Are Proxy Armies Coming To America?

By Bernie Suarez

When we think of proxy armies and the arming of civilians, we think mostly of the US government meddling in other countries particularly in the Middle East. We also think of (the late) Zbigniew Brzezinski arming the Mujahideen fighters in Afghanistan in the late 1970s and we think of the Bush-Obama years and the creation, funding, training and arming of fighters which would all turn out to have the same agenda and enemies as ISIS.

For anyone keeping track of the current deep state war this is a heads-up warning of things that appear to be on the horizon in America as the road to Civil War 2.0 moves closer to reality.

The Associated Press just put out a story that circulated within the corporate mainstream media which portrayed militias as the good guys and empathized with them. I believe this is a major red flag because this is something the corporate mainstream media, especially the Liberal Left mainstream media, never does. In fact for years, especially during the Obama years we’ve seen militia members portrayed as domestic terrorists by the Left. Armed groups which stand for America and the Constitution have always been a threat to the Liberal Left because this is opposed to the global order they want.

I’m reminded how the corporate mainstream media demonized the Cliven Bundy family and the Bundy Ranch supporters as “domestic terrorists.” From the Oklahoma City bombing and Timothy McVeigh all the way to the Oregon standoff with Ammon Bundy and LaVoy Finicum, those associating with or said to have associated with the “militia” have not fared well in the eyes of the mainstream media.

So naturally we should look to this recent very rare positive portrayal of the militia by the mainstream media with extremely high suspicion. As I describe in the video below, when the Liberal mainstream media who hates Trump so much and is determined to bring down America starts to speak positively about the militia and begins to describe situations in which the militias will be needed this is cause for suspicion and concern that there is a much deeper agenda going on here than meets the eye.

Bernie is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He is the author of The Art of Overcoming the New World Order and has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. As a musician and artist his efforts are designed to appeal to intellectuals, working class and artists alike and to encourage others to fearlessly and joyfully stand for truth. His goal is to expose government tactics of propaganda fear and deception and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. He believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from the control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world because doing this is what will ensure victory and restoration of the human race and offer hope to future generations.

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3 Comments on "Are Proxy Armies Coming To America?"

  1. This is a “soft invasion” it is an act of war… it is a situation to be dealt with by armed military force and compulsory detention and forced eviction.
    Aiding and abetting the soft invasion of America, like aiding and abetting any other form of invasion, it Treason.

  2. msm is not liberal there center right and trump is far right

  3. We have seen how the American Shadow Regime has been able to Corruptly install Robert Mueller as special investigator against the President.

    This is because Muellerism, which includes the Mueller Team is Not an investigation, but it is Modern Day McCarthyism, because they are the Corrupt Puppets of the Shadow Regime.

    There are Many Americans who think that America Should be a Nation of Proper Laws, but they have seen Evidence of Criminality by the Unelected and Unconstitutional Shadow Regime and their Puppets.

    The Establishment Democrats and the Establishment Republicans, along with much of the Mainstream Media are the Puppets of the Unelected and Unconstitutional Shadow Regime.

    It is Illegal under American Law for Robert Mueller and his Team to be conducting this Sham McCarthy era ‘investigation’, because they have Definite Conflicts of Interests, and the Law says that, and the Attorney General Knows the Law, and he also Knows the Shadow Regime.

    Robert Mueller Conveniently was made the FBI Director by the Shadow Regime one week before the 11 September 2001 incident, and I use the word incident.

    This is because to use the word 11 September 2001 attack would overly suggest that foreigners where responsible for that, and there is No evidence that Osama bin Laden was responsible for that.

    There are some Americans who have a Theory that Osama bin Laden was responsible for that.

    We Know that Osama bin Laden could Not have done it on his own, if he did it.

    This Would then mean that there Would have to be more than one Person involved in that Crime, and that is the Legal Definition of a Conspiracy.

    This means that those who think that Osama bin Laden along and others were responsible for that are Conspiracy Theorists, but Real Evidence has Never been provided for that Conspiracy Theory at .

