFK era Operation Northwoods?

            Sorry you don’t know history. Those are noncontroversial facts. Calling me a name doesn’t change history.

          • America 1st. | June 20, 2017 at 10:07 am |


          • You are either a totally programmed HIVE MIND ‘No Mind’ BORG…or…a TROLL …we got your #

          • America 1st. | June 20, 2017 at 5:04 pm |


          • Look in the mirror

          • See, the academic method almost always works. 😉 Attrition! (btw, same m.o. as TPTB) Bury them with logic, facts, and common sense. Soon the “OK” or “Uncle” cry is ‘heard’. The real fun ones are the well paid well educated professional propaganda trolls. They get blindsided by their own egos.

          • Nailed that! (lol)

          • LOL!

          • Bots don’t research! or is it the never ending swarm of shills…such a cold chill in here now

          • I wonder if the spooks are sporadically posting A. Post feeds to the MSM sheeple news feeds to draw in sleepers to argue with us. I was suspecting that and then received affirmative feedback from an MIT PhD (who claims to be stalked by govt goons, no kidding) – long story that I’ll spare you, but hey, it’s Bizarro World!

            BLN gets the hard core professional propagandists and provocateurs. Bluewater seems to be the only AI bot (with a handler?) I’ve come across. Surreal, Jas, feels like we’re in a cheap theater watching a B-grade sci fi flick with uncomfortable chairs and sticky gunk on the floor.

      • “Tribal cultures are the reason for every war,”

        You must be trying to say “tribalism” in the sense of democrats or republicans Russians or Americans or Israeli’s and some such as none of the Tribes that I know of have Air Forces or Navies or Armies and go to other nations and kill them.

        Tribes like Maori’s, Sioux, Zulu, etc. are not the “cause” of anything.

        • America 1st. | June 20, 2017 at 10:03 am | Reply

          Did any of your tribes wage wars?

          • Not on others 10,000 miles away to assure arms manufacturers of profit or to steal natural resources like gold, oil, minerals, etc.

            Most, not all, but most tribal cultures had warriors for defense not offense as they were nomadic and would cross paths at times with others who were more territorial. Prior to organized religions people (white and colored) lived in egalitarian comfort with no weapons of war…no short swords, lances, armor, heroes graves, etc.

          • America 1st. | June 20, 2017 at 10:39 am |

            You fail to understand reality.
            Those tribes warred on each other to gain control of areas and capture prizes. Had they knowledge and capability they would have warred on others from 10,000 miles away.
            Cave men had no organized religions and killed each other for space, food and power.
            You are fooling yourself.

          • Piss off. Don’t tell me about my ability to understand reality. I’ve written books on this. You are just posting your opinion not facts. Go away.

          • America 1st. | June 20, 2017 at 10:53 am |

            You lead me to believe you are proof people will buy anything.

          • Right you are mister know it fu*king all. You have offered nothing but opinon and arrogant attitude from some artificial throne you have created. Don’t need this sh*t in today’s world. You are blocked.

          • America 1st. | June 20, 2017 at 11:26 am |

            What does a liberal do when it becomes butt hurt? “You are blocked”

          • obviously a psy-op TROLL moron

          • Thank you Dr Sachs, I thought it was just a little cough :-))

          • BTW, your blocked profile speaks much louder then you do.

          • America 1st. | June 20, 2017 at 10:51 am |

            I used to have an open profile but after repeated attacks by unhinged liberals, never again.

  3. US is backing down. Seems that the US is going to avoid flying in those parts of Syrian airspace that are likely to attract a hostile response from those defending their country from foreign terrorists and other invaders.

