7 Secrets about the World – Revealed through Syrian War

Syria strategic culture foundationBy Chris Kanthan

Usually one has to read hundreds of books to fathom how the puppet masters of the world work, but once in a while, there is a single event that explains it all. The war in Syria is one of those. Understand the Syrian war, you’ll realize how pervasive propaganda is, how easy it is to manipulate people, how powerful the globalists are, how and why wars are manufactured, and how cynical and ruthless nations are. Let’s take a look at some of the revelations from the Syrian war.

Media all around the world are controlled by the same interests

In the U.S., six corporations control 85% of the media. However, in fact, they are all just one group of elites. Globally, pretty much all the corporate media now are controlled by the same interests. This is really hard for most people to digest. The war in Syria, however, made this very clear. With the exception of Russia’s RT, every influential newspaper and TV channel in the world has repeated the same propaganda, talking points, and the narratives with impeccable coordination. As an example, the fake story of the Aleppo boy was not only repeated all over the world, but was on the front page, on the same day, all over the world!

Media-Entertainment can peddle the biggest whoppers

Psychologically, it’s difficult for people to believe that every media outlet would lie. Don’t we live in a country with free media and amazing journalists and pundits? Well, it’s called the Overton Window – a narrow, strict boundary within which journalists can bravely discuss anything they want. Every MSM in the world lied – and still does – about Syria.

To start with, the media wouldn’t even think about revealing the geopolitical and financial reasons behind the Syrian war – Qatar oil/gas pipeline through Syria to Europe, Israel’s land and oil grab in Golan Heights, Saudi Arabia’s obsession with preventing a Shiite Crescent (Iran-Iraq-Syria-Lebanon) etc.

The media’s job is to sell the war. To that end, they uniformly lied about Assad being unpopular, when separate polls by CNN and Zogby showed him as the most popular leader in the Arab world in 2009. They lied about how the protests started (it was engineered by CIA & Muslim Brotherhood) and who was fighting Assad (fact: there are no “moderate Syrian rebels” – the opponents are undemocratic Islamists, psychotic foreign terrorists, Al Qaeda and ISIS).

The difference between Assad and the rebels can be summed up in this one picture that shows schools in areas controlled by Assad versus the “moderate rebels”:

A romanticized and fictitious story of peaceful people fighting Assad was peddled for six years (fact: the fighters had billions of dollars worth of sophisticated, lethal weapons). Once in a while, the New York Times or The Guardian would slip in the truth, but the lies always overwhelmed and drowned the truth.

Other arms of the globalists – Twitter, Netflix, HBO etc. – also made their own contributions to the insane propaganda and lies. US/UK governments gave $100 million to Al Qaeda and created a slick hoax called the White Helmets that even won an Oscar. Then there was Bana Alabed, the 7-year-old Syrian girl from Aleppo who could barely speak/understand English, but tweeted Neocon talking points with the perfect English of a NY Times reporter. She has a verified Twitter account that is followed by celebrities and world leaders, has been interviewed by every MSM, and now has a book deal. If you tell a big enough lie and keep repeating it, people will believe it.

Entire political establishment can lie about something

There are so many liberals who can’t even imagine for a moment that Obama and Hillary would have attacked Libya and Syria for anything other than humanitarian and noble reasons. Even Bernie Sanders supported both those wars. All these just show how strong the military-industrial complex and the globalists are. The only politician to speak the truth about US arming terrorists is Tulsi Gabbard, who introduced a bill that merely said that the U.S. should not support terrorists. Guess how many Congressmen support her? 13 out of 538. Rand Paul introduced the same bill in the Senate and hasn’t gotten a single co-sponsor so far.

Wars can be easily manufactured

If the media and the politicians are corrupt, the American people are naïve. They believe the myth of humanitarian wars and have no knowledge of history or geopolitics. How many Americans are aware of all the attempts by the U.S. Deep State since the 1950s to topple the government in Syria? They also don’t like to think critically. They see some pictures of dead children on TV, and they approve Trump bombing Syria. They don’t ask basic questions that would be required in a crime scene regarding evidence, expert analysis, motives, means and opportunity. (Here’s my article on why the alleged chemical attack is fake or false flag). It’s no wonder that America is in a perpetual state of war.

