Operation Temperer – U.K. Will Likely Institute Martial Law Measures Within A Year

By Brandon Smith

After the Manchester suicide bombing only two weeks ago I warned my readers that the repetition of terror attacks is breeding complacency within the public, in Europe most acutely. It is not uncommon now for attacks killing dozens to be forgotten within a week of the event. The news feeds are awash in distraction and, of course, sometimes these events themselves act as distractions.

In a recent newscast of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, BBC anchor Katty Kay stated:

Europe is getting used to attacks like this, Mika. They have to, because we are never going to be able to totally wipe this out…

To me, this attitude is rather indicative of the European victim-culture mindset. Many in Europe (not all, but many) seem to enjoy a steady routine of self-flagellation. Countless centuries of the feudal serf system will do that to a society. The British still pay taxes to maintain a royal family, after all. I also think that the results of the Brexit vote in the UK might mislead those of us in America into thinking that the British are turning over a new leaf in terms of liberty and conservative-like values. While I do think there is a fierce underlying drive to protect sovereignty of the British nation, the British individual has all but abandoned any hope of their own personal sovereignty and self-determination.

In mainland Europe the self-loathing natural born citizen has become a bit of a mainstay and has been exploited quite successfully by the globalist establishment. In particular, the great fear among predominantly liberal Europeans is a return to the nationalist fervor that they believe spawned the rise of Nazism and the Third Reich (I have written numerous articles outlining the involvement of the corporate and banking elite in funding and supplying vital technology to the Nazis before and during WWII). It is this “guilt” of association with the Nazi legacy that has left Europe vulnerable to manipulation from the other end of the political spectrum – the socialist/Marxist end.

It is also this mindset that allowed globalists to forcefully inject millions of Muslim immigrants through open border policies and refugee policies into EU nations without proper vetting procedures. The majority of Europeans that saw the policy as irrational and dangerous were afraid to say anything for fear that they would be labeled “fascists.”

The greatest threat is not only the conditioning of the population to accept cultural invasion without assimilation. Nor is the greatest threat the pacification of the populace in the face of rampant terror attacks. No, the pinnacle threat is what will inevitably come next – the apathy of a nation in the wake of incremental martial law and the death of personal liberty.

This past week, a team of three Muslim men struck pedestrians with a white van, then emerged wielding hunting knives in a rampage through a crowded London night spot. This is only one attack in a steady stream that has plagued Europe ever since the Cloward-Piven program of Muslim relocation allowed millions of “refugees” into the EU’s borders. The vaporous ISIS terror group has since claimed responsibility.

In response, Prime Minister Theresa May has declared “enough is enough,” and demanded a review of the UK’s counter-terrorism strategy. London police have been asked to adjust to new tactical conditions, patrolling streets heavily armed and utilizing surveillance helicopters with the aid of special forces units.

NOTE – After finishing this article on Sunday, I find this quote from Theresa May on Tuesday:

We should do even more to restrict the freedom and the movements of terrorist suspects when we have enough evidence to know they present a threat, but not enough evidence to prosecute them in full in court.

And if human rights laws get in the way of doing these things, we will change those laws to make sure we can do them…

The deployment of over 5000 British troops at strategic locations by Theresa May is all part of a plan established in 2015 called “Operation Temperer.” The plan calls for the deployment of troops within the UK border in response to “major terrorist threats.” Essentially, it is a martial law program that acts incrementally, rather than overtly. Once implemented, Temperer would be difficult to reverse. As UK military chiefs warned when the operation was publicly exposed, troops would likely not be pulled back after commitment unless the terror threat was “reduced,” leaving the definition of the “threat level” open for rather broad interpretation.

Operation Temperer is now in full swing as police departments ask for military aid. The prime minister has obliged, replacing officers in numerous locations with military units on patrol. So, is this “martial law?” Perhaps not quite, but it is damn close to the line, and this is how tyranny is commonly implemented; not all at once, but a stepping stone at a time.

First, I would point out that May introduced Temperer measures after the Manchester bombing, and they do not seem to have done much to disrupt the latest attack in London. Second, I would also point out that the UK general elections for parliament are only a few days away, and it is highly likely that the latest attacks will solidify Theresa May and her Brexit base. The timing is rather interesting….

Many in the Liberty Movement would say that this is a good thing; that finally the British will be able to reverse the forced cultural invasion of an incompatible Muslim mass. I would say that this is all part of the plan.

As I have argued since before the Brexit vote last year, we are witnessing perhaps the largest 4th Gen psy-op in history. The globalists have deliberately engineered conditions by which European nations in particular will either be enveloped by an alien ideology with no protection from their own governments, or they will have to respond with overarching countermeasures. Meaning, Europeans have been given a false choice between the ideological cult of multiculturalism, or, martial law conditions.