  4. Grace by Faith on yt | June 19, 2017 at 3:52 pm | Reply

    I hate that so many authors here still try to get us to buy into the manufactured lie that Russia and the US aren’t allies. All UN nation leaders are buddies and fraternal (freemasonic) brothers playing good cop, bad cop to keep us all busy, scared, distracted, poor, and divided, not to mention fighting each other so we don’t fight them and giving up liberties in the name of fake security. They’re all working toward WW3 so they have their excuse to cull the herd, destroy our cities, and steal our assets, which they require to usher in their pagan kumbaya jamboree called the New World Order (which is really the resurrection of the Unholy Roman Empire). All roads really do lead to Rome, and divide and conquer is the pale horse they’ve tethered us to, to get us there. Please stop feeding us the fear monster, I’d rather starve.

    • Don’t forget, all roads lead to Rome, but from there, there is one road that goes back to Babylon. Also, the Roman Empire never fell, they realized they couldn’t militarily conquer the world, so they converted into a banking and religious power that controls things from behind the scenes. They use the 3 cities to control, finance (city of London), the military (D.C.), and religion and propaganda (the Vatician).

      • Grace by Faith on yt | June 19, 2017 at 7:59 pm | Reply

        Excellent reply! You’re absolutely correct! Most don’t know that DC, City of London and Vatican City are sovereign nations apart from the nations that surround them, or that we’re all under Roman Canon ecclesiastical (religious) law, or the law of the sea (the Holy See), civil, maritime, martial (of Mary), admiralty, or that all UN nations are under this same Roman Law, UCC Uniform Commercial Code law. The Pope declares this law to be Universal, and he claims ownership and dominion over everything in, on, above and below earth, including us.

        Most don’t know either that DC was modeled after Rome and was even called Rome (Maryland), built like Rome on seven hills on Tiber Creek (Rome, Italy is on the Tiber River). And more unbelievable but true, the owner of Rome, Maryland was a man named Francis Pope – you just can’t make this stuff up! From ‘Original Patentees of Land at Washington’, by Bessie Wilmarth Gahn:”No. 7. Francis Pope, owner of “Rome” on the Tyber, June 5, 1663.

        Love the Babylon reference, too, because that’s really what the Vatican is MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, my comments in brackets – KJV Revelation 17 “And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters: [The Holy See/Sea]

        2 With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.

        3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

        4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour [Papal colors ], and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:

        5 And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.”

        All is most certainly being revealed! God bless you~

      • America 1st. | June 20, 2017 at 4:34 am | Reply

        Interesting, so who is the current Ceasar?

        • Grace by Faith on yt | June 20, 2017 at 7:13 am | Reply

          I’ll take a guess at that question – it’s the Black Pope (Jesuit General) hiding behind Bergoglio the Pope. For a real eye opener (not the evil all-seeing eye) scroogle “Extreme Jesuit Oath of Induction”, and prepare to read the method to their madness as it tells how they will conquer the world. This oath is much like the Protocols of Zion, and just about all the oaths for brotherhoods of blood. No need to wonder ever again what “Big Brother” really is, it’s a nickname for these fraternal brotherhoods (Roman Orders), and there are many. Knights of Malta is similar, and our despicable Dick Cheney is a member of SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of Malta).

          By the way, Bergoglio = 33 in Chaldean numerology, and 33 is the highest degree of freemasonry, and a Master Number. That number is everywhere these “powers” are, and they love putting it in films and music videos to disclose to us who they are, and people with 33 names are propped up: Clinton = 33 (his real last name is Blythe, he changed it to a 33 name), Drumpf, Trump’s real last name = 33, Cheney = 33, the list is endless. These freemasonic dissemblers love that number so much even most of the death/destruction rituals are done on the 33rd parallel. All death penalty states are on the 33rd parallel, and most death rows are on it, too. Everywhere you see a pyramid or the all seeing eye, that is Babylonian/Egyptian/occult symbolism for this NWO Roman cult.

