Proof CNN Is A Military Psyop

By Truthstream Media

Melissa Dykes uncovers the documented history of media cooperation with psychological operations personnel. CNN in particular has a questionable record – including Anderson Cooper who interned at the CIA – that should have everyone doubting its claim to be “the most trusted name in news.”

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Watch their mini-documentary Obsolete here.

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10 Comments on "Proof CNN Is A Military Psyop"

  1. I have never voluntarily looked at CNN in my life.

  2. @disqus_dVJaK1BoRU:disqus, Count yourself fortunate indeed. I think it has taken many quite some time for there to be proofs the network is C.I.A, Army Intelligence, No Such Agency ran. Spotted that quite a while back myself. I might occasionally take a peek at them, “bread and circuses” after all. Otherwise, I’ll skip the extra added bonus of being clubbed over the head with big pharmaceutical advertizing.

    “Will not buy our propaganda, eh? Well, we can always dope you up. …”

    • Part of the reality is the first digital TV I ever owned I bought last year to watch dvd’s and videos. I had a few five inch analog TV’s I used living in my van years ago.

      My landlord gifted me free cable and since it was the middle of the election process I watched Fox. Petty much stopped all that a few months ago.

      I do like some of the cable shows since I had no history with them…Star Trek, CSI Miami, and some new stuff on Velosity (car stuff) where they rebuild old cars. I have too many other interests to be wasting my time watching the tube.

  3. You don’t have to watch it, and if you do. You don’t have to believe it.

    • Most people are unable to block the subliminal messaging that goes on as soon as your turn on your TV. After less then a min of watching it will put you in a dream-like receptive state. Can’t remember which frequency it is but it is on most networks. The change from analog to digital was a part of the mind control “programing” and combined with the skill of the ad makers using neurolinguistic techniques along with various psychological ones like repetition, placement on screen, etc. it is VERY difficult to avoid.

      I find that with my lack of any TV experience for decades that I can “sense” when something is wrong. The other night the new “Carrie” was on some channel and I stopped and looked for a few mins. I am not sure which technique was being used, music, visual, etc. but within a few mins I could feel my heartrate increase and I was feeling very off center. After I shut it off I regained my balance in my system within a few mins.

      • We all have to learn to Brace ourselves. We have to say, “Here it comes again!” Or else. Pretend Television doesn’t exist as “entertainment.” Treat it as the enemy in the door, that thinks it’s “invisible.” Start to play the hoax back on Government. Stop voting for things you don’t want. Stop voting “period”!!

  4. Why would anybody trust CNN ever since they were caught out years ago faking their war correspondent being on a rooftop in Tel Aviv under Scud missile attack during the first Gulf War – going so far as to have him quickly put on a gas mask when someone off camera sounded an alarm, and then take it off with the All Clear – when, as it turned out, they were actually filming it in a studio in Florida or Georgia, I forget which. And then more recently when they blue-screened Cooper in pretending that he was reporting live from the Sandy Hook Elementary School site. They should have been laughed off the screen years ago. Don’t believe a word they say. It’s all CIA-sponsored disinfo.

    Remember what former CIA Director Wm. Casey was reported to have said in a private setting: “We will know that our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

  5. CNN is all fakery or rather quakery all the time.
    Turn off the boob tube.
    Learn to discern.

  6. Same thing for Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS and all the others.

  7. There is plenty of Bull Shit to go round nowadays, frankly we are swimming in it at every turn. The problem is that it is mostly mislabeled as things like politics, sales, news, and history etc.

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