The End of the (Petro)Dollar: What the Federal Reserve Doesn’t Want You to Know

By Shaun Bradley

The United States’ ability to maintain its influence over the rest of the world has been slowly diminishing. Since the petrodollar was established in 1971, U.S. currency has monopolized international trade through oil deals with the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and continuous military interventions. There is, however, growing opposition to the American standard, and it gained more support recently when several Gulf states suddenly blockaded Qatar, which they accused of funding terrorism.

Despite the mainstream narrative, there are several other reasons why Qatar is in the crosshairs. Over the past two years, it conducted over $86 billion worth of transactions in Chinese yuan and has signed other agreements with China that encourage further economic cooperation. Qatar also shares the world’s largest natural gas field with Iran, giving the two countries significant regional influence to expand their own trade deals.

Meanwhile, uncontrollable debt and political divisions in the United States are clear signs of vulnerability. The Chinese and Russians proactively set up alternative financial systems for countries looking to distance themselves from the Federal Reserve.  After the IMF accepted the yuan into its basket of reserve currencies in October of last year, investors and economists finally started to pay attention. The economic power held by the Federal Reserve has been key in financing the American empire, but geopolitical changes are happening fast. The United States’ reputation has been tarnished by decades of undeclared wars, mass surveillance, and catastrophic foreign policy.

One of America’s best remaining assets is its military strength, but it’s useless without a strong economy to fund it. Rival coalitions like the BRICS nations aren’t challenging the established order head on and are instead opting to undermine its financial support. Qatar is just the latest country to take steps to bypass the U.S. dollar. Russia made headlines in 2016 when they started accepting payments in yuan and took over as China’s largest oil partner, stealing a huge market share from Saudi Arabia in the process. Iran also dropped the dollar earlier this year in response to President Trump’s travel ban. As the tide continues to turn against the petrodollar, eventually even our allies will start to question what best serves their own interests.

Many E.U. member states are clashing with the unelected leadership in Brussels over immigration, terrorism, and austerity measures. If no solutions are found and things deteriorate, other countries could potentially follow the U.K.’s lead and vote to leave, as well. It is starting to become obvious that countries in Eastern Europe will look to the East to get the resources their economies need.

China, Russia, and India are all ahead of the curve and started stockpiling gold years ago. They recognize that hard assets will be the measure of true wealth in the near future — not fiat money. The historic hyperinflation that has occurred in these countries solidified the importance of precious metals in their monetary systems. Unfortunately, most Americans are ignorant of the past and will likely embrace more government bailouts and money printing when faced with the next recession. Even Fed officials have admitted that more quantitative easing is likely the only path going forward.

Several renowned investors have warned about this ongoing shift of economic power from West to East, but bureaucrats and central bankers refuse to admit how serious things could get. The impact on the average person could be devastating if they are not properly educated and prepared for the fallout.

Economist and author James Rickards summarized why China and Russia are so interested in acquiring precious metals:

They are stuck with their dollars. They fear, rightly, that the US will inflate its way out of its $19 trillion mountain of debt. China’s solution is to buy gold. If dollar inflation emerges, China’s Treasury holdings will devalue, but the dollar price of its gold will soar. A large gold reserve is a prudent diversification.  Russia’s motives are geopolitical. Gold is the model 21st century weapon for financial wars.The US controls dollar payments systems and, with help from European allies, can eject adversaries from the international payments system called Swift. Gold is immune to such assaults. Physical gold in your custody cannot be hacked, erased, or frozen. Moving gold is a simple way for Russia to settle accounts without US interference.

Mainstream pundits will continue to distract the public with the same optimistic talking points, but taking advantage of this calm before the storm is important. As this transition takes place, central bankers will sacrifice anything and everything to keep their Ponzi scheme going. Only individuals can take the initiative to protect themselves and be able to help others who won’t be as lucky. Those who embrace sound money and cryptocurrencies will thrive in this new competitive global economy, but if America fails to adapt, the same fiat system that gave it power will drag it into poverty.

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56 Comments on "The End of the (Petro)Dollar: What the Federal Reserve Doesn’t Want You to Know"

  1. Thank you Shaun for your informative article reminding us that we are being steered forward into the world of crypto currencies. The e currency that will enable any government and acting authorities to freeze our accounts whenever they like. Not good.

    • the DEATH of the dollar is PLANNED. They WANT it to happen. Without it? No NWO or implanted money chip. Yet writers like this insist on being fooled into thinking the Elite are “fighting the petro-dollar’s demise”. WTFU. It is only ‘demised’ because that is what they want $ to do to complete their Plan.

