Vermont Lawmakers Vote To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

By Steven Maxwell

Yesterday the Vermont State House voted 79-66 to legalize recreational marijuana starting next year.

The law, Senate Bill 22, removes penalties for adults over 21 who possess less than an ounce of marijuana and allows them to grow two mature plants. It also sets up a committee to develop a Colorado-style regulated market.

Governor Phil Scott has not said whether or not he will sign it. “I’ll take a look at the bill, but I’ve been pretty clear I’d like to see some improvements to ensure a structure in place to protect public safety in Vermont,” Scott stated.

Vermont legalized medical marijuana in 2004 with very few problems.

If Scott signs it into law, it will be the first state to legalize recreational marijuana through the legislative process instead of a public referendum.

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7 Comments on "Vermont Lawmakers Vote To Legalize Recreational Marijuana"

  1. I wonder what wacky Jeff Sessions thinks about Vermont legalizing wacky backy. I can well imagine he hates it as it further poo-poos his credibility. His attempt to resurrect Reagan’s defunct ‘war on drugs’ is turning out to be suicide for his credibility. But evidently he’s too stupid to realize it, or he doesn’t care if he’s being paid huge money for it by the pharmaceutical cartel.

    • I think Sessions is supposed to go after the real gangsters, the ppl who make money on import of hard drugs, not states who grow medical or recreational pot which does no harm and is not addictive. After all, Trump signed a bill saying the police is not allowed to strike against growers or sellers of cannabis in states where it is legal. Medical cannabis saves lives, hard drugs destroy lives, there is a big difference, like in life and death, literally.

  2. Good! Now Vermont’s SJWs will act a bit more goofy and SEDATED.

  3. And soon you will be able to do lots of other neat things, but only if you stay in line. After all, we are the government.

    Americans are a bunch of f**king idiots, this is like some wierd sci fi movie where the android-like people march to the tune of the Big Brother masters. Yet another reason why I hate so many of you. I feel like I am trapped on a planet of retards.

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