The Real Purpose Behind The Russian/Trump Conspiracy Propaganda

By Brandon Smith

Just after the US presidential election in 2016 I published an article titled ‘Order Out Of Chaos: Defeat Of The Left Comes With A Cost’, covering a rather difficult subject matter, namely the concept of “4th Generation Warfare” and how it is used by establishment elitists to defeat popular resistance to their agenda of centralization and globalization. 4th Gen tactics are confusing to many because most people think in terms of single movements and direct correlations; they think that a punch thrown is a punch intended to strike, rather than intended as a feint or misdirection.

I’ll put it another way – some people play chess and they only see the attack in front of them. Others play chess and they see the attack three moves ahead. 4th gen warfare is a “three steps ahead” style of fighting that focuses on a very specific goal: Tricking the enemy into destroying himself, or enslaving himself, so that you don’t have to take any risks by moving against him directly. That is to say, 4th gen warfare is first and foremost about psychology. That which you see with your eyes is usually not what is actually happening.

For example, when predicting the election win of Donald Trump and the passage of Brexit, I based my conclusions on a 4th gen strategy. According to the behavior and rhetoric of globalists and their organizations at the time, it seemed to me that they were allowing sovereignty and conservative movements to gain a foothold in the political arena. They were letting us THINK that we were winning.

This accomplishes a few things – it takes conservatives off their guard and convinces them to think in terms of defending government rather than overthrowing government. The corruption has not changed, but now we have a vested interest in keeping the system going and attempting to change it “from the inside.” I hope it is clear to the majority of liberty activists today that this is a naive notion.

Conservatives are also now willing to argue in favor of the election system, because many of them think that because Donald Trump “won” the system must be at least partially legitimate. News Flash: Our election system has been fraudulent for decades. The only candidates that ever make it past the DNC and the RNC filters are the candidates the elites WANT the public to choose from.

The American public is also now viciously divided over Trump’s ascendance to the White House. The political left has been driven to the point of utter insanity, not that they weren’t already stark raving mad to begin with. Conservatives are next to be targeted with psychological manipulation, as the leftist zealotry pushes us towards the other end of the spectrum and a potentially dangerous mindset of rationalizing a totalitarian response. Where extreme social divisions exist, civil unrest and war are not far behind.

Finally, the existing economic and social framework of the US in particular has a finite lifespan. Economic instability is rampant as I noted and evidenced in last week’s article, and this has been a process ongoing since the initial 2008 credit and derivatives crisis. The old structure of America is being deliberately torn down to make way for a new structure; a single global edifice in which we are not a nation but a feudal vassal with no ideas of sovereign self determination. That said, the old world cannot be torn down outright. The globalists do not plan to take any blame for the crisis that would inevitably follow. Enter Trump, the perfect scapegoat for the next stage of fiscal collapse, and perhaps a pied piper convincing enough to lure numerous conservative groups into taking the blame as well.

Trump, a seeming enemy of the globalist agenda, takes office, then surrounds himself with the same bankers and globalists he admonished during his campaign. He continues his anti-globalist rhetoric, but his actions tend to help them. Conservatives, desperate for a hero on a white horse to ride in and stop the rushing tide of cultural Marxism, were given one…just not in the manner they were hoping for.

In the meantime, the establishment has sought to keep social tensions high. How? The political left has been played like a marionette since the election with a narrative of “Russian conspiracy.” You see, hatred is psychologically exhausting. Mobs tend to dissipate and become impotent over time. It is hard to sustain the hatred of a large mass of people without consistent propaganda. Thus, it is important to give people a reason to hate; a reason that fuels perpetual reinforcement. For leftists, the desire to hate Trump runs deep. They think he represents everything that stands in opposition to their ideology, and zealots cannot tolerate the existence of opposing ideals. But there has to be more. The left has to be convinced that Trump is a thief, a thief so heinous that he stole an election with the help of a foreign power.

Now, not only is Trump the anti-christ to leftists, he is also a false president – a pretender to the throne. This narrative is more than enough to keep the left frothing at the mouth for months if not years.

As many analysts have pointed out, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Trump “stole” the election, let alone colluded with the Russian government to steal the election. Former FBI director James Comey’s recent testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee produced nothing; no memos, no paper trail, zip, zilch. The very existence of the “Comey memos” is likely a farce.

