Chemtrails Finally Admitted: ‘We’re Living in a Test Already’

By Melissa Dykes

In this video, Melissa Dykes breaks down how it is now admitted that “climate scientists” are experimenting with geoengineering techniques like “stratospheric aerosol injection,” more commonly referred to as chemtrails by conspiracy theorists who are once again proven right. Melissa explains that it is perfectly legal for the government to treat the population like lab rats in potentially dangerous chemical experiments.

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Watch their mini-documentary Obsolete here and their new series The Cold Noir here.

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20 Comments on "Chemtrails Finally Admitted: ‘We’re Living in a Test Already’"

  1. Thank you Melissa for the info. I viewed your entire 11:17 minute video which was well presented. I would advise you transcribe for those of us who don’t like watching video. My reaction on all this is that we have to do something to stop them from spraying us even though they admit to it and tell us we can not stop them.How helpless does it make us feel. We can not stop the government. Boy, thats a harsh reality when they are suppose to be for the people not against us. America has always been a leader. Wake up everyone. Pass the word around.

    • In Sun Tzu’s _Art of War_, he writes that if one is weak in some way, then project strength in that way; and if one is strong in some way, then project weakness. In that way will the ruler cause his enemy to err in strategy or timing.

      So now that the evidence is overwhelming, and TPTB have been forced to admit their criminal conspiracy, the new story is “nyah nyah you can’t stop meee!” Seems like their trumpeted “strength” merely reveals how weak they truly are, if one follows Sun Tzu’s logic. Keep in mind that rulers have been waging wars successfully using Tzu’s tactics for centuries.

      Another way of looking at this is attributed to Mohandas K. Gandhi, who said something close to this: “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.” TPTB have tried to ignore those spreading the truth about chemtrails; they’ve ridiculed people who have gathered reams of credible evidence; now they’re discouraging us from fighting the crimes. The cessation of the mass poisonings is now conceivable; don’t let TPTB’s propaganda turn you into a compliant slave.

    • They’re trying to appeal to people who have short attention spans. Yes, they could type out the content of the video a lot faster then it takes to assemble and render it. But that means they won’t get Millenials to bother reading. They are the target audience. You have to dumb things down for those with the attention span of a gold fish.

      • I honestly wish i could read rather than listen to it as I’m sitting in a room with other people and its quite loud and i don’t have headphones lol. Transcribing a video doesn’t really have anything to do with peoples attention spans..

        • Don’t hold me to it, but I heard there’s this new technology called EARPHONES.

          • highplains drifter | May 21, 2017 at 7:48 pm |

            is there anything new for jerks like you?

          • William Burke | May 21, 2017 at 8:27 pm |

            I just told you about something new! Try and keep up.

          • smartenoughtobedangerous | August 24, 2017 at 11:41 am |

            Hey William how long does it take for these chemicals, the government puts into the atmosphere, to kill us? Are we all going to die at the same time? Or will we die off one at a time until the population of the earth reaches 350 million? If the governmnent has been doing this for decades why haven’t we seen a drop in the population of the US in the past twenty years?

          • William Burke | August 24, 2017 at 11:56 am |

            Maybe there’s an ingredient that hasn’t been administered yet. Maybe there’s two.

            The “why” of this is obviously guesswork; the facts are not. I am pretty sure the tremendous expenditure of a program like this would never be to scratch one itch only. They don’t work like that. So the is almost certainly several programs wrapped up in one package.

          • Emily Chandler | August 29, 2017 at 11:53 pm |

            And if I happened to be a deaf person wanting to enjoy the video instead? I literally don’t even own headphone anymore with how much I move. I probably have 3 pairs between Canadian and American storage, but am I going to get them to watch some pointless video? No. Which loses views so nice argument but its pretty useless. Oh and btw, headphones aren’t new technology at all twatwaffle, they have been around for 60 years lmao.

          • William Burke | August 30, 2017 at 11:24 am |

            EAR BUDS. Dollar Store. You can probably get 2/$1.00, U.S., Canadian, whatever.
            I await your next excuse.

          • Emily Chandler | August 29, 2017 at 11:54 pm |

            Oh yea, and if you read what I said at all I didn’t have headphones at the time, as I still don’t 3 months later lmao.

  2. I contacted the EPA years ago. They were more interested in quaffing down lattes and munching on scones. They do like to destroy rivers as in the case of the Animas river in Colorado.

    Another waste of tax dollars at work.

    • You got THAT right! The INSTANT I heard about the Animas “spill” I threw something across the room and said, “those F*CKERS! They did that ON PURPOSE!”

  3. My gut feeling is that this is about far more than “geoengineering”. Clearly, trillions of dollars have already been spent on this project/projects. Any time that much money and effort is tied up in a project, it’s expected to scratch multiple itches, not just one.

    I’ll lay it on the table: I think this is on some level population control. It’s also about making electronic warfare visible to them. Chemtrails make electronic warfare visible in the skies.

    • You are absolutely correct. These chemtrails not just include electronic warfare, they include Aluminum that contributes to Alzheimer’s Disease, and we are seeing a huge increase in Alzheimer’s, and there are many, many lethal poisons that we are breathing into our lungs which is transported into our blood stream, liver, kidneys, and every vital organ in our bodies. These poisons fall onto and into our soil, our lakes, rivers, soaks into our ground water that we drink, onto our crops, vegetables that we eat, into our lungs, our skin and absorbed into every cell of our bodies.

      It is clear as crystal that the politicians do not care what happens to us. The GMOs that the elite Monsanto forces on us, and with Chemtrails and all the other crap that is forced on us shows that the liberals only care and work only for their agenda objective…. greed, Power, Control, and their communist muslim global UN new world order.

      They have no souls, they are committed to the destruction of all that is holy, to the destruction of everything related to God, to the destruction of all that is good, and to destroying anyone who exposes their dastardly deeds. They have made themselves totally above the law and totally exempt for our laws because they are the deep state who really runs the country and the world.

      • Yep, how can we complain or seek retribution when we’re dead?

        I have also read that some “human blood components” have been found in the aerosol. I feel like I should have put those three words in a giant, red drippy blood font, but I don’t have one! And it wouldn’t reproduce anyhow…

    • Depopulation is woven into so many programs and products it is incomprehensible. Ted Turner says the world needs about 350 million people which means 95% of humanity has to go.

      • 100% true. And I don’t recall volunteering, do you?

        • We are the expendables in the depopulation program; they care not that we do not wish to die; it is not a factor. The important thing is that we KNOW NOT we are being eliminated.

          Want proof that pure evil exists, here it is, For most of my 80 years I have heard CONSTANTLY how Hitler killed the 6 million. But it is NOW fine to kill 7 BILLION or so.

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