Facebook Adds Another New Censorship Tool To Stop “Conspiracies” and “Misinformation”

By Vin Armani

In the video below, Vin Armani gives an update about YouTube and Facebook’s latest attempt to censor content on their platforms. He discusses a brand new Facebook tool to further censor conspiracy theories, and misleading and sensational content. Well, that’s subjective.

Facebook posted a press release to announce the new tool, writing:

We want to help people build an informed community on Facebook. That’s why we’re always working to understand which posts people consider misleading, sensational and spammy so we can show fewer of those and show more informative posts instead.

We hear from our community that they’re disappointed when they click on a link that leads to a web page containing little substantive content and that is covered in disruptive, shocking or malicious ads. People expect their experience after clicking on a post to be straightforward.

Starting today, we’re rolling out an update so people see fewer posts and ads in News Feed that link to these low-quality web page experiences. Similar to the work we’re already doing to stop misinformation, this update will help reduce the economic incentives of financially-motivated spammers.

Watch the full broadcast here
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15 Comments on "Facebook Adds Another New Censorship Tool To Stop “Conspiracies” and “Misinformation”"

  1. Hmmm

    It is a tragic indeed that we find so many Jews at the forefront of the assault on the first Amendment and are leading the call for censorship who obviously fail to see the hypocrisy and irony in their quest to control public discourse on just about everything. This is of sadly the exact same road that has lead to virtually every single tyrannical totalitarian regime of the last 500+ years. At the moment the complete control being exerted by Jews over nearly everything we hear, see and read in America today is assuring everything goes their way. The problem of course is that they have already started down that slippery slope from which there is no return……

  2. hey facebook! if people want to believe in conspiracies or fall for misinfo,thats their choice,why worry about it? better read 1984 mr. zuckerberg and not to get ideas from it .

  3. ZUCKerberg wants to censor who uses FACEBOOK —- but says WE should not censor who comes into Our house?! Take the locks off his doors. Take those WALLS down from around ZUCKerberg’s houses. NEVER allow him to file a “breaking & entering” complaint because ZUCKerberg wants anyone to be able to “break & enter” America.
    By the way ….. ZUCK thinks he can just “share” our house/Nation …..he never served in uniform so he should “share” all his money with those who were wounded saving HIS FREEDOM and PROPERTY. Since ZUCK does not recognize Our property rights to Our country then he has no property rights to his money.

  4. Grace by Faith on yt | May 19, 2017 at 6:30 am |

    No offense whatsoever, but if I want to watch a youtube video, I’ll go to youtube. I’m here to read articles, text, so that I can go back and quote it if I want to, to comment on it. I wish, and it’s just me, but I wish you’d add the transcription under the video. And while we’re here, AP, please get rid of the ad at the top of your homepage that has been reading for a couple of years that 300,000,000 of us might be killed in the next six months. Time to retire that one as misleading, or is it making you too much revenue?

  5. Slippery slope.

  6. Jewbook is right there trying to manipulate the masses. Of course the real Fake News like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc aren’t going to be classified as fake news. The same folks that said Iraq had WMDs and Bengazi was the result of a YouTube video. That’s NOT fake news according to Jewbook.

  7. Since he & Gates & the other eugenicists are trying to accomplish their goals with toxic vaccines laced with sterilizing ingredients; I bet you will not see any real info about the dangers of vaccines. If you think that is fake news then go to http://www.cdc.gov & type in” vaccine media & excipients summary”. Read the facts & weep.

  8. That KY clerk was really a sad story (I used to live there so that’s why I followed the news development). Today I learned that transgenderism is caused by meat animals treated with hormones and we then eat the meat, animal DNA in vaccines, BPA in plastics. So these ppl are basically transformed by environmental toxins and then this Christian clerk in KY acts like she owns the world and says no, I am not going to give a marriage license to homosexual couples. I am not religious, I am straight, I eat only organic food and drink filtered water and don’t do vaccines, so my physical body is not affected by this destruction but mentally and emotionally I feel this whole situation is just unbelievable!!! Ppl need to be educated on this matter!!! And if I could have helped it, I would had fired that stupid KY woman! If I could help it I would also stop all environmental pollution!

  9. is the title a bit misleading? fakebook is going to stop CONSPIRACIES?? ahahahahahahaaha

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