Germany Wants to Fingerprint 6-year-old Children and a Front Door to All Devices to Fight Terrorism

By Jeff Paul

“We can’t allow there to be areas that are practically outside the law,” German interior minister Thomas de Maiziere told reporters today while announcing new Nazi-like surveillance measures to fight terrorism.

The new measures include fingerprinting 6-year-old children and forcing technology companies to give the German authorities front doors to smartphones and backdoors into encrypted messaging apps in order to spy on all communications.

According to Reuters:

Germany is planning a new law giving authorities the right to look at private messages and fingerprint children as young as 6, the interior minister said on Wednesday after the last government gathering before a national election in September.

Ministers from central government and federal states said encrypted messaging services, such as WhatsApp and Signal, allow militants and criminals to evade traditional surveillance.
Among the options Germany is considering is “source telecom surveillance”, where authorities install software on phones to relay messages before they are encrypted. That is now illegal.

Austria is also planning laws to make it easier to monitor encrypted messages as well as building out a linked network of cameras and other equipment to read vehicle licence plates.

It seems each new “terror” attack in Europe results in more laws that destroy individual liberty and benefit the police state. Others are noticing, too.

Reuters makes sure to add that the “proposal encountered strong opposition in Germany, where the memories of spying in the Communist and Nazi run deep.”

And many attribute Theresa May’s terrible showing in the recent UK election to her relentless pursuit of cracking down on Internet freedom and privacy. See here, here, and here.

Nevertheless, rogue men with knives appear to be enough to sway a fearful public and reactionary lawmakers to lock down society for the illusion of security. If they’re not careful, they’ll end up safe like the couple below:

Jeff Paul writes for Activist Post and Counter Markets newsletter to live free and succeed outside the rigged system. This article is Creative Commons and may be reposted in full with attribution.

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32 Comments on "Germany Wants to Fingerprint 6-year-old Children and a Front Door to All Devices to Fight Terrorism"

  1. Problem reaction solution. Death to traitor politicians.

  2. Why don’t westerners who value their civil liberties and freedom from tyranny walk away from smartphones? That could be the beginning of a peaceful revolution.

    • Eventually it will be that one can’t walk away as they inundate everything with this surveillance tech and make living outside that surveillance illegal. Then what?

      • It’s scary for its implications and we know TPTB are still determined to have us physically chipped.

      • Good question Tabbytha. Civil war? Government over throw? Military over throw? Lots of possibilities that I am sure they have covered extensively in their computer scenarios.

        Most important thing now is for us is while we keep a finger on the pulse of all the nonsense we should act locally as best we can.

        Attend ANY meeting that makes decisions about your life. From PTA, city and county council meetings to anything on land and water use and especially Agenda 21. We need to be like the white blood cells of our bodies. They go and fight infection at the site to the benefit of the whole body.

    • The continued Skinerian operant and Pavlovian conditioning with Bernays and others thrown in with no telling how many other signals being sent over the phone.

      As you know I am a new viewer of TV so it is more intense in many ways. One of my observations is the plethora of commercials (which I mute and put up in the corner of the guide) that use SMART phones in them. Much of it is showing people how much easier it is to do things with a SMART phone.

      Movies and TV dramas now rely on SMART phones as an integral part of the story lines. On an on the digital distraction digs at denizens unable to extricate themselves from the spell. Young girls carry them in their back pockets just inches away from all the eggs they will ever have in their life with an EMF transmitter constantly at work.

      That’s my humble offering…

      • Thank you, EJ, that’s a good reminder of the conditioning and normalizing process and, yes, sad the health effects are not considered either. I value my consciousness and value systems much more than my lifespan. When it comes right down to it, I imagine that’s not true for most people

        • Sadly most continue in the face of incredibly horrible possible results to do all the wrong things that taste, smell, sound and feel so good. That temporary sugar, salt, digital fix is not unlike the heroin addicts rush…

          • When you get right down to it, it’s exactly the same nucleus accumbens stimulation, a reflex pathway exaptation of Dunbar “bonds” – anchored by a fear of being ostracized registering in the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex, same tissue that lights up when we’re experiencing physical pain. = Powerful drivers TPTB know how to exploit.

          • Houston, we have lost you there??

          • LOL 🙂

          • Are you laughing at me cuz I am dumb or cuz I am funny? 🙂

            My eyes glazed over on that apparently wonderful and insightful comment.

          • Because you’re funny! I “grok’d” what you meant right away. 😉

          • Thanks “Jenny.”