But here is where I break with many in the liberty movement – some analysts assume that Trump is being “targeted” and that the goal is to remove him from the White House. This makes little sense to me. If the elites wanted to stop Trump they would have done it during the RNC selection process just as they did to Ron Paul, and just as the DNC did to Bernie Sanders.

Clearly, Trump is more valuable to them sitting in the Oval Office, as I outlined above. The Russian circus is going nowhere because it was never meant to go anywhere. It is distraction and drama, a soap opera for the ignorant masses. Trump will not be removed from office. If he does end up impeached, the impeachment will fail. As I have said since before the election, the establishment needs Trump as president.

So, if I am correct and the Russian conspiracy narrative is not intended to take Trump down, what is it intended for? As stated earlier, this is 4th gen warfare, and the intended target for propaganda is not always the obvious target.

As noted, leftists are the initial target. They will continue to believe that Trump is a Russian collaborator because they want to believe it, regardless of how absurd the whole idea is. They will ignore the fact that there is no evidence to support the accusation. They will embrace the propaganda wholeheartedly and develop more violent methods to express their outrage.

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The secondary target of the Russian conspiracy manipulation is conservative groups.

Here is the reality of our predicament; the US system is going to move into the next phase of collapse under Trump’s watch. Period. The math is undeniable. Every economic indicator except stocks is in severe decline, the Federal Reserve is raising interest rates to deliberately ignite greater instability and time is running out. I believe that this phase will begin before the end of 2017. When the next downturn arrives on the doorstep and in the pocketbooks of the average American, the leftists and most of the world will blame Trump as an “incompetent buffoon” or a “vitriolic fascist”.

Just as the elites need to make Trump and conservatives the best possible scapegoat for the left; they also need a perfect scapegoat for the political right. The narrative will be turned against the leftists and conservatives will exclaim that Trump was not able to reverse economic damages “created by the Obama administration” because leftists used the fake Russian conspiracy as a means to undermine him at every opportunity. Leftists will be labeled economic and political saboteurs, and this accusation will work to a point, because it is partly true.

Finally, as America’s decline accelerates, Eastern nations will without a doubt decouple completely from the US dollar as the world reserve currency and begin using the IMF Special Drawing Rights basket structure as a replacement. Russia will most likely lead this charge along with China. Americans will blame Russia in part for the demise of the dollar’s buying power around the world. And, the rest of the world will blame the U.S. for the dollar’s demise due to U.S. “imperialism” and overt sanctions against Russia. They will say we had it coming.

Perhaps you have noticed a particular pattern here? Every piece of the narrative I have outlined has already been initiated, if perhaps only in early-to-mid stages of development. This is an open dialogue common in the mainstream. And in every case, the offered culprit behind the downfall of America is always someone other than the banking elites. Anyone other than the banking elites.

Leftists and socialists around the globe will blame Trump and conservative principles. Conservatives will blame the left and their obstructions of Trump. The West will blame the East. Globalists will blame “populists” and nationalists, and nationalists will be scrambling to protect their ground by any means necessary, including unconstitutional measures, which will only help the globalists in the long run.

A core catalyst for this geopolitical blame game is the Trump presidency and the use of the Russian conspiracy to ensure that the left remains crazy, inspiring the right towards extreme measures. Again, this is not about removing Trump, it is about manipulating the left; it is about using the Left’s cultural Marxism to trigger an iron-fisted reaction from the political right.

In my recent article ‘Operation Temperer – U.K. Will Likely Institute Martial Law Measures Within A Year’, I warned readers that the UK government has already set in motion martial law measures in response to a growing number of Islamic terrorist attacks. In the US, I think the same march towards totalitarianism will occur, but for reasons beyond foreign terrorism. Economic uncertainty coupled with a volatile left hellbent on supplanting the presidency by any means necessary may very well be exploited by Trump and the elites surrounding him to establish martial law measures in the US. And, I have little doubt that a portion of conservatives will cheer this action.

If this takes place and conservatives come out in majority support, then the globalist use of 4th Gen warfare will have succeeded. They will have won. For if conservatives abandon the Constitution, then no one will be left to defend the principles and heritage it represents. We will have destroyed ourselves, and the elites will have barely lifted a finger to make this happen. The game can be changed entirely, but only if we are smart enough to recognize the narrative for what it is, and only if we turn our sights on the globalists instead of hyperfocusing on the scapegoats they offer us.

