New Jersey Passes Bill Requiring Schools To Teach Kids How To Interact With Police

By Dawn Luger

The state Assembly of New Jersey passed a bill on Thursday that would require K-12 students to be taught how to interact with police officers “in a manner marked by mutual cooperation and respect.” Although the Senate still needs to take action for the bill to become a law, it had an overwhelming amount of support in the assembly; passing 76-0.

The bill is aimed at “teaching” kids how to own responsibility for not interacting in a proper manner when a police officer demands compliance and mandates that school districts begin teaching kids how to talk to law-enforcement officers. Schools will be forced to begin this new indoctrination program starting in kindergarten, and the “instruction” would continue as part of the social studies curriculum all the way through grade 12. The bill is facing harsh blowback from not only the minority community but those skeptical of police actions.

Because the bill originally put all the burden on children to learn to respect cops, it was altered to include a segment about rights. The amended version of the bill now includes a directive that children also must be taught about “an individual’s rights under [the] law in interacting with a law enforcement official.” Of course, it says nothing about children disobeying immoral actions and still places the burden on the civilian.

Activists have a right to be skeptical. If the bill clears the Senate, the schools will begin brainwashing New Jersey children in 2018.

“This legislation does not empower young people, especially those living in brown and black communities,” New Jersey-based teacher and activist Zellie Imani told [NBC News]. “Instead, it empowers law enforcement by allowing them to continue to evade accountability for abuse and misconduct while forcing the burden on the public.

However, the bill’s primary sponsor, Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver, insists that it is about preparing kids. “This is a lesson many parents already teach to their children,” Oliver said, referring to police interaction. “Making it part of the school curriculum is the next logical step.” –The Root

Most could not agree more with Imani’s statement. And Oliver is grossly mistaken if she thinks children are taught outright compliance regardless of the orders given to them by police. Many teach their children morals, and those children are free thinking individuals who likely won’t just follow orders (does anyone remember Nazi Germany?), unlike police.

The civil rights movement in the United States had its turning point when Martin Luther King, Jr., defied a court order because laws discriminating against blacks were considered to be immoral and unconstitutional. In his account of the civil rights campaign in Birmingham, Alabama, King “speaks of a court injunction obtained by the city administration on April 10, 1963, directing that demonstrations be halted until the right to such activities might be argued in court. Dr. King continues: ‘Two days later, we did an audacious thing, something we had never done in any other crusade. We disobeyed a court order.’” –American Vision

Of course, that’s not all. What’s concerning activists further is a 2016 report by from Washington, D.C.-based Sentencing Project found that New Jersey has the widest disparity between the incarceration rate of black men and white men. “The Garden State puts black residents behind bars at 12 times the rate of white residents,” summarizes, “though [the report] noted that gap is expected to shrink thanks to recent changes to New Jersey’s sentencing laws.”

The online blog Blavity also took issue with the bill: “One could argue that the example of young Tamir Rice, who was a school child with zero time to engage with the police before being gunned down or Philando Castile, a registered gun owner and law abiding citizen being killed in his car without provocation, suggests that it may not be the citizens who have an issue when engaging with the police.” –TruthDig

“Should we be teaching kids how to interact peacefully with police, or should we be teaching police how to interact peacefully with civilians?” the ACLU of New Jersey asked in a Facebook post. “ACLU-NJ’s Portia Allen-Kyle points out that the answer is not one or the other. ‘The best option: offer more instruction to law enforcement officers. But in lieu of that, teaching kids about their rights is better than not preparing them at all, because when you know your rights, you’re more likely to know when those rights have been violated.'” The ACLU of New Jersey is keeping close tabs on this bill and similar pieces of legislation in the state. “Placing the onus on individuals,” Allen-Kyle told NBC News, “whether it be students or drivers, to take responsibility for their safety during police interactions is, frankly, ridiculous.”

“Thin Blue Line” backers and police are reveling in the potential passage of this law because it places the burden for police misconduct on the public. But skeptics of the law seem to be rooted more in the reality of the current state of affairs.

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11 Comments on "New Jersey Passes Bill Requiring Schools To Teach Kids How To Interact With Police"

  1. cop – “How’s it goin’?”

    kid – “Fuck you motherfucker. You lie and destroy lives for a living. One wrong word on my part, or an itchy arse on yours, and my life is over. Fifty years from now, I’ll be looking back on this day when I shoulda called you a lying demonic motherfucker, then maybe I wouldn’t have been without a good job, home, family, retirement, and decades of drug abuse and other shite behavior because of what you did to me. Go fuck yourself”.

    Nothing like a good education. Then you can visit the graves of your parents and others with dignity.

  2. Idiocracy is alive and well in state and fed governments.

    • Sadly, this would not exist if we were a healthy and sane populace, but we care more for sports, reality TV and iPhones.

      A people deserve any regime they endure.