      • States like Illinois and California along with “dependent” Puerto Rico, Detroit and other cities are “Harbingers” of the Direction the United Socialist States of America is heading.
        It certainly isn’t towards sound money, viability, and more wealthy citizens.
        Obamacare will Never be repealed. It will be “reformed” by gutless ChamberPot Repubs and the Marxist DemocRats will laugh behind their fake frowns. The USSA continues to march Leftist with a bigger Feral Gov., More debt, and Less liberty. It’s a Done DC Deal, all theatrics aside.
        Welcome to the NWO, Comrades.

        • Chipped, tracked, continuously monitored and watched, instantly rated with social credit scores as Pavlovian animals, and given our rations to survive in our 90 sq ft stack and pack Sustainable City termite mounds.
          That’s the UN Agendas in a nutshell.

          • Unfortunately it probably will not happen while I’m alive and able to resist.
            I would really hate missing the fracas.

          • Maybe not the forced / mandatory chipping, but biometric tracking is nearly the same thing in terms of continuous monitoring. It has been planned in the very near future in the US, for instance, physical boarding passes will no longer be issued for airline flights. A person will need to have their smartphone with them (that’s biometrically tied to that person, I presume) to get their digital boarding pass.

            Banking is beginning to go biometric in the US too if a letter I received a week ago from one of my banks is any indication. Not an optional alternative in this case judging from the letter.

            Biometric based identification, voting, access to smart phones, and purchasing is sweeping the globe. The globalists are leap frogging over lack of infrastructure in Africa and parts of India.

            Here’s a good article in the link below and there’s a lot more going on! Maybe not a fracas, more of a stealth takeover, everyone going quietly into that dark night – unless Americans wake up soon!

          • So, What’s your plan B? ……because nothing has stopped them yet.

          • People have to understand the convenience of biometrics will open a door to digital slavery under a totalitarian system that isn’t just theoretical, it’s been in the works for over a century. First as the old early 1900s era “scientific society”, then in the early 30s it manifested as Technocracy Inc, a large active political movement in N. America virtually nobody knows about, not mentioned in history books or popular media. In the cold war era, the Soviets attempted Technocracy but the technocrats were executed and the system collapsed under its own weight, the USSR not possessing the necessary funding and technology, same problem as Technocracy Inc. Then it was Brzezinki’s plan for a Technotronic Era, same thing. It was Brzezinski’s project as a Trilateralist in Carter’s cabinet to transform China into the first large scale prototype. That’s when the policies and plans to move the US manufacturing sector were worked out and implemented under successive administrations. So now we have Parag Khanna the newest spokesperson for global Technocracy under a world govt.

            Do we want to be like China and have social credit score systems rate everything we say, purchase, read, do, and how acceptable our friends and family are? This system is designed to punish / reward us instantly deducting / adding “energy credits” (the new digital’currency’) or shutting off our “chips” altogether if we’re consistently non compliant.

            That seems pretty clear as an endgame. This debate or discussion needs to happen or else we’ll wake up one day to realize we lost all the remaining vestiges of freedom.

            Here’s some historical background. The paper on the author’s site was removed when he created a new website ( – btw, great website on current events. Someone on the net has it here:

            Carbon Currency A New Beginning for Technocracy?

            There’s an interesting older BBC production on the Soviet run at Technocracy embedded in this A. Post article, worth the read too:

            Agenda 21, Technocracy, And The New World Order In The Russian Federation

            Embedded video : Pandora’s Box, E1: The Engineers’ Plot


          • The globalists agenda is to be by 2025

          • 2025, Why do we have to wait so long? Let’s encourage the NWO ProgreSSives to speed things up. If we are going to have CW II then time is of the essence for me.
            I do hope people are ready.

    • Important reminder, FREEPH. Seems we’re all sleepwalking into a big trap.

      P.S. Hope all is well and safe in the Philippines.

      • 🙂 Let us hope we awaken before the fall. Thanks blue579. We are surviving here the best we can. I am far enough away from the rebel fighting in the south to feel safe for the moment but ready to uproot if things get worse. Unfortunately, the fighting will come to our neighborhood no matter where we live. Hope everything is well with you and your love ones. Take care.

  2. Been thinking a good bit about casinos, banking, gaming. If someone wrests control via finance they have full control of their own game at such point. They become the “house” of the casino.

    Right here there is loss of reason to continue gaming. You are the house, there is no need to play to win any more. You’ve won it all, already.