          I wrote a long response to Jas’ comment about the three sovereign nations, Washington, DC, City of London, and Vatican City, the triumverate of power behind the NWO agenda, but it hasn’t posted yet (not sure why or if it will). DC is the military branch, City of London the financial branch (run by their Crypto-Jewish bankster thieves), and Vatican City is the temporal/spiritual branch as he wrote. If it doesn’t post today, I’ll rewrite it, but basically it was about DC being the old Rome, Maryland (get it, Mary Land?), owned by a man named Francis Pope (can’t make this stuff up!). DC is on seven hills just like Rome, Italy, and it’s also on the Tiber Creek, where Rome is on the Tiber River. So all roads really do lead to Rome, and all UN nations are dividing and conquering us to get us to agree to their one world disorder. “Ordo ab Chao”, Order out of Chaos is the motto of 33rd degree freemasonry and all organizations now, including Universities, are nothing but indoctrination into this beast system (that’s why graduates wear mortar boards on their heads, it’s a degree of freemasonry).

          PS Caesar = Sea Czar (law of the sea, the Holy See)

          • I didn’t see it….Isee this though

          • Grace by Faith | June 22, 2017 at 9:58 am |

            Yes, they posted out of order, this one is the original reply, the other one, the redundant one, complaining about being moderated, posted first. But they have the dates I submitted them on them, not the dates they approved it and posted it, hence the confusion. Not sure why they are moderating all my posts, but they are. Guess I should just wait for them to post now before I reply. Thx!

        • Not sure, people will say the head of the Rothschild family, others will say the pope, but the old rule is, if you know them and can see them, they are a frontman. I think it’s probaly more of a ruling council, maybe of the 13 families, maybe the committe of the 300. Maybe it’s Satan prince of this world who is running the test of free will for god, only those at the top know for sure.

          • America 1st. | June 20, 2017 at 1:48 pm |


          • LOL!

          • ….as we suffer fools that laugh at us like the USA! USA !USA no-mind below …stuck in the mud of an unconscious ‘offense/defense’ logic train of Hegelian ‘divide & conquer’ inculcation /programming….idiot(s)

          • I’m not sure it’s ever been any different. If this realm is a test of free will run by Satan, it can be no other way, for if it was run by someone good, we wouldn’t truly be tempted into sinning, there would be no test at that point. So maybe ‘divide and conquer’ isn’t a strategy by the ‘elites’…maybe it’s part of the system? Whom is being divied out?

          • grasping at straws with that circumlocution (imo)…sorry…but your logic is predicated on an ‘idea’ or ‘belief’

          • No, it is not. I am not of any religion as you assume. I can though, discuss things in both a religious and ‘other’ manner. I enjoy seeing both views, I am flexible, if you are not, then you are a stone to be etched away at until you are nothing but a river rock rolling down the stream that is more powerful than ‘their gravity’ or ‘Your beliefs’….We are still in a test of free will.

          • Whatever floats your boat

          • We should stop being in boats, the ‘citizen ship’ does us no good.

          • Vlad TheSkewerer | June 21, 2017 at 4:44 am |

            Man, when I started commenting online 11 years ago maybe 1 in a 100 sounded like us, now practicality everybody does. Rock on!

        • Grace by Faith on yt | June 20, 2017 at 8:14 pm | Reply

          I took a guess, but this site wouldn’t post it (controlled opposition much?), so I’ll try again using different language and see how long it takes for them to mod me again – it’s now 10pm Tuesday. Who do I think is the current Caesar (Sea-Czar – ruler of admiralty, maritime or Mary Time corporate commercial Roman Canon ecclesiastical law, the law of the sea, the Holy See)? He’s the man hiding behind the dress, er, robes of Bergoglio, the public head of the Roman Universal Pagan Church (masquerading as Catholic), and this Caesar is the Jesuit General of the Vatican’s Militia, better known as the Black Pope. The Jesuit Order is the military and psyop Order of this cult, and they have military ranks just like all Roman militaries including ours. The Rothschilds and their ilk are only the bankster thieving crypto-j ews, who manage the cult’s finances out of City of London, they don’t run anything but that (it’s a big but it’s just that, $), but the Vatican owns the world. To learn about who the Jesuits are, look up Lincoln’s quote about them and also look up their blood o ath. Then look up how many of our selected residents in chief and governors attended American Jesuit Universities (Clinton, Trump and all his kids, and Jerry Brown, to name just a few). The SMOM, or Sovereign Military Order of Malta (Dick Cheney is a Knight in this Roman Order) is also of this Babylonian cult and further evidence all roads lead to Rome.

