Syrian Military Fires On U.S. Spy Aircraft Over Qamlishi

By Brandon Turbeville

Only two days after the United States barely avoided World War Three as a result of its illegal and immoral missile strikes on the Syrian military, the situation in Syria is heating up yet again.

Reports coming from Lebanon-based news outlet, al-Masdar News, are suggesting that the Syrian military and the U.S. military have yet again been involved in a direct clash in Syria.

A military source confirmed to al-Masdar on April, 8, that a Syrian Special Forces unit targeted a U.S. reconnaissance aircraft that was flying over northeast Syria.

The plane was allegedly hovering over Syrian military positions, specifically the Syrian Army’s Regiment 54 Base in Qamilishi.

The Syrian military personnel opened fire on the plane and the aircraft allegedly fled the area after it “came into contact with the Syrian Arab Army” stated the source.

It is unclear what kind of weaponry was used to fire at the plane or whether the plane sustained any damage.

This incident now marks the second time since Thursday night the United States and Syrian forces have clashed.

Because the Russians have canceled the “non-aggression pact” with the United States as the result of American aggression in al-Sha’aryat Thursday night, U.S. planes are now potential targets for the Syrian military.

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16 Comments on "Syrian Military Fires On U.S. Spy Aircraft Over Qamlishi"

  1. Your in for it now you capitalist pigdogs. We almost, kinda, sorta shot one of your planes!

    Have a people problem? Call…
    Assad Pest Control
    “We kill people, dead!”
    (Now under new management)
    **no refunds or coupons
    **Gas canisters sold separately.

  2. Obviously they didn’t use their S400 advanced anti-aircraft missile system. Otherwise that plane would have been destroyed. They’ll deploy that to make their No-Fly Zone an American No-Fly Zone and there’s nothing that can defeat that (or so they say). Then what? Anyway, that’s a sovereign nation Trump attacked that formally invited the Russians in, which makes that an illegal and unconstitutional act of making aggressive war. Rand Paul is right when he says Trump MUST go through Congress to make war. And false flag operations like this and a blind man (but not Trump) could see that. Anything less and he looks more like that loser Obama and crooked Hillary more and more every day. Donald is listening to the wrong people and “effed up” on this one BIG TIME.

  3. In Texas it’s perfectly legal to shoot trespassers.

  4. | April 8, 2017 at 4:26 pm |


    I can’t adjust to an unjust
    I can’t obey what I don’t
    I can’t live in blinders and
    I don’t fit the amerikan

    I can’t swallow this line of
    Why is life so much like a
    I got no respect for our
    Some make money and some are

    For some reason I can’t
    publish my views
    The pentagon won’t give me
    real news
    A degenerate president at me
    can preach
    And read from the
    teleprompter somebody’s speech

    This country is not what the
    ads all said
    But don’t criticize or they’ll
    call you a red
    And don’t speak out or soon
    you’ll be dead
    This great free republic is
    all in your head

    So enjoy your poverty
    despicable worm
    And under the heel of the
    ivy league squirm
    And salute your flag of red
    white and blue
    And never admit what you
    suspect to be true

  5. Memorable Event - A Deplorable | April 8, 2017 at 8:19 pm |

    Fake news. This never happened, I’ll bet.

  6. Too little too late for the USA.

  7. I guess all of Americas young men will be slaughtered in War. The Parents will just salute and praise the effort as their children arrive back in coffins. The glory & stupidity of war. You get what you deserve!

  8. The Nazis are back and they’re speaking English with an American accent.

  9. someone , with sane,clear headed thinking needs to step up and point out to trump,NO ONE wants war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the poor people of syria are sick of it. americans are sick of it. do your job,mister prez,represent the real ideals of the u.s. and its people. PEACEFUL coexistence.

  10. Illegal and inmoral misiles strikes? ?. What about the chemical weapons? Is that illegal and inmoral too?

  11. Euclides de oliveira pinto net | April 9, 2017 at 2:57 pm |

    Manda bala nos invasores… cortem a garganta dos sobreviventes… nenhuma misericórdia com os vassalos de ISISrahell…

  12. Everything is going according to plan. The Syrians will be goaded into firing on U.S. soldiers. That will be reported back to the American population as an act of war. You’ll then get to watch Trump’s hair color change from yellow to white in a matter of weeks, as he gets drowned and mired in a conflict planned long before his Presidency.

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