Egyptian President Calls Out Trump And Saudi Arabia For Aiding And Abetting Terrorism

By Isaac Davis

Speaking at the high-profile Arab Islamic American Summit in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, president of Egypt Abdel Fattah el-Sisi made comments directly to Mr. Trump and Saudi King Salman, which in effect call out Saudi Arabia and the United States for supporting international terrorism and contributing to its proliferation. A fact that is extremely relevant under the completion of another massive arms deal between the two nations.

His translated comments, as presented before President Trump and Saudi King Salman at the summit, are transcribed below:

Comprehensive counter terrorism means confronting all terrorist organizations without differentiation. It is not possible to reduce the confrontation to a terrorist organization or two. Who provides terrorists with media and financial support is a partner in their crimes. The criminal is not only the militant, but also those who finance, train and arm them. And provides them with political and ideological cover.

Let me ask you frankly: Where are the safe havens to train these terrorists? And medical treatment of injured terrorists? The replacement of military equipment and militants? Who buys from them the natural materials that they control, such as the oil? Who colludes with them in trading archaeological monuments and drugs, from where they get financial support? And how do they get media support by media outlets acting as mouthpieces of the terrorist organizations?

Anyone who does this is a genuine partner in terrorism. Unfortunately, there are countries that have been involved in supporting and financing terrorist organizations, and providing safe havens for them. There are also countries that refuse to provide intelligence information and database on foreign fighters, even with INTERPOL. ~Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

El-Sisi is not alone with his subtly veiled allegations that terrorism would not be possible without the material and financial support of Western nations and Middle East super powers. Ron Paul has pointed this out, and Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has even introduced legislation to stop funding terrorist organizations such as ISIS.

Russian President Putin has also said as much in public, outing ISIS’s G20 financiers, yet astoundingly the message does not seem to have gone mainstream, and Western media still maintains that ISIS is an organic phenomenon.

Some of President Trump’s comments at the summit are a signal that nothing will change, as he is still framing this issue in the simplest of terms, good vs. evil, without giving heed to the full breadth of the complicated story of how international terrorism was created and is sustained by the major geo-political players today.

This is not a battle between different faiths, different sects or different civilizations. This is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life, and decent people of all religions who seek to protect it. This is a battle between good and evil. ~President Donald Trump

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Isaac Davis is a staff writer for and Survival Tips blog. He is an outspoken advocate of liberty and of a voluntary society. He is an avid reader of history and passionate about becoming self-sufficient to break free of the control matrix. Follow him on Facebook, here.

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12 Comments on "Egyptian President Calls Out Trump And Saudi Arabia For Aiding And Abetting Terrorism"

  1. Good for Sisi. He’s pragmatic and he seems to be alluding to Syria which is being attacked by not only the terrorists but their sponsor and abettors.

    • El Sisi is a globalist using the heaviest hand possible to quash peaceful protest / dissent in Egypt, moving towards the path of dictator rule like Erdogan, Xi, Teresa May (with her move to create a literal govt Ministry of Truth to censor the net in the UK and 5,000 troops in London, Paris style), and no doubt soon in the US.

      • I do believe we will see this soon enough in the u.s.a.

        • That’s their plan, more or less. Have you noticed the alt sphere is giving virtually no coverage on May’s recent moves? I found it here on A. Post in must read from around the web at the bottom – should be a featured piece EVERYWHERE, imho. Same thing when Obama signed over the internet to the UN via ICANN last October and last year when YouTube launched its Orwellian named “Heroes” program. It’s been fairly quiet in alt on these methodical steps to shut us down, no calls for rallies, etc. When we lose our “sight”, that will be a dangerous time. I hope something wakes people up, Keith.

          Here’s the May piece if you want to take a peek…

          • Thank you for the link. No, sorry to say I seem to always be way behind you. I really appreciate all of your post and I did use the link and read the story. I also share your hope that more will wake up. I also worry that as more people realize the trouble we are in, They will pick up the pace in neutralizing us . I am not really hopeful. Good luck Blu

          • Thanks and best of luck to you too, Keith.

  2. At least some people are awake.

  3. It is often said, the devil is in the details. Beware the tactics of evil for they will drag you into those details like deep waters as a means of rolling you over and making you losing sight of the big picture.
    Do you really need to know all the details to see the wrong in their criminality?
    They speak from both sides of their mouths. Look at what they DO, not what they say, for they are accomplished liars. They have an army of complicit readers and repeaters that attempt galvanizing the righteousness of their wrong doing.
    With hope, many will voice truth as in this article and join in rebuking the growing corruption.
    The path this evil is taking is a failed and non sustainable one. Even if we go along to get along out of fear, it will not change the fact their direction is detrimental to even themselves in the end.
    The fact they cannot see this is a clear sign they are not right in their minds or hearts.
    We cannot change the world overnight but if we plant these seeds one person at a time we will succeed.
    BE the light and truth you seek.


  5. Great except el Sisi is a globalist puppet moving fast into the same kind of strong man dictator shoes as Erdogan.

    Behind the curtain, Egypt is angling to join the Gulf Cooperation Council middle east regional government modeled after the EU and formalized in 2011, spearheaded by Saudi Arabia. There’s no way el Sisi doesn’t know what the US, UN, KSA, the 68-member “war on terror”, and engineered ISIS boogeyman is all about – the creation of a totalitarian world govt system of digital slaves.

    Egypt is shifting into BIOMETRIC voting, IDs, Smart Cards, etc. – they Egyptian govt got the ball rolling by at least 2007, ten years ago, and is now going the path of India. Want your child to go school and receive her or his “free lunch”? Then you must have a govt biometric id card.

    • Might as well talk to the wall sometimes judging by the up-votes on your commentary…you tell people exactly what’s really going on …& Nothing .No dot-connections even though its right in front of them..its true …people have the attention span of a gold fish …& you can lay it out for them…just like one you can lead a horse to water …but ya just can’t make them ‘think’ or connect the dots on there own …even here at a supposed Alternative news site with supposed ‘Awake People’…NO response!
      …People are obviously hypnotized & alpha~waved & just plain stultified… curled up in the their comfort- zones with a whole lot of layers of imprisoning ‘cognitive dissonance’ to keep their heads in their buffer zones in the sand….pathetic somnambulistic sheep….or ostriches …take yer pick..with only one the sheep saying: “I’m not quite sure…. but I could swear the dog & the shepherd are working together?”..

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