What’s Next? A SWAT Raid On Julian Assange?

By Kurt Nimmo

Trump’s AG wants to arrest Julian Assange.

It’s not clear how he plans to do this. Assange is in the Ecuadoran embassy in London.

Do the British authorities plan to violate a long-standing international law and storm the embassy and arrest Assange?

Or is this a message to Ecuador that it’s in their best interest to deny him asylum?

Trump is now worse than the neocons. He is a neo-neocon.

During the election, Trump didn’t have a problem with WikiLeaks and Assange so long as they dished out dirt on opponent Hillary Clinton.

As for former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, Trump said he should be executed.

If Julian Assange is arrested, will he be given the Chelsea Manning treatment?

Or execution?

Donald Trump is a nightmare. He’s also a liar. He has gone back on nearly all his campaign promises. The repeal of Obamacare failed. Republicans don’t want to cut taxes. The wall on the border will never be built. It will cost over two billion and the way the federal government does things it may end up costing three times that amount.

Over the past few weeks, Trump has proven he is a neocon’s neocon.

He bombed Syria without congressional approval. It looks like he will walk away from the Iran nuclear deal. He’s killing civilians in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, and now Somalia. He’s ratcheting up the pressure on North Korea. He has handed his foreign policy over to the generals who hate Iran and want to increase tension with Russia. NATO’s not going anywhere. The US will continue to pay for it. NATO and Trump will continue provocative troops deployments and exercises along the Russian frontier.

Now Trump wants to sic his bulldog Jeff Session on Julian Assange and put him on trial and possibly execute him. Edward Snowden is safe for now in Russia.

Donald Trump is a conman. He conned the American people. He lied to them.

But this should have been obvious from the start.

Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of Infowars.com. Donate to ADE Here.

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29 Comments on "What’s Next? A SWAT Raid On Julian Assange?"

  1. If they manage to arrest him, it will be an act of war against the American people designed to intimidate us into submission. Trump is not just a liar, he is a filthy, goddamnable liar! We have been absolutely conned by this reprobate miscreant, and there must be a response! We must repent of this fake Deep State form of false Americanism, for it is corrupt, sinful, and filled with the spirit of antichrist.

  2. Freedom for Julian Assange because he is a soldier of Truth

  3. and you all think Obama was any better, Obama started all this shit, free this and free that, and I guess you all don’t care about how much more tax you pay, trump promised a lot I know this, but they all promise and the people don’t get it yet, it’s the freaking house’s that make the law., Obama got to make law because of his infiltration of all offices, lych, holder, rice, they all are corrupt. but yet you loved the SOB. well, Obama brought us 10 trillon more debt in 8 years, more than from Washington to bush, 9 trillion, we will see how much trump spends in 4 years, big problem is, your news station doesn’t tell you anything trump has succeeded on. F’Ing lib’s

  4. I personally do not think that Julian Assange is in the Ecuadorian embassy…he has not been seen nor heard from since the CIA reportedly abducted him October 16, 2016. All videos and interviews since then are fake…computer-generated images, including Hannity’s interview; (see videos at wolfbitn jewell, (Eric Jewwell) if they are still on YouTube.) I could go on and on here, but there have been far too many very strange circumstances with the Assange story that do not add up, including the bit about the Ecuadorian election bearing weight on what to do with him. I think it’s done. The rogue CIA is said to be running WikiLeaks now. Everybody lies, apparently.

    • The CIA and MOSSAD work together, and MOSSAD has a more thorough spy network.

      • MOSSAD coordinates with the “41 Eyes” (plus) network, having expanded long ago from the Five Eyes formed after WW2, Israel created in 1948. Mossad infusing its tentacles into the larger network.

    • he was on tv in public with dozens of witnesses today. postulating that everytime you see julian assange youre looking at a textured wirerame model is loopy to the point of frothing at the mouth. look at the tarkin model in star wars 11. that was done with money, huge manpower and significant stakes behind it.

  5. Julian Assange is a hero in my book. He has exposed to the world the hypocrasy and political double dealing of the world’s politicians and govt agencies. Wikileaks showed us proof of the DNC’s collusion with the media to defraud the people of real choice in the Presidential primaries by promoting Clinton and pushing Bernie Sanders into the background. It proved what we could see with our own eyes but we were told black was white when it was actually as we thought, black. Julian Assange should be acknowledged for his good work, not arrested.

    • These are the reasons for the CIA-MOSSAD leadership wanting Mr. Assange to be stopped from publicizing their programs of subterfuge and destruction. The same motive is behind the action of PFC Manning, Edward Snowden and whistle-blowers in general. They interfere with the “Secret Team´s ” control of the western world.
      Similarly, the attack on cannabis usage. Cannabis usage interferes with the distribution of the smuggled cocaine from South America and heroin products from the poppy fields of Afghanistan. Cannabis produces none of the side effects of cocaine or heroin products and is not addictive as is alcohol, cocaine and heroin products.