          • Also, Caesar = seizure, the right to steal….. The Roman Universal Church existed for hundreds of years prior to the ‘Christ’… so they are not ‘masquerading as Catholic’ Universal in Latin ‘is’ Catholic…They always were Catholic! and they never cared about Jesus/Yeshua, his story is just something to be used by them.

          • Excellent fascinating commentary between you and Grace by Faith, and great food for thought. 😉

            The archetypes are there and clear, it seems. But I wonder if this dynamic is much older than the Catholic church, older than the Pharaohs, etc. Have you ever watched Monteith’s talk on The Forbidden Secret? I think he nailed it describing how old the ruling elite lines are and how they’ve passed their knowledge on for many generations. I try to keep an open mind as much as I can and my neurosci background reminds me how much our social constructs are layered simulacra and models of concepts. That said, Monteith’s view resonates and there’s an annealing of concepts I’m coming across with some sharp people such as yourself, which is exactly what would happen naturally if we were allowed unhindered open access to info and to each other, imho.


    • Very well said, Grace By Faith.

      Imagine TPTB held a war and nobody showed up.

      What if TPTB rattled their sabers and the gatekeepers could no longer hide the fact that supposed nemeses such as Iran, Russia, and China were, in fact, members of the New World Order in good standing and the leaders of those nations were knowingly engaging in Kabuki theater with the United States.

      The masses would turn away not only from war machinations but also TPTB’s global control grid.

      We can dream…

      • …..Can’t say it any plainer than this ….Break the ‘spell’ & wake up the sleepy-heads to this obvious Kabuki Theater of the Absurd…cheers

    • Grace by Faith on yt | June 20, 2017 at 8:17 pm | Reply

      Just FYI, everything I post here is moderated now, and some aren’t passing AP muster for no apparent reason. What does that tell us? LOL

    • I don’t agree with u, GbF! Russ*a and the Vatic*n might be infiltrated by ZNWO agents but on the whole, they are not the core of evil!

      The core of evil is that most scary ZioNazi-controlled NA*O, with increasing global power, with the ultimate aims – to conquer the world 5 major oceans towards a ZNWO; whilst destroying the strongest anti-ZNWO institutions of Islam & Catholicism along the way!

      • You gave me this same comment earlier today. This time you left out Snowden as proof. Snowden is Snowjob, see Rappoport’s deconstructions. Otherwise, as I said earlier, follow the money trail of Snowden to Greenwald, and Omidyar.

        Russia is all over the UN edicts, 2030 is the key linchpin, that’s why the Clintons and other very powerful globalists like Bill Gates are helping Russia build out Skolkovo.

        • Grace by Faith | June 24, 2017 at 1:33 pm | Reply

          I have replied twice to foggy but both are in moderation, the first one since yesterday and now, even when I change the language it’s being moderated again. Go figure! Someone doesn’t want the truth to come out, it’s getting pretty obvious to me. In it, I list several members of a certain or der in M alta, many of them are the word foggy is also trying to hide but this or der has a Grand Mas ter who answers to one man, in Rome. LOL And I agree with you about Snowden. God bless~

          • Hi Grace by Faith. 🙂 Have you tried breaking up the length of the text and using substitutes for potential flag words? Probably so, is my guess. Once on Waking times I re-posted a totally non inflammatory comment breaking it up every 2 sentences or so to dissect out the offending word(s). You can always go back and delete the posts if it gets too messy once you think you have a handle on the triggers.