            Run EJ, Run…

  3. Why don’t they just stop bringing the terrorists in?

  4. That should also please Trump because of his ragging on terrorism rather than looking at the cause and doing something about that. About 25 years ago the Feds put a guy in prison for putting an encription program on the free ware page in the early net. If something can be used for criminal activity, it will. Remember Bonnie and Clyde. Clyde was born in Wellburm TX, but last time I went through there was no sign. Why? Actually the really safest places to be from both crime and terrorism is in a prison – go rob a bank and just wait for the cops. You also get 3 hots and and a cot and free medical and dental care with no co-pays. Are we on the outside missing a good deal?

    • Free Man (NOT) | June 15, 2017 at 4:50 pm | Reply

      And a free sex change.

    • daniel wright | June 16, 2017 at 2:42 pm | Reply

      Actually the cause is well known to those with common sense. It is called ISLAM. Those who follow the perfect example of Muhammad offer you to convert,then offer dhimmidom and then kill as a last resort. Islam has engaged in jihad for 1400 years. That was 1159 years before the Unites states was founded. Even then we had to contend with the Barbary (Muslim) pirates. I thought you were well informed. I guess I was wrong.

      • If you want to look around, you can see the counterparts of the Radicals in the mid east except we call them Evangelicals and Fundamentalists – the ones who cheer when they hear of someone attacking a Planned Parenthood Clinic – like Mr. Dear who is still undergoing evaluation to see if he is mentally sane enough to stand trial for 3 murders. The Sec of Education seems to think that the taxpayers should pay for the educations which lead to them – just reading the book all of the time because it contains all of the knowledge they think is necessary. If you have one, look in the book of Numbers and see if it even mentions addition. Look at who goes to their meetings to tell them to keep up the good work, who apparently just caught the fever during the campaign. Like your whores, they and all Christians have their own stories and maybe by listening you might even learn something. The true ‘Christians’ are giving many church goers a bad name. Did you notice that the people of Iran recently voted for the more moderate, rather than the old religious one, as their new political leader, while keeping their religious one really in charge. My first college room mate was Mohamed Agili of Benghazi Libya, and other than trying to impregnate all of the high school girls possible, he was a nice guy, as were the guys from similar places with similar beliefs. Because thier religion has kept them out of touch with the reality that women are people too, they would have been better.
        Lt. Presley O’bannon (USMC) had to rely on other Muslems to take out the Barbary Pirates – he only had e or 4 other Marines with him. That is called winning the hearts and minds.

        • daniel wright | June 18, 2017 at 8:12 pm | Reply

          I see nothing from you about the babies killed at PP. You sure have a soft spot for those who behead in the name of Muhammad,just contempt for Christians.

          • In CO there has been a ballot issued in at least 2 of the past 3 elections on whether life begins at concepot (the ‘personhood’ amendments) and the second attempt failed worse than the first. I am with the majority that belies that life does not really begin until birth. But even there I have questions. Due to medical science and experience we have many kids born today with severe birith defects that would have been incompatible with life just a few years who can now, with extrodinary and very expensive, efforts which can be ‘saved’ but will never have any quality of life, which is a problem above my level to even think of possible remedies, so they will not be able to survive on their own – ever – always dependent. On the other hand Conservatives do not seem to like ‘dependency’ at all. The VA disability pension and the SS which I think that I have earned, are now ‘entitlements’, so I am wondering how pro-life conservatives recconcile the fact that the birth defective children will always be dependant. The Poster girl, the one who insisted on carrying the litter for as long as possible, had children who were all handicapped and most with mental defects, who will live on the taxpayers money for the rest of their lives, and I wonder why those who supported her so strongly have not stepped up to give her and her kids they now get from the taxpayrs who thought that she was just plain nuts, when she could have aborted just a few to help the others able to lead normal lives. Just breathing is not much of a life.

  5. Although terrorism is real it serves the same purpose as Climate Change as far as the Global Government crowd is concerned. IT IS JUSTIFICATION FOR CONTROL…. Giving up freedom for more government controls.

  6. Why do they want more control of the general populace, while bringing muslims into their country—some of which are very likely to be terrorists?

  7. Adolph merkel practices the traditional police state model, which is, going after the Citizens instead of stopping and deporting the illegal aliens she is spending German tax dollars supporting and importing… Adolph Merkel is a principle member of the Hate Western European Civilization to destruction Poiliti’Kal Klass. Now that the French have elected her Macaroon toady and May has successfully sabotaged the Brixit conservative majority to screw up brixit generally, Adolph believes she has the world dancing to her tune.. . depending on what you do about it, maybe she does…

  8. mangomuffin2 | June 15, 2017 at 10:58 pm | Reply

    Damned Sponge Bob-watching little terrorists…

  9. The mark of the beast: coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

  10. this why they keep doing false flags… cus they work

  11. If liberty and freedom are curtailed in Western democracies then the terrorists have won!

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