False Flag Exposed, Caught Red Handed and Prevented

By Luke Rudkowski

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change gives you the latest news of a false flag that has been prevented in Germany, the historical context of false flags, and importance in current politics.

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15 Comments on "False Flag Exposed, Caught Red Handed and Prevented"

  1. Tom Williams | May 5, 2017 at 7:24 am | Reply

    Why published such a heavily edited video?!
    You’ve just massively discredited yourself.
    (Look at the pedestrians in the background, the video has no continuity.)


  2. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what Taxpayers are paying for.

    • It’s simple: we ordinary taxpayers are paying to subsidize wars and tax cuts for the rich,, as well as pay for the harm that banks and fossil fuel and weapons makers cause. We are paying to make the rich richer. And that is how it should be for as Trump said in a 1999 interview anyone who can’t get rich is a “moron.”

      • Al Gore and his fellow scamsters managed to get rich on his CO2 fantasy fraud and you help to stifle his conscience with your unqualified support of the ” we hate CO2 club !”

      • More accurately, we pay income taxes just so the central bankers can deplete our funds. Nothing more. The Federal government is funded by the Federal Reserve and not us taxpayers.

        • I don’t know about you but I pay taxes. What’s your scam?

          • Undecider | May 8, 2017 at 6:45 pm |

            The next thing you’ll give me is a sermon on is how chemotherapy benefits mankind. That’s a laugh with the profits the Fed sends to the treasury. That’s like counting troop withdrawals from the Iraq/Afghanistan while they ignore the ones being sent.

            I’m not going to spend the time explaining how the Federal Reserve came to be. Just that the U.S. government doesn’t need our petty income taxes. You’ll need to do the homework to figure the whole story out.

          • dale ruff | May 8, 2017 at 7:01 pm |

            In fact, you are dead wrong. I have cancer and am self-medicating with apricot seeds, mitoq, and plant-based diet. On my last 6 PSA tests, my score has dropped from .7 to .48.

            As for the Federal Reserve, they are required by law to give most of its profits back to the Treasury. And if you thnk our income taxes are petty, let me repeat:: “Income taxes paid by individuals: $1.48 trillion, or 47% of all tax revenues.
            Payroll taxes paid jointly by workers and employers: $1.07 trillion, 34% of all tax revenues.
            Corporate income taxes paid by businesses: $341.7 billion, or 11% of all tax revenues.”

            You clearly don’t want the truth but prefer to bullshit with total disregard for the facts. I have done my homework, and you are just unable to make a coherent argument so you resort to insults.

            The Federal Reserve, which If I had the power, I would disband and turn over the control of the money supply to the government, is a cartel of private banks. You completely are off base.

          • Cancer needs sugar and loves an acid body . Vitamin C as sodium ascorbate
            (Vit C + sodium bicarbonate ) can enter the cancer cell and kill it.

            Sodium bicarbonate is very alkaline and your body makes it – it helps to keep the body on the alkaline side which cancer cannot thrive in but you need sodium in salt to make it so dont stop salt but take moderate amounts .

            So google up on sodium bicarbonate therapy . A theory is that cancer is caused by a fungus once the cells switch to fermenting sugars rather than living on oxygen (Warburg)
            So always take ascorbates like sodium , magnesium , potassium ascorbate.
            rather than the more acid vitamin C powder.

            The minerals like sodium potassium magnesium and calcium are alkalisers .
            -phosphorous in coke and sodas is highly acidic .

            Getting most of your energy from good fats (organic coconut oil , advocado ,grass fed organic butter , grass fed animal fats , oils from eating nuts – rather than sugar and carbs can starve the cancer of its food which is to ferment sugars .

            Get lots of Viatmin C from vegetables like broccoli rather than fruits which will give the cancer fruit sugar – its all on the internet – multiple strategies which are harmless .

          • dale ruff | May 9, 2017 at 9:18 am |

            I don’t take anonymous sources on the internet, especiallly when they are often dead wrong, seriously. I have dealt with cancer for 12 years, read many books (currently, , the China Study) and consulted with many oncologists.

            You have selectively chosen to repeat what you have read on various websites…and again you are wrong. Fruit helps fight cancer; it does not promote it.

            As you say “It’s all on the internet.”

            Have you cured cancer? What are your medical qualifications?

            Why should I take advice from you when I clearly stated my own cancer treatment is working? Why should I listen to a bullshitter like you?