      • I agree with everything you wrote except that we deserve what we endure. We are all sick, tired, poisoned via air, water and food, oppressed, robbed, overworked, drugged (vaccines, medicine, even vitamins are compromised), cheated, assaulted, divided, defrauded, distracted, and mind-effed (pardon), so it’s not really our fault most haven’t the ability, energy or even the knowledge of how to fight back, and they’re successful to the point most aren’t even aware they’re being manipulated. We have been destabilized as individuals and as a society. This is done by design, because the weaker we are, the more easily we’re controlled and molded into apathetic, compliant, hive-minded little worker bees.

        This goes way back, but even in the 1920’s the Tavistock Institute, who created trauma-based control with British soldiers, perfected mass manipulation via crisis creation and trauma- and fear-based mind control. Just like they do in military boot camp, they break us down with constant states of fear, trauma, terror, toxins, and abuse, hoping to erase our individuality so they can rebuild us to their specifications, especially to follow orders blindly and comply with and never question authority. This is a technique of psychological warfare, so we’re hardly deserving of anything this regime has done to us.

  3. Great, now they want us to pay them via a “bill” to indoctrinate our sons and daughters to comply with their assaults. smh It is not the duty of the police to protect nor serve us. Their job is to protect the corporation and arrest code breakers. They are not government agents, because the government was dissolved in 1933, they are corporate employees, so they have no business “teaching” us what to do when they try to assault us with their corporation’s policies. Sapp v. Tallahassee, 348 So. 2nd. 363, Reiff v. City of Phila. 477 F. Supp 1262, Lynch v. NC Dept. of Justice, 376 SE 2nd 247.

    So why are they teaching our sons and daughters to comply with police when the police are only interested in corporate protocol, policy, codes and statutes (and bills like this one, bill = charge, for which WE must pay)? Because they consider our sons and daughters property of the corporation, better known as “The State.” We need to set them straight and expose this fraud.

    Government’s supposed ownership of America’s children is not secret. There are many court cases which openly declare that our purported government owns virtually all of America’s children. “The primary control and custody of infants is with the government.” Tillman v. Roberts 108 So. 62, Van Koten v. Van Koten 154 NE 146, Senate Document 43 & 73rd Congress 1st. session, Wynehammer v. People 13 NY Rep 378, 481. According to Nichols v. Nichols (Civ. App., 247 S.W. 2d 143), …in its capacity of “parens patriae,” government may assume direction, control, and custody of children, and delegate such authority to whom it may see fit. (See, Ridgeway v. Walter, 133 S.W.2d 748, 281 Ky. 140;Shelton v. Hensley, 299 S.W. 979, 222 Ky 808.)

    This is insanity. How they think they can continue the lie that we have rights when in their corporate nightmare of a reality we don’t is beyond me. They have taken our inherent rights, not rights afforded by them, nor even rights protected by them, but rights afforded by our Creator they have no business (literally) interfering with, and converted them unlawfully into privileges for which we must first contract, then comply, then pay, with severe penalties including being caged and removed from our families for non-compliance. Then they force their corporate policies on us, changing them with the wind, expecting us to comply when we can’t even count how many there are now, ignorance of said “laws” being no excuse. How much more tyrannical and totalitarian can they get?

    Lawmakers are nothing but highly paid and pensioned for life corporate crooks who do nothing but sit around all day figuring out new ways like this to take more of our rights, revenue, assets and freedoms while indoctrinating us into their beastly system. And like this stupid bill, they make us pay for said indoctrination! The nerve! So our sons and daughters will grow up thinking they must comply with whatever these frauds and lying bullies want to do to them, even though a corporations sole purpose is to make revenue at a profit, no more, no less. Even by their own stupid corporate law, they’re crossing the line, but getting away with it anyway. Argh.

    • This, in its fuller verion, is what needs to get drilled into the heads of America’s next generation, before the criminal psychopaths have destroyed their lives with one entitlement- and lie-soaked touch. Unfortunately, the kiddies will already have been tagged like an animal with a birth certificate, vaccined into lifelong complications, and likely been saddled with a regimen of psychotropic drugs for compliance by the time you start on them. The criminals with the badges and robes expect them to be far more principled than themselves under any pressure or challenge. Is that the proper word – “challenge” – for being sterilised, poisoned, sent off to nation-destroying wars for the same corporations killing us and banker/government crime syndicate robbong us?

  4. Seems to me – it should be the other WAY – around !

  5. So when the children meet the Gestapo, they are to click their heels, raise their right hand and say “Seig Heil”.

  6. The real parents don’t send their kids to public school and they teach their children how to defend themselves from police state low IQ goons with their minds and with weapons. BTW, this does not only affect minorities, white children are impacted just as much. It’s always gotta be some shit about race.

  7. “OK kids, what is the basic rule for dealing with the police?”
    “Comply or die!”
    “Class dismissed.”

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