    • When Wikileaks was first founded, from Dr. Michel Chussodovsky’s research, we learned Assange asked US govt CIA front Freedom House to sit on Wikileaks’ advisory board. The leaks were first used to ignite the Arab Springs. Unfortunately, since then the leaks have not brought anyone to justice, instead they have been used to further polarize the political climate.

      There’s a reason Assange has publicly said he “gets annoyed at 9/11 Truth when he reports on real conspiracies.”

  6. “Assange is in the Ecuadoran embassy in London.”

    Any proof of that Kurt?

    Other then the CGI hoax interview with Hannity, nothing since Pam Anderson’s “lunch” visit last October. Enough time for a double to get created hey?

    • Kurt Nimmo is from Infowars (was senior editor for a long time). Infowars has been pumping the Wikileaks narrative from the beginning.

      • Yeah, remember. I was kicked off Infowars in maybe my first few months of dabbling, still proudly have the post. 🙂

        • Was it about William Cooper? 😉

          • Naw, thoses two young guys who put out a 9/11 movie were advertising it with irritating music. I offered something like if they really wanted to sell the movie then they should orient it towards the older alt people who actually have money and could use the wake up call. And slam, off the board.

            I’ll post it by emailing it to myself then copying it to this POS iPad that doesn’t even have A USB PORT!! That forces you to use the POS iTunes to load any thing.

            Sorry, my G.O.D. thing coming through (grumpy old dude.)

          • Hey blue, Search ej doyle on youtube just uploaded some of my music. Black screen with yellow lyrics. Finally did it. Not very artistic but readable. :-))

  7. Nimmo sounds like the broken record the dumocrats kept skipping since the election. We have a man of action in the White House who replaced inaction for eight years… Except bathrooms and marriage definition.
    I’ll be the first to condemn President Trump when he steps out of bounds. He is enforcing laws that have existed but ignored and he’s called Hitler. Wow!
    We are a country of Laws. Assange, to my knowledge, didn’t break American Laws. Someone who leaked the information to him is the law breaker. Who’s watch was that on?

    • – and, which laws do “they” break, when publicizing subterfuge that violates the U.S. Constitution and international laws?

      What about “hacker” McKinnon of England, who scarfed no monies from anyone. He accidentally discovered a secret USNavy space program, in-progress for 20+ years, that Americans fund but knew nothing about? UK authority denied US requests for extradiction.
      What about the CIA funding ISIS-ISIL via Swiss bank accounts, documented and publicized by former USArmy Psy-Ops officer, Scott Bennett? He was fraudulently charged and imprisoned as a consequence.

      The insider story was revealed in 1973 by former USAF colonel, L. Fletcher Prouty, in his semi-autobiography, “The Secret Team, the CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World”. The 2011 re-print is similar.

  8. Trump got swallowed by the government. He probably has good intentions but the swamp drains you

  9. Why is it that only the bad things America has supposedly done is the only thing he releases? Russia, China, North Korea, Japan, Spain, France, Saudi Arabia, Iran and on and on has not done the same things and worst but he only reports on what America has done. Certainly there is something or someone behind this and the destruction of America is the goal. The world better wake up and start thinking or there will be no world.

    • Because the American government has committed more crimes around the globe than anyone. They are the regime change expert in strong-arming other nation’s oil. They are the one who surrounded China and India with 400 military bases with nuke warheads. They created all the propaganda and false flags in order to create more war-loan profits for the Ashkenazi dynasty. They are the one who continuously bomb/drone women, children, and hospitals. They are the one who perpetrates the depopulation agenda for the Red Schild. Do you want more?

      • You think Russia , China and other countries have not done the same thing if not worst yet only America’s faults are being displayed to the world. have you forgotten Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan and the air dropping of booby trapped toys how about China’s imprisonment of 1/4 of their populace and deaths of over 22 million of them.

  10. Those of you who think Assange is some kind of hero need to step it up a notch in your analysis of chessboard reality. Assange is the CIA’s whistleblower boy, he only leaks what he’s told to leak and when, which is why he won’t touch 9/11 and only blows American derailment hot air. Ditto for Mr. Snowed-In. Don’t take my word for it, connect the dots yourself. Go back and look at the timing of what was released and the ramifications of it, and be sure to note that no justice has come of from any of it. it’s all Deep State Hot Air, just like what a Trumpet blows.

  11. they both work for russian intelligence. inasmuch as trump cares about leakers, its his inner strongman speaking.

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