Ron Paul Interviews Julian Assange: “Going After WikiLeaks Because They Humiliated The CIA”

By Mac Slavo

Dr. Ron Paul puts things in perspective – the outlaw Julian Assange, and his often-targeted Wikileaks organization, are not a threat against national security, but an embarrassment to its many shady dealings.

via the Ron Paul Institute:

Wikileaks Founder and Editor-in-Chief Julian Assange joins the Liberty Report to discuss the latest push by the Trump Administration to bring charges against him and his organization for publishing US Government documents. How will they get around the First Amendment and the Espionage Act? The US government and the mainstream media — some of which gladly publish Wikileaks documents — are pushing to demonize Assange in the court of public opinion. Wikileaks is registered as a 501(c)3 organization in the US. Find out more about the organization and how you can help:

Julian Assange Speaks Out: The War On The Truth

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2 Comments on "Ron Paul Interviews Julian Assange: “Going After WikiLeaks Because They Humiliated The CIA”"

  1. The CIA & FBI would like outlaw & prosecute & or clandestinely attack all investigative national security reporting on the US Security State. A good media strategy in this environment would be to ask them point blank which sort of *investigative* national security reporting they do endorse and/or defend as legal.

  2. I have no idea how compartmentalized Ron Paul’s research dives into the global elite control grid are, but he apparently doesn’t know what Dr. Michel Chussodovsky does and that is Wikileaks is a US intelligence operation, that would be CIA… which was foreshadowed, as Chussodovsky explained, when Assange launched Wikileaks and sought out CIA front Freedom House, funded by the US govt (not unlike Voice of America) to be a member of Wikileaks’ Advisory Board. Who is Behind Wikileaks?

    Truly the tip of the iceberg, but the recurring “problem” of Assange being rudely antagonistic to the 9/11 Truth movement, calling it a false conspiracy which “annoys” him, will not go away.

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