            You repeat what you have read: part valid, part bullshit.

            Everyone has a cure for cancer! I, on the other hand, am curing
            myself, after trying variois guaranteed cures that failed.

            You have proven yourself dead wrong on so much and insulted me: you are the last person on earth I would take seriously.

            Much of what you advise, I have known for decades (I have been vegetarian 50 years, vegan nearly 20). Some of what you advise, like much of what you write, is dead wrong.

            I recommend you check this out:

            The China Study
            The Loma Linda studies

            “Fun Fact: Cancer cells are dependent on the amino acid methionine to survive.
            Can you guess which foods don’t contain methionine?


            Many cancer patients I encounter are afraid to eat fruit because they heard that “sugar feeds cancer”. This interview will provide you with clarity about that misunderstood idea, and details on this healing strategy.”

            Some of the most effective cancer-fighting foods are berries and brightly colored fruit.

            Here is some interesting research: http://www.harvardprostateknowledge.org/pomegranate-juice-may-slow-prostate-cancer-progression

            According to a study presented at the American Urological Association’s annual meeting in 2009, drinking 8 ounces of pomegranate juice a day may slow the progression of prostate cancer.

            The study included 48 men who had a rising prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level following radiation therapy or surgery to treat localized prostate cancer. At the start of the study in 2003, the men had PSA levels greater than 0.2 and less than 5.0 ng/ml, and an average PSA doubling time of 15.4 months. (PSA doubling time is a measure of cancer’s activity, with shorter times indicating more aggressive behavior.) In 2006, researchers reported that the men who drank 8 ounces of pomegranate juice daily had slower PSA doubling times.

            Since then, researchers continued to follow the participants, 15 of whom stuck with the study for as long as 64 months. They found that the PSA doubling times of the men who kept drinking pomegranate juice were about four times longer than the PSA doubling times at the study’s start — and longer than the PSA doubling times of the men who stopped drinking the juice.

            For those who want to try pomegranate juice, one note of caution: it’s high in calories. An 8-ounce glass of POM Wonderful, the juice used in the study, contains 160 calories, 50 calories more than a typical glass of orange juice.

            SOURCE: Pantuck AJ, Zomorodian N, Rettig M, et al. Long-term Follow-Up of Phase 2 Study of Pomegranate Juice for Men with Prostate Cancer Shows Durable Prolongation of PSA Doubling Time. Journal of Urology 2009;181(4 Suppl): abstract 826.

            I will take you seriously when 1) you acknowledge previous claims that have been proved dead wrong
            2. You write under your real name
            3. You reveal your credentials in oncology
            4. You stop pretending you know more scientists concerning the origins of the universe and other topics about which you know absolutely nothing.

            The China study, the largest ever and peer reviewed, shows that it is the amount of protein that turns cancer cells on and off.

            Fruits like raspberries, blackberries, noni, and pomengranite have powerful cancer-fighting abilities, based on actual research.

            For a person so wrong on so much, using an anonymous name, and relying on selective internet sources (unnamed) to give medical advice is criminal, my hooded friend!

            I have to go..to go out and buy some pomegranite juice to add to my whole foods, veggie and fruit, seeds and nuts, diet.

          • You nasty GW and CO2 hater – lol enjoy your bitterness .

          • dale ruff | May 9, 2017 at 1:27 pm |

            I am not bitter for I follow the teachings of Jesus to love my neighbor. You on the other hand are a fake Christian, full of hatred and nastiness, wishing evil on a person who is battling cancer.

          • IF you followed the teachings of Jesus you would know that Jesus who was God in the flesh knows the temp of every atom in the universe and holds it all together in his hands – Impossible for us to understand by I believe it.
            So CO2 and GW should be the least of your worries . I did not wish you evil I tried to give you advice since I have studied holistic therapy . However you returned evil
            and nastiness as your answer .

          • dale ruff | May 9, 2017 at 2:58 pm |

            I have lived the teachings of Jesus about kindness and compassion including a vegan lifestyle all my adult life. Your ideas are bullshit. “Enjoy your bitterness” is a statement out of hatred. You are a pathetic hypocrite.

            You are a fake Christian……now go away and leave me in peace.

  3. Louis Charles | May 5, 2017 at 3:10 pm | Reply

    Sort of unsettling how so many YouTube vids link Luke with the Zionazis….

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