Donald Trump Said Saudi Arabia Was Behind 9/11, Now He’s Bowing Down To Them

By Matt Agorist

While speaking with supporters at a campaign event in Bluffton, South Carolina in 2016, then-Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said if he is elected “you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center.”

“It wasn’t the Iraqis,” Trump said.

“You may find it’s the Saudis.”

Trump was referencing the fact 15 out of the 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia. He also, somehow, had knowledge of what was in the 28 pages that would be declassified a few months later in July.

Trump went on to say the government has “papers” “that are very secret” which may implicate the Saudis, perhaps referencing the report discussed above.

“You will find out,” Trump said.

Before he was elected, Americans did find out that the 28-pages proved the United States government knew the Saudi Arabian government had a hand in and supported the terrorists who carried out the attacks on 9/11 — and covered it up.

Before the campaign event in South Carolina, Trump accused Saudi Arabia of being behind the 9/11 attacks. “Who blew up the World Trade Center?” Trump asked his pals at Fox and Friends on the morning of February 17, 2016. “It wasn’t the Iraqis, it was Saudi — take a look at Saudi Arabia, open the documents.”

Speaking to the New York Times last year, as the Intercept notes, Trump claimed that, without U.S. support and protection, “Saudi Arabia wouldn’t exist for very long.” The real problem, he continued, was that the Saudis are “a money machine … and yet they don’t reimburse us the way we should be reimbursed.” Asked if he would be willing to “stop buying oil from the Saudis” if they refused to pull their weight, Trump responded: “Oh yeah, sure. I would do that.”

Last year, it seems, Trump was a staunch adversary to the terrorist Saudi regime. But, like any politician worth their hypocritical salt, Trump was — predictably — lying.

Fast forward to post-election win Trump and his view on Saudi Arabia has changed — drastically.

After going from implicating them in the worst terror attack ever to take place on US soil, Donald Trump is now best buds with the terrorist regime in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is responsible for the death of 2,369 Americans — yet Trump is dining with them this very weekend.

Trump’s arrival in Saudi Arabia on Saturday was quite the spectacle, with the Saudi king throwing the president’s family arrival at the Royal Diwan a “welcome fit for a king.”

During his treasonous visit with the terrorist regime, Trump also secured a massive arms deal.
According to a statement just issued by the White House, Trump “has just completed largest single arms deal in US history, negotiating a package totaling more than $109.7 billion” which will boost Saudi Arabia’s defense capabilities, bolstering equipment and services in the face of extreme terrorist groups and Iran. The White House added that the deal will create defense jobs while also reaffirming America’s commitment to Saudi Arabia. 

“This package of defense equipment and services support the long-term security of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region in the face of Iranian threats, while also bolstering the Kingdom’s ability to contribute to counter terrorism operations across the region,” the White House said in a statement on Saturday, as quoted by CNBC News.

This package demonstrates, in the clearest terms possible, the United States’ commitment to our partnership with Saudi Arabia and our Gulf partners, while also expanding opportunities for American companies in the region,” the statement reads, according to Reuters.

‘Tis quite amazing what being president of the United States can do to a person’s integrity. But those of us who’ve been paying attention saw this coming a mile away.

His loyalty to the Saudi regime first became evident during his travel ban earlier this year.

Out of the 43 people who carried out terrorist attacks on US soil, only three of them came from the seven countries on Trump’s list — the other 40 terrorists came from countries who were not banned.

This handful of attacks on American soil hardly justifies restricting the travel from these countries once we look at the countries Trump did not ban — who are responsible for 93% of all terrorism in the United States causing death on a massive scale — including Saudi Arabia.

The majority of the 40 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, while the others were from Pakistan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and Guinea.

As the Free Thought Project previously reported, during his campaign, Trump registered eight companies tied to hotel interests in Saudi Arabia alone. And, in 2001, the alleged Saudi-hating Trump sold an entire floor of Trump Tower to the Saudis for $4.5 million.

When taking a closer look at Trump’s ties to Saudi Arabia, the rhetoric he used during the campaign, decrying the Saudis for their terrorist ways, was little more than lip service.

Indeed, according to Mehdi Hasan, writing for the Intercept, it was a load of bull.

On Sunday, the fawning Saudis will offer a platform to the world’s most famous Islamophobe, to give a speech on Islam in “the birthplace” of Islam. And Trump will likely take the opportunity to decry “radical Islamic terrorism” while visiting a country that has perhaps done more than any other to incite, fund, and fuel it.

Hypocrisy unites them both. So too does their fear and loathing of the Iranians — the Saudis are busying dropping bombs and backing militants to push back Iranian influence in Yemen and Syria. The Trump administration, filled with Iran hawks, is on the verge of inking a series of arms deals with Riyadh worth more than $100 billion.

To be clear: Trump’s U-turn on Saudi Arabia has little to do with being moderated by the realities of high office or swayed by the Beltway’s foreign policy elites. Despite his bombastic campaign rhetoric, he never planned to go after the Saudis in office — even after publicly accusing them of murdering 3,000 Americans. Early on in the campaign, in 2015, a senior Arab diplomat told me, on condition of anonymity, that Trump had informed most of the Gulf governments, in private, that his anti-Muslim and anti-Arab rhetoric was “all for the campaign” and that it would be business as usual once he was elected (or, for that matter, defeated).