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34 Comments on "The Real Purpose Behind The Russian/Trump Conspiracy Propaganda"

  1. Brandon :
    “….The only candidates that ever make it past the DNC and the RNC filters are the candidates the elites WANT the public to choose from….”

    Ferdinand Lundberg in his book “The Rich and The Super-Rich” in 1968 :

    “….As there is no other effective way for candidates to get on the ballot, the primary is the political key that unlocks all doors.

    “It ought to be plain, then,” says Kent, “that so long as the machine controls the primaries, it is in a position to limit the choice of the voters in the general election to its choice in the primaries. That is the real secret of its power, and, so long as it holds that power, it cannot be put out of business. Defeating its candidates in the general election not only does not break its grip, it often does not make even a dent in it. The only place the machine can be beaten is in the primaries.”

    As Kent points out, by not participating in the primaries the general voter loses at least 50% of the effectiveness of his franchise. He thereby assumes his actual political status – a second-class citizen. Nobody has chased the common man away from the primaries. He just does not feel up to participating. His democratic franchise here he finds just too much to handle. He does not, in fact, have anything to contribute; he is politically empty. As a result, the party apparatus and candidates on both tickets belong to professionals, often men never heard of in the community, usually men of limited outlook. They function behind the scenes. They have the party power.

    The party managers must find men ready, able and willing to campaign and at the same time men who will be acceptable to a broad, culturally differentiated, intellectually and emotionally low-grade public – Mencken’s boobs, Barnum’s suckers, Kipling’s “muddied oafs.” The party managers are, contrary to common supposition, restricted to a very narrow potential group, with characteristics shared by less than 5% of the population. The inferior types that predominate in politics seem to satisfy the Elite. One can easily make deals with them. They are purchasable.

    As experience has shown, the average mentally handicapped or boobish citizen, his brain in a scramble, attaches vast importance in candidates to religion, race or ethnic grouping, national origin, sex and generally conventional conformist outlook and behavior. He feels grimly punitive toward any sort of deviation from a fixed norm, a stereotype, in his mind. He wants, above all, no independent thinkers – freaks who emit horrible propositions about the importance of intelligence tests, read books or use three syllable words. Not only does the public consist of many parts but many of these parts are mutually and irrationally antagonistic on grounds irrelevant to the welfare of each. Their various ethnic, religious, nationalistic, regional, occupational, class, caste and cultural differences have in most cases nothing to do with their personal and mutual welfare. Yet they enjoy indulging these irrelevant infantile predilections as though they mattered – and politicians are solicitously attentive.

    Politicians oblige. If the voters wanted men who spoke Sanskrit, dressed in kilts or used the language of mathematics, the politicians would procure them.

    Voters, it has been found, will not take anybody who lectures to them or even indirectly appears to be lecturing to them, although this is precisely what they need before anything else. In any event, the rank-and-file citizen prefers to accept the ready-made pre-financed, pre-fixed parties, in which in most cases he is permanently enrolled as in a religious brotherhood. Most voters ploddingly vote straight tickets, for one party, year after year. They are, as anyone can see, creatures of easy habit with little genuine political discernment. One can count most of their votes in advance. Politicians do. The party leaders, to give them credit, do the best they can in selecting candidates.

    With the organization now functioning smoothly, something else is needed : money. Here is where the affluent regain their first-class citizenship.

    Here, as elsewhere, he who pays the piper calls the tune….”

    • Croco Dile – You could have spared yourself the effort: “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” – Emma Goldman – Or, otherwise, we’ll never obtain quality results from a social process that involves deliberate, concerted attacks on the population’s ability to think critically.

  2. Brandon :
    “….The old structure of America is being deliberately torn down to make way for a new structure….”

    Ferdinand Lundberg in his book “The Rich and The Super-Rich” in 1968 :

    “….The idea of democracy first killed itself in ancient Greece. In modern times it did it again in the United States. All this is inevitable, as it must be when given the general low-level, don’t-know-where-I’m-going-but-I’m-on-my-way outlook of the common citizen.

