Safe Zones To Be Implemented In Syria At Midnight

By Brandon Turbeville

It has finally happened. Safe zones are now being implemented in Syria. In keeping with the twilight zone that is 2017, however, this time the proposal was initiated by Russia and allegedly supported by the Syrian government, excluding the United States from both the process and from further aerial bombing in the skies of Syria.

According to both mainstream and independent reports, the “safe zones,” which are essentially “no-fly zones,” go into effect at midnight May 5, 2017 (Damascus time). The plan involves the creation of four “safe zones” that will be continuously monitored by the countries who signed the memorandum agreeing to the creation of the zones. Those countries include Russia, Iran, and Turkey.

According to the agreement, no warplanes will be allowed to fly missions in territories included in the designated safe zones, including Syrian, Russian, and American warplanes.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has estimated that approximately 42,000 terrorists (described as “militants”) are present within the confines of the safe zones. They will be protected against airstrikes.

Russia will, however, continue airstrikes against terrorists elsewhere in the country.

The largest safe zone will be comprised of Idlib province as well as adjoining districts of Latakia, Aleppo, and Hama, an area that will contain around 1 million people. Other “safe zones” will be created in the northern part of Homs, East Ghouta, Daraa, and Quneitra. The “safe zones” are slated to exist for six months, with the options of extending them after that time.

Journalist and analyst with The Rabbit Hole, Sarah Abed, writes,

The memorandum, which comes into effect on May 5, envisages the cessation of hostilities between the sides, conditions for returning refugees, the restoration of destroyed urban infrastructure and the access of humanitarian organizations. Moreover, the checkpoints to control the movement of civilians and the ceasefire regime will be created along the de-escalation zone borders.

According to the Russian Defense Minister, Alexander Fomin, the positions of the United States are allowing for the creation of conditions for political settlement to the Syrian conflict. Fomin also stated that the agreement was supported by both the United States and Saudi Arabia.

The White House, however, confirmed only that the issue had been discussed, not that it had agreed to the creation of safe zones. The United Nations has reportedly welcomed the plan.

Russia’s special envoy on Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev, stated that “the operation of aviation in the de-escalation zones, especially of the forces of the international coalition, is absolutely not envisaged, either with notification or without. This question is closed.”

Whether or not this agreement will lead to the end of the bloody Western-backed conflict remains to be seen. The idea that Western-backed terrorists will simply abide by agreements to end violence is hardly credible and it seems entirely counter-productive to end Syrian military bombing missions against terrorists. On the other hand, it may give the United States the opportunity to save face and abandon its foolish errand in Syria, being able to claim that “safe zones” have been implemented and thus the mission has been accomplished. The latter option, however, rests entirely upon the idea that the United States actually wants to abandon its mission to destroy Syria, a mission the Trump administration has repeatedly signaled that it wants to continue.

The safe zones might also serve to prevent further U.S./Israeli bombing of Syrian territory.

Regardless, the Russian safe zone plan also presents the world with another precipice which the United States or Israel may take the world over should either country decide to test the resolve of Russia and its allies and engage in bombing attempts inside the safe zones. We truly hope that the United States and Israel back away from their foolish plan to destroy the Syrian government before they destroy the entire world in the process.

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4 Comments on "Safe Zones To Be Implemented In Syria At Midnight"

  1. Once again outsmarted! the ussa suck!

    • Only folks outsmarted are the stupid US passive audience idiots watching all of this- with no comprehension or grasp of deeper implications. These ‘safe zones’ are NO FLY ZONES, which are a prelude to Syrian PARTITON into the areas corresponding to the said ‘safe zones’. Just like Iraq… Think of this statement- “The Russian Ministry of Defense has estimated that approximately 42,000
      terrorists (described as “militants”) are present within the confines of
      the safe zones. They will be protected against airstrikes.”
      THEY WILL BE PROTECTED – and REARM. WTFU folks. Russia is controlled by same ZIONISTS as USA. Not ONE of their multi million ruble S300 anti aircraft missiles have shot down ANYTHING in 6+ yrs of conflict in Syria. Every Israeli attack on Syria has garnered a poo poo tsk tsk from Pootin. But never any consequences. NEVER once protected Syrian skies or population form attack. Why? Iran General called it out month back- Putin gave Israel the codes to disarm the launchers so Syria couldnt fire on incoming and defend itself.

      • In case you haven’t noticed, you have a problem with your caps key.
        “Not ONE of their multi million ruble S300 anti aircraft missiles have shot down ANYTHING..” Aren’t you forgetting that only 22 of the 49 missiles launched by the USA met a target? Most of the 22 that did get through (or were allowed to get through) fell outside the airstrip killing 4 children and 6 adults; one of them military. Cost to USA tax payers of the missiles alone $78 million. Isn’t it ironic that while eating chocolate cake, Trump justified killing those 4 children on the deaths of children killed by an unsubstantiated “sarin gas attack” while the USA has blocked a UN investigation aimed at finding out exactly what happened?

      • we shall see!

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