    There are other Americans who have another Conspiracy Theory that does Not contradict the Laws the Physics as Robert Mueller did with covering up with the Building 7 collapse, and they think that more than one Person was responsible for that, and so their Theory, is a Theory regarding that Conspiracy to commit a Crime at , and Danny Jowenko, who was a World Expert on Controlled Demotions died in a car accident 3 days after he said in an Interview that the Building 7 collapse was Definitely because of a Controlled Demolition, and there have been claims that modern cars can be hacked and remotely controlled, and this is Why there are People who do Not want so called ‘smart’ cars, and so there Could be People who think that People will say what Mueller and his Team want them to say, even if they are Innocent or have to Lie, because of Knowing the leverage of the Shadow Regime, and possibly the Attorney General may have heard of the leverage that can be used by Criminals in Court Trials.

    It has been claimed that the Records of Pentagon Spending were kept at Building 7 and at the Pentagon, along with Evidence and Papers for Court Trials for what happened to the Trillion of Dollars of Unaccounted for Pentagon Spending and where it went, and those who are Guilty did Not want to be Questioned under Oath in a Court.

    Robert Mueller and his Puppet Masters, along with the Establishment Democrats and the Establishment Republicans, have Bankrupted America with Illegal and Immoral Wars in the Middle East and Mueller spread Lies regarding Iraq to help enable that Act of Terrorism by America against the Iraqi People, and they are Involved in a Real Conspiracy to try to commit a Coup on President Donald Trump.

    There are People who think that Robert Mueller Should recuse himself from this matter, but the Shadow Regime may not let him, and those extra Unaccounted for Trillions of Printed Pentagon Dollars Should be added to the Debt and it Will be Paid by Americans by means of Inflation, because that is what happens with Money Printing, and the Bribed and Corrupt Puppet Media and the Attorney General Jeff Sessions are Aware of these things at .

    We Know that Senator Sanders said during the Primaries that he was Not in favor America’s involvement in Middle Eastern Quagmires, and we can see that because of Mueller and the Shadow Regime and their Puppets that every American has a Debt of $ 61,000, and every American Taxpayer has a Debt of $ 165,000 and Mueller Participated in Covering Up for the American Intelligence Agencies for the President George Bush the second Administration, and Mueller helped create the post 9/11 Surveillance State or SS, and that Mueller helped facilitate the Iraq War Propaganda Machine, and Osama bin Laden categorically Denied any involvement with 11 September 2001.

    We have seen America once again creating Divisions between Ethnic Groups of a Country, and it is Syria this this time, and this is a War Crime, it is a Crime Against Humanity, and it is Genocide.

    We Know that America’s Shadow Regime has a History of things like that with the Genocide of the Native American Indians.

    Britain and America did this in the Balkans with what is now Known as the Balkanization of the former Yugoslavia.

    America has Not as yet Confessed to their War Crimes against Slandered Innocent Serbia, and against the Slandered former Innocent President of Serbia, Slobodan Milosevic, or for Slandering of the Innocent Serbian People.

    There are Many Americans who think that America Should give Monetary Compensation to Serbia for the American Crimes of 1999, and Serbia is Filing Charges of War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Genocide against America and other Countries at .

    There are People who think that America should not confess to this Evil Deed of 1999 or pay compensation.

    If this Evil Deed had been Confessed to by America, and if Compensation had been Paid, then America would have avoided their next War Crime of Iraq War, which will cost over 7,500 Billion Dollars.

    There are Americans who think that the Money wasted on the Iraq War and other Countries Should have been Spent in America, with some of it having being used for Lower Taxes.

    Then there is the other Trillions of Dollars that was Wasted on Illegal and Immoral Wars against other Middle Eastern Countries after the Illegal and Immoral Iraqi War.

