Breaking Reports: U.S. Forces Entering Syria From Jordanian Border

By Brandon Turbeville

Reports coming in from Lebanon and Syria are indicating that the United States is not done with its direct assault on Syria even as the al-Sha’aryat airbase that was targeted by American Tomahawk missiles is back up and running.

As independent journalist, Sarah Abdallah, reports, around 20 U.S. armored vehicles have poured across the Jordanian border into Syria. At this time, it remains unclear as to what the purpose of the vehicles might be. Abdallah is based in Lebanon.

Some suggest that the vehicles may simply yet another illegal American incursion into Syria of the routine variety, a prospect that is dangerous enough given current circumstances. However, there is also the possibility that the vehicles are part of something much larger such as an invasion of Syria by the United States, thus putting the U.S. in direct odds and likely military confrontation with both Syrian and Russian forces.

As of yet, there is no clear reason being cited for the incursion.


The Syrian-Jordanian border is located in Southern Syria. Jordan has long supported terrorist forces but to a much less televised extent than that of Saudi Arabia, Israel, U.A.E., Turkey, and Qatar. The incursion comes shortly after a U.S. unilateral attack was launched against the Syrian military in support of ISIS and related terror organizations under the guise of revenge for civilians killed in a gas attack that was questionable to say the least. To date, there has been absolutely no evidence that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against civilians.

If confirmed, this new incursion adds yet another dangerous dimension to the conflict in Syria that could embroil the world in a major conflict.

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34 Comments on "Breaking Reports: U.S. Forces Entering Syria From Jordanian Border"

  1. America will start the war that kills a billion.

  2. If you’re “serving” the government and carrying out illegal orders (like waging aggressive war) you are personally liable for your conduct. These 20 vehicles are violating scores of laws and I sure will not shed a tear if they get turned into confetti.

    If we are ever going to stop Washington’s international crime spree, we have to shut down the corporate-propaganda centers and we have to educate our troops on illegal orders (assuming they have the integrity required to differentiate right from wrong).

    • They don’t want to or have already decided to do wrong by becoming a mercenary in the first place.

    • The problem is the US can do whatever she likes – intervention, regime change, drone killings, even murders. Nobody can stop her, even her own court of laws is always favoring her evil actions. All crimes committed are legit. Sorry folks, this is what dictatorship means.

  3. Twenty vehicles and it’s assumed it’s an American military invasion??? Please, give it a rest. There aren’t enough facts here to make even an educated guess!

    • They are likely special ops doing reconnaissance. They go across and blend in.

    • It starts off with 20 vehicles, then 100 with lethal weapons, then a whole army. Who’s to stop them? Interventionism and regime-change are the prime purpose!

      • That’s the purpose of the Neocons – but Trump seems not particularly interested in continuing the fight there and he is no friend of the Globalist Neocons. Articles today in Wall St Journal are trying to incite further incursions – even including Wolfowitz!

  4. A message to Assad that he is not in control of his own territory–the bully US pushing him around in front of the rest of the class to see.

  5. “it remains unclear as to what the purpose of the vehicles might be”
    Get lost you IDIOT

    For me that is aggression on sovereign country.

  6. Rothschild wants a central bank in Syria, Iran, North Korea, Russia won’t allow him in their country and will arrest his agent Soro’s. Our privately owned fed by Rothschild and their ink, cause all our misery with their debt scams, devaluing our dollar, and causing all the high inflation throughout our lives. Just keeping us cattle poor. Rothschild uses our military as his enforcers. All wars are banker wars. Rothshit says one day of war more profitable than a year of peace. America can never be free or her citizens prosper until we end the federal reserve.

  7. Kill them.

    If the US regime wants a war, give it to them.

    Better for the world to burn than exist under US imperial tyranny.

  8. Assuming those are United States troops and vehicles, they would be what I call “fishbait.”
    Somebody just cast a line in the desert to see if anything bites.
    I don’t think Assad or the Russians will go for the hook.
    If they do then it’s game time.

  9. Please give us a break. Since the military has far more means to know what is going on then the public. And I will support our military more then the media on anything. Those satelites are watching what is going on between Syria and N. korea. The way they can zoom in –come on — lets get real. They know.!!!

  10. Mikael Vitally Vyachesl | April 9, 2017 at 3:33 pm |

    Saudi Arabia and Israel uses America to fight their wars, Isn’t that convenient ?. Iran and Syria stand in the way of the Greater Israel Expansion .Israel will never give back the Golan Heights back to Syria THE ZIONIST CARTELS WANTS TO START WORLD WAR III Trump is just one of their puppet .(Zionist agenda)

    • You are 100% correct They are determined to start a war at any cost to lives lost. The are probably behind schedule and if millions die it is a fringe benefit for the depopulation agenda anyway.

      • Christopher Corvino | May 4, 2017 at 9:56 pm |

        i only hope its u northern white gringo imperialist rats be you western or eastern who largely die from the coming nuclear hellfire. The global south with rise regardless.

  11. Wonder what’s up when it 20k not 20.

  12. Is this the National Enquirer?

  13. This is crossing the red line… get ready for nukes

  14. Mr T’s administration has arrested over 1500 pedophiles, some high in Democrat party?! MSM will not mention this. Anybody that close to power may have a certain amount of EVIL, but the C’s have piles of bodies around them of connected people who have died mysteriously. So who’s most evil?

  15. The NEOCONS want the war and Trump is NOT giving it to them – and they HATE him for it.

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