U.S. Sends “Dozens” Of Soldiers To “Advise” In Somalia

By Brandon Turbeville

As if America’s previous experience in Somalia was not memorable enough, the United States is committing “dozens” of troops to the embattled semi-failed state under the ever-present guise of “fighting terrorism.”

In an exclusive report from American propaganda outlet, Voice of America, it was stated,

Dozens of American soldiers have deployed to Mogadishu to train and equip Somali and AMISOM (African Union Mission in Somalia) forces fighting extremism in Somalia, U.S. military officials told VOA.

The troops’ arrival marks the first presence of American military forces in Somalia, other than a small unit of counterterrorism advisers, since March 1994 when the U.S. pulled out of the U.N. intervention operation in the war-torn state, five months after 18 U.S. special forces personnel were killed in a battle with Somali militiamen that inspired the movie Black Hawk Down.

“United States Africa Command will conduct various security cooperation and/or security force assistance events in Somalia in order to assist our allies and partners,” U.S. Africa Command spokesman Pat Barnes told VOA on Thursday.

A U.S. military official told VOA that the troops are arriving in Somalia at the request of the Somali government.

While not engaged in the same mission as before (this mission is one of advising as opposed to the 1990s’ peacekeeping mission) and not a violation of international law if U.S. forces were invited in (unlike in Syria), the deployment does represent yet one more instance of expanding American military involvement across the world.

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6 Comments on "U.S. Sends “Dozens” Of Soldiers To “Advise” In Somalia"

  1. Are we still spreading democracy and freedom or just trying to rule the world?

    • We know who’s behind the the terrorist Al-Shabaab alright – and we can guess
      who created the similar Boko Haram! In order to conquer the Gulf of Aden, the Bab El Mandeb Strait and the Red Sea (that is why Yemen is also being targeted for ‘freedom’ by Sabatean ZioNazis pretending to be Houthi Syiahs) – whilst mass murdering as many Muslim Somalians (including refugees) in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia in endless Genocide, labelled as so called (natural) Famine!! See-

      The MI6-Al-Shabaab Connection,

      By T.J. Coles

      Axis of Logic, Jul 4, 2012!

      And, fundamentally, through so-called Somalian Piracy menace, is to legitimize NA*O-IS-ra*l’s permananet NUCLEAR Submarine bases in ZioNazi-controlled Ethiop*a!

    • Common Sense | April 18, 2017 at 1:05 pm | Reply

      IMO they are trying to rule the world under the guise of spreading democracy and freedom.
      History has proven tyrants always gain control by posing as a protector.

  2. And who are actually behind so-called El-Nino – that is causing so-called natural Famine among the Somalian poor including the refugees?

    Jap*n (which is going bankrupt with high foreign debt), with its ZNWO’s master is purposely destroying the Pacific-Indian Oceans for human habitation, through Fukushima Nuclear-reactors explosion in 2011 (supposedly labelled as so-called accident caused by earthquake and the following Tsunami) – called Fukushima 3-11, which was suspected to have been caused by Diego Garcia-based highly secretive ZioNuclear Submarine’s bombing underwater in the Pacific; see – at Japanese Military Joins U.S. And NATO In Horn Of Africa, Richard Rozoff, Stop NATO, April 25, 2010; at – Israel Submarine Capabilities,July 30, 2015; at – Welcome to Fukushima, 3/11 Truth, Page last updated on March 5, 2014; at – Fukushima Site Still Leaking AfterFive- Years, Research Shows, March 7, 2016; and at – Asia Tsunami Proved Biggest War Crime in History, Tsunami Part Two. Copyright Joe Vialls, 24 February 2005 (the bravest Joe Vialls mysteriously died of ‘heart attack’ soon after this NWO nucklear- Tsunami’s exposure , in 2005).

    The massive radioactive contaminants released into the Pacific ocean from Fukushima 3-11 until today,
    is causing diseases especially cancer, and massive environmental disaster, that is suspected to be producing the massive extreme heating and rising up of the sea level, and hence producing extreme radiation/burning-like hot weather and also drought/flooding – but labelled as so-called natural El-Nino, especially across the Western Pacific Ocean, and towards the Indian ocean.

    See – Pacific Ocean Catastrophe Confirmed, Fukushima Mega Nuclear Disaster Causing Massive Die
    Offs, agreenroadjournal, Updated: 2016; and at – TV: Radiation in ocean off Fukushima at highest levels in years — Out of control leakage coming from plant — ‘Big spikes’ in radioactivity observed — “Surprising… Concerning… Crisis” — 1,000s of tons of contaminated liquid being released — Scientists: Japan gov’t
    covering up situation, By ENENews, Published: March 16th, 2016.

  3. *Between 1898 and 1934 the Marines invaded: Cuba 4 times; Nicaragua 5 times; Honduras 7 times; the Dominican Republic 4 times; Haiti twice; Guatemala once; Panama twice; Mexico 3 times; and Colombia 4 times. All done for the corporations to get natural resorces and farm land for them.
    *Eisenhower murdered over one million innocent Germans in open field prison camps, AFTER the war’s end.
    *President Truman dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki murdering over 100,000 innocent people.
    *Johnson, Nixon, and J. Edgar Hoover were at Clint Murcheson’s ranch finalizing JFK’s murder the night before.
    *George Bush allowed 9/11 to occur then murdered a million Iraqi innocents.
    *Obama dropped over 26 thousand bombs in 2016 on innocents plus allowed the drone murder of wedding parties.
    *Dropping more bombs in Yemen in one week than the annual total for any prior year, or loosening the standards for “acceptable” civilian casualties,

    And now Trump has increased drone missions 400%, illegaly bombed a sovereign nation, is taunting North Korea who has all the right in the world to mess with nuclear energy/weapons just like us who actually dropped them twice on innocent Japanese.

    Wake me when it’s over honey. ?

  4. Euclides de oliveira pinto net | April 21, 2017 at 8:32 am | Reply

    Ninguém convidou… como estão sentindo a iminente destruição das forças militares americanas, impedindo o projeto de expansão de Israel no oriente médio e norte da África, estão tentando acelerar o processo, a fim de tentar concluir o projeto inicial. Assim, além de tentar expandir a atuação na Siria, também estão enviando tropas para cercar a Russia, enviando tropas para a Somália, além de tambem enviar tropas para o Iemen… tentam intimidar a Coreia do Norte e a China… desestabilizar a Venezuela… estão ameaçando o Irão, ou seja, será o verdadeiro inferno na Terra, para ver se conseguem manter os planos de Israel… estamos na encruzilhada da história da humanidade…

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