Any foreign leader can be demonized, any nation can be destroyed

The news and narratives we hear are entirely from the point of view of the US/Western establishment. That Assad might be a nice guy or is well-liked by his own people is just too shocking. It doesn’t even cross people’s minds that they should learn about or listen to a foreign leader. We just believe one-dimensional caricatures for foreign leaders, so the verdict against a foreign leader/country will always be guilty.

Wars can be a secret project of multiple nations

Syria is probably the first war in modern history when globalists used a joint project of multiple nations to wage a war. In this evil project of destruction:

  • the CIA used its base in Jordan to train the rebels; the US also sold billions of dollars of weapons to Al Qaeda and ISIS through the Gulf countries
  • Saudi Arabia and Qatar sent cash and American weapons to Turkey, which funneled them to terrorists within Syria
  • Turkey also invaded Syria and simply looted thousands of factories in Aleppo; later, Turkey, bought billions of dollars of stolen oil at a discount from ISIS and then sold it to Israel
  • Israel has been a silent partner, coordinating the war behind the scene, helping the rebels in Golan Heights, and very likely assisting ISIS as well
  • UK spent millions of dollars on Al Qaeda’s paramedics – White Helmets; UK also set up a satellite TV station in 2009 to broadcast anti-Assad programs
  • France bribed many Syrian generals and leaders and lured them to defect; France also gave money and weapons to Syrian terrorists

Islamic terrorists are proxy tools for the West

The extensive use of Islamic terrorists over the past six years to bring about regime change in Syria should shock the conscience of any American. The Mujahideen project never went away, and the Syrian war only proves that Islamic terrorists will continue to act as proxy warriors on behalf of the globalists. (You can read my article: “US and Allies Created, Funded, Armed ISIS”).


We have a ruthless, sophisticated and cunning system that thrives on conflicts and wars which, in turn, depend on a gullible population that simply consumes news and opinions fed by mass media and the politicians. If people truly understand the war on Syria, they’ll see the scam that’s being perpetrated. For further reference and reading materials on the Syrian war, here are some of my articles:

You can read more from Chris Kanthan at his site World Affairs. Although a computer geek by profession, he is a writer and an author from San Francisco, trying to raise awareness about politics, world affairs, food and health through non-partisan blog posts, often with a twist of satire. He loves traveling and has been to 35 countries around the world.

He is also the author of Deconstructing Monsanto.

He is currently working on another book, detailing the enormous challenges and imminent dangers facing America and how to address them.

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  1. the meety & do Babylon at Bohemian Grove every summer, Bilderberg in spring (or whenever), and pee on each other all year-round at S&B, and you are suprised that they don’t step up to the plate about their own crimes? All that surveillance you are experiencing is meant to keep them safe while doing these things, nothing more. Now go consume some poisoned food and wash it down with HFCS and hope no unexpected bills come in to drain you of that $400 lifetime savings in the bank.

  2. Hmmm

    Behind every crime, behind every war are those that had the means, motive, opportunity and stood to benefit most. In the case of Syria, like like the “Pearl Harbor type event” its most radical and militant supporters where publicly demanding which occurred on 9-11, all the evidence points straight back to Israel.

    All 6 of the previously mentioned big 6 are ardent supporters of Israel and Zionism. As are virtually all the major media outlets in the top 20 industrial countries of the Western World. Again, that evidence points straight back to Israel as well. I honestly believe at this point that more people don’t recognize Israel as the true threat to the US Republic because the evidence is so overwhelming, sitting out in the open in plain site for all to see, that they simply can’t see it.

    • THEN it goes SILENT like 911 or JFK and INTO the memory HOLE never to be mentioned, the collective memory of the US CITIZEN is now at about 4.6 years TOPS. SAME for HISTORY ancient history in the USA is around 7 years OLD!