In my view, the UK has been slated for the latter measure, and this makes perfect sense if you understand the game plan of the globalists.

Brexit and by extension the rise of Donald Trump in the US has been ALLOWED to happen. Despite the delusions of some in the Liberty Movement, the so-called “deep state” is perfectly positioned to take advantage of both events. They are not opposed in the slightest. Why? Because this is about destroying the name of sovereign nationalism and conservative principles. This is about the long game.

The UK appears to be first in the line-up. Terror attacks are mounting, May has already initiated Operation Temperer, and the attacks have continued anyway. The solution they will present will be MORE militarization, not less. It is my prediction that after a year of incrementalism and continued attacks, the entire UK will be in the midst of what many would define as full-spectrum martial law. The UK government might not openly call it that, but that is what it will be.

While I personally find Muslim-based societies to be abhorrent in their attitude towards individual liberty, I do see a disturbing trend developing on the other side of the coin. Western nations like the UK and the US have every right to defend their borders, to deny immigration from ANYWHERE for any reason, and to deport illegal immigrants and immigrants with provable ties to terror groups. However, the line that should not be crossed but probably will be crossed is the persecution or deportation of people merely for holding particular ideological views.

Even if the majority of citizens don’t necessarily support an outright broad-brush response towards all people who hold Muslim views as potential terrorists, the temptation will be overwhelming, and our respective governments will oblige it. Once we step into the world of thought crime, there is no turning back.

And, what this does is paint conservative/nationalist movements as monstrous in the eyes of future generations. They will be taught that the globalists “warned the world” about the dangerous “racist” populists and alt-right groups, and look what happened when they came to power; they vaporized the economy (see my previous articles on the Trump scapegoat narrative) and rounded up innocent people because of their belief system even though they committed no specific crimes. My fear is that what is happening here is that conservative movements are going to be driven to such madness in the name of security that we will actually make the globalists look like “good guys” by comparison.

So, what is the solution? Well, look at the choices the British people have been given: Accept multicultural sublimation without question, or initiate complete military oversight and sacrifice personal liberty. Are there no other options available?

What about this: The UK citizenry DEMANDS the return of their right to self-defense and the legalization of firearms ownership for those without a criminal background? The real solution is for UK citizens to begin providing their own security, not handing over their country to militarization because they are all disarmed and afraid.

Will this happen? I seriously doubt it. But, I do want to point out that there is clearly another path far superior to the two being offered.

Again, I believe the UK will be under martial law in a year’s time. Unless the people of the UK do something NOW to assert their right to determine their own security, they will fall to a complete totalitarian framework. And, in the long run, they will only be helping the very globalists the Brexit movement in particular sought to fight against. They will do this by trampling the image of nationalism and sovereignty with the jackbooted philosophy of externalized security and government dependency, making globalism, the offered antithesis, look pleasant and tolerable in retrospect.

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17 Comments on "Operation Temperer – U.K. Will Likely Institute Martial Law Measures Within A Year"

  1. Mostly agree. It is clear that the Powers That Be WANT martial law. Your fear of an ideological ‘backlash’ against the ‘innocent’, though, is misguided; or perhaps misunderstood. You have been fooled by the muslims into the mistaken belief that their totalitarian ideology is a RELIGION. Rather, it is a very thin religious patina applied to a solid base of criminality, piracy, and base perversion of all things spiritual and/or good to the benevolent and kind-hearted. We are not obliged to let ANY OF THEM STAY. If they swear the oath of citizenship with a new additional clause for muslims that REQUIRE them to publicly acknowledge that Sharia will NEVER be the law of the land, and to agree to a Mosque Tax, then they can stay. Otherwise, they should return to their origins, and WE should withdraw and leave them to it. Put a fence around them to keep them in, if necessary, but otherwise let them have their miserable little slice of ‘heaven’.

  2. NJguy - Proudly Deplorable | June 7, 2017 at 10:07 am |

    “U.K. Will Likely Institute Martial Law Measures Within A Year”

    As will probably be the case with most of the western nations since that is the plan of the globalists.

    Funding for all this is not a concern since the privately owned central banks can create as much fake “money” as they need to buy whomever and whatever is necessary.

    These guys have been planning this for generations. Do you really think that they’re going to just throw up their hands and walk away. Never. They will continue to fund and use the “useful idiots” in the streets and the muzloids as their hammer. It’s not going to stop.

  3. they let this scum in a now they want Martial Law and they will put them under their wings and they will mop the streets and take and kill the citizens


    • Send lawyers, guns and money!