    Most people are not capable of wielding this instrument of democracy in their own interests. They do not know by what standards to select representatives who will secure the popular interest. Perhaps, even, they do not care.

    Considering the way everybody performs politically and thinks privately, this is the only way it could possibly be…..”

  3. Brandon :
    “….leftists are the initial target. They will continue to believe that Trump is a Russian collaborator because they want to believe it, regardless of how absurd the whole idea is….”

    Sun Tzu :

    500 years b.C. the Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu formulated the principle of subversion this way :

    1. Cover with ridicule all of the valid traditions in your opponent’s country.

    2. Implicate their leaders in criminal affairs and turn them over to the scorn of their populace at the right time.

    3. Disrupt the work of their government by every means.

    4. Do not shun the aid of the lowest and most despicable individuals of your enemy’s country.

    5. Spread disunity and dispute among the citizens.

    6. Turn the young against the old.

    7. Be generous with promises and rewards to collaborators and accomplices.

  4. Brandon :
    “…..For if conservatives abandon the Constitution, then no one will be left to defend the principles and heritage it represents….”

  5. Brandon :
    “…..The game can be changed entirely, but only if we are smart enough to recognize the narrative for what it is…..”

    James Allen in “As A Man Thinketh” :

    “A man’s mind may be likened to a garden, which may be intelligently cultivated or allowed to run wild; but whether cultivated or neglected, it must, and will, bring forth. If no useful seeds are put into it, then an abundance of useless weed seeds will fall therein, and will continue to produce their kind.”

    Those who wield power know that the masses can be run on the fantasy of something for nothing, and they are more than willing to continuously sell people the fantasy that they are getting something when in fact they are not.

  6. What an anti-Left article; jeez, forgetting the evil warmongering ZioNa*i alliance (Lib + Consv) that is forever fanatically and maniacally supporting the ever vicious and genocidal IS-ra*l, caused the Iraq War Genocide and the continuous chaos including in Syria right now, post-911?!

    By the way, the Democ. elite posers, especially that warmongering hillary are libs – have nothing to do with the real Left (this sadistic and supremacist female Lib warmonger even cheered gleefully when an anti-ZNWO Muslim leader like the great late Pres. Gaddhafi got murdered so savagely by the ZioNazi NA*O warmongers)!

    • And these evil ZioNazi alliance of Lib + Consv will keep on mass murdering/raping/robbing any resisting millions of Muslims/Catholics in Iraq, Libya, Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Mexico etc (including through their most evil terrorist cells, IS/ISIS/ISIL – which are created by MOSSAD/CIA as revealed by Snowden) and later on, denuclearizing any non-ZNWO world, such as North Korea,Pakistan, Iran, Russia and China – until the whole 5 major oceans will be in their iron One-rule ZNWO’s grip!

  7. Lie, lie, lie, Russia, Russia, Russia it’s all spread forth by the NGO’s and the Clinton’s Media Matters are spewing to the rest of MSM who are pushing the narrative out to their idiocracy or rather useful idiots.
    Turn off the boob tube and learn to discern.

    • Common Sense | June 24, 2017 at 11:14 am | Reply

      Those that can see are a threat to the blind.
      I, like yourself, am upset at how the American people can be so simpleminded and not see the obvious game being played on them, but I have learned to accept the fact that nature is still taking its course and a filter is being applied to separate the ignorant, apathetic, and cowards from people of good conscience and strong will.

      Will the fooled masses take us down with them?
      Wish I knew, but even so, I must be true to myself and separate myself from the folly of men if even I am completely alone.

      Sadly I am preaching to the choir here. Not enough readers like the MSM channels.
      The sheer amount of commenters at MSM articles tells you where the masses minds are.
      They crave sensationalism and gossip and the pied pipers never fail to provide.

  8. Russia is a made up distraction from Pizzagate. End of story.

    • Doran Zeigler | June 23, 2017 at 2:13 pm | Reply

      It goes a lot deeper than what you think. I wish it were that simple. To believe in this
      type of simplicity is to be deceived.

      • I’m all ears. Brake it down for us wise all knowing sage. Don’t forget to include links to back up your narrative.

        • Geopolitical Hegelian Sorcery 101: Dr. Antony Sutton, Best Enemies Money Can Buy – brilliant interview with Dr. Stan Monteith on YT.