            The Knight of M on my radar has been Erik Prince as he’s the apparent chief manager of the developing global intelligence apparatus, gradually becoming a corporate / fascist entity. I haven’t had a chance to dig into how the new global resurrection of the old Vietnam era Phoenix program (Prince formally advising Trump on this) ties in with Prince’s hand in helping China create armies of mercenaries for Silk Road and continued subjugation of Africa – as well as a nascent meme of a global security intelligence ring with Prince mapping it out, testing it… or so it seems.

            If you need to get something out, you might consider posting in on Black Listed News, which almost never moderates posts and Eddy and I will likely see it, as will others who can pass the info along. Sometimes it’s a wild west atmosphere compared to A. Post, a wider mix of participants – but lots of good smart folks too.

            See you around and God Bless you too!

          • Grace by Faith | June 25, 2017 at 8:47 pm |

            Gosh Blue, I’ve tried everything. What’s weird is, my long post where I “name names” has posted after 2 days of sitting in moderation! I’ve never heard of the site you mentioned, but I will most certainly check it out, thanks so much! My trouble is, I post a lot of law, and I copy and paste it from my files for accuracy. Sometimes they post it, sometimes they don’t, but it seems to be very arbitrary. And when they take 2 days to moderate a comment, sometimes context and/or interest is lost, so it’s very frustrating not to be able to be part of an active thread. Have to give them credit, though, they did post it, so I thank them for that. Wait, why would I thank them for my free speech? LOL I digress…

            I always appreciate your comments, you are a veritable fountain of excellent information! And I look forward to continuing, either here or there. Oh, one thing I wanted to tell you regarding Russia and US being buddies, RT banned me for life the very first time I commented there. 😉 And when that happens, we can deduce we’re on the right track~ See ya in the trenches, and thanks for your awesome contributions~

          • Wow, banned on your first comment. Bull’s-eye! LOL

            On BLN your very long posts should be fine. I was busy today battling a rude foul mouthed troll there (he engaged me) who is not a casual poster. I must have posted at least 50 comments on that one thread, or so it seemed, with lots of links and 9/11 Truth videos, long texts, you name it – and nothing was moderated. If you decide to try it out, I would be happy to acquaint you with the respectful posters and the ins and outs of what’s going on. Hopefully, you’ll still post here too. 😉

            BTW, Keith, who seems to appreciate your posts here is now visiting BLN. If you ever want to find me for “backup” or anything else note that my Disqus profile is open so you can locate me on my streams.

            Thank you for the kind words, a great compliment coming from you, you’re a sweet person with an obvious good heart and wonderfully insightful intellect.

            Yep, see ya in the trenches, sister Grace. 🙂

          • Did you notice Eddy changed his name? Eddysaxx now :-))

          • Yes. He was on boats for such a long time I wondered if he might make a change that reflected that. Whatever floats his avatar. 🙂

          • I just wonder how you can change your name and keep your posts. Shit, I could have kept my 8000 posts. :-/ as Joe Blow.

          • It’s easy. On the top right hand side of the Disqus page under the round ‘flower’ disc “Settings” icon are tabs, the first one is Edit Profile, next is Settings, Find Friends, etc. Click on Edit Profile to quickly and easily change your name or avatar image.

          • So now I find out :-/

      • Grace by Faith | June 24, 2017 at 1:31 pm | Reply

        Another of my posts is still in limbo/moderation. In it, I listed the names of about 100 K nights of M alta in the SMOM – Sovereign MILITARY Order of Malta (All Orders are Roman, including the Order of the Sepulchre in Israel and th e Synagogue of Satan. This Order, the Kn ights of M alta, is ruled by a Grand Master who answers only to the Pope. Some of the names on that list are the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, Bushes, Kissinger, Blair, North, Bloomberg, Casey, Clinton, Chertoff, Greenspan, Haig, Waldheim, Himmler, Mandela and Murdoch.