    I suggest any game playing being done is an absolute hoax and smoke screen. There’s no need to keep the game in play after all. What reason does it get continued but to provide distraction, or a “cover”?

    So if the goal is to win and you’ve already done that, what then is the further ends of the means on display? I always read, see, hear that some dark cartel desires absolute control. That’s all fine and well but it leaves me curious as to what ends? Them having control is only a means, a way to distract as far as I’m thinking.

    Okay fine, they need to have control. Why? What ends does being in control meet? Yes, I understand it keeps them longer and longer in control, in power. Why though do they desire having dominion? What is the motivation? Nobody seems keen to offer an answer to that.

    • Greed is a mental illness, a hoarding behavior. No matter how much wealth they have, they want more. There are people with 10s of billions of dollars who are still grubbing for more.

      If we gave them all the money they would still want more. If we presented them with a deed to the entire planet that every citizen agreed was legit, they would want the moon.

      • After they are dead and gone, any and all possessions equate to nothing though. No one can as of yet “take it with themselves” beyond being dead. I understand greed as an evil in the world/s. This however still leaves the question of to what ends?

        I think if I still believed in a god that @disqus_3MBeP6wt1v:disqus presents a reasonable “ends”. Excuse me, way too late for me tonight, did a lot of brush clearing today as well so I’m frazzled.

    • Your soul. The 1% are Luciferians. They are Satanists. They work to bring about anything that offends God. To top it off, they get off on human suffering and power trips.

      • Well I am an Apathetic Agnostic. I can only give the most honest answer to the question of the existence of any god. That answer is “I do not know”. I do not care to know either if any god exists or does not exist. This is not meant to offend any god, or any who follow any god. This is only my answer for myself. Yes, there may well be others who share similar views.

        I am not attempting to persuade or dissuade anyone from any belief, or lack of belief. What I think is that if any god exists, they are not too concerned with anything in the here and now. If they do not exist, well, it is the same if they do and take no interest in the here and now. Either way everything in the here and now seems to do as it will do, as it always has done, god or no god, goddess.

        I attempt living as morally and ethically “right” as I’m best able. I do this not seeking any reward, nor fearing any “punishment” should I in some manner not be in the “right”. I choose such living freely. Hopefully, anyone else chooses what they are obligated to as freely. Might be something to consider if you do not, yet that will be for you (whoever you are) to do on your own. Again this is not meant as offensive, confrontational and is merely stating facts of my lacking belief, belief and my reasoning for that.

        Quite glad you do have God for yourself. Happy both that you do and happy for you. I do respect the beliefs of others. I grow weary though when it is presumed someone else can impose the definition of themselves upon someone else. I’ll define myself, thank you, and no that is not meant to read as anything more than a mildly asserted statement and quite politely. In consolation, not everyone enjoys eating peanut butter, I do though. 🙂

  3. First of all, the entire psyop of a “petrodollar” is just that, BS. What is upholding the military scrip masquerading as an American dollar is us, you and me; we are human capital (see: Obama’s EO 13037), or chattel/stock to be traded at market. Our “individual corporate fictitious entities” or ID entities represent cestui que trust accounts that THEY are the beneficiaries and owners of , and these are what’s traded on the stock market and backs the military scrip (under martial law rule) called Federal Reserve Notes. This has zero to do with oil, and this is what they’re trying so desperately to hide so they can collapse our economy before we find out and their authority crumbles like the house of cards its built upon.

    **According to GATT you must have a Social Security Number. House Report (103-826). General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) was a multilateral agreement regulating international trade. They trade us, you and me. According to its preamble, its purpose was the “substantial reduction of tariffs and other trade barriers and the elimination of preferences, on a reciprocal and mutually advantageous basis.” More masking of the fact we’re the human chattel that upholds the nation’s debt for our real owners, the UN via the IMF and the BIS and central bankster thieves, and their owners at the Vatican, who profess to own the entire world, including all its people.

    **The IRS is not a U.S. government agency. It is an agency of the IMF. Diversified Metal Products v. IRS et al. CV-93-405E-EJE U.S.D.C.D.I, Public Law 94-564, Senate report 94-1148 pg. 5967, Reorganization Plan No. 26, Public Law 102-391.
    **The IMF is an agency of the U.N. Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Ed. p. 816.
    **The United States has NOT had a Treasury since 1921. 41 Stat. Ch. 214 p. 654.
    **The U.S. Treasury is now the IMF. Presidential Documents Volume 29 – No. 4 p. 113, 22 U.S.C. 285-288.
    **Social Security Numbers are issued by the UN through the IMF. The application for a Social Security number is the SS5 form. The Department of the Treasury (IMF) issues the SS5 not the Social Security Administration. The new SS5 forms do not state who publishes them while the old form states they are Department of the Treasury. 20 CFR Chap. 111 Subpart B 422.103 (b).