          • Explain your point yourself. I said include the links not just toss them out without an explanation. How is Russia deception more than a distraction from Pizzagate ?

          • Doran Zeigler “It goes a lot deeper…”

            Russia and China (in particular, Russia) have been faux adversaries to the US / western world, created that way by TPTB going back to their backing of the Bolsheviks, Lenin, Stalin, the undermining of Chiang Kai-shek and backing of Mao – both nations propped up and aided through the Nixon admin and beyond. Distraction is paramount, domestically and in geopolitics which closely resembles Orwell’s faux rival superstates, oscillating between being enemies one minute, friends the next.

            Russia and China are already part of the NWO, they would not wrangle with the US on contrived issues (usually theater, like Sandy Hook, but sometimes deadly in proxy wars like Korea) unless they are ordered to do so by the pyramid cap to keep the proles on all sides focused on “their enemy” (or enemies) while the final stages of the NWO totalitarian system is completed.

            Monteith Interview with Professor Anthony C Sutton

            China and the New World Order (transcript and links)




          • One can never read too much truth…it’s the deliberate obfuscating mendacity that is the problem…& our prevailing ‘monkey on our backs’ nemesis down thru the centuries.
            ..Following one’s own intuition & innate ‘common sense’ is the ticket to clarity (imho)

          • Another link for you from an A. Post article regarding Russia that ties in the big picture (“it goes deeper”) with the creation of global Technocracy as the World Government system of control – about to be sprung on the world, already advancing rapidly in China ….which is one reason last October Obama transferred control over the internet to the UN via ICANN with China poised to take over much or most of the management of the net. (Which doesn’t make sense in terms of “national security” or the lost revenue said to be worth trillions but it does make sense in terms as the next leap to World Government aka “global governance”).

            Agenda 21, Technocracy, And The New World Order In The Russian Federation

          • Common Sense | June 24, 2017 at 11:02 am |

            Just as I expected. No response from kazoo.
            The attacks and grandstanding quickly disintegrated.

            I usually don’t waste my time on people such as kazoo.
            It is easy to see these types rail against anyone who has a different view.
            A wise person considers ALL information, and shows dignity and respect by agreeing to disagree if at an impasse.

            Stay true…Blue
            You are planting seeds that are taking root you may not know of.

          • Thank you, Common Sense.

          • Eat shit asshole. I responded to every one of your lame comments. You have yet to explain anything.

          • I didn’t receive notification from Disqus of your replies to me. I’m only seeing them now that I have returned to the actual article itself. I will check out your links. You have provided the information that the outspoken critic ‘common sense ‘ was incapable of providing. I’m expecting your links to explain why the Democrat accusations of Russia hacking the election and supposedly telling Trump and AJ what to say to disparage Hillary is nothing more than a distraction from Pizzagate. Which ‘common sense’ says is not the case.

          • Russia hacking is surely a psy op and distraction from many things and that’s why I thought Doran Zeigler replied to you “it goes much deeper”, as I was also tying that in to the gist of her longer comment higher on the thread. Russia is already part of the NWO and obedient to the Kabuki theater script to create a technocratic world government – – the highest echelons in business and government (pyramid cap) know this (i.e. Clintons, Bushes, Trilateralists, Gates, Soros, Koch brothers, Omidyar, etc), evidenced by some of the patterns and information I provided to you, but this can only be the “tip of the iceberg” in terms of information supporting this understanding given the limited scope of a comment thread.

            I’m fairly certain most of the major alt media platforms are co-opted to one extent or another. That’s a discussion for another day. I don’t want to overcrowd this exchange. Suffice it to say, it appears to me Pizzagate was an intelligence psy op (not that pedophilia isn’t rampant in the pyramid cap, it seems to be a major criminal pattern) to traumatize and polarize those following the alt media and possibly create a wider divide between us and MSM news followers. We’re probably on different research wavelengths, Gazoo2. I was merely sharing a deeper big picture context.