    • Average Joe American | June 7, 2017 at 3:49 pm |

      Encourage them to follow in the footsteps of the American colonists, circa 1775. Point out to them that they can start by disabling every one of those intrusive public spy-cams they can get at…what earthly good are the things when all they can do is record the police responding eight minutes late for acts of mass murder in broad daylight?

      Next, help get them armed. We’ve apparently come a long way from the unarmed “bobbies on bicycles two-by-two” police model the anti-gun crowd used to so loftily cite as a reason for Americans to disarm. I have lived (and probably do now) in places where maniacs lunging around with knives stabbing people wouldn’t last a minute or two, never mind eight. With a coastline nearly the length of the planet’s circumference, I imagine gun smuggling into the UK could become a pretty lucrative enterprise.

      • That’s what the public cam controls all about is getting rid of weapons. It never was about public safety. They just want no guns or knives except from illegal aliens as then they can exercise control. Trump is another pansy. Elect someone real next time.

  5. Britain does not have a voice, except by BNP and this is no longer legal. The Poliicuts have managed to erase any voice of democracy through voting for this particular politicunt party. It is not allowed, and only criminals can defend themselves using firearms. Have a monarchy, so does not have a written constitution. Comedy circular tomorrow when voting for Hitlers grandson that controls EU,Britain is still in hock for the next 2 years. Good thing not married or else Marital L

  6. UK government traitors need to be destroyed by the citizens of UK.

  7. they want you to be islamophobic thats the reason for the false flag [albert pike’s 3rd world war] the rest of the article is right on the money tho

  8. The problem lies that since the 1970s people have forgotten and in many cases DON’T KNOW what self reliance even means. That word is like your talking from Mars to them. They’ll look at you like (What the Royal F) are you babbling on about Sir? It doesn’t compute. All they know are smartphones (mostly young women in their 20s something) and FPS games. They have not grown up with anything else.

    In the 90s they were still in diapers or not even born yet.

  9. Funny enough all this was predicted by prophets like David,Saul.etc. In the end times people will confuse right from wrong en mass. What’s good will be called bad and we are seeing it. The generation that was born when Israel became a true nation will not (naturally) die off before the lord returns but before the lord returns we have to go thru the one world system.

    The push towards smartphones and making websites cater to them (which makes them look gross on PC’s including this website) will lead to it. The whole computer industry is under their thumb now.

    It got worse when the Egypt/Libya Revolutions happened because the internet was used to fuel it. The governments wanted control since 9/11 but were ass slow going about it but these revolutions lit fire under their ass and got them steaming hot. They feel if it can happen there it can happen here!

    Now the web 3.0 is a giant spy machine monitoring you. This website is designed for phones with all that ugly white space. On a phone you won’t notice it but on a desktop it’s VERY noticeable including all the (share) icons going where you scroll. On a phone you likely just swipe with your finger to go to the share icons.

  10. In fact on the Intel website it assumed Dad’s old desktop was a smartphone. He was looking for a mid range computer that was neither a fancy shancy 800$ gaming rig nor a 300$ Optiplex piece of crap but immediately a picture of a smartphone appeared asking him to ‘turn’ the screen vertically. The picture showed the phone being held that way. NO HE IS NOT ON A PHONE!!!!!!!!

    If you log into Facebook on a laptop it will ask you to upgrade to IM to “save on minutes” I hereby quote thinking it’s a smartphone. IT’S A LAPTOP! IT DOESN’T USE MINUTES!

  11. Weird my other comment got blocked. Goes to show what side this is on. Censorship everywhere! Might as well just delete all comments and do away with commenting period. Then viewers can leave and watch AP die off like the other main stream news. There’s a reason BB is a monopoly. They have the easiest to navigate comment system.

  12. Now the big industry has pushed us to all use smarpthones which most websites have the ugly look now if you do it on anything non mobile. On mobile it comes up much better as it’s their priority such as the BBC/CNN websites. This website has that phone look with all that awful white space forcing me to zoom in to read the text. I have to zoom 125% to read it normal size. Smartphones are the ultimate means of control as on a PC there is too much freedom.

    That freedom was put to the test in Egypt/Libya revolutions which the internet was used to overthrow governments literally overnight. They found out laptops and PC’s were the main means of communication in code. Since then western governments have been paranoid big time about what you see. They dreamed of this control since 9/11 but were bogged down in red tape.

  13. We are seeing the true damage of the Patriot Act yours truly George Debau Bush signed in while you were all in diapers or staring at Fox News.

  14. But then there would be no need for a police state. End of 10,000 plus jobs.

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