    Proof we are now under martial law rule, and our federal reserve notes are nothing but military scrip based upon us as human collateral, not oil: “As we have said, the Federal Personal Income Tax is collected under a military venue within a martial law jurisdiction. Federal Reserve Notes are Military Scrip circulated within a military venue. Under the Social Security Act [1933], there was brought into existence Ten Federal Regional Areas [sounds a lot like FEMA regions, yes? but they’ve been here over 70 years]. These Ten Federal Regional Areas are the same as a military base…” Dyett v. Turner 439 P2d 266 @ 269, 20 U2d 403 [1968] Judge A.H. Ellett, Utah Supreme Court.

    **”Therefore, the U.S. citizens residing in one of the states of the union, are classified as property and franchises of the federal government as an “individual entity.” Wheeling Steel Corp. v. Fox, 298 U.S. 193, 80 LEd. 1143, 56 S.Ct. 773. March 10, 1936.

    **”It is an established fact that the United States Federal Government has been dissolved by the Emergency Banking Act [Social Security Act], March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent.” H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress in session, June 5, 1933.

    **Joint Resolution to Suspend the Gold Standard and Abrogate. The Gold Clause dissolved the Sovereign Authority of the United States and the official capacities of all United States Governmental Offices, Officers, and Departments, and is further evidence that the United States Federal Government exists today in name only. United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1933 Vol. 33.”

    The government is dead, passed on, it is no more. It has ceased to be. It has expired and gone to meet its maker. It’s a stiff, bereft of life, it rests in peace. It’s kicked the bucket, shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible. THIS IS AN EX-GOVERNMENT. What we have now is a foreign corporation in masquerade (fraud). God save us all. 😉

    • N-dimensional chess indeed! Excellent summary, Grace by Faith.

      Since it’s all simulacra, artificial constructs, if we could all wake up en masse and realize “there is no spoon” like the child in The Matrix, it would all go ‘poof’, adios, bye-bye. In the meantime, we can dream and keep shining our lights.

    • just realized that all my accounts including banking have my name in caps which means that I am a part of a corporation lol

    • Wow, great offering.

  4. What the Federal reserve doesn’t want you to know is you didn’t get 1 dime from it. But there was enough money made to fund all healthcare, housing , schooling and welfare not to mention tripling Soc Sec, And the feds are ready to nuke the world for all that FREE Money — They got !

  5. Something to consider here is that having gold in reserve only works in balance of trade settlements with other nationsn on the same wave length and willing to settle in gold. Otherwise if the balance of payments is negative those gold reserves will quickly be depleted as they are used to settle with non gold using economies..

    The USA still has the largest economy in the world by far with China a distant but closing second. Certainly at some point China’s economy will rival that of the USA. What will be the real paradigm shift is when China matches the USA on a geopolitical level and as China means to restore the grandeur she once enjoyed this inevitability will change the world power structure on a fundamental level. This barring the use of nuclear weapons in a war.

  6. The horrible suffering in store for we Goyim not withstanding? It’s not soon enough for me.


  8. While the end of the dollar reserve currency system is a good thing, what is being prepared to replace it is most certainly worse in terms of restricting free speech and the freedom of humanity in general. The BRICS banking system is equally tied to the Bank of International Settlements which we know from Carroll Quigley’s seminal writings is the core system to usher in the New World Order.

    As far as the insanely absurd Kabuki theater surrounding Qatar, it couldn’t be further from the truth that Qatar is pivoting away from the GCC, the US, and the NWO into the arms of [NWO entities] Iran and Russia. It’s all one big ‘happy’ family behind the curtain.

    A sharp analyst following a development in Somalia reported in May Trump sent additional US troops to Somalia to provide security for a big Qatar-Rothschild oil deal. The current corrupt Somali president was given $20 million by Qatar to be essentially placed in power, in turn, he appointed a prime minister who was an oil and gas executive with Dutch Royal Shell.

    • Other interesting facts revealed in this analysis :

      1) The US govt has built Somalia a MASSIVE intelligence operations center, possibly on par with Saudi’s new Eye of Suaron anti-terrorism center.
      2) The US govt has also built an enormous base in military that can accommodate 100,000 troops.
      3) A large contingent of private corporate mercenary security agents are there too.