      The old movie Dr.Strangelove had a scene where the General said “120 to 200 MILLION DEAD Americans TOPS!”

  3. Jeez, imagine if I said something like ‘Chris*ian’ or ‘Je*ish’ terrorrists! All these evil wars, especially in Syria, have NOTHING to do with so-called ‘Isl*mic’ terrorism!

    Let us not be confused by typical ZioNazi’s MO because actually, the greatest core of evil, is the ever predatory ZioNazi-controlled NA*O, with the ultimate aims – to conquer the world 5 major oceans and all the major Straits, towards a fascist ZNWO; whilst destroying the strongest anti-ZNWO institutions of Islam and Catholicism, and their believers along the way, under the ZNWO’s increasing genocidal Depopulation agenda (including through their most evil terrorist cells, IS/ISIS/ISIL – which are created by MOSSAD/CIA as revealed by Snowden)!

    And both ZioNa*i-controlled Lib/Consv Democ/Tr*mp’s regimes are part of this NA*O ‘s ZNWO’s beastly horns!

  4. MSM has had big roles in shaping geopolitical scenes for many decades and is being run by the globalists. MSM was successful in portraying the SHah as a ruthless criminal despot in order to bring Khomeini in power and spread the Jihadist movements all over the globe.
    These facts we do not quarrel over but in terms of Assad and his regime the problem exists dur to the fact that Assad and the Mullahs in Iran, for decades, had a friendly coexistence and supported atrocities toward the Iranians and Iranian women especially. Assad is guilty by association and poor Syrians are being slaughtered because just like the MUllahs in Iran,Assad in Syria is not going to leave the office and would not want to have a free referendum. To Assad leading Syria is a perpetual thing and either he has to declare a Parliamentary Monarchy in Syria or lay the foundations for a democratic Government where the Parties are free to form and take part in elections.

    • Jeez; so the tyrant ZioNazi Sh*h was a democratic ruler?! No mention of the ever predatory and carnivorous CIA/MOSSAD-created IS/ISIL/ISIS mass murdering/raping/robbing the mainly Indigenous Syrian Catholic/Muslim poor masses do u?!!

      • Your name is faked and you are misinformed, the new classified FBI information said CIA had nothing to do with the coup and even if CIA had a role, then it was well accepted by Iranians, as from that date on Iran was transformed from a power stericken third world country to FIFTH LARGEST ECONOMY and in terms of industrial production ahead of S. Korea. During Shah no one knew what green card was and no one cared as Iran was one of the safest and wealthiest nations on earth, thanks to SHah and his men and women.

        • Get off uLIAR! So u r speakin on behalf of the majority of justice-loving Iranian masses who’re anti-murderous CIA-sponsored Dictator ZioNazi Sh*h? What an uneducated joker u r !

    • This is the reality of the evil ZNWO Sh*h and his CIA/MI6 MASTERS! See-

      CIA admits role in 1953 Iranian coup

      Declassified documents describe in detail how US – with British help – engineered coup against Mohammad Mosaddeq

      Saeed Kamali Dehghan and Richard Norton-Taylor

      The Guardian UK, Monday 19 August 2013

  5. This pretty much sums up the business plan called the War on Syria. Syria also has a central bank which is not controlled under the BIS system. Like wise Iran and once Libya. The first thing done after the destruction of Libya by the west was to install a new central bank there as a member of the BIS.

    Make no mistake Assad is no sweetie having run a black torture site for the CIA in the years running up to the proxy war being instigated by western plutocratic interests. All governments may do as governments are.

  6. Only through the “elimination” of IsraHel and the subsequent confiscation of all zionist’s assets as reparations for their crimes against humanity, will this insanity end.

  7. This is some VERY sick stuff.
    Chris Kanthan preys on the non-logical intellect of a very flat-world style of view.

    There are more holes in Mr. Kantham’s conspiracy plots than Swiss Cheese and National Enquirer rumours.

  8. Don’t vote Dem or Rep and don’t enlist. Stop thanking our brave soldiers for their service. There’s no honor in war. It’s just murder wrapped in a flag.

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