Just like Obama, Trump is curtseying to the terrorist Saudi Arabian regime and selling them weapons which are in turn used to kill innocent women and children. Just like Obama, Trump is continuing war, and in fact, doubling down. In march, Trump dropped more bombs in Yemen than Obama did in all of 2016. 

This month, he again attacked the sovereign nation of Syria with a massive airstrike against the Syrian Army — who happen to be fighting ISIS. Put two and two together and we see who wins when the US bombs the Syrian government — and it’s most assuredly not ‘democracy and freedom.’

Trump is on track to become far more deadly than Obama and he’s less than half a year into his presidency.

While the media uses fairy tales of Russian election hacking to distract, Trump is proving to be just like all of his predecessors — fooling people into thinking he’s ‘MAGA’ — while bowing down to the military industrial complex.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook. This article first appeared here at The Free Thought Project.

Image Credit: YourNewsWire

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12 Comments on "Donald Trump Said Saudi Arabia Was Behind 9/11, Now He’s Bowing Down To Them"

  1. That’s because Trump is a globalist in nationalist clothing. Trump and the Saudi Royals bow down to the same cabal at the top of the pyramid cap.

    This is not surprising to most people who are awake. However, the reporting of the story by The Intercept looks very much like an attempt to demoralize “conservatives” and “Libertarians” to keep them from resisting draconian power grabs by TPTB.

    Omidyar bankrolls The Intercept and he’s also bankrolling Lenddo developing Orwellian social credit scores for the globe; the UN connected Better Than Cash Alliance that was behind the recent demonetization fiasco in India (along with Bill Gates, et al.); and the creation of an ADL internet censorship organization in Silicon Valley.

    • I will not accept any reporting from the Intercept with a mountain of backup from credible sources. During the presidential campaign, the Intercept web site looked like DNC headquarters. 100% pro-Killery.

      No one supporting these monsters has any business reporting real news because they simply do not have enough intellect to determine the facts.

      • Even if the facts are true or mostly true, the issue is usually the directed spin. This is classic Mockingbird stuff.

  2. Should this come as any surprise? On another note, getting Trump to go along with this, only serves to weaken support in Trump? Is he that stupid or does he just not care?

  3. President Trump is doing some amazing things and NONE of you can even guess at how he is accomplishing what he is doing and what he has done. If you had an honest bone in you, you would not be part of the false media who are constantly putting out LYING made up news to cover up the last ditch attempt by you lot to save your pathetic, evil necks!

    You did not have a go at Obama for everything he did or didn’t do, nor to chastise him for killing thousands of innocents, and for destroying America! Stop your glaringly obvious vandetta against GOOD, to side with evil, which you are are!

    You are all so PETTY and it is not working with the Presidents supporters. Change sides or you’re going down.

    • He’s done “some” good things.

      But …… he’s reneged on perhaps the majority of his campaign platform. He’s absolutely flooded his administration with the worst the swamp had to offer — neo-convicts, zionists and Goldman Sachs perps. The pedo rings in Washington and the Pentagon are still walking free. The fraudster Clintons and forged Obama are still walking free. The pentagon is still disappearing trillions while continuing crimes, war crimes and acts of terror around the world.

      Overall, I’d say that Trump is just another obongo on steroids. This is not a legitimate government. It has not been legitimate for a very long time.

      • @Steve President Trump has not reneged at all ad he’s done far better than anyone could have, no one else could have done better than he’s done and that’s with so many EVIL people against him. The ones who have run these countries all this time are hating the way it’s getting cleaned up. THEY are giving you the propaganda as they don’t want you to know how amazing our President is.

        What propaganda have you been listening to? Haven’t you learned yet that the mainstream media is OWNED by the Illuminati? The globalists! The lying, deceiving swines who have been ruling all this time and who created these terrible conditions here around the world, are the ones who are lying that our President has not done this or that. DON’T BELIEVE THOSE LIES! Don’t watch or listen to television or the mainstream false news! They have ulterior motives for constantly trying to brain wash those who are too lazy to find out the truth. RESEARCH, cross-examine, and don’t believe what journalists are saying for goodness sake!

        The President is trying to work it all out, with the few loyal ones he has. Remember his own party is mostly against him too, thanks to Obama having put them there to do just that! Do you know what all Obama did and what type of legacy he left behind him?

        The end result the demons who were the government, spent all those years of deliberately ruining our world so the demons can live in it, with what’s left of humanity being enslaved far more than they are at the moment. Come on, you know this don’t you?

        But you obviously don’t know how many paedophiles have been arrested or how many of those are top officials! Those missing children are still being used by the highest in the land as they are satanic, non-humans. So please, research where you’ll get the truth, not from the demon-run media!! Go to Breitbart, etc., Yes even Infowars! But NOT to any of the television or well known media outlets. Save yourself a bundle of worry….. Find out the real truth.

      • @Steve I believe you are only listening to the Cabal propagandist news against the Prez. He is surrounded by enemies and needs support not lack of faith in him. Others have to fight for him to break through.

        After all, we didn’t want more of what has gone on in the last 20 years or more do we? That was going to be the end of humanity. It is now being held off. So, only go to Breitbart for the truth.

  4. Trump is a F-cking idiot. He’s just another puppet, different suit following the same agenda. YAWN

  5. SA only provided the cover of ’19 hyjackers ‘. They didn’t plant bombs in the WTC and launched a missile into the Pentagon.

    • Yep, there are hundreds of classified pages on the 125 Israelis arrested on and after 9/11. Activist post seems to be more like Coverup Post.

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