    This is why there are Americans who think that paying Compensation to Serbia in 1999 along with a Confession of America’s Evil Deeds would have been a Good Investment for the American Taxpayers who have Paid Trillions of Dollars for Illegal and Immoral Wars, and they could have had better Infrastructure, and Lower Taxes, and either Free or Very Affordable Tertiary Education, and a Cleaner Environment.

    A News Article of by an Honest British Journalist written in 2006 says: “How much do you know about Slobodan Milosevic, the deceased former president of Yugoslavia? Here’s 10 statements that we’ve all heard many times in the western media these last seven days. But which of them are true and which are false? 1) Milosevic was a dictator. 2) He was a Serb nationalist. 3) He was responsible for the break-up of Yugoslavia. 4) His 1989 speech at Kosovo Polje was a nationalist rant that inflamed ancient ethnic hatreds. 5) He started four wars. 6) He was responsible for the massacre at Srebrenica 7) He ordered a systematic programme of ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. 8) He was toppled by a “democratic revolution” in 2000. 9) The trial at The Hague had produced evidence of his guilt. 10) He will be mourned by “only a few”. How many do you think are true? Seven, eight- all of them? The answer is zero. Every single statement is untrue” at , and there is the News Article Titled: The Demonization of Slobodan Milosevic at , and it says: “There is no better example of the tireless demonization of the Democratically Elected President Slobodan Milosevic, and of the American supported wars against Yugoslavia”, and the Bribed and Corrupt Media continue to Lie to this day, even though they Knew that it was a Lie way back in 1999, and America created and Funded the Sham court known as the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia or ICTY, and this Sham court Whitewashes America’s Crimes and Acquits America’s Guilty Accomplices and Wrong Convicts Innocent Serbs, and it is merely another manifestation of the Criminal American Establishment and its Puppets.

    America is doing the same thing to the Democratically Elected Legitimate President of Syria, and America and its Allies like Israel want the continued Balkanization of Syria, where the initial Balkanization of Syria began with Israel Illegally Occupying the Golan Heights, which Belongs to the United Nations Recognized Country of Syria.

    There are Countries near Syria who have Kurdish minorities that have Concerns that the American led attempt to Balkanize Syria may spread to the surrounding Countries, and Turkey has mentioned Concerns regarding that, because America wants to create a Country of Kurdistan on Syrian Territory, and there are thousands of Ethnic Groups, and Only appropriately 200 Countries in the World.

    We Know that the European Union was created to Prevent Balkanization, but the European Union became a Puppet of America who has a Policy of Balkanization of Countries, and that explains the European Union and the former Yugoslavia, and the European Union was created for the Advancement of Peace and Reconciliation, Democracy, and Human Rights in Europe.

    America has No legal or legitimate right to be in Syria, and America has Illegally attacked the Syrian Army who are Mandated to Defend Syrians against Enemies of the Syrian State and against Terrorists, and All People have the Human Right to Self Defense under International Law, and America is promoting Divisions between the Kurdish People of Syria and the Syrian Arabs, and America is doing this with promises of creating a Country of Kurdistan on Syrian Territory, whereas the Kurds are Syrian Citizens, and as such they should Not act as proxy for a Foreign Aggressor, and these Countries are mainly Britain and America, and America created their Secret Ally of ISIS as an Excuse to be in Syria, and ISIS along with the Kurds who want to create their own Country to be built on Syria’s Territory along with other Terrorists are America’s coalition partners in Syria, and this action of promoting Divisions among the different Ethnic Groups in Syria by America also Constitutes War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Genocide, and People can follow the Syrian War and how the Syrian People are Defending themselves at the South Front Website at , and the Establishment Democrats and the Establishment Republicans would Never want to Impeach any President for committing Genocide, because that goes against Every Fiber of their Evil Bodies.

    America’s Illegal and Immoral War in Syria has caused Many Syrian People to become Refugees from Syria, and they had to seek Temporary Asylum in Europe, and there could be Terrorists claiming to be Refugees, and the Syrian Government has asked European Countries for some assistance to Resettle Syrian Refugees back to Syria so that they can Rebuild their Country.

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