          • It sounds like you haven’t read the Pizzagate emails. They’re quite incriminating. John Podesda and Hillary and the MSM have been desperately trying to detract from Pizzagate and the emails. It seems to me like this was unintentional and due to hubris on their part.
            If you’re not familiar with the following information I highly recommend checking it out. Regarding the machinations of the NWO and affairs of so called states, I believe symbolism explains a lot. The Hidden Hand of History to me indicates that the supposed world leaders are all in on it together. They’re putting on a show for us and have been for a long time. However, creating the internet was the biggest mistake they ever made. We’re on to them now and there is no going back only forward. You may see them as having a grand plan but I see them screwed at this point. In my opinion people are waking up at an exponential rate and the NWO is DOA. TPTB love nothing more than making people feel powerless and hopeless. Don’t fall for that psyop. I really don’t believe that John Podesta and Co. intended for these emails to become public. They’re just too incriminating. These clowns are incompetent and got too big for their britches. If they bothered to practice a modicum of discretion and security they’ed still be going about their deranged business and nobody would have been the wiser. IMHO.









          • Common Sense | June 24, 2017 at 10:57 am |

            Follow your own rule and prove what you say is fact.
            You’re doing the same that you rail against everyone else on, just throwing out statements.
            Here say, conjuncture and opinion.

            Provide verifiable facts from traceable and qualified sources that can be confirmed.

        • Common Sense | June 24, 2017 at 10:53 am | Reply

          So that is all it takes for you to foolishly believe. Links?
          How naïve. What Doran Zeigler states is very true. This mess is much more complicated than knee jerk assessments, and just because he/ you or I cannot give all the exact details makes it false or some sanctimonious stance.
          Even if he did give you links, I have a feeling you would reject them because your mind is made up already.

          The wisest thing a man can say is I don’t know.

          • You’re full of shit. You can’t explain how Russia is more than a distraction from Pizzagate. My opinion is based on the fact that Pizzagate is real and the Russia narrative appeared immediately after the leaked DNC emails were exposed. The MSM immediately started turning the focus to the source of the DNC emails rather than the content of them. The emails proved that the DNC is in cahoots with the MSM to discredit DT. Also that they stole 13 primary elections from Bernie and have utter contempt and disdain and disdain for their own constituents and that Hillary as Secretary of State sold American foreign policy to the highest bidder and that the Clinton Foundation totally ripped off Haiti and of course they enjoy raping and murdering children in their spare time. The timing of the Russia narrative makes it completely obvious it’s a distraction from Pizzagate and the other issues exposed by the leaked DNC emails. It just common sense. Also there is zero evidence that the Russian Government did anything. Also HC’s attempts to frame this false narrative have been absurd and ridiculous. She actually said Podesta’s emails were boring and uninteresting. Anodyne is the word she used. Prove me wrong dip shit.

          • Common Sense | June 24, 2017 at 11:21 am |

            Your reading comprehension is very poor, or you are blinded by your own emotion.
            I never weighed in on the Russia or pizzagate topic, I made a statement that things are never as simple as the Mac Donalds drive thru window.
            There is so much more than you or I know that is going on that it is impossible to make a final and complete analysis until ALL the facts are revealed.
            Do you think anything you provided here would hold up in a court of law?

          • You replied to my original comment saying my understanding is simplistic, yet you are incapable of explaining why.

  9. Doran Zeigler | June 23, 2017 at 2:11 pm | Reply

    This is an excellent analysis of the current situation. What seems to be confusion and
    failures on behalf of our puppet government’s attempts to influence world politics are
    carefully planned incidents to bring about a result that is far from the attention of most
    people. Brandon Smith details this in the very informative article. Things are never what
    they appear to be and what seems obvious is really hiding true motives. Even FDR had
    once stated that if something happens (in politics) it was planned.

    The puppet master rulers of this world are not going to spell their plans out to the people
    in easily understandable steps. Their plans are crafted to sow discord, confusion, and
    frustration at every level. This method has turned off most of the population to even caring
    or focussing on important issues, and where there is concern, there is endless circuitous
    bickering within like-minded groups. Disunity is one of the goals and it has, as it always has,
    succeeded well.

    • Two Americas | June 23, 2017 at 2:12 pm | Reply

      So, would you agree then that “Russia is a made up distraction from Pizzagate. End of story” as another poster says?

    • Common Sense | June 24, 2017 at 10:47 am | Reply

      There are some things they cannot control and happen as accidents, but they have learned to quickly adapt and twist them in their favor.

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