Is There Secret Software That Utility Companies Are Being Forced To Use?

By Catherine J. Frompovich

This article is difficult for me to write because I don’t have what I normally have to back it up: Resource information links to insert.  I have nothing more than an email informing me of what’s going on from what a utility company whistleblower on the Northwest USA Coast has divulged regarding vulnerabilities.  However, I thought about it—no, agonized about it—but decided to write it anyway because I think it’s important the information be made public.

So here goes:  According to that ten-year utility company employee, the U.S. government is forcing electric utilities to use a software program called SAP.  Looking online, I find information for the SAP electric software program from Germany.  The information I’m receiving, however, is that program is ‘flawed’, easily hackable and can be used to take down the entire USA grid system.  See why I’m concerned!

If that be the case, how come utilities are not willing to tell the government NO, but acquiesce to demands to use it?  Can it be saying NO will jeopardize their grants and funding to implement AMI Smart Meters?  Another electric utility employee—this one is at one of the southern California utilities—says the same thing is happening there regarding the SAP program.

According to the email, outages have been occurring with as many as thousands of people losing power.  If that be the case, will power outages become a routine event in the USA because of a software program?  Remember I have said AMI Smart Meters are computers!

Furthermore and here’s the squirrely part, the SAP software program, according to the email, supposedly integrates completely with SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), “a control system architecture that uses computers, networked data communications and graphical user interfaces for high-level process supervisory management…” according to Wikipedia [1].

There are questions plus concerns, which come to my mind about the email I received and information in it, that prompt me to wonder:

  1. Is there any possibility there could be a SAP-SCADA-STUXNET tie in that could compromise the entire U.S. power grid and take it down better than a sophisticated EMP attack?
  2. Such an attack would take the USA back to a lifestyle of the 1700s—maybe earlier!
  3. Are we prepared for such an event, especially since utility companies have retrofitted AMI Smart Meters on to safe, non-hackable analog meters?
  4. Can the SAP software program become an ‘enabler’ to an EMP attack?
  5. STUXNET is a ‘subterfuge’ virus (computer worm)—a cyber weapon—jointly developed by U.S. and Israeli intelligence agencies “under the secret orders of President Obama” [4].
  6. According to Wikipedia, Stuxnet’s design and architecture are not domain-specific and it could be tailored as a platform for attacking modern supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and PLC systems (e.g., in factory assembly lines or power plants), the majority of which reside in Europe, Japan and the US.[5] Stuxnet reportedly ruined almost one fifth of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges.” [2] [CJF emphasis]
  7. Was Stuxnet apparently ‘involved’ with Fukushima’s disaster [3], as some analysts speculate?

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All the advancements of technology everyone seems to ‘worship’ are causing more problems than they eventually will prove to be worth, especially when everything literally fails and virtually no one knows how to be self-sufficient in a tech-less, no-push-button society and lifestyle.



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Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.

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6 Comments on "Is There Secret Software That Utility Companies Are Being Forced To Use?"

  1. There are power happy freaks at all levels of Government. If they can lean on Energy Companies to do their bidding. Don’t you think they would do it, then call it Confidential?

  2. The electric companies are all just part of the 24/7 surveillance state.

  3. Catherine J Frompovich comment

    On local all news radio I heard this report and finally found information about it online: Massive Cyber Attack Hits, Hospitals, Universities and Businesses Worldwide.
    Is technology’s ‘fun time’ about to begin?

  4. SAP is much more than a “software program for utility plants”. SAP is a
    large German corporation that sells “business enterprise software” . Basically,
    their products integrate the various computer systems within a company or
    networks of partnered companies. This includes computers for data acquisition,
    plant process controls. scheduling, reports,etc. Their applications run the
    gamut of major industries throughout the world, such as utilities, refineries,
    chemical and petrochemical plants, etc.

    The SAP corporation has been marketing and installing its products all over
    for 25+ years. I doubt those SAP clients were forced to install the systems,
    they chose to invest in a fairly expensive SAP product for their applications.
    So, I think there could have been government pressure some companies to get on
    board with SAP, but that is minor. The bigger issue may be there is no secret
    that 1000’s of companies have installed SAP over the years.

    These 1000’s of SAP applications have multipronged. components. Some
    components provide management with integrated reports from all corners of their
    business and schedulers, etc can integrate production and delivery over all
    corners. And more.

    Included in “more” is the real time packages that provide data acquisition,
    and process control that causes physical adjustments to the operating equipment,
    such as adjust temperature up or down or adjust pressure up or down or change
    speed up or down. These real time packages are designed to keep the process
    operation to run properly and they usually do a good job. But it may not not
    take much effort to create an in plant move to a destructive operation, should
    the critical operating parameters in the computers be disrupted.I bring this point up because SAP applications are common commerce and
    there are many SAP training programs. Who knows? It all really depends on SAP
    security. And I suspect that SAP and their corporate clients have high security!

    • I see this as a recurring event until key financial changes are made at the Fed & on the Street.
      For example, Graham Steagall and Sarbanes Oxley must be reinstalled & EFFECTUATED 150%.
      The US banking system must cease employing USURY on all debt, esp. the National Debt.
      we can thank the Rothschilds for that USURY GARBAGE!

  5. Jim Stone will confirm your hypothesis, Catherine. If the system will allow you, you can find his website which is his first and second name with the word freelance added.

    Please note I have no idea if this is correct, and I have no opinion on the topic because I prefer to observe and take note for future reference, but this is what he writes:

    The Stuxnet virus is an industrial virus that is
    designed to hide in Siemens Scada PLC control systems. It was written
    by American intelligence, with limited Israeli involvement.

    The job of Stuxnet is to learn the system it goes into, so it knows what
    “normal” looks like on the control room displays, and when it has
    learned, it then gives the correct readout
    responses to control room inputs, while it does the opposite in the
    background, to destroy whatever industrial system it goes into.

    The original Stuxnet was supposed to be aware of where it was, and
    only attack Iran’s urainium enrichment centrifuges. If it went into an
    environment other than that, it
    was supposed to self destruct. But once it was handed to Israel,
    to get planted in Iran, the Israelis back engineered the safeguards and
    disabled them, so it could become
    a virus that could infect anything, like a wild virus, and as an
    additional bonus, it was programmed to notify Israel of any new systems
    it happened to infect, when it was possible
    for it to get in contact with it’s control center in Israel. So it gave
    Israel a huge number of things they could destroy in foreign countries
    when they see fit to make it go active.
    In the case of Fukushima, it was delivered by Israeli security firm
    Magna BSP.

    Now when any industrial system goes BOOM without any explanation, the
    prime suspect is Israel. And obviously if the grid, which runs on
    related software that integrates
    with SCADA goes down . . . . . .you know who did it.

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