Google and Jigsaw Get Serious About “Extremist” Content

By Kurt Nimmo

Faced with fines in Europe, Google will enforce four new steps to identify “terrorist-related content” on its YouTube subsidiary.

“We are working with government, law enforcement and civil society groups to tackle the problem of violent extremism online. There should be no place for terrorist content on our services,” writes Kent Walker, general counsel for Google.

Terrorism is an attack on open societies, and addressing the threat posed by violence and hate is a critical challenge for us all. Google and YouTube are committed to being part of the solution. We are working with government, law enforcement and civil society groups to tackle the problem of violent extremism online. There should be no place for terrorist content on our services.

Walker says Google has “developed partnerships with expert groups, counter-extremism agencies, and the other technology companies to help inform and strengthen our efforts.”

Who are these expert groups and counter-extremism agencies? The Pew Research Center, the Anti Defamation League, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. In March, Google said they are “reputable sources that can be used for reputation research.”

The SPLC considers the “radical right” extremist. It also considers Donald Trump a lightning rod for xenophobia and racism. “Trump’s run for office electrified the radical right, which saw in him a champion of the idea that America is fundamentally a white man’s country,” Mark Potok wrote in February.

Potok believes the alt-right is a racist movement. It is a “rebranding of white supremacy for public relations purposes, albeit one that de-emphasizes Klan robes and Nazi symbols in favor of a more ‘intellectual’ approach.”

Potok and the SPLC are a reputable source?

While the focus now appears to be on Islamic extremism, it may soon include groups and individuals deemed extremist by the SPLC. It considers “antigovernment groups” extremist. These include the Oath Keepers, Lew Rockwell, the John Birch Society, the Eagle Forum, the Constitution Party, We Are Change, WorldNetDaily, Genesis Communication Network, What Really Happened, Infowars, Natural News, and hundreds of others.

Jigsaw is Google’s technology incubator. According to Google boss Eric Schmidt, the the team’s mission “is to use technology to tackle the toughest geopolitical challenges, from countering violent extremism to thwarting online censorship to mitigating the threats associated with digital attacks.”

For more on this, see the Newsbud video I produced last year:

Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of Donate to ADE Here.

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15 Comments on "Google and Jigsaw Get Serious About “Extremist” Content"

  1. I feel so much better now that the “G Force” is working for us. I thought they were just greedy billionaires trying to control all the information in the world. Whew!

  2. Anything that does not qualify as approved propaganda will be excluded from search results. The internet will undoubtedly respond – it’s whack-a-mole all over again.

  3. Zaphod Braden | June 20, 2017 at 5:43 am | Reply

    boycott GOOGLE
    According to the SPLC & ADL an organization is a “HATE GROUP” if it has
    “beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people”.
    By their own definition the SPLC & ADL are HATE GROUPS.
    During the Trump “transition” following the 2016 election, following their usual modus operandi, the SPLC & ADL have been running around to the MSM giving hysterical, frightening, interviews about an IMAGINED “wave of Trump induced HATE CRIMES(TIHC)” The SPLC & ADL have been absolutely silent about the ACTUAL, RECORDED HATE CRIMES committed by Blacks on White Trump voters , or about how MOST of the CLAIMED TIHC are actually FALSE FLAG events staged by the supposed victims.
    The SPLC, ACLU & ADl are HATE GROUPS spewing venom and INSTIGATING VIOLENCE toward any White, CHRISTian Citizens that they can.