        As you can see, in just those names I mention, many of them are “jew-ish”. These are Crypto-Jews who bow to the Pope. The last thing I’m going to say about this is, if we were really ruled by t h e j e w s, our laws and all laws in UN nations would be Hebrew, but they are not, they are Roman ecclesiastical (religious) laws.

        The Jesuit Order (look up Jesuit Universities, Trump and all his kids went there, Clintons, Jerry Brown) is a Roman Catholic MILITARY Order, and the Pope is a Jesuit. The P rotocols of Z ion as well as the Je suit Oath of Induction read nearly exactly the same. This is not a Zio n ist movement, the Zio nist movement is a creation of the Je suits. Finally, Vatican translated in Latin = Vatis – Diviner and Can – Serpent. Please let go of that false narrative!

        And I agree with Blue, Snowden is controlled Opposition just like Assange. They’re ALL working for the same boss, and that boss openly worships Lucifer (see Easter Mass 2014 Pope worships Lucifer on you tube). God bless you, dear, no disrespect intended, just trying to set you as well as the record straight. Don’t fall for their false division of the truth community!

  5. James Innewmex | June 19, 2017 at 4:15 pm | Reply

    Russia and Syria need to notify NATO, UN, and all nations that they are establishing a no-fly zone over all of Syria, that any foreign incursion into Syrian airspace will be considered an act of war to be dealt with militarily and in international court with leaders of invading nations charged as international war criminals to be sought out, arrested, and prosecuted.

    • The US has no business to be there and is trying to call the rules. James, you are right on with this one. Salute>

      • It’s a smokescreen. I deadly, illegal one, but still a smokescreen – and Russia is completely captured by the NWO.

        • Point me in the direction, show me proof, a URL. I know in WWI the German and British leaders were 1st cousins. That raises eyebrows.

          • There’s lots of historical background that’s relevant starting with the patterns Dr. Professor Antony Sutton found (follow the money and follow the military and technology transfers behind the curtain) discovered that have continued to this day and have become a deeper level of capture. (I assume you’re familiar with Sutton’s seminal research into the NWO.)

            Two important cornerstones. First, the new international economic order (world govt technocracy) is being adopted under the banner of UN Agenda 2030 frames, which Russia is fully adopting calling it Strategy 2030 (in the wealthy gulf oil nations its Vision 2030). Second is the basic principle that the main tool for the globalists to create the NWO is the Bank of International Settlements, as Dr. Carroll Quigley revealed in Tragedy and Hope. Russia’s central bank is firmly attached to the BIS umbilicus until the new system is in place.

            FYI: First link is an Activist Post article providing a sense of the Trilateral Commission’s role in creating Skolkovo, Russia’s version of Silicon Valley being created as a T.C. project with the help of powerful globalists such as Bill Gates. This is the path to global Technocracy.


            Here’s another one from a blogger. Some of the stuff is scattered on his site, e.g. the BRICS banks being offshoots of BIS and IMF, etc.


          • The people that are still inquisitive here, that have NOT fallen asleep… that still have their own hard won ‘critical thought’ wielded as an implement of truth …salute you & your ‘digs’
            …..cheers on your temerity & tenacity

          • Thank you for the kind words, Eddy.
            …I learned a thing or two from my little West Highland terrier. 😉

          • The Golden Rule absolutely relates to the animal world…I think they invented it…. naturally (lol)

          • I can’t reply to your recent comment, it’s isn’t showing up on A Post or the Disqus thread, maybe it was moderated due to the fact you mentioned the Muslim immigrants who may not assimilate, i.e. will go along with totalitarian stuff. Anyway, I agree that’s definitely the long standing goal of the open borders agenda, to dilute and smother western cultural values of freedom of the individual.