      • One of the contractors used on these enormous projects (Brown/Root I believe) was present at the meeting at Clint Murcheson’s ranch outside of Dallas the night before to firm up the hit on JFK. Johnson was there along with Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover, and others.

        This sort of nonsense goes on while we have a nation falling apart from lack of infrastructure maintenance and good programs for the homeless and poor and so much more where these huge amounts of money get spent.

        • Apologies for the slow response, EJ . A big thanks to you for pointing this out because it’s so easy to forget with the printing presses running. A billion here, one hundred billion there and soon we’d have enough to help the homeless and help those who can’t afford health care, etc. All that waste is nuts. Most people should have their homes and cars paid for. Not the ball and chain debt model.

          • Not hearing from you is not something that is taken personally, I just miss you and some of the gang when I don’t “hear” from you guys. My “virtual” friends and my local yokels keeps me back from the edge so to speak.

            Years of living on the street in my van I learned how to truly appreciate others with kindness and common bonds rather then differences. The fung shui of interpersonal relationships hey?

            Yeah, the level of civility and human kindness doesn’t even come close to what Gadaffi was doing for his people.

          • Hope you enjoy the holiday weekend, EJ. Nice that you’re in the ‘boonies’, away from fire crackers. I always feel sorry for the wildlife and pets who panic from the loud noises.
            Take care and catch ya later.

          • I don’t really differentiate weekdays as holidays or not. Most of the time I have to be told when one is happening, usually when I am pissed off some store is closed or something :-)) But thanks for the thought.

            What I do for the 4th is fire off about 30 rounds of .50 caliber tracers to John Phillip Sousa’s march :-)) Well, I would if I had one, but wouldn’t that be a fun thing :-O


          • Wow, amazing tank. Where can I get one of those? LOL

          • We leave them all over the world when we finish raping, murdering, pillaging brown people except for the one’s we give to the SWAT teams of towns with 4K populations who must combat drug offenders. :-/

          • As you know “drug offenders” is the ruse. The real targets are dissenters everywhere. Doesn’t matter how poor the nation is or how many poor and homeless people there are in a prosperous nation, there’s always funding for weapons.

            You know I often track international military weapons sales. A few months ago I was reading about Russia selling a record amount of weapons to arch enemies Pakistan and India. The analyst described India’s plans to use these military weapons to control internal uprisings – I bet not many people in India understand this, they probably think it’s to ward off Pakistan aggression. Meanwhile, Pakistan is getting outside help from RU and no doubt the usual suspects in the west to track and monitor their citizens. India doing the same. What a waste here and there and everywhere.

          • “As you know “drug offenders” is the ruse. The real targets are dissenters everywhere.”

            Only too well :-/

            “there’s always funding for weapons.”

            The military miracle of madness at work.

            ” What a waste here and there and everywhere.”

            It is like there are different species of humans on the planet.

            Here is one voice of the past that nailed it, but who is listening?


          • Got another virgin shill. Check out my profile or here:


    • They want a pipeline from Qatar through Syria to service the Europeans that would make Russian and Turkish pipeline that’s almost complete and going to be doing the same thing only they’re going to be first there to market, not to be needed. Woops!! Syria said NO. So is that why the US has been wasting so much treasure and blood on starting a war with Syria so they and their operatives could instead sell their NG to Europe after defeating Assad?? No wonder Russia is there (and rightfully so as they were formally invited in by the sovereign elected govt of Syria unlike the US). Soon as their pipeline deal is completed and the NG is flowing to Europe under long term contracts the pipeline favored by the terrorists based in Washington DC will be no more. God speed to the Russian-Turkish pipeline project. And send the neocons home to face charges with nice long jail sentences for their many and ongoing crimes – Syria included.

      • The pipeline memes came from alt cointelpro outlet agents and the seven nations meme was came from hard core globalist bootlicker and close friend of the Clintons Wesley Clark who was involved in the massacres in Waco and the NATO Bosnia-Serb operation. He also called for the placement of disloyal Americans who peacefully dissent to the govt’s war on terror tactics in internment camps – on a televised MSM interview two years ago, summer 2015.

        I know for a fact the regional government systems reflected in the EU and the GCC (middle east) are in the process of fully blending their economies for regional governments under a global governance (world government) system of authoritarian rule. This is true for Qatar and the entire GCC and also the reason the EU is now talking about consolidating its members’ debt — while simultaneously both the EU and GCC are working to create regional military systems. The pipeline issue is a ruse, under UN 2030 edicts which mandate the sharing and rationing of ALL global resources under an entirely new economic model – Global Technocracy. Why aren’t we being given this information?