  4. Zaphod Braden | June 20, 2017 at 5:45 am | Reply

    FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, REDDIT, GOOGLE are PLACES OF PUBLIC GATHERING, “SOCIAL Media”, and ADVERTISE themselves as PUBLIC places.. They are also PUBLICLY TRADED CORPORATIONS, unlike the PRIVATELY owned and operated “Mom&Pop” Bakery and Party Planner SUED by homosexuals.
    FACEBOOK is a PUBLIC SPACE therefore it has no right or legal option to censor participants. FACEBOOK is a PUBLICLY TRADED company, NOT a “private entity” and it solicits PUBLIC memberships.
    Just as cake bakers HAVE to bake homosexual cakes, and wedding planners HAVE to “accept” homosexual weddings, SUCKERberg has to accept opinions, videos, and pictures he does not like. These Social Media/Meeting Places must accept anything which is Permissible under the First Amendment.
    The same applies to ALL “social media”, YOUTUBE, and search engines.
    A lowly COUNTY CLERK was jailed for refusing to “do her duty” by not issuing homosexuals marriage licenses The Baker, Planner, and Clerk SHOULD have just said: “You homosexuals VIOLATE OUR COMMUNITY GUIDELINES” !!! They advertise themselves as “Social Media & Public Spaces” so everything that is covered under the First Amendment can be posted there. A Party Planner and a Baker were successfully sued for refusing service to homosexuals ….. these “Social Media” can & should also be sued for violating People’s 1st Amendment RIGHTS to speak freely in PUBLIC SPACES.
    Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. engaging in politically motivated censorship is like your meter reader shutting off your electricity because you have a Trump sign on your lawn. These social media have become like public utilities and therefore have no right to engage in political censorship.

  5. James Stamulis | June 20, 2017 at 6:45 am | Reply

    Who died and made GOOGLE and the SPLC the ones who decide what free speech is allowed? Only Soros and the leftist extremists!

  6. Rumplestiltskin | June 20, 2017 at 7:38 am | Reply

    “our services” ? Your services? Oh really? Google and its ilk are right next door to being taken to court for their tentative monopolies and forced to diversify or become a public trust like our power and water companies. Those are what I call physical trusts. Amazon, Google etc. are intellectual trust and should be regulated by the public, not by individuals. We are at this idiocy again, where the tail is trying to wag the dog. We cannot allow a very few people to determine what the rest of us can or cannot say or do, as in lawyers using the courts to try and regulate government, when those things were specifically relegated to Congress.

    We have allowed the 525+ men and women in our government to make laws and regulate commerce in our country, why should we allow a few men and women on the boards of those corporations to try and make the rules/laws we all live by. The bottom rung of that ladder is that we have one person dictate all rules and laws, as that would make it all really simple, don’t you think? THAT IS CALLED A DICTATORSHIP YOU IDIOTS.

    These large corporations need to be taken to court and force them to either become a public trust of to diversify. IE: I don’t like being dictated to by the likes of morons who think they are the best SJW that colleges and Universities could produce. If we don’t act with resolve, we will become more enslaved than you can possibly imagine !!!

    • Common Sense | June 21, 2017 at 12:48 pm | Reply

      “why should we allow a few men and women on the boards of those corporations to try and make the rules/laws we all live by”

      answer = MONEY

  7. The Soviet Poverty Law Center decreed long ago that anyone who voted for Ron Paul, or gave $$ to his campaign, was, de facto, part of some right-wing extremist group. How do these assholes get their money??

  8. Make no mistake about it. This is not a terrorist issue or a safety issue. This is justification to silence anyone that does not agree with the gobalist progessives. There will eventually be fines and arrests for posting anything against the NWO.

  9. George W Obama | June 20, 2017 at 2:09 pm | Reply

    Extremist Content = Anything that contradicts the official party line.

    The bankers have absolute control of the “message” every where except the internet and it is killing them.

    Google might be due for another name change, Ministry of Truth?

  10. Alleged Comment | June 20, 2017 at 4:49 pm | Reply

    “Terrorist related content” – define phrase please. Lieberals and Conservatives have different definitions.

  11. Well, looks to me like they fear the extreme right; and hate people’s opinions if it does not line up with theirs. However, the line has been drawn. Be ready people, they are stupid, but they seem to be dedicated….”We the people” are as well. PS, if they call it extreme, it’s not because it offends, but because it liberates.

  12. Common Sense | June 21, 2017 at 12:24 pm | Reply

    Considering we/they have conditioned and cultivated an army of mindless people who will follow the twisted logic of the criminals who have stolen power, no doubt there will be complete compliance.

    And for the rest of you that still have minds and spines, you will be demonized for not being herdlike.

  13. Is that Eric Schit’s boyfriend?

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