            …Regarding the evidence Russian elites are NWO minions and Russia is in a state of deep capture, there is a ton of powerful evidence that would never fit into one comment or article. One last tip is to keep in mind is the FSB (KGB) orchestrated false flag attacks in Moscow in 1999, under Putin’s leadership, were used to rationalize the evisceration of civil liberties and codification of “anti-extremist” laws that are being used today to silence peaceful dissenters. The false flags were also used a pretext to bomb Chechens, to notably include the utter destruction of Grozny. Around this time, the Kremlin began promoting a resurgence of a reverence for Stalin, just as China began doing the same with Maoism – a glorification of the past totalitarian rule. Technocracy is essentially techno communism with a fascist elite pyramid cap. All of these parallels with the rise of tyranny in the west and east can’t be a coincidence and they are moving together in lock step.

          • * Absolutely true & parallels my own conclusions from extensive research into the 0.0001% ‘Pyramid Cap Chess Club” of an elite parasitic generational ponerology of socio/psychopaths…imo

  6. Alice on Prozac | June 19, 2017 at 7:06 pm | Reply

    most of the American people cannot locate major nations on a world map, much less keep track of the ever-changing “coalitions” and their goals here. Just keep pumping up the DJIA and keep the entitlement checks coming, everything looks OK to an ostrich with its head in the sand.

    • What is DJIA?

      • P-R-O-Z-A-C. Couldn’t help myself. Sorry.

        • It’s OK we don’t have joke judges here :-))

          • just found a couple more pills, so can post some more. Yeah, I mean alternatives to oil were discovered decades ago, and those responsible were soon murdered. So the Syria thingy isn’t even really about oil per se. Most of us are handicapped trying to break down what is happening, because we are dealing with psychopaths so damned and so damaging that it boggles our minds.

          • ” So the Syria thingy isn’t even really about oil per se.”

            Not IMO it is about the Israeli goal of having the land between the Euphrates and Nile rivers and getting us to fight their “enemies” in the Middle East.

            ” we are dealing with psychopaths so damned and so damaging that it boggles our minds.”

            Excellent point. I have always offered that one of the weaknesses of Americans, most of whom, albeit quite asleep, are good people and in that sense can not imagine the horrific behavior of the sociopathic controllers.

            In the movie “Shooter” an FBI agent is in a boat house with the bad guys holding him captive and wearing a very contrived mechanical contraption that will have him commit “suicide” with a pistol. The hero shoots the bad guys and tells the FBI guy: “Who would think this sh*t up?”

      • Dow Jones Industrial Average.

  7. The Protocols of Sion have an incredible insight to all the chaos taking place at this moment in time. If the Protocols were fake as they claim, why are all the things listed in those Protocols happening right now?
    I believe the Protocols were written as a plan for the zionists yo eventually take control of the planet with the Vatican as their financiers. Written over one hundred years ago, this is a game plan, NOT A HOAX!

  8. When will russia wise up to the fact that nato and the US and thier allies are playing a game of stab you in the back. First it was an “accident” when turkey shot down a russian jet, now its in self defense when they shoot down a syrian jet. Its all a game stab you in the back and then say “sorry its not really on purpose.” Then they stab you in the back again. the excuse changes but the goal is to keep stabbing russia in the back while giving them the impression that we really want to sort things out and make peace.

  9. Russia needs to show some teeth now, they have shown way too much restraint in the face of constant attacks and tests of thier resolve. They need to lock the airspace over syria down and shoot down any aircraft violating it. If they dont they will look weak even tho they are not weak they will be made to look that way by the warmongering criminals.

  10. Activist post deletes any comments that go against the shadow goverment neocons etc.

    • Not really, they just have a hyper sensitive, PC auto flagging. Learn to be careful about swear words, anything about the J3Ws, etc. If you post a link put [dot] as the actual dot in the addie.

  11. So, when/if Russia and the compromised US government actually start shooting each other, what will China do? China is already pissed about the S. China Sea and the audacity of the US. Who will come aid the US in such a situation? Canada? France? Britain? Not Germany and dam for sure not Israel. Netanyahu will be watching, slaughtering Palestinians and laughing with that stupid psycho grin.

