The New Manhattan Project: Ongoing Research Reveals The Roots Of Global Climate Control And The Massive Program Filling The Skies With Chemical Spray

By Bruce Tanner

On April 29 Peter A. Kirby did a presentation (video below) in San Francisco outlining some of his research and theories on the Chemtrails we see in the sky above us almost every day in most parts of the Western world and on how they got there.

In the Summer of 2016, Kirby published his comprehensive Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project.  For Peter this marked the end of Phase 1 of what he sees as a long-term research project to document one of the most ambitious and potentially devastating scientific and industrial projects ever conceived by man.  In his book and in the lecture below he outlines many, many of the institutions and documented players in the project; each of which has a past and a paper trail that can give us a deeper look into what’s been done and where we may be going.  Peter has good reason to compare this with the gigantic and covert venture by the U.S. Deep State to create the atom bomb during WWII.

Starting in 2009 he began digging into books, magazines, libraries, government reports and the Internet to find information to explain the officially denied and yet in-your-face program of enormously extensive spraying of chemicals from planes being seen and documented all over the world.  By the time Kirby started his research, there was, as he says in his book, already a problem; not of too little information but of too much.  There were dozens of books and documents covering various aspects of a project that was obviously too big to sweep under the rug.  But there was nothing that tied it all together and got to the bottom of what was going on.

Peter found, though, that there were smoking guns all along the trails of evidence; many in government and research papers, in professional journals, and in unbelievably candid statements made by scientists and project leaders that piqued his curiosity and lead him deeper into the truth.  He shares all this material, and his deductions from it in “Chemtrails Exposed” and in this video presentation.

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You can read more from Bruce Tanner at his site The RealTruth Blog

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5 Comments on "The New Manhattan Project: Ongoing Research Reveals The Roots Of Global Climate Control And The Massive Program Filling The Skies With Chemical Spray"

  1. Of course they are spraying us, heck they poison us in our vaccines, food, bath and drinking water, why wouldn’t they spray us?

    • This is about more than climate control; a project of such magnitude would have to scratch more than one itch.

      • Yep, that is why they are pushing the digital currency and the cashless society at the same time. The GW agenda is to replace the current form of money with a digital one that is regulated by energy, so they can use meaningless terms like ‘carbon footprint’ and carbon tax or credit and such to control the winners and losers in the whole world. You will pay the carbon tax, while Richie Rich gets credits even with all the mansions and jets and such, and you won’t be able to do anything about it. Every single transaction that occurs on the whole planet will have a ‘small fee’ attached to it. So even you paying your child an allowance, or buying something at a yard sale, they will make a ‘cut’ and know who/what/where spent how much money.

        • The use of credit and debit cards in the consumer economy confers a nice profit to the banks via VISA, MasterCard by charging a fee of 3% to the vendor.
          US consumer sales are running at $11.7 trillion. 3% of that is a great source of income. This is why the Rothschild usury banks want to completely dominate the world supply of money by creating debt out of thin air. Just Iran, North Korea and China remain free of their tentacles, hence all the preparations for war against them.

  2. Arcturian_and_Pleiadian | May 23, 2017 at 4:23 pm |

    He’s got Great information but he’s not a very good talker, could do with another speaker who can capture the audience’s attention and make you want to hear more not fall sleep.

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