        The middle east is rapidly implementing Vision 2030 (Iran too), and Russia is doing the same with Strategy 2030. Qatar is a Smart Country (2030) currently fighting with parents resisting a new mandate requiring their children wear RFID tracking devices while they are at school. Saudi Arabia is deep into biometric Big Brother too, Kuwait, UAE, etc. China is the large scale prototype for this control grid, Singapore is the idealized small scale model.

        The elites told us themselves a long time ago they would be creating new paradigms while we were still were stuck ‘judiciously” attempting to dissect old crimes and old paradigms.

        • I trust the (more than one) sources that I read about that alternative pipeline and I for one am not convinced that’s fake news…
          “Why aren’t we being given this information?”
          Because they know that the same things happening here won’t fly and will be DOA just like all the other globalist nonsense and crapola. 300+ million citizens along with three times that number of guns in the hands of the people, especially gun savvy American’s can back that…course of action up as well. And once the thing that gives them their power the US dollar fails all bets on anything are off. Especially this globalist pipedream.

          • There’s something to be said, Silverado, for getting good at using a n-dimensional geopolitical “chess” lens. IMO, it’s a skill the elites honed a very long time ago. In a way it can be described as compartmentalized knowledge. Think about the Manhattan Project (or the new Manhattan Project, geoengineering), for example. The people making the basic parts are told a simple cover story, those higher up the ladder are given increasingly elaborate cover stories until there’s a point where the information is known that an atomic weapon is being created or the spraying is being done to alter the climate. Next, the group of managers above the highest level “technocrats” can be given various explanations that may or may not be true. “We need to fake a climate catastrophe to usher in a new economic system before we run out of oil and gas reserves.” I can think of some excellent specious explanations that I’m fairly certain would sway most academics because I saw it with my own eyes closely following the forum of The Oil Drum for a few years on a daily basis – lots of very powerful people were involved in this website.

            So yes, the pipelines are part of an economic development project but you’re not supposed to know techno communism is planned for the world in such a way that nothing will be owned by any nations per se , including energy resources. It’s all to be mingled in one big fascist pot in a deep capture of all global resources to be rationed out to proles.

          • Ain’t that the ugly truth …as you stated

    • Interesting observation recently on the TV. Skimming over a few Fox shows I have heard in the past few weeks…Kabuki, fiat currency, FEMA camps, and some of the other terms we use out here in blogoland 🙂 Think they might be reading our stuff??

  9. …this ongoing shift of economic power from West to East, but bureaucrats and central bankers refuse to admit how serious things could get.
    Great statement!
    The shift of economic power is the key to understanding what is really happening. While I admit I don’t know or even understand all the legal, economic details, I do see the big picture. The US must take its future place in the background, while Europe will become the visible center of political power where the world’s wealth is concentrated. And where the real wealth is, the real power is, hidden from all eyes but for a specially selected, trusted few. Everything else is smoke & mirrors, obfuscation and misdirection. This shift is setting the stage for the emergence of Antichrist. The focus of the world must come to be in Europe where the concentration of wealth & power is currently hidden, and where the throne of Satan is. Russia, China & ME will all come under the control of the NWO, or as I prefer to call it, the resurgence of the New Roman Empire. Ten kings ruling 10 world regions under one head, Antichrist as he is called.
    Do you see the chaos fomenting in EU and what has been happening in the rest of the world? The chaos will eventually become unbearable and people will cry out for rescue making the way for AC to rise. This is the real purpose of the economic shift and it is coming sooner than we realize.

  10. am unable to read part of page because of Wayfair ad

  11. He who has the gold makes the financial rules – still. Which would rule out Uncle Sam’s continued dominance in world markets AND the many foreign battlefields ILLEGALLY stained with American blood because the gold vaults at Fort Knox are long empty. Unlike the overflowing vaults full of monetary gold in China and Russia. Of course the Fed or anyone in govt won’t see this coming…

  12. This can be the best thing to happen to us of all the choices out there. People will have the choice to raise up against the madness or live on their knees. A true time of clarity.

    By an old acquaintance from my Berkeley days…

    “There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part. You can’t even passively take part! And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop! And you’ve got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it — that unless you’re free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!” Mario Savio

  13. All the propaganda mouthpiece’s comfort talking points are over, if America fails to adapt, the same fiat system that gave it power will drag it into poverty.

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