    • The reason last October Obama turned over control over the internet (said to be worth trillions, much less the issues regarding national security and “hacking”) to the UN via ICANN with China already poised to take control over much of management of the net is because China, like the US, and the rest of the world (except perhaps N. Korea) is already a New World Order construct working towards World Government.

      Same reason the Pentagon approved Chinese troops joining the war on terror in Afghanistan and the Silk Road project is formal United Nations (UNCTAD) program that is furthering global fascism, end of national sovereignty, and more privatization.

      • A lot of info there blue. I will get back to you. Forgot about Obammy’s BS on the internet forfeiture. For myself, I refuse to give up. Part of the problem with the Islamic migrant onslaught is most of them will do what they are told because that is what they believe and they will do what the Imam says, without question. The NWO’s wet dream. Question nothing and obey because…on Earth you will suffer but get what you need. Follow Allah, and get a multitude of virgins in Heaven………problem is…who needs sex in Heaven and how long would they be virgins? The dumb f*ck Muslim youths men are brainwashed. The NWO’s wet dream. Not to mention, some of them are incestuois offspring and mentally deficient/uneducated even in their own language. May I mention almost all of the Eu “leaders” have no off-spring and live only for today/their own satisfaction? They have no interest in what happens after they die. NONE. The future to them don’t mean sh*t because they get theirs today. I feel sorry for Chelsea Clinton, kinda’. She will never live down her mother’s crooked/thieving/murdering ways.

  12. America 1st. | June 20, 2017 at 4:33 am | Reply

    Poor democrats, they are watching President Trump and his people reestablish American superiority around the world, they are currently confused that we are showing the world how ineffective Putin and the Russian are while they scream “collusion”

  13. rhondareichel | June 20, 2017 at 11:01 am | Reply

    Pretty hard to believe that Russia received the warning before we shot that jet down…are we trying to say Russia is not monitoring that? Well for sure they aren’t now.
    Insanity to stay in Syria….tell your president to back off now.

  14. Unfortunately the US needs to have its ass handed to them on a platter before it gets the hint! This happened to them in Vietnam but the lesson was not learned well enough. I guess it has to happen to them again.

  15. I really hat eot say this but if Amerigay doesn’t stop making false accusations at Russian and does not stop trying to make them mad, I would not blame Russian for taking whatever action they need to stop the street bully Amerigay. I’m a true patriot, and enough is enough. These wars we get into, one day someone is going to spank USA’s little arse. I actually hope Russia is the one. Maybe we need regime change here eh?

  16. The unholy goat worshipers keeping the perpetual war for death’s sake alive and well.
    Sacrifice the old goat(s).
    Silver stakes required.

  17. I Mephibosheth | June 21, 2017 at 11:00 am | Reply

    This foreign policy only serves the Deep State multi-national corporate interests and NWO designs for world conquest, not the the interest of the USA. America could soon find itself at war with Russia over our defense of Al Qaeda /ISIS aka ‘the Syrian Rebels’, and America’s sons and daughters will die defending the same Al Qaeda/ISIS founded by Clinton and Obama! See:

  18. I Mephibosheth | June 21, 2017 at 11:33 am | Reply

    This foreign policy only serves the Deep State multi-national corporate interests and NWO designs for world conquest, not the USA. America could soon find itself at war with Russia over our defense of ISIS aka ‘the Syrian Rebels’, and America’s sons and daughters will die defending the same ISIS founded by Clinton and Obama! See:

  19. What happened to Turbeville in this article in his only overwhelmingly giving the Pentagon’s side of this incident? The SDF is not even near the town of Russafah and the vital crossroads it encompasses for the SAA (and not the SDF which is involved in taking Al Raqqa) and Russafah is/was held by ISIS which the Syrian aircraft and pilot was attacking. The two are many miles apart. Disappointing take in this article by Turbeville which we hope is not repeated as one look at a map of Syria showing the disposition of the various armed forces gives the true picture of what happened there..

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